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How to Make macOS Big Sur Run Faster

macOS Big Sur is the latest operating system that comes packed with lots of useful features and looks more colorful and fresh and more iPhone-like than ever before. But it’s also more demanding in resources, just like any new version of macOS, so once you install it on your Mac or MacBook, you may notice that your device is running slower than before. In this article, we share some useful tips on how to make macOS Big Sur run faster.

Identify Resource-Hungry Applications

Certain resource-hungry apps can take a lot of resources when running and slow down your Mac. You can easily identify such apps or processes using Activity Monitor. You should go to Applications and choose Utilities, and then open Activity Monitor.

Look at the top of the list to find out if there are any specific processes that are taking more than 30% CPU. If you notice such processes, try to quit them and see what will happen. To do that, you need to choose the process and click Quit Process in the toolbar. You can also check the Memory tab to determine which apps and web pages take up a large amount of space. For example, Gmail and Facebook may take a lot of your Mac RAM. If that happens, you can free some memory by just closing a few browser tabs.

Manage Login Items and Launch Agents

The fewer programs run automatically as your Mac is starting up, the faster the process will be. So a good idea is to disable unnecessary startup items that run in the background. Here is how you can do that.

  • Choose System Preferences in the Apple menu.
  • Open User & Groups. Find your username and choose Login Items.
  • Look through the list. If you notice any apps that auto-launch as you start your Mac, choose them and remove by clicking the minus button.

In this way, you can remove visible programs, but there are also auto-start apps that are hidden deeper in your Mac’s interface. These launch agents broaden the functionality of larger apps, but they can overload your Mac’s CPU. If you don’t use larger apps often, you can disable and remove launch agents using clean up utilities. This should help with speeding your macOS.

Turn Off Motion Effects

The new operating system looks great, especially with increased transparency, but some graphic effects in the user interface can definitely slow older Macs, especially when the system has to multitask because they heavily influence the resources your computer has access to. You can disable transparency and motion to speed up the processes. Select System Settings, then Accessibility, and click on Display. If you reduce transparency and motion, you’ll decrease the load on your system.

Optimize Your Storage

It’s important to have enough free space on your drive to run Big Sur. Optimizing your storage, you’ll be able to free up unused disk space, and it can be used for storing new files. There are different options to optimize the storage space on your Mac, and you can see them if you click on About This Mac in the Apple menu and then select Storage and Manage. You will be able to see all options in the Message box.

  • By choosing Store in iCloud, you can save space by storing files in iCloud and keeping only the recent files on your computer.
  • Turning on Empty Trash Automatically, you’ll save space by deleting files that have been in the bin for more than 30 days.
  • Enabling Optimize Storage, you’ll remove TV shows and movies that you have already watched from your Mac.
  • You can also select Reduce Clutter and review your files to delete documents that you don’t need any longer.

Close Tabs in Your Browser

We all love to keep many tabs open when we are browsing the web because it’s very convenient. But these open tabs also use RAM and CPU cycles because each page has to be regularly refreshed. So it’s always better to close tabs that are not using at the moment if your Mac is slow. And if you think you’ll need these tabs in the future, you can easily bookmark them by pressing Command-D.

Uninstall Unused Apps

We often download lots of apps that seem exciting and helpful at first, but then it turns out that we don’t actually use them, and they just clutter up our disk space. This way, we actually waste a lot of space on our system, and it negatively affects Mac’s performance. So maybe, you should honestly admit that you don’t use some of your apps anymore and get rid of them.

You should go to the Finder and open the Go menu. Look through the drop-down list and choose Applications. Review all the apps installed on your system. When you find an application that you don’t normally use, you should right-click on it. After that, you can remove it by selecting Remove to Bin.

Update Your Apps

Developers release regular updates that can improve their performance, and that can also have a positive impact on your Mac’s output. If you download apps from the App Store, you should set up automatic updates for them. You can do it by launching the App Store. Open the menu and select Preferences. Enable Automatic Updates by clicking on the box next to this option.

If you have any non-App Store apps, you’ll need to launch each of them individually and select Check for Updates in the menu, and that can be rather time-consuming.

Final Word

macOS Big Sur combines the visual design of the iPad and iPhone with the functionality of the Mac very well and is a good option for both older Intel Macs and new Apple Silicon-based Macs. But, like any other operating system, it’s not ideal, and occasionally, it can make your Mac run slower. If that happens, follow the tips we shared with you in this article to ensure your Mac runs smoothly again.

Why Use a VPN in the USA-And How to Find One

The USA has a tradition of free and open access to the internet. Americans want assurances that their security and privacy will be protected from those who would spy, steal, and come between them in their quest for information and e-commerce.

Our online freedoms have been under constant attack. Protection against privacy breaches, malware, and identity theft requires Americans to adopt a siege mentality behind firewalls, malware detectors, and a strong password regimen to protect their personal privacy online.

An additional and especially effective weapon in the battle against surveillance and intruders is a VPN like Surfshark and similar services that provide VPN for the US.


Virtual Private Network–secures the user’s web browsing. It is an encrypted connection that goes through a virtual “tunnel.” The user’s internet traffic is safe from prying eyes because it masks the user’s “return address,” hiding the user’s identity and location.

The term “virtual” denotes the software controls that form the end-to-end connection. Rather than using hardware or dedicated lines, the connection is “tunneled” using an encrypted data packet wrapped within another packet.

The tunnel is through a server located away from the user’s actual location. The VPN shows the user’s IP address as the server the user logged into. When the VPN routes the connection to and from another destination site, the data is encrypted and secure.

To take advantage of the masking and encryption provided by it, the user must subscribe to a VPN client. The connection software provides the user with a choice of VPN servers, and the user can select the US or foreign location. With premium features like double tunneling and location hopping, the user whitelists some sites for a faster connection and search for faster servers.

Again, the chosen Virtual Private Network server appears as the user’s local IP address, and the connection is encrypted. Even the user’s internet service provider (ISP) cannot detect the websites the user visits—provided, of course, that it has a no-logs policy.

Definition of a “Strong” Virtual Private Network

Of the many VPN providers on the market today, only the truly strong VPN’s provide a no-logs policy, top-grade encryption, and multi-device protection.

Look for No-logs Assurances

“No logs” means that the provider maintains no records of the client’s activity online. That also means that the client could not, even under subpoena, provide any information about the client’s web activity.

Avoid Free Services

Free VPNs remain free by meeting their expenses in other ways. They track their users and sell the activity data to marketers and online advertisers. Some free services deposit trackers on the user’s browsers and others have been detected as facilitating third-party cyber-attacks.

Then there are the troublesome performance and speed issues with free VPN services. The user’s internet speed drops as ads are loading in the background and inserting annoying popups. Free clients of this service can also experience restricted bandwidth—or throttling—during peak hours.

Read more about the pitfalls of free services on this.

Everyone in the USA who does business or stays connected with others online needs a strong Virtual Private Network. The best and strongest VPN connection is through a paid subscription. For just a few dollars per month, the user can take advantage of a no-logs, full-featured software with state-of-the-art encryption as well as premium features like CleanWeb.

  1. In addition to the built-in firewalls and the user’s computer operating system’s security features, a strong VPN protects against viruses and known malware threats. A strong USA VPN is an important layer of continuous security and privacy protection.


  1. USA customers need the VPN’s added security not always provided by their financial institutions. The key feature and top advantage of it is that it protects financial data—fund transfers, invoices, etc.–in transit between the customer and the bank. It makes the principals far less vulnerable to surveillance and malware attacks.


  1. In the USA and elsewhere, public Wi-Fi sites are everywhere. Signing on to an insecure public Wi-Fi server without a VPN’s protection makes the user vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attack. A VPN on the user’s mobile device is the best protection from hackers who perform real-time spying, spoofing, and luring unsuspected victims to fake websites.


  1. We already alluded to bandwidth throttling. It bypasses ISP bandwidth throttling, which slows online gameplay. Also, with it, the user can gain entry to restricted or locally banned games. Besides ensuring online anonymity, another VPN benefit is its shield against interference by rival players, denial of service attacks, and site banning by tyrannical game admins.


  1. With a strong Virtual Private Network service, the user can access streaming services like Netflix from outside the area. Those services often cannot broadcast the same popular series outside their coverage area because of programming policies or copyright restrictions. It can unlock vast amounts of out-of-area content without resorting to pirating program content from dangerous websites.


  1. A strong one can bypass unfair pricing practices. Online businesses and e-commerce sites can resort to blocking shoppers or displaying different prices for more affluent areas. For example, airlines frequently show different prices based on the location of the user’s ISP address. Often, shopping for the same airline ticket at different IP locations can access lower pricing for the same trip.


  1. A strong service can provide wide protection across all devices that connect to the internet. Those connections can be handled through the home router. The home router can be a gateway to compromising personal privacy. Installing a VPN on the router is the most reliable way to protect every device that accesses the internet through that router.

Conclusions and Takeaways

A VPN protects Americans from spying and adds another layer of online security. The VPN masks the user’s location and encrypts online traffic.

Free VPN services are generally less secure and have performance issues that slow down the user’s internet connection. On the other hand, premium VPNs with no-logs policies are the best online protection for financial transactions and preventing man-in-the-middle attacks on public Wi-Fi networks while bypassing bandwidth throttling.

A premium Virtual Private Network provides more reliable access to streaming sites and can protect against unfair pricing practices. Installing a VPN to the router protects every device serviced by the router.

Hacks to Backup your Windows 10 Like A Pro

A backup of your Windows 10 computer is the best way to protect it against hardware failure, hacks, upgrade issues, etc. If you are not taking backup periodically, there is a high risk of data loss. You can lose important files, precious pictures, and software settings due to any of the above reasons. If you’re using Windows 10, there are a lot of methods you can use to create a backup. You can copy files to external storage, cloud storage portals, or third-party backup solutions. You can use third-party software to automate the backup process that will also reduce data loss. In this article, we have compiled some ways of backing up your Windows 10 PC.

Full System Image Backup on external device

For backing up the entire system data you will need a secondary storage device like a USB drive, memory card, or a disc drive, etc. If you are using a disc drive, then you will have to repartition your primary hard drive to create the storage space needed for the backup. This option is less ideal because if your system’s hard disc fails, the backup gets destroyed. Follow the below steps for backing up the image:

  1. Press the Windows button on your keyboard, then type “File History” and hit Enter.
  2. Now click on the “System Image Backup” button in the bottom-left corner.
  3. In the left-hand pane, select the option labeled “Create a system image.”
  4. Select the storage location for your system image in the system utility popup.
  5. Click the ‘next’ button and if everything looks good, click “Start backup”. The backup will be complete in an hour or so.

Ensure that your external device or the disc drive has enough space to take the backup. The entire backup process will take around an hour. Taking backup on drives isn’t recommended due to the risk of hard disk damage.

Online backup services

Online backup is possible because of cloud-based technologies. With the help of cloud-based services like DropBox, SAN, etc., you can directly copy all the files and Windows 10 images to online storage. They also provide a lot of easy restoration options. Follow the below steps for backing up Windows 10:

  1. Install any Windows 10 image backing up software.
  2. Connect your Windows PC to the internet and log-in to your account on any of the online storage services that you have taken.
  3. Run the backup software and select the back option as ‘Cloud storage’.
  4. Click on “Start Backup” to transfer the Windows 10 image or files to your online storage account.

The online backup services are a good option to backup the data, but you will have limited space assigned to your account. For more space, you will have to take a paid monthly or yearly subscription. Once you have taken backup on cloud storage, then you won’t have to worry about data loss.

System backup with software

An automated way of backing up your entire computer and Windows 10 is by using software like Zinstall Backup. You would need an external storage device for this backup process. Follow the below steps for backing up Windows 10:

  1. Connect your system to an external USB device or an external hard disk. Ensure that you have twice the storage space that you are planning to backup.
  2. Download and install Zinstall Backup software.
  3. When you run this software, it will automatically detect available backup locations. Click the “Settings” button to select the backup location to the one you want.
  4. Click the big on/off button on the left, and Zinstall Backup will start working. The backup will get completed within an hour.

If you need to disconnect the drive for a while, the software will wait until you reconnect it and then start backing everything up, automatically. All the files, programs, and software will be backed up to your storage device. You can also set a periodic backup option. So, if you change a file, or install a new program, your backup will be updated accordingly within 60 minutes.

The software Zinstall Backup is very efficient in handling the changes made, and even protects the hard drive’s health, by minimizing the number of reads and writes to it. This increases the life of the hard disks. This automated process of backing up the data is easy to use and ensures zero data loss.

Restoring the files archived by Zinstall Backup is even easy. You can follow the below process for file restoration:

  1. Open your Zinstall Backup’s Restore wizard.
  2. Type the file name that you want to pull from the backed-up data.
  3. Once you see the file, click on the restore option and it will be put back in its original location.

If by any chance you are unable to recall the file name, then you can browse through the user-friendly and interactive interface to search for the file that you are looking for. Restoring and backing up is made easy by using software services.

Apple’s Time Machine

If you own a MacBook or an iMac, and you have a Windows 10 installed on that device, then you can use Apple’s time machine option to backup the data. All the system files, apps, music, photos, emails, and documents can be backed up easily. If you accidentally delete or change a file, you can use Time Machine to recover it. Follow the below steps for backing up Windows 10:

  1. Connect an external hard disk to your Mac.
  2. Open the Apple menu, click on ‘System Preferences’, and then click ‘Time Machine’ to open Time Machine preferences.
  3. Select the external drive to back up all the data on your Mac.

Computer crashes or hacks don’t give any warning. Your important files will be gone within an instant. So, you have to be careful while taking backup of your Windows 10 data. Thus, follow any of the above steps to take periodic backups of your important files and documents. We would recommend using software for backing up your Windows 10 data as this process is automated, fast, and fool-proof.

Things You Should Know About Custom Software Development Services

Custom software development is creating, designing, deploying, and retaining software program for a particular set of users, capabilities, or organizations. In evaluating an industrial off-the-shelf software program (COTS), custom software development objectives at a narrowly described as the set of requirements. COTS goals a broad set of requirements, allowing it to application and commercially advertised and distributed.

Custom software, and its development, is also stated as a modified software. Custom software development is commonly accomplished by in-house development teams or outsourced to a third-party. The identical strategies and methodologies apply to custom software development services as different kinds of software development.

A custom project might pass via familiar steps of requirements gathering, code construction, checking out, and deployment and follow the equal methodologies, like Agile, DevOps, or Rapid Application Development, as another software program task.

Having a modified software development program means no extra spending on functions and functionalities you don’t need. This will even grow your business performance as you could attend to the functions required for your business.

The program offers excessive-quality, cost, and reliable software development services that match your particular needs, finances, and timeframe.

Some Things You Should Know About Custom Software Development Services:

The custom software allows meet the target market’s overall desires through custom software program development comes at a later level when organizations want to streamline their desires and circulate higher than the public offerings.

Custom software development companies like & services are significant because they allow meeting specific requirements at a cost-competitive level with purchasing, retaining, and modifying commercial software. Here are some particular things you may know about custom software development services:

1. Flexibility

The quality factor approximately custom software is that it is scalable. It grows while your commercial enterprise grows simplest, accelerating your position.

So, all you want to do is to evaluate future wishes withinside the collecting process. Once this is done, those elements may be programmed into the application instead of dropping out more foreign money to buy licenses.

Software flexibility can imply lots of factors, but while it is used to explain an entire system, it commonly refers back to the solution’s capacity to evolve to possible or future modifications in its requirements.

When you design or build a solution, you have to try and cater to those changes which necessarily arrive in the future.

2. Efficiency

It additionally proves to be efficient as it has been made maintaining in thoughts the converting needs of organizations. It has been constructed to aid a selected purpose. With the point of interest set, time does not get wasted, resulting in machine efficiency.

Efficiency measures the quantity of every engineer’s “productive” code or code that gives commercial enterprise value. An engineer developing an entirely new solution or implementing sweeping code changes will possibly deal with lots of trials and errors with a low-efficiency rate.

3. Independency

A business software program has a set of advantages and disadvantages. While custom software development allows in decreasing the load of sourcing licenses and merging with commons, it may also be a costly affair for businesses who get it developed.

4. Profit-earning

Companies that have designed or were given their software designed to use a software program development company can attain rich rewards for investing in the custom software program.

They can build their custom software program and license. With this, they can also promote different organizations who’re inclined to shape in with their commercial enterprise.

5. Low Integrations expenses

With custom software, organizations would possibly face the problem of integrating it with present applications. Doing as a way to incur extra costs and the funding may be massive to relying on the need.

The custom software program may be constructed in this type of course that integrates the legacy applications and the intended environment mechanically.

6. Increased Profitability

A custom software development program can resolve a lot of your business problems. However, wouldn’t it’s terrific to make cash from your custom-built software program?

You can license it or promote the software program to different businesses relying on your enterprise projects’ terms and situations.

7. Scalability

As your company grows, business techniques become extra complex. With custom software development program, this isn’t a trouble as you could scale your software program accordingly. Therefore, this can prevent from incurring prices on extra licensing or subscriptions for added capabilities.

8. Increased Security

Another benefit of a bespoke software program is that protection is higher than boxed software program. This will make your software program much less liable to protection issues.

9. Personalized Customer Experience (CX)

As CX is gaining traction, it’s far vital to offer your clients with personalized experiences. With a custom software program, you could fill the void and deal with your business’s specific desires and techniques. However, you could additionally leverage custom-designed consumer dating management (CRM) platforms.

10. Integrating Existing Authentication Platforms

A custom software development program also can be without problems integrated with current authentication platforms. This will come up with extra manage over customers at exclusive get right of entry to levels and reduce the trouble of memorizing greater passwords.

11. Custom Software Design

With bespoke software, you could maintain consistency in look and exclusive behavior patterns. Therefore, your software program layout may be custom designed in line with your employer fashion without design limitations. Hence, you could maximize your business potential in preference to conforming to the boxed software program limitations.


According to the points mentioned above, we can say that selecting perfect custom software development services may meet your expectations for building ultimate software, and retaining your budget in the test is essential.

A custom software development technique can not be achieved at the same time. The spread of generation has allowed us to get interconnected. This approach isn’t always essential to hire a person from your locality for software development.

It’s necessary to find out the development team that can convert your business concept into reality. Many lags occur simply due to handling the software program vendor. With custom software development program services, you’ll store quite a few times that may be applied in being extra productive.

The Process of Enterprise Software Development Might Be Easier than You Think


Enterprise software has various functionalities for problem-solving and improving the lives of employees. In essence, the process of developing it may seem complicated. It is particularly true for situations when the developer does not fully understand the needs of the enterprise. It is necessary to do planning for developing any application after understanding the requirements very well.

The primary benefits of enterprise software are improved performance of sales teams, enhanced communication, and reduced inefficiencies that compromise productivity. However, the significance can only be recognized when careful and extensive planning makes the development process smooth.

In this write-up, we will discuss the entire process of enterprise software development. You must understand how this method can be easy and efficient for your business. Many people implement this process for increasing their sales and leads. If you want to venture into an enterprise software project, here’s what you should expect:

The Requirement Phase

The initial phase of the software development starts with the requirements phase, in which you have to collect requirements from an enterprise. This step is to ensure the things that they need in their project. Everything is analyzed and well discussed with the team to determine whether it is possible to fulfill the needs or not. All the phases, time and cost depend on this phase.

When you know the requirements, you will make different strategies and discuss time, costing, and other factors with your employees. Therefore, it is a crucial step, and it should not be skipped in any case. Once, you gather all the requirements, and you should take the signature of your client to ensure whether he is satisfied with his given needs. There will be no changes in the later phases.

The Design Phase

How is your overall strategy, and what’s its significance in improving customers’ and employees’ lives? Set specific objectives and measures to give you a detailed insight into how the application will affect your organization.

For example, a property real estate organization would need to improve how the employees work daily. It would require a strategy that would effectively organize clients for brokers, and schedules to remind the latter to follow up on potential clients. The alerts would improve the lives of the employees, as they would tailor their efforts towards meeting the goals of the organization.

Once specific goals are clarified and set in place, the organization’s software development team can determine how the app functions and break down complex operations for employees. Subsequently, the team would design a plan to effect it.

The main purpose of the design phase is to create different modules and make strategies to create it. The planning includes deciding the workforce, costing, completion team, and much more. After requirements, the designing phase is quite crucial for developing a project efficiently. It is essential to consider this step of software development to create a great application for an enterprise.

The Development Phase

The development phase begins once an organization has precise and straightforward requirements and design of the enterprise application. The developer then creates a code that should meet the requirements of the software without compromising user needs. In essence, user experience should be smooth and seamless. One of the primary goals of the application is to better the work processes for employees.

All the modules should run smoothly so that the customers do not face any difficulty in dealing with the software. There should be a team of professionals that can quickly create the modules. If possible, your employees can also take small codes and paste them in the project code. It helps in making the development process a bit quicker. It is necessary to plan for the best team at in effective price so that your company earns profit while creating any software.

You can lose money if you do not invest your money wisely in the development phase. Make sure that you stay alert while planning anything. The effectiveness of the software at this stage also entails bug-free and efficiency aspects. Regardless of the potential for improvement in the future, everything should run smoothly in the development phase.

The Deployment and Testing Phase

Testing the functionality of the enterprise application software is the final process. It considers all the codes, interactions, and documentations that were used to develop the application. The testing phase should be thorough and comprehensive, with a combination of multiple tests for verification. One has to be sure that the application is working adequately.

Once the performance of the software is satisfactory, it is made available to consumers. The aspect of deployment comes in handy to establish the most suitable time frame for releasing the product into the market. This phase still requires frequent monitoring to update the software. You should be well-connected with your customers to gather the feedback.

If they are getting any issues, then they inform the company, and therefore, improvements should be made in the software. In some cases, it is also known as the maintenance phase. But it is necessary to provide a guarantee to your clients for some time. When you also fulfill the needs of the clients after delivering the project, then they will trust the software development company more and come with more projects to them.

The enterprise software development team should also work to ensure that the app is continuously updated to be on par with consumers’ shifting needs. Ultimately, the application needs to satisfy employees and customers to the maximum.

The Wrap Up

Enterprise development software has a series of capabilities. In light of this, the right process to create one would effectively enhance scalability and functionality. There are different phases in dealing with a project. Everyone wants to have a perfect application without any flaws and a considerable maintenance period.

A good company takes care of its clients’ requirements and ensures whether it is useful for their customers or not. There should be proper planning and execution in all the phases of software development, as mentioned earlier.

10 Time-Management Apps for Students


Deadline: a word that no one likes and even makes some people shudder. There is a moment in every student’s life when the deadline sneaks up, so an essay of 3,000 words must be ordered from, a research paper writing service. But it shouldn’t happen every time you’re requested to write an essay, project, or homework assignment. Academic life obliges you to make your studies a priority. The main task is to learn how to combine it so that there is time left for hobbies, friends, and perhaps even sleep. It is possible to achieve successful time-management. Practice and the desire to change are necessary to achieve this goal. It will also require a completely new daily routine. This selection of apps we’ve found can help every student become more productive and effective.

Focus To-Do: Focus Timer&Tasks

Pomodoro is a time-management program that will help you with your tasks. We can use time as a valuable ally in achieving what and how we want. It helps improve the way we work or study. This application is a combination of a time tracker and to-do lists. The app can save and group tasks into lists, set up a timer, remind you of important assignments, and monitor the time spent on work.



This task planner is trendy due to its rich functionality, pleasant interface, and free access. In TickTick, tasks are organized into lists, and you can create as many as you want.

It’s convenient to divide them into categories: study, household, and personal. The structure presents a task as three subcategories: a list, goal, and checklist.


The Wunderlist site is actively promoting the Microsoft To-Do service, which will be discussed next. For each task in Wunderlist, you can add a reminder, repetitions, subtasks, notes, and files. Wunderlist also provides the Conversations feature, which allows you to discuss shared tasks in the app. It lacks themes, but you can choose a background.

Microsoft To-Do

Having bought the popular Wunderlist, Microsoft created an application that almost completely repeats the capabilities of Wunderlist. Microsoft To-Do has added several new features: a personalized task planner, color-coded lists, and suggestions to help you plan your time more efficiently.

To-Do has more flexible appearance settings than Wunderlist. There are several themes to choose from, as well as many backgrounds that users love.


This app will help you save time with its large variety of useful features. For example, Workflow can create contact icons on your desktop, turn web pages into PDF documents, upload all images from web pages, and much more. Of course, this service will not replace other time-management applications, but it will undoubtedly make life much easier.


This app is an irreplaceable assistant for any student. It can be used as a tool for taking notes, creating reminders, to-do lists, and tasks. Evernote completely replaces several applications in one, supports the PDF format, and allows you to scan notes, business cards, and drawings. You can synchronize Evernote with your computer, tablet, and smartphone and share information and notes with other users. It is ideal for planning educational projects. Basic functionality is free, but you need a premium subscription to get more features. On the plus side, the free version is enough for planning and daily notes.


HabitMinder will help you form healthy habits. Psychologists say that you can get rid of vicious habits in 30 days. It is possible that with the HabitMinder application, you will be able to cope much faster. It monitors your progress and motivates you not to stop halfway through. For example, the HabitMinder will remind you to do breathing exercises or a quick meditation session. It can also track your hydration, encourage you to exercise or go to the gym, and more. And for students, it is critical to keep track of their health and practice sports.


In, you can add tags, reminders, sub-tasks, and attachments to each task. The priority function will help you concentrate on the main task and not forget about the important things. Lists can be shared with friends and colleagues, and you can plan joint projects with them there.

It is worth noting the Focus option, which helps to build motivation. If it is enabled, and the person has not completed the task, the application will destroy the virtual tree. Another feature of is a shopping list that the app automatically categorizes. In the paid version, you can create recurring tasks, attach files of any size, use custom themes, colored tags, and labels, and create reminders tied to a specific location.


Todoist is a major competitor and a great alternative to The application doesn’t have a self-destructing tree. In Todoist, you can split tasks into projects, add specific tags, change the theme, add comments you like, attach files, and collaborate on projects. As an additional motivation, productivity tracking is built into the service.

The app has many features, so reading the user manual is recommended. With its help, you will, for example, figure out how to better design projects, work with tags, tasks, and filters, and learn what tags to use to customize tasks. Some users are put off by the need to explore the service, but Todoist is worth it. Having dealt with all its features in an hour, you will get a reliable and convenient planner.

Another plus of the app is templates that help you quickly create a to-do list and organize other lists, from planning purchases to creating a content plan for social media. You can find a suitable one on the application website.

Google Calendar

This app has a lots of functions. For example, Google Calendar has the ability to set goals: you set a goal, and the app itself offers a time frame to achieve it. It is convenient that all events from Gmail are automatically imported – you will not forget about a dinner plan with partners or a business trip. The only noticeable inconvenience of the calendar is that you cannot create to-do lists without reference to a specific date. The design of the calendar is also pleasing to the eye – you can add maps and pictures.

Students are faced with the illusion of long deadlines, a lot of free time, procrastination, and a lack of time-management skills. However, with these apps, students can now organize their time efficiently.

10 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders  

With the tremendous increase in social media users, it isn’t shocking to see that most companies have started moving online. In today’s time, companies that operate online need to have a functioning webpage at all costs that can help attract customers. For this purpose, WordPress is an actual lifesaver. WordPress is the least difficult and most well-known approach to make your personal site or blog. Furthermore, WordPress controls over one-third of the considerable number of sites on the Internet. Indeed – more than one of every three sites that you visit is likely to be controlled by WordPress.

Drop WordPress Page Builders

With approximately 75 million websites using the platform, WordPress remains as popular as ever. One of the attractions of WordPress is the user-friendly setup and content management system. The platform, though, is not as simple as some would like, requiring a level of expertise when it comes to finely tuning themes and coding elements.

Thankfully, there is a large number of drag-and-drop page builders to simplify the process even more. The following products can be used to build attractive pages and sites from scratch, using drag and drop facilities to create custom designs.


Divi, from Elegant Themes, is a front-end editor that lets you immediately see each change you make. You can shape the page by adjusting factors like fonts, colors, page size, and column styles. The next stage is to add various elements like tabs, galleries, social buttons, and pricing tables.

MotoPress Content Editor


MotoPress offers an editor alongside their other plugin products. The visual builder lets you choose the elements you want to include on a page, while also supporting a number of third party add-ons. You can integrate the builder with any WordPress theme, allowing you to maintain a consistent website design using, according to


Oxygen lets you adapt every element on a page, making customization of paramount importance. You can build unlimited page styles, mixing different columns and sections to design your ideal pages. One of the best aspects of Oxygen is the template library, which allows you to quickly adapt attractive pages and sites. If you need to develop landing pages in bulk, Oxygen makes the process simple.

Themify Builder

The Themify Builder plugin can be used as a standalone plugin or within the Themify theme framework. The standalone plugin is free, with the ability to use with any theme of your choosing. You simply drag and drop elements into place and use the front end viewer to look at the results.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a high-quality plugin that offers front end editing across any WordPress theme. You can develop unlimited theme styles and save them for future use. There are a number of templates included, so you can get an effective landing page online in no time. The plugin is also responsive, providing a quality experience across all devices.

WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder is a hugely popular plugin that has achieved millions of sales. The tool includes both a front end and back end page builder to suit each design style. There are also a huge number of premium add-ons featuring parallax elements, portfolios, feature boxes, and much more.


Elementor is another intuitive tool, allowing complete customization of each page. The product also includes helpful features like a popup builder for collecting emails and promoting offers. Elementor provides over 80 elements, with a number of WooCommerce integrations that will benefit e-commerce store owners.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect offers a simple drag and drop page builder, with some useful advanced features. You can create custom columns by dragging boxes to the right size, allowing you to build unique page designs. You also get access to over 200 landing page designs, so you can quickly adapt an existing style.

SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin Page Builder is not as advanced as some other options, but it can be downloaded for free. To get the most benefit, though, the premium version comes with numerous add-ons like sliders, a contact box, an accordion, and more. The plugin integrates with any theme, so you aren’t restricted by any particular design.


Cornerstone has been optimized to work with the popular X theme by Themeco, but it will also work with any other theme you choose. Along with a simple front end editor, you can also adjust the back end coding if you are technically proficient. Cornerstone comes with a library full of elements to help create visually stunning pages.

Your website is integral to the success of your business. A website is often the first interaction a consumer has with your business, providing an initial response to your brand. You can also use landing pages to convert leads into subscribers and customers, with a need to quickly create templates for testing. A WordPress drag and drop page builder lets you benefit from a robust platform, harnessing a user-friendly system to craft the designs your business requires.

Added Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content administration framework that is authorized on a somewhat progressively specialized level, which means that almost anybody can utilize or alter WordPress programming for no charges whatsoever.

Worldwide Recognition

Due to its previous notable highlights, huge numbers of the top brands use WordPress to control their sites, including Facebook, The New Yorker, Sony, Disney, The New York Times, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, WordPress is free programming software. It implies you can download, introduce, utilize, and change it to coordinate with your needs. You can utilize it to make any site. While the WordPress programming itself is free, you need a name for your domain to introduce it to the World Wide Web.

SEO friendly

WordPress is composed of engaging with standard consistent, top-notch code and creates semantic markup. In simpler terms, this makes Google and other web crawlers love WordPress.

This is the reason WordPress locales will, in general, position higher than others in web indexes. Lastly, it should be worth mentioning that WordPress is very friendly in terms of Search

Engine Optimization, as well. You can likewise utilize WordPress SEO modules to improve your site even further.

No need to learn about programming

WordPress’s board framework is a tool that fundamentally makes it simple to oversee significant parts of your site without having to know anything about programming.

Conclusively, WordPress makes constructing a site open to anybody – even individuals who are new to programming. While WordPress started as a blogging apparatus, it has developed during past times into a ground-breaking web designing and a powerful substance management organization. The best part about WordPress is that it’s anything but difficult to utilize and adaptable enough to make various sorts of sites. This is the vital reason why WordPress has gained such notable prominence.