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Toyota’s Tacoma And Tundra Get A New Shared Platform

In an effort to streamline production and cut cost, Toyota has decided that all of its pickup truck will share the same platform. In practice, that will mean that new Tundra and new Tacoma will have the same DNA. Despite the size difference (Tacoma is a mid-size pickup, while Toyota Tundra is a full-size one),… Keep Reading


What to do when your car breaks down

The experience of your car breaking down on the highway can be quite stressful, time-consuming, and scary. You need to take the necessary measures to stay safe until you solve the problem or until help arrives. If you experience your car breaking down, the most important thing to do is to make sure that your… Keep Reading


16 coolest new electric cars arrive in 2019/2020

Practically every automaker nowadays is doing research, development, and starting the production in the anticipation of a future where battery-powered electric cars, crossover SUVs and even pickup trucks run on electricity. Both long-established, legendary manufacturers and high-tech upstart companies battle for their part of the EV market. The development of these new technologies and cars… Keep Reading


The Benefits of a Detailed VIN Check When Buying a Motorhome

The Challenges of Purchasing a Used RV A motorhome or RV (recreational vehicle) is normally a costly or very costly investment – depending on the specifications and size, trailers can cost starting from $10,000 and even up to $300, 000. Given such costs, it is understandable why many people choose to buy used RVs –… Keep Reading


How To Tow A Car Using A Tow Strap

Every quite often, your car will break down and become unable to move on its own. Such an issue may arise any day at any time and without any prior notice. Regardless of when, how and why it happens, you will have to tow your vehicle safely to your home, nearest garage, or any other… Keep Reading


Crossover of Ford Electric Will Be Available in 2020

Ford presented its new vehicle. It is a crossover of previous Ford electric model made to rival Model Y manufactured by Tesla. Tesla presented its new, highly anticipated, Model Y last week, and the result was a model 3-based vehicle that has bigger tires, lesser range, higher roofline, and increased value. All other elements are… Keep Reading


Tips To Find The Best Chevy Dealer Amherst Ohio

There is a lot of information on the internet about any field. Especially when it comes to cars and their dealers; there are various offers, discounts, and sale! One can easily get confused or get lost in choosing the right dealer. The dealers would always try to enhance their sale and earn more profit. It… Keep Reading


Buying used cars – Tips you need to know

Everybody loves cars. Some people prefer the newest releases, others want the old-school models. The truth about cars is that they all come in their own shapes and sizes. Colors and horsepower as well. You can’t really say that a certain vehicle is the “best” one because they’re all so different, it’s a matter of taste.… Keep Reading


5 Facts to Know About the 2021 Tesla Model Y Crossover

The Tesla Model Y Crossover will be built on the same platform as the Model 3. This crossover, which will be smaller in size than the Model X, is expected to enter production in 2020. Several days ago, at an event at the Tesla Design Studio in Los Angeles, Musk revealed the Tesla Model Y.… Keep Reading


Why you should consider buying used auto parts?

Ah, cars. Those expensive toys for grownups. You’re not satisfied with them, you can’t go without them. Jokes aside, in these modern days, having a car is pretty much mandatory. We sometimes live a few miles from our workplaces, have kids that need to be taken to school, and a supermarket that’s on the other… Keep Reading

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