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The Innovations That Made the Modern Car

The modern car is completely different from what it used to be, due to the technological advancement in the automotive industry over the decades. The car has come a long way since its first invention to what it is today. According to LedLightStreet, numerous car innovations have made it easier to own and drive a car and enjoy the many benefits that come with it.

From rickety, steam-powered carriages, the automotive industry has advanced to making cars that are computerized, make use of electricity, and can drive themselves, among other features.

Below are some of the innovations that made cars what they are today:

1. Electrics

Electrics in cars today might seem like the usual thing but it took quite a journey to have that in modern cars. Cars were initially started by hand until enough momentum was generated for the engine to keep running throughout the journey. This was quite difficult, as you have to do that every time you stop the engine from running.

The first electric car was the Lancia Theta that was invented in 1913, which had electrical headlights and engine starter. Car electrics have since improved and we now have electronic fuel injection, HID and LED Headlights

2. Hand and Anti-Lock Brakes

Brakes were necessary to make a moving car stop and it has evolved over the years to ensure a smooth and swift way cars can stop moving when they need to. The first car that was created was also the first to have brakes, which was the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. Since then, cars have evolved, so also the brakes. We moved from hand brakes to drum brakes, disc brakes, power assist brakes, and anti-lock brakes.

Anti-lock brakes use computers to help prevent the wheels from locking up while braking, which helps maintain tractive contact with the road surface, whether it is dry or slippery.

3. Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers were never a thing for the longest time and drivers often had to stick out their heads from the car to see where they were headed if the weather got bad. It wasn’t until 1902 when Mary Anderson traveled and figured something had to be done to make people see clearly through the windshields. She decided to work on it and a year later, she was granted her first patent for a window cleaning device for electric cars. She is forever remembered for inventing the first operational windshield wiper, which made driving safer.

4. GPS Navigation

As technology improved, we had easy access to GPS navigation on tech devices, including computers and smartphones. However, Mazda introduced the first-ever GPS navigation system for the automotive industry in 1990, which was linked to satellites on a built-in touchscreen. It has since evolved and has made driving easier for everyone. It gets even better with smartphone integration, as more people can navigate the roads with a simple pinch and zoom on their screens.

5. Adaptive Cruise Control

The adaptive cruise control works to adjust the vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance of obstacles ahead. It is paired with a forward collision warning that works without any driver’s input, linked to the car’s brakes, and designed to panic stop in an emergency. It has gotten smarter and more convenient since its debut in 1992 and is a crucial part of any car, especially self-driving cars that are gradually becoming more rampant.

6. Better Transmissions

Your car needs a working transmission to move without trudging along in first gear and for the longest time, people had to manage slow and less effective transmissions. This has improved over the years and there are now better transmissions, whether manual or automatic. Both transmissions have their pros and cons and you need to familiarize yourself with the benefits they offer in order to make the best choice for your car. However, there has been an increase in automatic transmissions in cars over the last decade, as it is easier to use, less manually restrictive, better for hilly areas, with a reduced risk of stalling.

7. Active Aerodynamics

Sports cars are more common today than ever, and one of the things that make them perfect for sports is the aerodynamics. However, the aerodynamics are now being incorporated into some modern cars for more effectiveness and speed on the road. These active aerodynamics keep the cars firm to the ground while in motion, using self-adjusting front and rear spoilers, open and shut vents, and in-motion height adjustments.

8. Key Fobs

Key fobs for cars have been in existence since 1993 and has made the modern car better, as its function improved over the years. It can be used to unlock doors, set off the horn and lights from afar, adjust seats and mirrors, and more. Not only has it made the experience of the modern car better, but it has also helped improve the safety of car owners.

9. Air Bags

Airbags have been an important safety tool and still one of the most innovative safety breakthroughs since it was first introduced in the 1980s. What started as a safety measure for just the driver became an important safety tool for the front passenger too and a study shows that airbags can reduce even 50% of passenger injuries in a car accident.

10. Seat Belts

Seat belts have been proven over time to be the greatest safety innovation in the automotive industry and a medical study found that they are crucial in preventing deaths due to road traffic crashes. They can also reduce the severity of the injury a person can get from a car accident, which increases their chance of survival.


The automotive industry has come a long way since its first invention and there’s so much more to expect as technology advances and new innovations are created. These ten innovations have, in no doubt, transformed the history of cars and made modern cars what they are today. With self-driving cars on the rise and more trends currently being explored, the future of cars is worth looking forward to.

Benefits of Using a Car Accident Attorney in Houston – 2020 Guide


If there is one thing that cannot be predicted is an accident because it happens with no warning or notification. Many people try to avoid car accidents, but the efforts usually do not pay off as accidents happen. is a great starting point for anyone who wants the services of a car accident attorney in the region.

When an accident eventually occurs, it brings with it so many things, among them legal battles. Whether you are the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident or just involved in any way, you may find yourself faced with legal nightmares handled in court. Given your inexperience with the law guidelines, it might be hard for you to defend yourself properly, this is why you need to look for a car accident attorney.

Car accident attorneys are legally trained lawyers who help individuals by advocating for them after being involved in an accident. Car accidents are among the biggest causes of personal injury in Houston. Many people don’t know what to do after a car wreck.

Some people have even ended failing to get compensation, simply because they did not know what to do, due to the ignorance of the law and what they needed to do after the accident. This is why you need to look for a car accident attorney to help you, especially if the accident occurs due to the negligence of the other person.

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If you were hurt in an accident from the negligence of another person, you might be compensated by the individual. The compensation comes typically in the form or a settlement. You can get compensation for a broad range of damages from the accident, like suffering, pain, medical bills, and other damages. All States also have their laws and regulations. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a licensed and qualified lawyer in your state. These legal professionals represent their clients in courts. However, the professionals can also work for an out of court settlement. Retain these services early after the accident. Look for the attorneys in your area that work on car accident claims. Picking a good lawyer can only help your case.

It is always best to hire an attorney in the city or town where the crash happened. Choosing an out of town lawyer puts you at a slight disadvantage and can run the costs up.

The innocent parties can still deal with the insurance companies in making a claim. Some of the insurance agencies are notoriously hard to deal with when making a claim. Some companies refuse to pay out a claim, even after their insured was found at fault by the police. The attorney you choose will help you in fighting for your rights in such cases. If you were involved in an accident with a person insured with a notorious insurer, you could not avoid the services of an attorney.

There are so many ways of finding a capable, professional, and reliable car lawyer to represent your interests. Use the internet to make sure you are hiring an attorney with a lot of personal injury experience. There are fields where knowledge is more important than even education, and the courtroom is one area.

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Start by doing some simple Google search. However, the best lawyers are not necessarily listed in the search engines and may also not get top results. Therefore, you need to use some common sense to look into these professionals to determine whether they are capable and legit. Some suggestions for looking at attorneys for your case include:

  • Look at the law firm website- do they work on cases that do not involve personal injury?
  • Review your state’s Bar Association information on the lawyer- do they have complaints?
  • Does the attorney advertise? If so, it may be a firm with many cases. Will they have time for yours?
  • Ask for an in-person consultation. How does the office look?
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Choosing the right attorney for your case is one of the most important first steps you can take to protect your rights after being injured in a car accident.

The attorney will use his or her skills to protect your rights and make sure that justice is served but also make sure this happens on time. There are cases where you might find a case dragging over the years. This is one thing that everyone who is involved in an accident will be looking to avoid.

The only way to avoid such a thing will be by looking for a top attorney to help you out. An experienced lawyer will use his or her skills to handle your case and work to get the compensation you so much deserve.

If you go for an out of court settlement, then an attorney will also be beneficial to you. At the end of the whole process, a good attorney will do everything they can to ensure that you get justice in your case. However, as said above, your chances of success are better with a top attorney.

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When looking for one to help you with this process, you need to stick to the factors listed above. Some attorneys are not well experienced in personal injury as it is needed. Sometimes, you might be approached by some attorneys who will claim to have the right skills for this process.

You need to be very careful as such attorneys might just be interested in your money and nothing else. They may lack the skills and the talent needed to handle an accident case either with an insurance company or the other party.

If you hire such people for this process, then you may lose in the wrong run. The factors listed above are some things that you can use as considerations to find an attorney for your car accident.

4 Fun Things for Car Lovers to do in Nice – 2020 Guide


As far as superlatives are concerned, Nice is the most famous city on the famous French Riviera and located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. The best option to discover all the charms of the area would be to rent a car since in this way you will have complete freedom to explore the city and its surroundings. Although its spas and Mediterranean beaches attract a multitude of tourists each year, they are not the only reasons to visit Nice. With its distinctive culture, delicious gastronomy, endless leisure options and Mediterranean climate enjoy your holidays and visit the best tourist attractions with your rental car.


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Discover the famous mountains of the Alpes-Maritimes. During winter, you will have more than 700 kilometers of ski slopes available, while you can enjoy various adventure sports, such as walking, hiking, climbing or mountain biking. If you prefer something calmer, there are walks in the mountains to get to know the fauna and flora of the place.

Relax on the wonderful beaches of the area. You can choose from more than 30 beaches, in addition to being able to enjoy a promenade full of palm trees, bars and restaurants. Some of these beaches are private, like Castel Plage beach, and you will have to pay between 10 and 20 euros to enjoy them. However, it also has several public beaches, such as Beau Rivage and Reserve.

If you are looking to enjoy culture and history, we recommend you visit the Roman Ruins, the famous Russian Orthodox Cathedral or the Church of Jesus. Don’t forget to visit the most famous museums in the city: the Chagall Museum, Musée Matisse and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC).

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the city from the Du Chateau hill at sunset, visit the old part of town “Vieux Nice”, go shopping at the famous Flower Market “Cours Saleya” or explore the nightlife offers in the bars and restaurants in the beach area.

After knowing and visiting all the charms of Nice, you can travel by your car rental to other nearby places such as Cannes, Monaco, Montpelier, Rome or Spain.

Renting a car is the best option to enjoy Nice and its surroundings freely and independently and to fit you into the luxurious surroundings of Nice, then the best choice for you is to rent a luxurious car too.

Fan things for car lovers

1. Take a ride on the Promenade des Anglais

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The first and unavoidable place where you have to ride is the famous Promenade des Anglais. This famous promenade next to the Mediterranean is over 7 kilometers long. The beginning of this long street is at the airport and ends at Quai des États-Unis. There are the most luxurious hotels, restaurants, and the view is mesmerizing. You must not drive fast, but you will not have the desire to do so. Start from the airport and enjoy the view of the sea, luxury, the castle on top of the hill you are driving towards. Along the way, you will encounter many luxury cars, as it will be your own, if you rent one.

2. Drive from Nice to Monte Carlo

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This is a road of about 30 kilometers. You have to drive carefully because you will drive on a serpentine road. But you will enjoy the view and eventually arrive in the capital of luxury, Monaco. Avoid rush hour, as you can get stuck in a big traffic jam. That is a very busy road, but well worth driving it.

3. Corniche Roads of the French Riviera

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These are three routes that stretch from Nice to Menton, which is located near the border with Italy. The routes are similar to Monaco but also offer a beautiful driving experience. These three routes are called – the Grande Corniche, the Moyenne Corniche and the Corniche Inférieure. Corniche means cliff road, and they stretch more or less parallel, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough to drive only once. Each is interesting and beautiful in its own way.

4. Drive the Train de Merveilles route

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Since you are car lover, you will not be satisfied with the train, but you will ride this amazing road from Nice to Tende. Take your time to enjoy the trip and also make a stop at the Saorge. A place which will certainly take your breath away.

Where you can rent a luxury car in Nice?

As this is a city where many rich people come, the choice will be great for you. Although you won’t be able to find something like some regular Mercedes model for rent in most places in the world, it is common here to find a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Also the most luxurious sedans like the BMW 7 and Mercedes Brabus models. There are also companies like Rentluxecar that rent luxury cars in Nice and which have gone a step further and even offer models like the Bugatti Veyron, the fastest car in the world.

Advantages of renting a luxury car

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Driving a rented car certainly makes it easier for you to get to distant parts of France. By renting a luxury car, you can be sure of several things while driving carefree to the desired locations. Apart from the fact that during that time you have the opportunity to enjoy state of the art technologies, there are simply various models with high electronic security and assistance system, as well as modern multimedia systems.

This way your car tour is safer, faster, more efficient and more comfortable. Also, this gives you a better driving performance which is good news for fans of fast driving.

The appearance of a car sometimes has not only an aesthetic role but also a significant role in traffic. This is important, for example, when it comes to LED technology on headlights that guarantees you clear visibility and that is necessary if you drive at night through one of the Corniche Roads we already mentioned.


Renting a car is the best option to enjoy Nice and its surroundings freely and independently and to fit you into the luxurious surroundings of Nice, then the best choice for you is to rent a luxurious car too. Have fun!

What Information Will You Need For Your Car Accident Lawyer?

Being prepared for an initial consultation with an attorney is extremely important for a variety of reasons, mainly so that you can use your time during this consultation to get the best understanding possible of how you and the lawyer will be able to work together. Finding an attorney to take your case can be a surprisingly complicated process if you do it on your own, and oftentimes, people will need to go through this process on their own.

However, there is are services that can connect you with a car accident lawyer in Tampa without needing to go through all of the additional legwork of finding an attorney that covers your area of need AND who is available to take your case. By using the referral service to connect with an attorney, you can focus on your personal needs and the work ahead of you.

Take a look below at some of the most important information that you should gather before an initial consultation with your attorney. Remember that once you start working with your lawyer that they will be able to advise you on the additional information you will need to gather, or will be able to gather the information on their own as you focus on your recovery.

A Copy Of Your Police and Accident Report

The accident report that the police will write will be one of the central sources of truth throughout the entire claims process and will give your attorney a good idea of what they are up against. The sooner you are able to get a copy of the police report in front of a lawyer the better since they will be able to identify any information that may be unclear or could be misconstrued so that you can begin to take steps to correct them or work around these blockers.

Contact Information and Statements From Your Passengers

If there were other passengers in the vehicle that were injured in the accident, your lawyer will benefit from knowing about the extent of their injuries, as well as their own perspective and account of the accident. Since they are firsthand eyewitnesses to the accident as well, their testimony and involvement will be helpful even though they will likely be handling their own claim process at the same time.

Medical Records Relating To the Accident

Any medical-related documentation that you can gather will be extremely informative for your attorney and will help them to get a better understanding of the situation than you will be able to do on your own. These medical records, much like the accident report, will be key documents throughout the entire process, so giving your attorney access to all of the related information as soon as possible will be a significant benefit.

Income and Earnings Statements

Equally important to providing your attorney with a comprehensive understanding of your situation is any relevant income information, such as previous paystubs, employment contracts, or anything else that they can use to understand how much money that you are losing each day that your injuries keep you from work. You will be able to seek compensation for these losses in your claim, as well as your medical costs and any other damages, but the more financial documentation that you can provide, the more clear and compelling of an argument your attorney will be able to make. A single pay stub isn’t going to cut it. Get your tax statements, work contracts, and bank statements together to present a full picture of your financial situation.

Your Insurance Policy

If the other driver caused the accident, then you will likely be going through their insurance to seek compensation for your injuries and financial impacts. However, it is very important for your attorney to understand what sort of insurance you have protecting you regardless, as they will need to interact with your insurance company to some extent regardless of who ultimately pays your damages. Your insurance company will need to know what is going on with your claim from time to time, and your attorney may be able to help you understand what will happen next.

Pictures of the Accident

Take as many pictures of the accident and your injuries as possible. They will help your attorney to get an idea of the severity of the situation, and they will be very useful as you move forward with settlement negotiations or if you need to go to trial. Bruises fade, scars lighten, but pictures will always show the horror and pain that you had to endure in the early days of your injuries. If you do have to ultimately go to trial, these pictures will help your case by showing the judge or jury the actual injuries that you suffered, since they can seem very abstract months—even years—down the road when it goes to court.

Contact Information or Statements from Eyewitnesses

If you have any contact information for eyewitnesses, or if you already have gathered some eyewitness accounts of the situation, this information will be very helpful for your attorney to have. Every additional piece of context that your attorney can bring into your case will help to strengthen your position and allow for more aggressive negotiations. The more eyewitnesses that you are able to get statements from, the less the conversation becomes about your word versus the other driver’s word, which is important if there are disagreements about fault or the cause of the accident.

A Record of Any Communications That You Have Made Related to the Accident

If you have already filed an insurance claim, contacted your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company, or taken any other steps on your own, then your attorney will need to know about these contacts and ensure that they are able to incorporate those steps into their own process. This is equally important because you may have unknowingly made a statement that could ultimately come back to haunt you, such as an innocuous apology that the other insurance company uses as proof that you admitted fault (although you did not). The more information your lawyer has, the better suited they are to help you.

A Guide to Select the Right Stereo System for your Car

Music is magic that soothes your brain and soul most effectively. On the contrary, music can also cause a distraction while driving and cause an accident. However, the majority of people will not go in a car without a music system. Which music system will be best for my vehicle? Which brand is on the top list in selling stereo systems for my car? Should I buy an expensive stereo or an economical one?

There will be many questions regarding Automobile Remedy in your mind when you decide to buy a music system for your vehicle. Before we take you through the selection process, you need to determine a few things as below:

Begin with making priorities and deciding your requirements:

  • Tim from Automobile Remedy suggests that you first know hat will be your mode of sourcing music? Will it be CDs, mp3 player, AUX, radio, SD cards, or so on.
  • What kind of system do you prefer in your car? An old or traditional on or with some latest technologies?
  • Find out if you need Bluetooth connectivity, video playback, or navigation system?
  • Do you need a mind and ear blowing audio system or just an arrangement with the adequate sound quality?

Once you figure out your requirements, you can go through the following information to start the selection process. The whole concept is to make it easy for a buyer to buy the right stereo system for the car. Therefore, read the information carefully so that you get what you have been looking for lately.

Gather information:

Some high-frequency and bass booster stereos come with high vibrations that might tend to lose the panels of your car. In such a case, the right choice will be to avoid buying the loudest audio system. Your vehicle has a user manual that consists of information related to the audio unit holder. For instance, 1 DIN or 2 DIN systems indicates that a 1 DIN system= 7-inch wide, and 2-inch tall. Then it would help if you read about the panels available for installing the stereo speakers, sound dampening, electrical system, and so on. The manual will also tell you the type of audio system that will be suitable for your car.

Whenever you go to an audio dealer, make sure he understands your requirements and shows you the right thing. Further, by doing a little study beforehand will yield better results.

The amplifier is another essential element that boosts the signal power, giving you a more precise sound even when the volume is high. It eliminates distortion and gives you excellent sound quality. For your information, if you wish to install an amplifier, the head unit of the car must have RCA outputs that will connect with it quickly. RMS power is the continuous power output that it produces. You have a choice to buy a two-channel amplifier or a four-channel amp.

The point that you need to keep in mind is that you should never mount the amplifier directly to metal in the vehicle. Doing so will result in unnecessary noise problem and vibrations that you would avoid. Where should I install my amp? You can always mount it to a wooden subwoofer box or use screws with foam tape if you decide to fit it with a metal surface.

Selecting the brand, according to your budget:

The next best thing to consider will be the budget that you have for purchasing a stereo system. However, if money does not bother you, then you can always go for the following brands that render the best quality:

  • Becker: It is not a famous brand, but it is on the top for selling the best quality stereo system. The speciality of this brand is to provide CD changers.
  • Clarion: The brand is a newcomer in the market but has managed to get a place in the top brand list. Besides all other products, this brand is famous for its digital audio system.
  • JVC: The brand has been renowned amongst people for quite a long time now. It has the best home audio systems and is on the top for selling car stereos. It is a Japanese brand that has maintained its reputation for high-quality equipment’s.
  • Sony: It is indeed the most visible and top-quality brand in electronic products. Everyone appreciates Sony for the best sound quality in headphones, stereo systems, and other products.
  • Pioneer: It has been building a reputation for good sound and excellent engineering. You will get a wide range of CD players, Audio/Video receivers, speakers, in-dash receivers, subwoofers, and amplifiers.
  • Kenwood: The brand has a notion of providing the best sound quality. You will get top-notch services and products from Kenwood. The price might bother you at once, but the quality will not let you regret spending money.
  • JBL: It provides the best car stereo subwoofers that will add life to any budget-oriented car audio system. The audiophiles who wish to improve the sound output will go with JBL subwoofers.
  • Blaupunkt: It is indeed an excellent stereo manufacturer who has been delivering the best services to the buyers.

The brands mentioned above are the best and most famous among people. When you ever think of buying a stereo system for your four-wheeler, you must invest in a brand that provides good quality material and sound. As discussed in the starting, music can be a distraction; you must realize that you need to be safe while driving.

Conclusively, you have all the relevant information to jump right to the brand you wish to buy. Once you select the brand, you can visit the dealers and express your needs. Then, when both the parties are on the same track, you can choose the design and type of car stereo that you want. Also, if you need a personalized stereo system, and budget is not a constraint, you can tell the dealer to build it for you. You can always take help from someone who has an idea about stereo systems to simplify your search process.

How to Start a Car with a Portable Jump Starter Battery?

All car owners agree that owning a portable jump starter is one of those must-have pieces of equipment. This is especially important if you spend a lot of time driving your car.

You never know when your battery breaks down, and you can’t start your engine. That’s when a portable jump starter comes to save the day by providing enough juice to start the engine. The other alternatives are waiting for some stranger to stop and help you or calling road assistance. Nevertheless, owning a portable jump starter is the smart thing to do.


Here is a mini-guide on how to use a portable jump starter. Generally speaking, it’s very similar to classic traditional jumper cables. However, several additional steps make the process somewhat different.

Here we will cover each of them so that you can use your portable jump starter smoothly and whenever the situations call for it. You can check similar information at Green-4-U regarding a portable jump starter and where you can check for the best option available in the market today.

But before we go into the individual steps, we need to learn some of the basic features of a portable jump starter and how it works.

Portable Jump Starters 101


When the car battery stops working, it requires an outside boost to start the engine of the car. The term used to describe the process is “jump-starting.”

Jump starting is a process in which there is a flow of electricity from an external source (in this particular case, the portable jump starter) to the dead battery. And the dead battery provides electricity for the engine to get started if the battery was in a working condition.

Back in the days when portable jump starters weren’t available, the source was another car or, on rare occasions, some other type of electrical source. If any of those weren’t available, you needed to buy a new battery or get the old battery recharged with a battery charger connected to the power grid.

Currently, there are two types of jump starter batteries: lithium-ion and lead-acid jump starter batteries. The lead-acid jump starters are less practical as they weigh quite a lot. In a way, they are like having a second car battery in your car. On the other hand, the lithium-ion ones, are quite easier, smaller in size, last longer, and contain an equal amount of electrical power or more than their lead-acid counterparts.

How to Use a Portable Jump Starter Battery?

First, you need to ensure that the engine is off. There is no point in using the jump starter battery if the engine is running. The purpose of the jump starter is to start the engine.

Connecting a portable jump starter to a working engine can potentially lead to a serious accident.

1. Locate the car’s battery


This might sound like a no-brainer, but know that not all car batteries are located next to the engine. In some cars, the battery is located in the trunk behind or under the car seats.

But even if you are stuck with one such car, know that you should be able to find some terminals near the engine compartment. So, pop-up the hood and search for the terminals. If you are still confused about the terminals, search for the “+” and “-” signs. The “-” sign stands for the negative terminal, whereas the “+” sign stands for the positive terminal.

At this point, it matters most that you don’t get confused and mix the signs.

2. Connecting the jump starter battery


This is the most critical aspect of using a jump starter battery.

First of all, connect the positive jump cable with the positive terminal on your car battery. Aside from the “+” sign that is used for marking the positive terminal, know that the red color is also used to mark the positive terminal.

Then comes the negative jumper cable that needs to be connected to a ground position. To that end, you can use the car’s frame, the metal holding the hood of the car, or pretty much any piece of stable metal within the car’s frame.

Once you are done, double-check to make sure that all is well-connected tightly.

Also, make sure that the portable jump starter battery is placed in a secured position. That way, once you attempt to start the car, it won’t get detached or fall off.

If all is well, leave it like that for a few minutes.

3. Start the engine


Make your first attempt to start the engine. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt fails. Wait for a few minutes and try again. Sometimes the car engine will start on your first attempt; other times, you might need more attempts to start it.

But if there is nothing wrong with the engine, as well as with the car’s ignition, you should be able to start the engine after one or a few attempts.

Remember that you don’t make consecutive attempts without short brakes because you can damage the portable jump starter battery.

4. Remove the portable jump starter battery


Once the engine is up and running, you need to remove the jump starter battery safely.

To that end, you need to remove the negative jumper cable first, whereas the positive one is removed second. Once the jumper starter battery is safely detached, please place it in its jump box for secure storage.

Once you return home, recharge your jump starter battery and return it to your car.

Recharging the portable jump starter battery is as easy as recharging your smartphone or tablet – plug its adapter to one of your power sockets. Some portable jump starters can be even charged using the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Some portable jump starters come with a small solar cell installed on them. However, I know that it takes quite a lot of time to recharge the battery solely on solar energy.

In Conclusion

Now, you know how to use a portable jump starter. It isn’t rocket science. You need to follow the steps, be extra careful with the terminals, and make sure that the portable jump starter battery is always fully charged and ready to “jump in” when needed.

16 Coolest New Electric Cars Arrive in 2019/2020

Practically every automaker nowadays is doing research, development, and starting the production in the anticipation of a future where battery-powered electric cars, crossover SUVs and even pickup trucks run on electricity. Both long-established, legendary manufacturers and high-tech upstart companies battle for their part of the EV market. The development of these new technologies and cars is the trend of today, as companies look to give us more miles on a charge, better-looking cars, and more power. Read the rest of the article for the best 16 electric models set to hit the market this year, and in 2020.

16. 2019 Audi E – Tron

This spring, Audi is set to unveil a full electric, all-wheel-drive, five-passenger luxury crossover SUV. The expected range is around 250 miles, while the price will start somewhere around $75,800. A coupe Sportback version, as well as a four-door GT model, will soon follow the release.

15. 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric

Img source:

This is a battery-operated edition of the small crossover car by the manufacturer. It is coming early this year and brings around 258 miles per charge. The price will be around $37,500. At least initially, the sales will be restricted to California and several other states with similar emissions regulations.

14. 2020 Bollinger B1

Bollinger seems to want to begin with the sales of the boxy electric utility vehicle before the year ends. An aluminum frame, all-wheel-drive, and a 200-mile range are promised. The 0 to 60 mph run will take you only 4.5 seconds, while it is said to tow 7,500 pounds. There could also be a full electric pickup truck one year later.

13. 2020 Aston Martin Rapide E

Img source:

British sports-car maker Aston Martin will unveil the first EV by the end of 2019, based on their gorgeous Rapide Coupe. The car will have limited production and a targeted run of over 200 miles on one charge. In addition, m it will reach 60 mph in about four seconds. The price is expected to be around $260,000.

12. Kia Niro EV

The alternative to the Hyundai Kona Electric arrives in spring 2019, but as a 2020 year model. This car was limited to California and 11 other states at first, and it can run for about 239 miles before it needs the plug again.

11. 2020 Mercedes – Benz EQC

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Mercedes is set to enter the EV business in the USA with a complete family of battery models. The EQC is the first, a stylish compact crossover SUV, powered by a pair of motors offering more than 400 horsepower, and a 0-60 mph dash in five seconds. The range will be 279 miles on a charge.

10. 2020 Kia Soul EV

In 2020, we will get the redesigned version of the funky and boxy compact hatchback, this time with a 64 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack with a currently undisclosed range. It will be somewhere around 225 miles, much better than the 150-mile range of the predecessor.

9. 2020 Mercedes – Benz eSprinter

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The popular, large commercial van is getting an overhaul for 2020. What is more, a full-electric version is also in the works.

8. 2020 Polestar 2

Volvo will showcase a new line of performance EVs for 2020, called Polestar models. The first car is a plug-in hybrid coupe, while the second will be a fully electric four-door hatchback. A total of 400 horsepower is expected, and a run of 300 miles per charge.

7. 2020 Mini Electric

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Mini is working on a full-electric version of the legendary Cooper Coupe. It will come by the end of 2019 and will share the technology with the BMW i3. On a full charge, a range of 200 miles is to be expected.

6. 2020 Porsche Taycan

This electric Porsche will be an ultra-sleek four-door sports car, very similar to the Porsche Panamera. It is set to have a range of over 300 miles on a charge per some reports, while the two synchronous motors will give it north of 600 horsepower. The Taycan will reach 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds.

5. 2019 Tesla Model 3 Base Model

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After some rather extended delays, the $35,000 Model 3 sedan is set to debut sometime during this year. We hope this is the final date for the long-awaited unveil.

4. 2020 Rivian R1T

Rivian offers this as their flagship model. The R1T is set to have around 400 miles range, go from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds, and engage in some rather impressive off-road abilities. An SUV version called the R1S will also follow sometime after the initial reveal.

3. 2020 Tesla Roadster

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The Tesla Roadster returns for the model year of 2020. A modernistic curvy profile is a design, while the company promises amazing, almost rocket ship performance. Tesla will lead the market with a 620-mile range on a single charge, while the car makes the leap from 0 to 60 mph in the blink of an eye, a mere 1.9 seconds.

2. 2020 Volkswagen ID

Volkswagen also enters the EV game, with a whole range of affordable electric vehicles. The ID will be a small battery-powered hatchback, expected to have a 168-horsepower electric motor and between 249 and 373 miles per charging. A crossover variant, ID Crozz, and a slightly bigger ID Buzz will follow soon after.

1. 2020 Tesla Model Y

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The crossover SUV version of the Model 3 sedan is also in the works at Tesla. If this model escapes the delays and drama in Elon Musk’s company, the production will start sometime during next year.

2019/2020 Toyota Tundra Diesel – Will It Happen in this Year?

On exhibits in SEMA, we had the pleasure of seeing one ton, the dual rear wheeled version of the Tundra pickup, that had something different under its hood, a Hino turbodiesel with the capacity of eight liters. Of course, we are talking about Toyota Tundra Diesel.

Also, we have heard some rumors about Toyota thinking about bringing a Hino diesel Toyota into the United States market. Up to now, that has been only a rumor. And that rumor is present for more than a decade.

Despite the interest that was shown by the public, Toyota still didn’t manufacture that kind of vehicle. Toyota made available a plethora of diesel options for trucks and cars. That is a problem for strict regulations when it comes to vehicles, just like the United States market has.

Along with this rumor, some rumors were spread about Toyota offering their own vehicle that has 4.5L V-8. Will we have that available soon? It is hard to say since we don’t have any official statements from the company. But we hope that we will see some results in the future.

Despite all the rumors that emerged over the years, Toyota still remains silent on the option of their Tundra having a diesel option. Hino motors are a Japanese company that manufactures heavy and medium trucks. It is one of the largest vehicle companies in all of Asia, not just Japan. Most certainly they will be included in making Toyota Tundra Diesel if it ever happens of course.

Short Specifications of Eight Liter Hino J08E-TB

J08E-TE has the configuration of six inline cylinders. Also, it has the displacement of eight liters, and 4.41 x 5.12 Bore x Stroke. When it comes to the injection, it has the high-pressure common rail, and aspiration, it has an intercooler, single turbocharger. It has the horsepower of 260 hp, 2500 rpm.

Short Specifications of Five Liters Cummins

When it comes to the configuration, 5-liter Cummins has the ninety-degree V-8. Plus, its displacement is 305 cubic inches and 5 liters. Its injection is a high-pressure common rail, and aspiration is single sequential turbocharger. Horsepower is 310 at 3200 rpm.

Short Specifications of Four and a Half Liter Toyota Diesel V-8

Toyota diesel has 4.5 liters displacement. Its configuration is V8 turbodiesel DOHC. Like with previous vehicles, it has an injection of high-pressure common rail. Its horsepower 265 horsepower at 3400 rpm. When it comes to its block/head materials it has cast aluminum cylinder heads and compact graphite iron CGI block.


According to the representatives of Toyota, we may see a Toyota Tundra Diesel option in the near future. As we already said, the idea is that it needs to feature an eight-liter Hino motor. However, that seems a little unrealistic for now.

But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Since the 4.5 exists as an option in Toyota`s vehicles, we think that the company will need to consider changing it, if they want to enter the United States market.

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