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The Most Popular Gemstones in the World

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If you’re thinking about purchasing a gemstone this year, we highly suggest you read this article before doing so. With possibly hundreds of gemstones out there in the world, it could be quite challenging to find the one that looks good but also is a sound investment.

From expensive and rare, to artificial and good-looking, here is a list of the most popular gemstones in the world.

1. Musgravite

Musgravite has a hardness between 8 and 8.5, which is pretty impressive and hails from the mountains which gave it its name, Musgravite Mountains. These mountains are located in South Australia and this rare gemstone was first encountered in 1967. People later discovered that Greenland, Madagascar, and Antarctica also hold small portions of this expensive gemstone, which prices $6,000 per carat.

2. Tanzanite

This gemstone was also discovered in 1967 and it quickly became popular in the international market. Many jewelers have been fascinated by the looks and properties of this rare gemstones, hence why popular gemologists called this stone “The Century Gem”. Its unique origin and color pattern make this gemstone very hard to buy since 90% of Tanzanite is being sold by members of the International Colored Gemstone Association. This association doesn’t allow unprofessional businessmen to handle it and they are quite fanatical and ethical about this stone.

3. Blue Goldstone

We mentioned earlier that we won’t be making this article solely about precious stones, so we will mention a few artificial ones.

The first one is the blue goldstone which is made out of artificial glass and copper with the inner glow making it an extremely popular choice of accessory. Even though this stone is artificial, it is heavily praised by jewelers and gemologists because of the magnificent artificial coloring. According to, this stone dates way back from the medieval times and it is even said that a sole monk who was making glass firstly created it. It is even said that the creation of this artificial stone was a mistake since he poured copper chips into the glass by accident. What the monk thought to be a disaster actually became a huge hit since people have been using this stone ever since on necklaces and bracelets.

4. Alexandrite

Emerald by day, ruby by night, Alexandrite has a variety of colors and shades, from blue to red color patterns. Discovered in the 1930s by a group of workers who worked in the Ur Mountains, the gemstone was presented as a gift to the Russian Tsar Prince Alexander, hence the name. However, ever since the 1930s, Russia’s Alexandrite mines have dried up and the primary source has become Brazil, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Tanzania. Alexandrite is priced at $12,000 per carat.

5. Emerald

Emerald has a very long history if we compare it to other gemstones. It is even quoted by some historical documents that this precious gemstone dates back almost 4,000 years! Firstly discovered in Egypt, Emerald quickly became very popular and was worn by many Pharaohs and nobility in Egypt. Nowadays, Emerald can be found in many places across the world and some of the most popular wearers have been Queen Victoria, Princess Diana, various women from the Russian courts, and of course, Cleopatra.


How to protect your idea and invention

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Imagine that you have thought of an amazing marketable invention idea. What is your next step? You are now faced with a lot of questions and dilemmas. To make any profit out of the invention, you must license this invention to a business that is often a distributor or manufacturer who will invest in advertising, selling, and mass-producing. But there is a risk when pitching your invention that it might get stolen or no longer be protected by any laws. In other words, the company to which you are pitching your invention could steal it without paying you a dime.
So how can you sell your idea without the risk of losing your rights? To protect your invention, people often consider these two common strategies. You can either file a provisional patent application, or you can use a nondisclosure agreement.

To learn more about these two strategies to keep your invention and idea protected from theft, then make sure you read our short guide.

File a patent application

If your idea qualifies for a patent, then it is a smart idea to file a provisional patent application and obtain a status of “patent pending. Usually, this kind of move will discourage all infringers, because they will see that you know what you are doing when it comes to protecting your inventions’ rights.

Nondisclosure agreements

If you realize that your invention idea is probably not patentable, the best way to protect yourself is to have licensees sign an NDA (nondisclosure agreement) before you show them your invention idea. This document may also be called a confidentiality agreement, but it is usually the same thing.

This kind of agreement must be first signed before you meet with the interested licensee or buyer and before you reveal any of your secrets about your new invention. If someone signs your nondisclosure agreement and later abuses your secrets without permission, you can sue the infringer for damages. The NDA contract is not a joke, and if the company breaches this kind of agreement, you can seek contractual damages and liability.

Nondisclosure agreements, typically contain one of these important features:

• Responsibilities of the party receiving this confidential information
• A definition of which part of the information is confidential or not
• Time periods of the agreement

If you have an invention idea which you believe in and you are sure it is going to be a marketable success, then check this if you want to see your invention come to life.

Defining the confidential information.

All nondisclosure agreements provide a definition on which of the information listed is confidential. Any information which is discovered before signing the NDA does not have to be protected by the receiving party. This means that not every single piece of information during your pitch will be protected; only parts of the information that were specified in the nondisclosure agreement.

Time periods

This is an important factor of the NDA which specifies how long the confidential information must be kept confidential by the receiving party. This is usually done with negotiation since receiving parties will want a short period of time while disclosing parties will want as much time as possible.

If you are planning to pitch your idea to potential buyers, then make sure you keep our guide in mind and keep your invention protected.

Turn Your Idea Into A Product

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You’re sitting in your room on your computer which was invented by great minds and the main source of light in the room is the lightbulb above your head. The two things we mentioned are one of the greatest inventions ever made.

Both the lightbulb and the computer took ages before becoming the finished product. They both started from an idea and were slowly turned into what they are now.

Every person dreams of making an invention that will aid someone in one way or another. It takes a lot of hours brainstorming to even come up with something, let alone a finished product. So that’s why we’ve written this article to help you turn your idea into a product.

1. Documentation

Claiming to have come up with an “idea” is worthless if you don’t have the documentation to prove it. That’s why whenever you’re developing your idea; you must document every step of it. From the first sketches to the last bit of detail, documentation is one of the most important things to do.

By having proof of your design, you are making it patentable and keeping it from being stolen.

2. Research

Researching your idea is very important from both a legal and business point of view. There are two steps you need to cover before patenting your design, and those are:

• Complete a patent research
Just because you’ve come up with a brilliant idea doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been invented yet. Before you patent it, you have to complete patent research and find out if your idea has already been patented. If you also find any form of artwork or design related to your idea, then you cannot patent it.
• Research the market
The second step to cover is to research the market to see if your idea will sell. A general rule in inventing is that 95% of all inventions fail to make money for the inventors. This is why thorough research is needed before you patent your idea.

3. Prototype

Before we start, you can always get help with developing your invention by browsing various websites such as InventHelp for various ideas and concepts.
You’ve covered both steps, and you’ve determined that your idea will sell; it’s now time to make a prototype model. A prototype model will demonstrate how it looks and works to potential investors, lenders, and licensees.
There are three general rules to keep in mind whenever you’re on this step, and those are:
• Start by drawing the idea into your journal.
• Create a 3D model
• Create a full working model when you’re satisfied with the mockup.

4. File a Patent

Now that you’ve covered everything from research to design, it’s time to file a patent for your idea. There are two patents you can choose from, and those are a utility patent and a design patent. The first one refers to new processes or machines, while the latter refers to manufacturing new, non-obvious ornamental designs. For filing a patent, we suggest you hire a professional that will explain the entire process in full and help you avoid any legal problems along the way.

5. Create your Invention

The first thing you need to do once you’ve covered every step is to come up with a business plan. You have to come up and answer questions such as how will you raise the money? Where will you manufacture your product? How are you planning on selling it? Will the manufacturer sell the product or another company? These are all questions that need answering before you even think of bringing the product to the market.

The Emerging Trends in Motion Design in 2019

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We will touch on trends, from movies and commercial advertising to case studies and everything in between.

3D everywhere

From ads to product photos, marketing or promotional campaigns, and game production, using abilities of 3D makes it possible to create realistic picturing and presentation impossible to achieve differently. We will acquire more 3D arts in all industries and sectors.

More visual effects in ads

According to Darvideo, visual effects in commercials have allowed companies to promote the presentation of their products. That is an important aspect of any marketing campaign. From the improvement of details and aesthetics, which contribute to the construction of a more beautiful picture to increase the dramatic moments and increase the overall effect of advertising.


If in the past 12 months you were close to a tech-savvy friend or relative, there is a high probability that you heard news about VR or AR. It has risen from an ambitious fantasy used in game development since 2012 to the actual circumstances that corporations and big fish in business using now for their sake. And it will be even more popular in the next year!

2D and 3D mixing

From small commercials to large budget projects, motion design studios are exploring new ways to combine 2D and 3D. This leads to the opportunity to offer viewers a multitude of new and interesting impressions. This trend will continue to gain popularity, especially in digital commercials and marketing.

Even more gif

Thanks to their small scale and wide availability, gifs are a great way to attract customers and share ideas, especially on social networks. GIFs can be used even more by companies that want to sell themselves in the digital space.

Animated logos

This is another great form to captivate users. Animated logos are able to attract the attention of users, as well as extend to familiar brand devices. For example, a set of animated logos by Google.

Photorealistic render

As the capabilities of this technology expand, it becomes possible to create believable 3D models and visualizations. If only large production studios such as Disney used this technology previously, now we will start to see how smaller companies are increasingly beginning to use photorealistic scenes.

Simply put, the goal of a photorealistic render is to impress the user. Vivid pictures of the product, augmented reality, realistic characters, beautiful scenes and much more.

Colour palettes

They are used and beloved by lots of designers in computer graphics and design. Colour palettes such as “neon” are the inspiration for many pictures.

Retro graphics

Everything new is well forgotten old. Retro graphics were popular throughout 2018, but its rapid development is predicted in the present year. The retro-trend has not bypassed motion design. Old-fashion considered to be a quite different style in comparison to modern styles, and it can be called its main advantage. These kind of effects are looking really cool, they evoke childish nostalgy and they can interest a much larger number of viewers than expected.


The effect of smoothly converting one element to another in video products is called morphing. This effect has been used for a while, and we expect the rise of its popularity in 2019.

People are identifying and distinguishing images visual objects better than text. Thus, for the transmission of messages, visual effects are adequate. Morphing in motion design is perfect in concept-forming Transforming images and forms helps to show more in less time. Today, there are countless logos that go from one shape to another.

That’s not a full list of all the ways today motion design can decorate the reality. There are also lots of popular tools, such as liquid effect, surrealism elements, isometry that are also in charge.

Taking to note all those actual trends you can imagine what exactly you can do today with the help of motion designers. They can be used apart or being combined in one visual product – there are no limits for a skilled designer to mix them in one motion design masterpiece, so don’t doubt to use its wonderful abilities to create a new form of self-presentation both for yourself and your products in the digital space.

Hire graffiti artists to paint the walls of your business or office

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Running a modern business involves getting a lot of different components right, and this is something you have to keep in mind. There are a lot of factors that play a massive role in taking the business further and being able to attract more people to the company.

And you mustn’t overlook your business premises as a way of doing this as well as you possibly can. Your business offices are integral when running a modern brand successfully, and they need care and attention.

This is why it is so important to make sure you have offices that look as epic as possible and will attract as many potential customers as possible. Making a great impression is one of the most important things in the world of business and this is why you have to ensure you make the most of hiring professional graffiti artists to paint the walls of your business. There is a lot to consider when doing so, and sites like can help you tremendously to find the best painters in your area.

Here are some of the things to consider before you do this.

Img Source:

Asses Your Office Space

Make sure you assess your office space as much as you can to find out what you want. There are a lot of things that you need to improve within the business, and the way the office comes across is one of the most important.

You can hire graffiti artists to paint murals or on canvas

You need to make sure you look at where you are going to have your mural, and what you can do to make it the best it can possibly be. You have to make sure you think about where the artwork in your office is going to be put, and what you can do to optimize the space you have.

Think About Enhancing the Mood

You have to think about your employees, and what you can do to improve morale and mood within the office. There are a lot of companies out there who have poor morale and staff who need to have a pick me up.

Mural painted for burger restaurant in Sydney

By using the right kind of graffiti mural, you will be able to add some much-needed color and personality to the office. This, in turn, can go a long way towards helping to improve and enhance morale and make the staff feel happier.

Make Sure You Stay On-Brand

One of the biggest challenges for you as a business owner is making sure you always stay on-brand. And this is something you need to make sure you instill in your marketing and branding all across the company.

When you think about interior design for your business, you have to make sure you stay on-brand with any changes you might make. Graffiti artists can paint your office wall, but they will need to produce work that captures the essence of the business and fits in with the company’s branding moving forward.

Img Source:

Choose the Right Artist

It is important to make sure you have the best-looking office you possibly can, and this means hiring the right artist for your walls. This can be a challenge, and there is a lot to think about when considering a professional graffiti artist for hire.

If you can get this right, your business will benefit hugely as a result, and this is something you need to make sure you think carefully about the future. Getting the right graffiti artist to suit your business is actually really important because there are so many factors that need to be assessed, and you need to improve things moving forward.

Img Source:

What Else Can They Do?

Think about what else these artists are able to do to help and improve your business. There is a lot to think about when it comes to getting the right kind of visuals for your brand. A graffiti artist can do the mural for your office, but they can also do large-scale art installations, illustrations, lettering.

Design illustration for clients by graffiti artist

They can also come up with set designs if you want to present at a business trade show, and they can help with branding and team building, too. These are all the things you need to keep in mind, so it is really important to make sure you get this right when making your choice.

Make sure you think about the different elements of a business that play a role in this, and it is helpful to choose the perfect graffiti artist. There are so many wonderful ways that they can benefit your business, and getting a mural painted in your office can provide a striking feature that will help your business to stand out as much as possible.

This is something you need to make sure you get right moving forward, and there are a lot of factors to keep in mind as a result of this.

6 fun and unique wedding invitation ideas

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In our experience, people always underestimate the amount of creativity that planning a wedding can entail. There’s decision after decision and if you want your day to be extra special, you’re going to need to get your creative juices flowing.

You’ve decided on the theme that you want for your wedding; you’ve roughly pinned down your date, you’ve even decided on your bridesmaids and now it’s time to choose the invitations. 

But by this point, you’d be surprised if you ever have another creative idea again, so drained are said resources.

Invites, you think to yourself, they’re just invites, and you end up choosing the simplest and easiest of designs. A few months later, you attend your friend’s wedding and melt at the beauty and creativity of their wedding invitation design. 

We get it, we really do. So, in a bid to save you that post-wedding invitation regret, here are some creative and fun ideas. 

Spoiler alert – you are going to want to purchase one of these designs – for more information on wedding invitations and to view some great designs and custom layouts – check out

Img Source:


Yes, these are ideal if you’re having some kind of festival themed wedding, but they can also prove to be ideal in many, many more ways.

Firstly, what could be more convenient than an invitation that you can wear? It certainly makes it harder to forget them and it’s a safe and easy way to be able to identify guests. 

Secondly, they act as the perfect keepsakes, allowing your guests to cherish them alongside their memories.

But also, they’re just a fun and modern twist on invitations.


Okay, so we don’t fully advocate going 100% into this idea and only giving your guests a map and a compass, but a map themed invitation is the ideal way to add some fun to its design. Instead of making them overly wordy, use symbols and let the theme do the talking for you.

Img Source:


If you’ve decided to have a vintage themed special day of any kind, we can probably assume that you’ve already considered using a scroll invitation design, so let us be their cheerleader for a moment. 

Scroll inspired invitations are a fun and classic twist on the wedding invitation, adding a pop of character to your plans. 

We see you scrollin’ – sorry.

Img Source:


We are all for finding actual, physical invitations to use and will probably never support them going digital. However, there are fun ways to incorporate digital aspects onto its design. 

If you’ve created a wedding website, add a link, or consider adding a scannable code that links to some kind of media. Perhaps it could be a video with images from your romance story. Or, perhaps it could or a video message for your guests. 

There are plenty of reasons for wanting to keep your wedding invitations in a classic, traditional form. But there are plenty of ways to combine the best of both worlds.


We love this idea and we think that it could be a fun way to involve your guests in the running up to your big day.

Add some kind of code of decipherable message to your invitations and ask that your guests attempt to fathom them out in advance. 

Img Source:

Perhaps you could ask your guests bring a particular, small object to this special day and have them deposit them in a treasure chest with their names attached. In the reception, you can reveal the answer. Alternatively, perhaps you can give them a riddle or a joke. 

Either of these works and allows the guests to get involved, before this special day.


This is a fun invitation idea, one that is particularly aimed at any children that you might have attending. 

If you have the budget for it, why not have a separate invitation designed. We suggest having a coloring book type design made and you can then ask the guests to bring them with them to the reception. It’ll keep the kids occupied for a short while. 

How to Use the Kanban Board to Become Incredibly Productive

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If you are looking for the perfect productivity tool, you won’t find it. No productivity system is guaranteed to effortlessly make you better at realizing your life goals. Nevertheless, there are systems such as Kanban that are easy to learn and use that ensure you don’t easily become overwhelmed by the extensive To-Do lists that are characteristic of other productivity tools.

We cannot go into deep detail on the Kanban technique here (you can check out Kanbanize for a nice elaborate primer on Kanban). Ergo, we’ll cover the most important things you need to know on how to use this board.

The Basics

The Kanban system originated in Japanese manufacturing. It was used to create products on continuous delivery, but it can be deployed to not just business but also your personal life. There are two ingredients that are vital for personal success.

First is the visualization of your work. A visual depiction of work makes it easier to conceptualize all the demands of our time and identify real trade-offs. This, in turn, gives us the ability to make better decisions. Second, limit your work-in-progress as that ensures you can focus better, work faster, and react calmly.

Img Source:

Preparing Your Board

Take a whiteboard and draw three columns on it. If you don’t have a whiteboard, you can use a large piece of paper (at least A4 size would be best). Label the three columns as ‘To Do,’ ‘Doing,’ and ‘Done.’

The To Do column captures the things that have just joined your To Do list but that you aren’t taking any action on. The Doing (or work-in-progress) column lists the things you are actively working on at that moment. The Done column indicates what you have completed.

As you fill in the columns of your board, steer clear of the common mistake of treating a project as a task. If multiple distinct actions are needed to achieve a goal, then that is a project and should be broken down into its respective tasks.

Img Source:

Working Using Kanban

Use Post-it notes or a marker to add cards or items to your Kanban board’s To Do column. Describe each assignment with an action verb. For example, if you are looking to buy a home, a relevant task could be ‘Contract a realtor.’

When you are ready to get started on a task, move it from the To Do column to the Doing section. You, however, have to keep a lid on the number of assignment in your Doing column. You have finite time and resources, so there must a reasonable maximum of number of assignments that you can execute simultaneously. Ideally, you shouldn’t have more than three tasks under Doing.

Once a task is complete, move it from Doing to Done and let a To Do task take its position in the Doing column.

Reviewing Your Board

As your project progresses, you’ll steadily drag more tasks from the left to the right of your board or sheet. The act of moving tasks in itself forces you to prioritize the most important activities. You can quickly see what items are easy to finish, what is bound to take plenty of time and which tasks seem to have stagnated in the Doing column.

It also compels you to regularly review the To Do column as you contemplate what assignment should be next to move to the Doing column. All this creates a workflow and gives you a strong sense of accomplishment.

Img Source:

Over time and as your mastery of how to use the Kanban board grows, you can add new columns to provide greater clarity on the status of tasks. For instance, you could have a Waiting For column that would have tasks where you are waiting for someone else to get back to you before you proceed.

Your simple To Do list may have helped you realize many short and long-term life goals. That, however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t better ways to do things. A personal board eliminates the chaos and complexity that bedevils simple To Do lists. Knowing how to use the Kanban board allows you to manage your everyday tasks without getting overwhelmed.

How to decorate your home with flowers

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Decorations make each household feel unique and welcoming. If you are a creative person, you know that the sky is limit when it comes to different types of ornaments. You can use almost every object to illuminate the space around you. In the following text, we are going to tell you how to bring life into every room of your home with fresh flowers.


We are going to start with a kitchen. It is a place where your family gathers for breakfast and morning cup of coffee to discuss their plans for the day that is ahead of you or a tasty dinner to talk about what has happened that day. Because of this, this area has to be carefully decorated with different things, and of course, there should be at least one floral arrangement on a counter or a kitchen island. We recommend you Calla Lilies. They are great because they have a subtle scent. Since there are so many different smells of food in the kitchen, another strong fragrance is probably the last thing you want. In addition, Calla Lilies are usually white, but you can also opt for yellow, purple or green. Visit to see different kinds of floral arrangements.


When it comes to the living room area, you can choose between varieties of flowers such as anemones, tulips, peonies and so on. Since this is the place where you will spend quiet evenings, wrapped in a blanket with a glass of wine and your favorite book, or entertain guests, you can choose flowers that are according to your preference. Take into consideration the style and color of the furniture, and pick a bouquet that is fitting and that will make a statement at the same time.


Furthermore, if you have a big hall, you should also display some floral arrangement that will say welcome to every guest. You can pick between wildflowers or beautiful colorful hydrangeas. At the same, time you will fill up an empty space and also light up the area.


Moving on to the bedroom, a lot of people will tell you that roses are perfect, and we cannot disagree. Although, your first instinct would be to place them somewhere in the house where everyone would see them, just think how it would feel to wake up in the morning and see roses next to your bed or on a chest of drawers. They are romantic and come in a variety of colors you can choose from. Similarly, did you know that there is a flower for each month of the year? For instances, roses are for June, daisies for April, forget-me-not for September, and so on. This allows you to opt for personalized bouquets.


All you need for the bathroom is a small bundle of flowers. You can opt for orchids or eucalyptus. The former is perfect because they need a lot of heat and sun (though not direct sunlight). The latter you can hang on the shower hand for that aromatherapy feel, or keep it on the counter and enjoy the fresh scent in the morning while getting ready for work.

All in all, these are some suggestion when it comes to decorating each room of your house with flowers, but of course, it all comes down to your preference.

5 Feng Shui fixes for your office

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The mystical, 5000-year-old Chinese art of Feng Shui literally translates as ‘wind and water’ and it proposes that prosperity and health are promoted by ensuring a healthy flow of chi energy throughout a room.

So whether you work from home or in a traditional corporate building, it’s worth considering how it might affect the way you design your workspace.

With that in mind, here are five Feng Shui fixes for your office.


Img Source:

The first step to switching up your office ambience is nothing more complex than a good old fashioned lick of paint.

And since experts suggest yellow makes you happy and boosts positivity, it’s as good a choice as any to cover your walls with.

Read more on the positive properties of this shade in this CNN report on the power of yellow.


Img Source:

While its tempting to tuck your desk away in a cosy corner, the laws of Feng Shui dictate that its optimum power position is facing the door.

Apparently, when we work with our backs to the door, we subconsciously feel more vulnerable, whereas when we can see people entering the room, we can welcome them warmly and prepare positively for any interaction that follows.


Img Source:

Facing a window while you work can feel pretty wonderful — a scenic view opens up opportunities for a few minutes of cathartic daydreaming.

But spending too long gazing outside can be a distraction and, according to Feng Shui, the energy we build up to attack challenging tasks dissipates dramatically because it flows right out of the window and escapes into the ether..


Img Source:

Feng Shui is an elemental discipline and water represents a state of flow, adaptability and freedom which is closely linked with wealth accumulation.

So installing a small tabletop or freestanding fountain in your office might work wonders when it comes to balancing the books.

And place your water feature in the north, east or southeast of the office – areas associated with health, cash and career.


Img Source:

Your office entrance is a primary portal for the flow of chi energy, so this area should be perfectly prepped to welcome in positive vibes and deflect negativity.

And that’s where checking out a company like Kleen-Tex comes into its own – as well as trapping dirt and detritus, their mats are available in colours that chime with your door-facing direction. For example, south-facing doors suit red, orange and yellow, while blue and black are better for north-facing.

After physically and psychically wiping the outside world from your feet, you can float into your inner sanctuary in a highly productive state.

That’s our list! Share your own Feng Shui tips in the comments section.

These are the most famous quotes by Paulo Coelho

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Paulo Coelho is a famous Brazilian lyricist and novelist, born on August 24, 1947, in Rio de Janeiro. He is one of the most famous and widely read contemporary authors, with a vast global fan base.

Coelho mostly writes drama and romance works, and his most popular and successful book is “The Alchemist,” which sold more than 65 million copies worldwide since its initial release in 1988. It is one of the bestselling books in the history of writing.

Paulo dreamed of becoming a writer since his early years. His family was Catholic, and very religious. He attended a Jesuit school, and his parents did not support his dreams, and even committed him to a mental institution at 17. He escaped three times and was released at 20 years of age.

Img source:

He decided to forget about his dreams and enrolled himself in a law school. However, he dropped out and lived as a hippie. He traveled through North and South America, Mexico and Europe, and used drugs during the 1960s.
When he came back to Brazil, he worked as a songwriter for many famous Brazilian artists. He also found work as a journalist, actor, and theatre director, before he entirely focused on writing.

Since 1974, he has been married to artist Christina Oiticica. Today, they live in Geneva, Switzerland.

The complete bibliography of Paulo Coelho

During the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s:

Theater For Education (1974), Hell Archives (1982), The Pilgrimage (1987), The Alchemist (1988), Brida (1990), The Supreme Gift (1991), The Valkyries (1992), Maktub (1994), By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (1994), The Fifth Mountain (1996), Love Letters from a Prophet (1997), Manual of the Warrior of Light (1997), Veronika Decides to Die (1998), Essential Words (1998).

Img source:

During the 2000’s:

The Devil and Miss Prym (2000), Fathers, Sons and Grandsons (2001), Eleven Minutes (2003), The Genie and the Roses(2004), Journeys (2004), Life (2004), The Zahir (2005), Revived Paths (2005), Like the Flowing River (2006), The Witch of Portobello (2006), The Winner Stands Alone (2008), Love (2009).
During the 2010s:
Aleph (2010), Fabulas (2011), Manuscript Found in Accra (2012), Adultery (2014), The Spy (2016), Hippie (2018).

Quotes by Paulo Coelho

Except for his successful career as a writer, Paulo Coelho is famous for his inspiring quotes. They are a great insight into his mind, and many follow them as the words to live by. Below is a list of 15 of his best quotes.

” When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

 “When you repeat a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore: it is a decision.”

Img source:

 “One day you will wake up, and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”

 “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

Img source:

 “Life has a way of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once.”

 “At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.”

Img source:

 “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

 “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

Img source:

 “The act of discovering who we are will force us to accept that we can go further than we think.”

 “People are capable at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”

Img source:
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