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Brad Pitt Riding his Bike Gets Recognized by Fan

Famous actor Brad Pitt was seen on his bike riding around Los Angeles. He was seen on Sunset Boulevard in LA. Even though he was wearing both a helmet and a face mask, he got recognized by one of his fans who later on asked him to get a picture with him. While they were

Prince Harry’s Cell Phone Was Hacked

Prince Harry was brought up in the spotlight. Every since his birth he has been in front of cameras and has his picture taken for the whole world to see. But he talked about finding out what it actually meant to be a part of the British royal family just after his mother, Princess Diana,

Chloe Khan in a Tiny Bikini

Chloe Khan just turned 28 this week and she celebrated it with her friend Katie Salmon. She took some pictures for Instagram where you could see her in a party mood in the aforementioned tiny green bikini next to some balloons. Chloe has spent around 100,000 pounds on plastic surgery alone, just so she could

Brands by Celebrity Businesswomen – Take a Look at the Brands Owned by Famous Celeb Moms!

Take a look at the story about famous celeb moms who can do it all! These successful businesswomen have proven that you can run a business and be a mom at the same time. If you are looking for a perfect present for your mom, you will likely find it on the following list, since

Khloe Kardashian Puts House Up on Sale

It has recently become news that Khloe Kardashian is selling her house in Calabasas for nearly 19 million dollars. She has decided that it’s time for a change in her life. The Calabasas Mansion was purchased from Justin Bieber for 7 million, but the price has inflated significantly due to the many renovations that were

These Pictures of Princess Charlotte and Prince William Will Make Your Day Better

There is no doubt that being a parent is a fantastic thing, especially when the children are very young. Little boys and girls are just as sweet as a cookie. As they growing up, fantastic moments happen and some of the most beautiful memories are created for the rest of life. Famous people are no

What a Lucky Dog! Would you like to Swap with him, in Demi Rose’s Arms?

No doubt you once thought how great it is to be famous, to have a lot of money, to be able to buy everything that money can buy. Isn’t it? However, have you ever thought it would be great to be a dog? Well, let’s be honest, not very often, right? However, if you look

Chrissy Teigen, Popular Model, Removes her Breast Implants

The famous model decided to remove the implants after 14 years… Chrissy Teigen, a 34-year-old American model, shared the news of removing her breast implants on her Instagram account. The model shared a throw-back photo on which she had had natural breasts and announced that she is getting her implants removed after 14 years. This