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5 Truck Technologies to Improve Safety and Efficiency

In the fiercely competitive trucking industry, technology can mean the difference between staying competitive and being left behind.  We now have truck technologies that improve the efficiency of virtually every aspect of operations, from logistics to driver performance and compliance. Here are five trucking technologies that are improving safety and efficiency. 1. Dynamic Routing In

5 tips to pay cheap for young driver car Insurance

Do you own your driving license, or are you expecting the choice of young driver insurance? If you have made up your mind to have own driving license and auto insurance, then explain to your parents that you handle the administrative procedures and that you know how to ensure yourself more affordable. Taking out insurance

Caring for your Car: 5 Simple tips for Taking care of your Car

It’s no big secret that a lot of us want to have a car. A car, after all, is one of the most significant investments you’ll make in life. Since it’s second to getting a house of your own, taking care of your car should also be a priority. People use cars and other vehicles

How to Help Your Child Pass the DMV Written Exam

For most teenagers, getting a driver’s license is a nerve-racking experience. This is not surprising since the process involved here is not as simple as what most people think. For one, teens need to adhere to stringent rules before they can get their full license. Furthermore, they have to take both written and practical driving

The 5 Types of Coverage Offered by Auto Insurance

Before purchasing your auto insurance, find out if the coverage it provides is the right one for you and your vehicle. According to data from the Insurance Research Council, more than 4 million drivers in California do not have auto insurance. Meanwhile, Paulson & Nace stated that there were 30,800 fatal car crashes nationwide in

The Top 3 Family Cars

Every family needs a car that they can rely on. The family car class is one which is fiercely competitive with many terrific models to choose from, which will suit all types of families. This can also make it challenging to find the right car, particularly when there are constantly new models being added. With

What’s Better for Your Child: Harness Car Seats vs. Booster Seat?

What’s better to use for your growing child? In this article, we compare the differences between a booster seat vs. harness car seats. Although they will both keep your little bundle safe, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s face it. Kids grow entirely too fast. How can you be sure that your child is

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