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My First Sewing Machine Experience

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I got my first sewing machine during the Christmas of 2007. I had wanted to become a fashion designer when I grew up, and I wanted to sew. My great-grandmother had always sewn the most beautiful things by hand, but I wanted to sew larger and do greater things. When I got my machine, I went to Jo-Ann’s Fabric, and I learned from one of the women who work in the department. It was the most rewarding thing to be able to create new things and be in control of creating wearable or useable things.

Having a sewing machine helped me to finish projects that earned me badges in Girl Scouts and even helped me make a costume for ballet. It opened up opportunities for me to volunteer at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s costume shop as the student program was coming up. This summer I had to teach a co-worker of mine how to use a machine so that she would be able to make gifts to her friends. If I had not received my sewing machine, there would have been gaps in my life, and I would not have been able to help others as I did.

To begin your sewing machine journey, you need to determine its grand purpose in your life. If you are a strategic quilter or just a beginner wanting to sew simple pillowcases, you will need to sort out what specific tools and settings you will want your machine to have. Sizing and colors should also be taken into consideration, as you wouldn’t want to spend the money on a machine that is too large for the space you are planning to keep it or even have a color that doesn’t suit your desires.

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When using your machine, you should first make sure that you have it plugged in and turned on. Once your needle has been threaded, and your fabric is ready, you may begin sewing. Most machines have a peddle that controls the speed, and you will want to make sure that you are going as fast as you can handle and control the machine.

All you have to do is select your stitch pattern, step on the peddle, and push your fabric through in the direction you want. Having a sewing machine is not just for those who sew, but for any regular household. From fixing torn clothes to sewing gifts for others, a sewing machine can provide many benefits to anyone who has one.

Sewing machines are something that can be tricky to learn and take care of, but having one has great impacts. You never know what kind of hobbies you can begin or personalized gifts you can make for others, even what type of opportunities will come your way. There is so much benefit into even knowing how to work a machine, as I know many people who have asked me or who have needed to use one but are unable. I believe that everyone should learn how to use a sewing machine, and purchase one to have. Sewing machines are very beneficial to everyone.

Chinese New Year Traditions

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China is one of the oldest countries in the world, with its history dating back thousands and thousands of years. China has at least eight different linguistic groups, with hundreds of dialects. China is a very big country in terms of population, and as we said, traditions date back thousands of years. With all those factors in play, traditions tend to be different at some parts of the country. Namely, Chinese New Year traditions are different in large parts of the country, are we are going to tell you all about them.

1.    Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner

In Chinese tradition, the New Year’s Eve Dinner is the single most important tradition for Chinese people. Like most parts of the world, celebrating New Year’s Eve dinner is all about reuniting with family, especially for those that are coming a long way from home. During the course of the dinner, fish is mostly served, with dumplings being the most important dish. Other foods are served based on personal preference, but the former are especially important to parts of Northern China. Fish and dumplings are dishes that celebrate prosperity, and another important Chinese tradition is to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home, rather than at a restaurant or other food establishments.

2.    Fireworks

Fireworks are an important part of China itself. Chinese are especially famous for their magnificent display of fireworks (remember the Olympic Games in Beijing, China, 2008). This is because fireworks are used to drive away the evil spirits in Chinese traditions. After 12 pm on Lunar New Year 2019, fireworks are launched to celebrate the upcoming year, as well as, to protect them from the evil spirits. Old Chinese traditions state that whoever launches the fireworks, will bear good luck throughout the year.

3.    Shou Sui

A common Chinese phrase, Shou Sui means “after the New Year’s Eve dinner.” After dinner, people will stay up to enjoy the fireworks. An old Chinese legend says that a legendary mythical beast named “Year” will harm any man, woman, child, and animal, that it encounters during the New Year’s Eve. The legend also states that the beast is afraid of the color red, fireworks, and loud sounds, therefore, during the New Year’s Eve, thousands upon thousands of fireworks will be launched, lots of celebratory noise will be made, and red flames will be lit in order to protect themselves from the beast.

4.    New Year Market

After the start of the New Year, a common Chinese tradition states that a market will be set up in order to continue the selling of food, clothes, fireworks, and arts.

5.    Red Packets

Many Chinese traditions focus around the banishment of evil spirits, and this one is no different. Namely, a red packet is a red envelope filled with money ranging from a few hundred to several thousand Yuan. These packets are given to married couples and elderly to young children, and it is said that the money inside will banish the evil spirits from their children, as well, as keep them healthy and give them longevity.

6.    Cleaning

In old times when bathing was not a common thing, people would bathe at the end of the year in order to welcome the New Year. In today’s age, Chinese people will do a full house cleaning in order to remove the old year and welcome the New Year.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas Out There

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The wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a person, and it represents a celebration of marriage – a form of unity between two persons in love. Whether it is a private wedding with hundreds of invitations chances are there is going to be a lot of food and fun. And one of the most important things, when you are going to a wedding is to get an adequate gift.

For a lot of people out there gifts are a problem, and that is for one sole reason – we are not sure if the person will like it. While you are young, you can get gifts like certain perfume, book or clothing items that everyone would love. Once you get older, it isn’t that easy, and you want to get something to show how much you truly care about them. Saying this is getting the right wedding gift is pretty important, and it is your chance to impress the pair! For that reason we created a list of the wedding gift ideas out there – let’s take a look!

Surprise The Wedding Pair With An Adequate Gift


  1. Matching Spa Robes. When it comes to a wedding gift this one is something that will probably impress the couple. It is simply something people forget about, and it is a type of a kind and useful gift. They will get the opportunity to wear it on their honeymoon, and if it is comfortable enough, they will enjoy it on a regular basis. Simple yet effective is how we would describe the matching spa robes.

  1. Charcoal Grill. A charcoal grill is something absolutely any family should have – including the married couple. They will have great use of this for a Sunday’s barbecue with friends or take it on a trip and make the meal preparation much easier. And their kids will love it.


  1. Colorful Dinner Plates. Kitchen accessories are something every woman loves and getting the couple a set of elegant serving plates is something they will definitely Get a good pair of customized wine glasses with that and bam you have the perfect wedding gift.


  1. Coffee Brewer. Along with that, every couple needs a coffee brewer. Coffee is an essential morning thing for a lot of people, and that is why getting them a high-quality coffee brewer is one of the best gift ideas out there. Throw in a few packs of good unmilled coffee beans, and they will be so grateful!


  1. Round Dutch Oven. Le Creuset has some of the best Round Dutch ovens out there, and as many people know this kind of a pot is so useful that you won’t almost need anything else apart from it. You can cook tons of different-styled meals in it, and it is sturdy and durable. Getting the couple one Dutch Oven along with a few cookbooks will be impressive.


  1. Last but not least when it comes to the gift ideas is cash. Though it might not be an item or something that will last cash is what every couple needs (especially after the pricey wedding event) and they will appreciate it. And if a baby is on its way well then a reason more to help out the parents with few hundred bucks for needed items and clothing!



 Though getting a gift might not be the most interesting activity out there it isn’t hard, and with the right mindset, you will impress the couple. The above-mentioned ideas are just some of the great ones, and if you kick in a bit of your own creativity as well we are sure you will come up with the one that will knock the couple of their feet!

‘Hobbs and Shaw’: The ‘Biting’ Chemistry Between The Rock and Jason Statham

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The Fast and Furious spin-off, Hobbs and Shaw, will be released next August and we couldn’t be more excited! What’s more, The Rock has boosted out excitement by revealing that there is a ‘biting’ chemistry between him and his co-star.

The two of them, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham have co-starred in Fast and the Furious and they’re reunited again. We can’t say who is more excited with them working together, the fans or The Rock.

The 46-year-old actor in a recent interview for Entertainment Weekly, said: ‘I’m really happy that we were not only be able to crack the creative and really lean into the relationship and chemistry – the biting chemistry between myself and Jason Statham – but I think that also you find out that it’s something the fans have been wanting for some time now.’


Moreover, The Rock admitted that his main goal in life is to keep the Fast and Furious franchise alive. Having that in mind, in order to prolong its longevity so it can last as long as it can, he claims that it’s all about creating new stories and characters.

He also shared that filming Fast 8 was the time to make their move and they had a lot of fun doing it.

Previous to this interview, Dwayne published a teaser image on his Instagram account and he captioned it ‘We either gonna get along or we gonna get it on,’ ‘Fuck getting along.’ The black and white image features the two actors facing each other and there can be seen a certain tension.


Besides Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, Idris Elba will also be part of the cast of Hobbs and Shaw. Recently, there have been pictures of the trio filming scenes in London and Glasgow. Alongside these three amazing actors, the cast will be joined by Vanessa Kirby.

This film is all about the unlikely alliance between the Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobbs and the assassin Deckard Shaw. The Rock plays Hobbs while Jason is the assassin.


Become A Musician With The Following Tips

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Do you want a career as a musician? If so, follow these tips below from SMVT will help you out.

Principle #1: There Are No Shortcuts

Let me re-emphasize that again; there are no shortcuts. For the most part, you do know that this is true.
However, there is a part of you that wants to think that you will be different and you will make the shortcut work. The truth of the matter is, you will not make a shortcut work. You will need to put in the same amount of effort and take just as long as other people.

You need to realize that those website and platforms that promise ‘1-week success’ or ‘pro secrets to success’ are just there to take advantage of your short-cut mentality. They make their money when people buy (often time literally) into the idea of taking shortcuts.

Once you discard the idea of taking shortcuts, you are able to focus and dedicate your time and energy to actually improving, albeit slowly but surely.

Principle #2: Figure Out Your Motivation For Playing Music

Right from the start, you should determine why you want to play music. If you intend to play music for the purpose of being famous and or impressing people with your skill, you will not be great at it. This is because to be a great musician, you should be able to speak to your listeners; all great musicians speak to us. They say more than the standard ‘look at me.’

Unfortunately, there are very many musicians who reckon that being a great musician is all about acquiring skills and techniques. While your music skills and techniques are important, how you use these skills and techniques is more important. Technique and skills should be considered as the vessel through which you send a message.

You do not want to be one of those musicians who sings and plays notes but does not really say anything.

Some fear that people will reject their message. To be great, you need to get over your fear of rejection and actually say something that is true to you. Induce your personality into your music.

Principle #3: Being Great Is Not Equal To Instance Success

Being great is not a guarantee of success. You can no longer lie back and hope your greatness will help you be discovered. Those times are long gone. Today, you have to hone your musical skill and promote your music at the same time.
I have been promoting some of the best songwriters and skilled musician in the UK, and I have an intricate understanding of this subject matter.

There are plenty of musicians that are exceptionally good. Their music epitomizes spellbinding music. To Sam Beer ( for instance, his music is unique and compelling. He fits the musician image. He has everything it takes, yet he still struggles to make himself known and get gigs. He will without still make it; his an exceptional talent. However, he has to be patient.

With this in mind, are you willing to wait for success?
Do you have a strict timeline and limit set?
If you have a time limit, you might give in to pressure, and react to trying to please everyone.

Principle #4: Enjoy Your Music

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There are plenty of musicians who think that to be a great musician, you have to take your craft very serious. This means that they tend to have to squeeze the joy out of it. Your music should be able to lift you. If it does not, then there is a problem.

Being a musician is a daunting task but playing music should be able to get through the bad times. You will experience rejection, disappointments, and success. However, when you enjoy your music, you will gladly go through it all.

Principle #5: Identify Your Uniqueness And Highlight It

You should identify the things that make you different from any other person and nurture them. All of the musical greats are unique in some way; they have a unique of making music that many people are attracted to.

That being said, it common for many musicians to try and please everyone but themselves. The effect is that they end up being boring and mundane. A quality of great music is music that is divisive owing to its uncompromising nature. As such, if part of your audience love your music while the other part hates it, consider it as a success.

However, when everyone says it is ok or nice, reconsider your approach. Such music does not hit anyone at a deep level to elicit a deep reaction.
You should strive to express yourself in a unique way. You should work hard to develop your own voice.

Principle #6: Simple Music Is Nor Equal To Easy

It is quite annoying for a musician to think that he or she is beyond simplicity and the fundamentals such as feel, timing, and chords.
There are plenty of musicians who know solo’s on Ok Computer very well but find it difficult to play G to D.
They focus so much on learning and mastering complexity but forget to lay a strong foundation.

Jimi Hendrix spent years on end playing and mastering simple rhythm guitar.

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This approach did not stretch him, but it did form his own unique style. His style encompassed weaved rhythms and lead in such a way they became one, thereby oozing complexity.
This is basically laying complexity over incredible simplicity.

Principle #7: Always Learn From Those Better Than You

While it is difficult, when you give up the ‘genius’ tag, you end up learning a lot from the great music that is around us. Instead of expending a lot of energy competing with something, you are better off learning from it.

Search for musicians around you who are not famous but just as brilliant. You can learn from them. Furthermore, it is quite easy to say that you are not as good as Bob Dylan, but you can measure favorably with your peers.

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The 7 Reason Why You Should Hire A Professional Writer

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In today’s age, the use of writers for various copywriting jobs has increased massively. Since more and more people are finding the Internet to be a good source of income, the use for professional writers to produce quality, 100% original content has become the benchmark for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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You could do the writing yourself, but spending some money of a professional writer could be more beneficial than you think. Here are the 7 reasons why you should hire a professional writer.

1.    Has the time to devote to your project

Hiring a professional writer for your job will save you valuable time you don’t have to devote on the job. You could get someone from your company to do it for you, but are they going to do it if writing is not their thing? They will have to finish what they’re doing first and write the copy after, which could take a lot of time. Hiring a pro freelancer will have enough time to finish it and still meet your deadline.

2.    Will use their skill and knowledge to your advantage

A professional writer has so much writing experience that punctuations and grammar are his strongest skill set. Being a pro means that sentence structure is his bread and butter. Are you afraid that the copy you produce will sound and look stupid because of your writing? – Another reason why you should hire a professional writer.

3.    Will brainstorm ideas with you

Have you started working on a project but you’ve stumbled a dozen times? If so, then hiring a professional writer will help you develop new ideas, he will give your project a new look and offer a second set of eyes. If your project has a complex concept for the general public, then hiring a professional writer will help smooth the concept and create a copy that will be easily understood by anyone.

4.    Can identify missing material

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Maybe you’ve put it, or maybe you’ve left something out… a pro will identify anything missing from the copy and address it. Professional copywriters are trained to easily find missing info.

5.    Can adapt his writing to yours

Let’s say you have a few documents, and let’s say that the writing style differs from each other, well a good professional writer can write the style you need. A pro will adapt his writing style to suit your business. It’s important that your writing has its own unique voice that will only benefit the brand.

6.    Is familiar with all the media available to communicate your ideas.

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A good writer can identify which media to use to communicate your idea based on what the idea is. Will all the media (and social media) platforms available, it’s confusing to choose the best one. A professional writer will analyze your idea, and based on that, will recommend the best platform(s) to market whether that’s email marketing, Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

7.    Can manage your information flow

You’re not a pro, and you got to that point where you got so much information that you can’t find what’s where anymore. Well, a pro has been through it all and will help you streamline the information you’ve gathered.

Simple Ways To Surprise Your Soul Mate

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The best way to surprise someone you care about is by giving them something they’ve been talking about for days or by taking them somewhere they mentioned they would love to go.
A small sign of affection here and there is what keeps the relationship and marriage alive and interesting.

Even though you might not feel that buying a piece of hers or his chocolate is all that important, it’s a fact that you’ve been thinking about your loved one that counts and puts a smile on their face. Even those presents that were bought for “no reason” are bought for a reason – a proof that you think about your significant other.
That’s the spark that every relationship needs to keep it fresh and romantic.


Typical reasons people decide not to surprise the other person, after all, are lack of time and/or creativity. Most of us are under a lot of daily stress and don’t devote much time to details like surprises or buying presents. There are, however, many ways to surprise someone that won’t take up that much of your time.

Simply picking up someone from work with a piece of their favorite chocolate or a flower will usually be enough to put a huge smile on their face.
Make your partner breakfast in bed and add a love letter. What better way to start a day? That will keep them smiling throughout the day.

Put a little love note in their bag. They will find it when they’re at work at it will brighten their day. It can include a love quote or a reason why you think they’re amazing.

If you have a hard time thinking of something cute and romantic yourself, there are a bunch of love quotes to choose from online. Depending on who you’re writing to, you can find love quotes for her and him.
Pack a picnic with your partner’s favorite food and eat and sleep outside. Sleeping in a tent under the stars is romantic and will be a change of scenery everyone needs from time to time.

Candles. Candles everywhere. It’s never old or played out. Dinner or a bubble bath with wine and candles is something everyone enjoys, and it might lead to something even more exciting. You can write a bunch of cute love quotes on sticky notes and place them all over the bathroom or the kitchen.
Do something you hate doing, but you know your partner enjoys.
It will show them how much you care, and it’s almost certain that they will do the same for you!

You can change the wallpaper of your partner’s laptop with cute wallpapers with a love quote. They will be reminded of you every time they open a laptop.
Do something adventurous together. It can be zip-lining, indoor skydiving or anything else that you might have talked about doing, but never really had the time.

In case you have a bit more free time, some hand-made gifts can make for a beautiful surprise. Photo album with your favorite photos from the trip you took, a small drawing (if the drawing is your thing), a short love letter in which you can list all the things you love about your soul mate or a pack of love coupons.

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