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6 Things To Consider When Buying Your First Car

Whether you have just passed the driving test and got your first license or you have it for a long time, but you have only now decided to buy a car, it is always a big step. It is a very exciting and interesting process, but since we are usually limited by many factors, it can eventually become tedious if we do not find what we want. Especially since this is our first car in life, you may not know what are the things you need to pay attention to. It happens that important things are overlooked, and you put a lot of effort into some others that are not so important. So we will tell you what are the things to consider when buying your first car. Because there is a high probability that you are not earning enough money in this period of life so that you can easily afford another one if you make a mistake when buying.

1. Make a balance between what you want and what you really need

A particular model of car is perhaps something you are daydreaming about for years. And now that you finally have the opportunity to buy it, you won’t think about whether we really need it. While it is important to satisfy ourselves, it is also important to consider what our needs are. Because it can happen that the one you wanted will not be useful to you in the end for many reasons. So you first need to think about what your needs are. Are you a heavy user who will drive every day? Or you only need it occasionally. How much fuel does it consume? Is it big, so you will have trouble finding a parking space? These are all factors that you must not ignore and just follow your wishes. Then the place where you live influences your choice. If you live somewhere where there is a lot of snow, then a good option is to consider a 4×4 drive model. Once you know all your needs, then you can make right choice, of course in accordance with your wishes too. Only then will you make an ideal purchase.

2. Don’t spend more than you can

When we say you don’t spend more than you can, we don’t mean that you should avoid taking a loan at all costs and pay for the car in cash. We mean you have to calculate how much loan installment you can afford to pay. And in addition, include the costs of fuel, maintenance and insurance, and then you will get the amount of money you will have to spend each month for your car. First, check your credit score and see how much interest you will pay. The better the credit score, the lower the interest rate and vice versa. Then, if you do not have enough cash to buy a car, apply for a loan, and it is best to apply for a specialized car loan. Also compare a few offers there until you find the best one. Only when you have a complete financial construction, you can proceed to buy. Keep in mind that at no cost should the car be your biggest monthly expense.

3. Used cars are often a good choice

Since this is your first car, it is very likely that you are not a skilled driver. And for that, and for many other reasons, a used car is a great option for you. Also, the new vehicle loses its value by 20% in the first six months. Of course, the new vehicle is more reliable, but the used car market is so large that you can certainly find everything you need. Online you can find millions of used cars waiting for you. It’s even a cheaper option, because according to Chobrod, when you buy online, you don’t even have to pay an intermediary. Because of all these advantages, our recommendation is to choose a used car for you first.

The website we listed here specifies for selling in Thailand. This car market has a lot of potential and you can find anything you need here at decent prices.

4. Manual or automatic transmission

Vehicles with automatic transmissions used to be much more expensive, but that is no longer the case today. They are still more expensive, but the difference is much smaller. It is possible that an automatic car will suit you better since you are a beginner, but many also like a manual transmission. So think about it before you buy, because it is something that many overlook, and then it bothers them. If you are not sure what you want, try both manual and automatic, and then decide. Maintaining the manual is cheaper, and that is sometimes the deciding factor. And finally, for city driving, an automatic transmission is ideal, and for open roads, a manual is also good, so decide according to where you drive most often.

5. Condition of the car

This is of course a thing to consider if you are buying a used vehicle. It would be best for a mechanic you trust to participate in the purchase process and inspect each car before you decide on it. It often happens that the vehicle you want to buy looks flawless at first glance, but that it actually has a lot of hidden problems. This can only be noticed by a professional.

6. Maintenance costs

Cars are cheaper today than ever, especially used ones. Many people fall into this trap and buy the car of their dreams, which costs 10 times less than it cost when was new. But even though that car is cheap to buy, parts and repairs are still very expensive. And then when a small problem happens, like you break a headlight, a new one will cost you a few thousand dollars. So check online how much it costs to maintain and repair the model you want. It is known that cars of certain manufacturers are more expensive than others to maintain. If you don’t pay attention to it, it will be a big blow to your budget.


This is one of the big steps in your life and that is why you have to approach it with maximum dedication. That way you will choose the best possible vehicle which will serve you perfectly.

Safety Tips for Cyclists

Cycling is a versatile activity, in that it’s a means of transport, fun, and exercise. However, it also comes with its fair share of risks. 2018 was the deadliest year for bicyclists (as opposed to motorcyclists) since 1990, with 857 fatalities. In addition to accident risks, the coronavirus pandemic has also made cycling a bit more difficult. These don’t exhaust the risks of cycling. Read on to find out what dangers you may face while cycling and what you can do to stay safe.

Dangers and Safety Tips

A common danger is failing to pay attention to the right of way rules. The basic definition of right of way is basically the right to pass of one vehicle over another when on the road. For example, you may have to turn left, but the cyclist next to you has to turn right (and both your paths could intersect at the same time if one does not yield the right of way to the other).If you let the other cyclist turn first, you’re giving them the right of way.

As a cyclist, there are certain instances where you have the right of way. If you’re on a through road and a car is on an intersecting road, the car should give you the right of way. However, ‘should’ makes for a good legal defense, but a bad physical defense. If you don’t mind being patient, don’t give other drivers the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their driver education. Always be prepared to giveothers the right of way to avoid accidents.

Amid the coronavirus, you should find yourself wearing a mask while traveling outside the home. While this is essential to minimize transmission, when you’re exerting yourself, a mask can make breathing a bit more difficult. Additionally, you’ll have to contend with air pollution. To counter this, try to treat cycling as a means of transport rather than as exercise. If you feel yourself getting lightheaded while cycling, slow down and take a moment to catch your breath.

Overtaking is a common source of bicycle accidents. This could be because the cyclist was either overtaking or overtaken in traffic. Generally, there’s no restriction on filtering through lanes or overtaking in slow traffic. However, a large part of this safety relies on the competence of motorists around the cyclist.

If a car makes a turn without indicating, for example, it could cause an accident for a cyclist filtering through their lanes. Try to be a bit more passive with your cycling (though look out for potholes on the edges of the road). Additionally, maintain a 3-foot-or-more distance (safe passing law) from other motor vehicles.

T-junctions and roundabouts are common accident areas. Accidents on T-junctions are most often due to two reasons. First, there can be confusion regarding who has the right of way. Second, motorists emerging onto the through road from the junction can crash into cyclists already on the through road. Roundabout accidents also occur due to miscommunications regarding the right of way.

Moreover, if a motor vehicle overtakes a cyclist and then turns off the roundabout, they could violate the above-mentioned safe passing law. This could reduce the space available to a cyclist and result in an accident. There isn’t much you can do in these cases, since these accidents are largely the result of negligent driving. If possible, try to avoid busy motor areas.

Finally, do whatever you can to improve your visibility to motorists. Many motorists claim a lack of visibility as their defense when an accident occurs. These aren’t terribly strong legal defenses, but to keep yourself safe, you should improve your visibility while cycling especially at night. Wearing high visibility clothing and outfitting your bike with lights will improve visibility at night.


You can take many precautions while cycling. However, a large part of your safety depends on the competence, or negligence, of others on the road. Consequently, if you do find yourself in an accident, you should do the following:

Regardless of whether you think you are or aren’t injured, you should seek medical attention and call the police to the scene of the accident. Be skeptical of the negligent driver’s apologies and placations. In court, they often won’t admit their negligence, even if they admit it to you after the accident.

The police’s accident report is a key piece of evidence if you decide to pursue a civil case against the negligent driver. Make sure you tell the police your version of what happened, as well as get the relevant information from the scene. This includes the negligent driver’s name and license number, as well as information from witnesses, like names and phone numbers. If you’re injured, ask someone to gather the information for you.

Once that’s done, get a comprehensive check-up and fully treat your injuries. After you’ve healed and are back up on your feet, make sure to keep copies of your medical reports. They’re used to determine the compensation amount for the damages sustained.

Personal Injury Cases

If you do intend to recover your damages from the negligent driver, you will file a personal injury claim. This is a claim you file with the defendant’s insurance company.  If the defendant is uninsured, you file the claim with your insurance company. A tort is any wrong that infringes on another person’s property, life, or freedom. In a biking accident, you’re likely the victim of a negligent tort, where the motorist did not take the care expected of drivers while driving.

There are four conditions that your accident must meet for you to prove negligence.

First, the driver must have had a duty to act carefully. This is easily provable using the  laws and rules that regulate transportation and vehicles.

Second,you need to prove that the driver disregarded their duties. Proving this requires your and witness testimonies.

Third, the breach of duty must have led to some kind of injury or damage. Your medical report is a key document in proving this.

Finally,you need to prove that the driver’s negligence caused these injuries. This requires a comparison between your pre- and post-accident medical records, as well as witness statements.

If you have suffered a personal injury, get in touch with an injury attorney to represent your case. Contact the Law Offices of Lisa Douglas for a personal injury lawyer in Little Rock, AR. Offering representation for other kinds of cases as well, such as social security disability and criminal cases.

Top Pickup Trucks in the States

One of the most popular styles of vehicles in the USA, pickup trucks come in more shapes and sizes than you may think. This is not only to cater to those who like the look of these brutish machines, but also as these types of vehicles serve a variety of purposes. In order to find out which of the current pickups listed here are the best trucks on the market to meet your specific needs, perusing comprehensive reviews is the way to go. Whether you need a reliable worker, a capable off-roader, or a practical commuter or family hauler, there is certainly something for everyone, if you just take the time.

What’s all the hubbub, bub?

There is definitely a reason why trucks are among the best sellers on the American market, and more than a few local manufacturers have honed their offerings over the years to meet demand. Purchased both for practicality and status in the US, owning a pickup has it’s merits. Here are just some of the strengths of these configurations, as well as some of the weaknesses you can expect from the average offering.


  • Powerful and dependable engines
  • Impressive safety ratings
  • Genuine off-roading capabilities
  • Highly rated towing capacities
  • Plenty of cargo space if you use the bed
  • More customization options than you can imagine


  • Seldom spacious or luxurious inside
  • Getting the most out of the model ranges costs a lot
  • Ride quality and handling dynamics are secondary concerns
  • Terrible fuel economy

Deadlift like a pro

Perhaps the most traditional configuration when it comes to these kinds of automobiles, the workhorses in the pickup truck stable are designed to be rugged and reliable. While all trucks are designed to do some duty, the heaviest lifters come from American automakers like Ford, Chevrolet, and Ram.

From the F-150, all the way through to the F-450 Super Duty, Blue Oval pickups generally lead the pack. The runt of the litter, if you can even call it that, gets a choice of multiple engines, with maximum power outputs totaling 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. However, due to the smaller dimensions and less sturdy frame, the F-150 can only tow up to 13,200 lbs. This is still a lot more than its direct rivals, but it pales in comparison to its big brother. It’s an ideal buy for those who need to regularly haul about an ATV or watercraft.

For much more grunt, there are the Heavy and Super Duty variants. When properly specced, the Ford F-450 develops 475 hp and a whopping 1,050 lb-ft. If you stick with the rear-wheel drivetrain, the Super Duty can pull loads of up to 37,000 lbs, handily trouncing the competition. It’s pretty pricey though, with a starting MSRP of around $50,000, and its gas mileage figures are abysmal.

Moving people rather than cargo

Where you would normally opt for a two-seater cabin and a larger cargo bed on the utilitarian truck models, many manufacturers offer a more domestic beast. A four-seater cabin is available on most modern models, although it sacrifices storage space and towing capacity. Still, these large machines make for pretty decent family cars since they are remarkably safe.

Aside from the introduction of more and more advanced driver-assistance features, and ever-improving passive and active safety system, body-on-frame construction makes most trucks extremely resilient. Add to this impressive riding height and good visibility, and it’s easy to see why so many shoppers are happy to look at trucks, even when they have a growing family.

Once again, models from Ford and Chevrolet dominate the market, but there are several capable options from Toyota and Nissan, too, such as the Tundra and Frontier, respectively.

With the larger cabins, and perhaps a few other interior upgrades, each of these vehicles offer more than enough passenger space, both upfront and in the back seat, though many are waiting for updates to implement more modern features. Still, don’t expect the family-friendly interior of a crossover, nor the performance capabilities of a sedan or coupe.

Playing in the mud

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to off-roaders in this segment. The majority of the available machines offer 4×4 drivetrains. In some cases, this is just to counteract bad road conditions caused by poor weather. But, with options like the Jeep Gladiator or Ford Raptor, venturing off the beaten path has never been easier. High angles of approach and departure, as well as tall wheel arches and 4WD gearing, mean that these trucks can go where few others dare to.

Add-on equipment like snorkels and fog lamps can further help shoppers build the safest and most capable trucks out there. It’s also only at these slower speeds that the trucks deliver more bearable ride quality and steering wheel feedback.

Choosing the right truck for you

As you can tell, there is a pickup to suit just about any need out there, and the competition is fierce. Thus, you need to carefully research your options by reading reviews and taking your top picks for a test drive. Asking yourself important questions like what, specifically, you need a new truck for, as well as factoring in your budget are extremely important boxes to tick before you come to a conclusion.

Still, despite the popularity of these rugged and flexible machines, their market share may fade in the coming years unless automakers embrace more modern technologies like hybrid components or even fully electric powertrains. While it may look a little odd, the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck will be experimenting with these systems, as well as equipping the interior of the cabin with more luxurious materials and a wider array of features.

So, rather than going extinct as market priorities shift, these gas-guzzlers will likely pivot to maintain their dominance in the States. We can only speculate and look forward to future offerings in this segment as automakers continue to push the boundaries of towing and hauling capabilities while integrating new technologies and design philosophies to remain relevant in a constantly evolving global climate.

6 Things to Do When You’re Bored on Long Car Rides

Picture this. You’ve been stuck in the car for way too long. There’s nothing to do, and you’re totally bored out of your skull. We’ve all been in this situation, and you might even be in this situation right now. If so, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with six ways to cure boredom in the car.

How to Pass Time in the Car

Also, there are different methods for keeping your attention and entertain you, but they are related to whether you are the driver or a passenger. In case you are driving, remember that the most important thing is to stay focused on the road and avoid any incident while trying to entertain yourself and shorten the time. On the other side, if you are a passenger, many ways could help you to not feel bored, which can be especially important during some long trips.

The key to surviving lengthy car rides is to figure out what can occupy you for the longest time possible. The easiest options are often digital activities like online games, but we’ve also listed a few options for when technology simply fails us. No matter your situation, these fun suggestions are sure to keep you occupied for as long as you need it.

1. Music

Turn on the radio or, and start belting out your favorite songs. It may sound cliché, but there’s nothing that can’t be made better with a song. If it’s been a good day, start a dance party. If it’s been the worst day ever, find a sad song and have the best cry ever. Either way, music is definitely the way to go.

Also, in case that the driver is not so interested in listening to music or he does not share the same taste of music genres, you can always use headphones and enjoy without interrupting anyone. Nevertheless, if there are more people in the vehicle, that is maybe the best time to share your tastes and show each other your favorite songs. All of you will feel more entertained, and the time will past quickly.

2. Play a Conversation Game

Source:icebreakerideas.comconversation games

Conversation games like   and never have I ever are a great way to pass the time and spark some interesting conversations. Truth or dare is incredibly fun in a car because there are just so many options! Truth is always a goldmine, but in the car, you can make dares especially unique. Just be creative and have fun!

The best thing related to conversation games is that you can all find out more about each other, uncover some secrets, express emotions, or just tell funny stories. Either way, all of you will feel much more pleasant while talking.

3. Start a Debate

Proceed with caution for this one. A lot of people find controversial topics really hard to discuss civilly, so try to gauge whether the particular group you’re with is up for it. As long as your group can figure out how to disagree without completely ripping each other’s heads off, you should definitely give this one a try.

To start, pick the most polarizing topic you can think of. It can be political, religious, or even something mundane like which fast-food chain is the best. Any topic that your group disagrees on will be a great starting point for a long conversation. By the end of the ride, you might even find yourself wishing it was longer.

You can even start to chat about more complicated topics like philosophy, politics, economy, but only in the case, that other people in the car are interested in such thematic. There is always some big news that could be a great topic for a conversation that can last for hours.

4. Snacks

Whether you’re alone, with friends, or even in a taxi or rideshare service, food is something that all people have in common. It’s always good to have a good snack with you, both for practical reasons and for social situations. Just remember, everybody needs to eat, so the perfect snack is an excellent icebreaker for even the most awkward of situations. Snacks are perfect because you can combine them with other activities in the car, such as listening to music, watching a movie, reading, or playing video games.

5. Play a Game Online

A great game to play, especially when alone, is solitaire. To skip the hassle of downloading a whole app just for one car ride, you can play it on any gadget. Online solitaire eliminates all the fuss of real cards and lets you get straight to the fun!

You can play it anytime, anywhere – including in your car. You can even choose whether to play alone or to try to beat your friends’ fastest times. The dynamic nature of solitaire also makes every game a fresh challenge, so you can keep playing for as long as you want. Just click the link above to escape your boredom and enter the wonderful realm of solitaire!

With the development of mobile apps, there are numerous games today that offer great interface, gameplay, and graphics. Also, you can choose from all sorts of genres, like with the video games for PC and consoles. Therefore, a road trip is maybe the best moment to try-out some popular titles. Some of the most popular mobile games today are Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, Clash Royale, Hearthstone, and many other games as well.

6. Read a Good Book

This one is more for waiting in the car than for car rides (unless you can handle motion sickness incredibly well). A good book can truly transport you from the dull pavement to a whole new world. So whether it’s your all-time favorite novel or a book you haven’t even opened, make sure to always bring the best!

A long ride might be the best moment to read some titles that you did not have time to read before. Also, you don’t even have to struggle by carrying books with yourself, since you can read them in electronic format. Some of the best e-book platforms are Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Lulu, Payhip, and more.

Are We There Yet?

Besides this example, many other activities are efficient in keeping you entertained on the long road. Some of the most popular choices are movies and sports events that you can watch on your smartphone. There are many streaming platforms where you can watch some live events, TV, or your favorite series. Moreover, you can educate yourself on some online courses, play games at some online casino, and much more, and all of them will make your road trip as much better experience.

Now that you’ve got a few ideas, you’re all set for the next way-too-long car ride. The next time you’re stuck in a car, try at least one of these activities, and we’re sure you’ll be too entertained to even thinking of asking, “Are we there yet?” Your favorite choice will make you love long roads, and you will never think about how it could be boring.

4 Best and Worst Places to Buy a Used Car – 2020 Guide

Buying a new car is a piece of cake, but can you say the same for used vehicles? With new vehicles, it’s easy – just find the nearby dealerships, compare the prices, and head to the one that offers the lowest. Most of us do it like this. But, if you can’t afford a new car, things get complicated. Shopping for a used vehicle isn’t an easy task; it’s rather complicated. But, don’t let this bother you too much. There are places where you can buy used cars, and we are here to tell you about them. Let’s check out the top four best and worst places to buy a used car – 2020 guide. Together, we can make even this task a piece of cake.

A Dealership

You won’t find as many cars anywhere else, even if you tried. The inventory at car dealerships can be truly diverse. There’s a history behind every vehicle – from where they came from, who was the previous owner, were they bought at an auction, or brought in as a discount for a new car. The thing with dealerships is that they operate with high expenses. A lot for people is employed, they have costs of a parking lot and showrooms, so it makes sense. This is the primary reason why they can be expensive for the buyers. Some of the costs would be transferred to them in most dealerships. This is what can make their vehicles pricier. But, there are also positives – some dealerships offer in-house financing, which benefits the buyer. Furthermore, some of the cars you’ll find at dealerships are often models that are pre-inspected, with warranties, and are pre-owned by people who took good care of them.

Pros of dealerships are that they offer in-house financing and have pre-owned models for sale.

Cons are that dealerships spend a lot of money on running of their business, which could elevate the price for the buyers. Also, some places often work with only one type or brand of a car, so that can narrow your choices.

Used-Car Retailers

If you opt for this option, you’ll have a massive car inventory that consists of cars bought at auctions. Between new car dealers and used-car retailers, there are a lot of similarities. For example, both of them have showrooms and professional staff that takes care of sales. Because of this, similarly to the option above, buyers could have extra expenses when cooperating with used-car retailers. Besides the extra money you might have to spend, there are no other downsides to this type of buying a used car. They sell cars that come with warranties, and if you want, there is the option of in-house financing available. Furthermore, most retailers have their prices exhibited, so you can know the value of each car before you come in and compare it to other similar places.

The pros of used-car retailers are that they’ll step out with cars under warranty in most cases, the prices can be known in advance, and there’s in-house financing.

Cons are that some cars can be pricier because of the high cost of maintaining a retailer’s spot and that there can’t be any bargaining due to already established prices, which can deter some buyers.

Independent Dealerships

These dealerships are known for their lack of fear dealing with any type, model, or brand of a car. They’ll take them all in, and because of this, they only deal with used cars. When compared to used-cars retailers and standard dealerships, they can come cheaper. The reason is that they have a lower cost of maintenance due to the fact there’s no showroom to pay for. Most of their cars come from auction, so they know how the prices move, and the chances are you’ll get a market price for any vehicle you intend to buy. The downside is that because they deal with many types of cars, you won’t be able to get information about some specific models they have to offer.

Furthermore, there probably won’t be any in-house financing as they are not massive enough financially to uphold one. Just as we always say, there’s good, and there are bad sides. It’s much easier to sell thanks to places such as Carsome, don’t you agree?

The pros of independent dealerships are that they can offer fair and under-the-market prices.

Cons are that you won’t find expertise on the spot compared to the two options above and that there’s no in-house financing.

Private Sellers

Private sellers have almost no costs. The reason? With them, there’s no staff to be paid, and no showrooms. Because of this, the price of a car with private sellers is almost always lower compared to the three options we have above. But, there’s a downside to this. All of the financing and paperwork fall entirely on your shoulders. Also, we shouldn’t neglect the fact that you can negotiate with private sellers. Most of them are willing to bargain. But, there can also be those who would put a high price-tag on their vehicle due to personal connection, and the option of bargaining won’t be available there. The choices we have above this one are all regulated businesses, which is not the case here. In a worst-case scenario, you can even buy a stolen car, which is not a frequent occurrence, but it happens. So, why buying from an individual can save you some money, but being a bit careful won’t hurt you.

The pros are that the price can be below the market value, and you could lower it further by bargaining.

Cons are numerous, and we’ll start with your own financing of all details, paperwork, and stuff, and making sure everything is legal and on the spot.


All of these places have pros and cons, as you can see. The choice is eventually up to you as it all depends on the type of buyer you are. Luckily you have us and all of these inflammations gathered in one place, making your decision easier. Shop smartly.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Car for Your Lifestyle – 2020 Guide

Buying a new car is one of the most exciting feelings in the life of a person. Having a vehicle to your name means you can go further than ever before, move around easier, and carry incomparably more things with you. Therefore, it is also a very important thing to choose the best kind of vehicle and the decision should be approached with great strategizing and care.

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a new car as the needs of people from their future vehicles vary greatly. In this article, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the tips for choosing the right car for your specific lifestyle. If you are interested and wish to learn more about this subject, make sure to check out Autofun.

1. Your Location

First of all, the place you live in is one of the biggest factors in choosing the right kind of vehicle for yourself. If you live inside of a densely populated city with frequent rush hours and tight parking, a small subcompact sedan is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you are situated in a smaller town or in the suburbs and spend more time commuting and driving in general, you could make use of a regular sedan or a station wagon, both of which offer more comfort and better performance than smaller cars. Alternatively, if your home is in the outback, surrounded with rough terrain and countryside, a strong off-roader with four-wheel drive is a must considering how much dirt and uneven land you will cover daily. Here, an SUV or a proper truck could be in order.

2. What is Important in your Life

There is no single car that is going to suit all of the drivers and care to everyone’s needs. That is exactly why there are so many options to choose from. Depending on what you want and need from your new four-wheelers, you have to compromise while deciding on the features and pick the things that are crucial for your specific needs. Make a list of the absolute essentials you need in a car, followed by another list with what you would also like to have but can live without. Finally, determine the things you do not want present in or on your vehicle. Doing this is essentially filtering out the features and specs cars can be equipped with and setting your mind on your dream car.

Cars are often some of the best reflections of the people who own them. This is easy to understand because an average person has their own ideas of comfort, fun, and convenience that their car simply has to have for them to be happy and content. If one likes adventure and traveling, there is no reason for them to buy a small town car that will have trouble on the open road and continues multi-hour drives. Similarly, someone environmentally conscious might find it impossible to buy and drive a powerful vehicle with heavy mileage.

Determining what is important to you is the most important thing to consider when buying a new car because it will be something you use for a variety of purposes every day. There is no reason to purchase something you do not like no matter what it is, as it will be difficult for you to enjoy it and use it. The lack of excitement can easily kill your enthusiasm for driving which is why you should not settle for less than you want.

3. Your Budget

Of course, the price of the car will always come down as the biggest factor for most people. This is especially true if one is buying a new car since they tend to be quite expensive. The more of the features you want and need, the higher the price. An old-timey car is on the opposite end of the spectrum and comes with its own set of problems, which makes a mint condition, one- or two-year-old car the best option when you are on a budget.

Manufacturers and their respective car models often influence the buyer’s decision too, as traditionally and historically some brands fare better in certain situations than others. For example, German cars are known for their impressive engineering and longevity, while Japanese cars can go fast and maneuver well but they are often made with fewer quality materials, something easily noticeable with the prices. Brands also incorporate their own ideas and stands into their products and aim for certain customer bases in an effort to appeal to their interests and passions.

4. Drive Test

Before you finalize the deal you have to check how the car drives. A test drive is crucial in determining if you like how a vehicle behaves on the road or not. This is why you should always try the car prior to buying it and check everything it has to offer, from the basics like speeding, turning, and braking, to the advanced features in the infotainment system and navigation. If something feels off and you do not feel comfortable, it may be better to give another car a chance.

5. Miscellaneous

Here we have to mention things that are worth checking out but may not be the final determining factor. For example, trunk space is important to a lot of people who usually carry a lot of things with them. Extra features like the sunroof or extra parking sensors and cameras are worth considering too. Mileage has already been mentioned above, but there are those who judge a car solely on how much fuel it spends and refuse to buy a heavy spender. Alternatively, electric and hybrid cars exist so make sure to give them a look too. Finally, car maintenance, repair, and parts are often overlooked. Their price dictates the decision of far fewer people than it should. Make sure to think about how much owning and caring for a quality car will cost you, and how much an emergency spare part or a more severe mechanical issue will set you back. A 2018 BMW Series 3 and a 2020 Chevrolet Impala have vastly different prices for every little thing.

Hid Conversion Kits vs Halogen Headlights

Halogen headlights are a relatively older technology as compared to High-Intensity Display (HID) bulbs. Halogen lights have long served as typical standard bulbs in households. They come as traditional headlights on many older generation cars, and even some modern ones. They are so common because they are cheap to mass-produce, and they averagely get the job done.

HIDs are newer, better, and brighter technology. They are more expensive than halogen headlights, as should be expected. However, they are not as expensive as LED headlights and rarely come as standard with vehicles. Owners have to install aftermarket parts for themselves after seeing the quality of these lights. 

Many owners whose cars came with a preinstalled halogen headlight setup will require an HID conversion kit to run HID lights. One of the best HID conversion kits on the market right now can be found over at and similar sites.

Mode of Function of Halogen Headlights

These lights are so-called halogen lights because they have halogen gas within the bulb. The halogen gas functions to preserve the tungsten filament, which produces the light. When the electric current gets to the filament, it heats up and begins to emit light. The emitted light is white light, with a tint of yellow.

Mode of Function HID lights

HID lights function differently from their halogen counterpart. Their bulbs typically contain xenon gas and tungsten electrodes, which carry electric current. 

The flow of current through the electrodes causes the formation of an electric arc. That electric arc emits light, coupled with the xenon gas and metallic salts’ action within the bulb. The light is whiter than ordinary daylight, making them safer for night driving.

Head to Head

Luminous Efficiency: Luminous efficiency relates to the amount of light a bulb emits compared to the amount of power they consume. Halogen headlights are not as efficient as HID headlights. A lot of the power consumed by halogen bulbs dissipates as heat through the tungsten filament mechanism. 

Only little gets emitted as light. Their luminous efficiency is between 2% and 4%. HID headlights are more efficient because they do not possess a filament which dissipates electrical energy as heat. This is a plus for drivers who reside in states with laws governing the amount of power dispensed to headlights.

Value per Cost: The HID headlights are unquestionably more expensive than halogen lights. However, when considering the value per cost, HID headlights are a more economical choice than the halogen types. 

They are more durable for their price, they provide better lighting into broader areas, and they consume less power than halogen headlights. The amount of premium quality one gets with HID headlights makes them a bargain for their price. That’s why many vehicle owners are switching over to them. 

The challenge these vehicle owners had was how to operate HID headlights on preinstalled halogen headlamp setups by their vehicle manufacturers. However, since many HID conversion kits flooded the market, the solution quickly came.

Here are some of the best HID conversion kits:

Xentec H11 6000K HID kit: The kit has four main parts. There is the harness that draws power directly from the battery. There is also the bridge ballast which provides high voltage, and the bulb. There are six colors, ranging from 3000K to 12000K.

The kit’s durability is second to none, with its zinc alloy casing, which makes it resistant to weather changes. It tops the pack in terms of quality and affordable pricing. 

The beam pattern is consistent and excellent, and the kit is easy to install. So, interested buyers don’t have to pay a professional for installation. The kit has a broad market acceptance going for it.

H11 Morimoto Elite HID Kit: This high-intensity display kit is high-end. It has some more features that aren’t available on regular, cheaper kits. The specific parts used to create this kit are quality materials from other proven manufacturers.

Each appropriately crafted piece contributes to the kit’s overall quality and makes it stand ahead of the rest on a performance basis. The display and brightness of this kit put it in competition with some industry leaders. 

It offers additional options that other products don’t even bother themselves to provide as a premium product. There’s enough evidence in this kit’s performance to explain why over half a million units have sold.

Lumenon 35W HID Kit: The stand out benefit of this kit is its affordability. Its price is under $30, making it something of quality for the average Joe or Jane. Unlike many other products, this kit doesn’t sacrifice quality for the price. 

While it is nowhere near the kind of performance one would expect from a premium product, it certainly does reasonably better than other kits in its price range. As long as the kit is in operation under optimum conditions described by the manufacturer, it is good to go. 

It comes in various colors, so buyers still get a few options to choose from, even at a bargain price. This is another kit that has gained wide market acceptance.

It isn’t all positive with the HID conversion kits. Many substandard kits in the market are a maintenance trouble waiting to happen, and are of less value than quality halogen headlights. It is important that if going for HID kits at all, one goes for the very best.

In the absence of such, the more advanced halogen headlights which focus on power efficiency are not a bad choice.

There are also complaints of the HID lights being too bright; enough to impair the vision of oncoming motorists. On its own, this poses a threat to the safety of motorists. However, with the availability of a host of other colors that are easier on the eyes, and some headlamp modifications, this problem can be easily avoided or resolved.

In the end, the benefits of using HID conversion kits trump those of halogen headlights. Therefore, the HID conversion kits should rank as a reliable option over halogen headlights, especially when LED headlights are out of reach or too expensive.

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Car Shipping Company

Many people call upon the expertise of professional car shipping companies to aid them in transporting their vehicles. The reason for obtaining these services varies based on the owner of the car. Some cars are classics and shouldn’t be driven long distances to help maintain their quality, and others may be going overseas. No matter what reason you have to use auto movers, the crucial thing is making sure they are the right shipping company for you.

You will find that many different guides exist on the internet that gives you advice on different car shipping scenarios. These can be helpful, but they don’t always tell you what you should be asking before you choose the car shipping company, according to

Not all car shipping companies are created equally. Some companies are created as a front to take your money, leaving you and your car high and dry, and trying to figure out your options. By asking loaded questions, you can explore the legitimacy of a car shipping company.

So, what exactly should you ask car shipping companies?

What types of services does your company offer?

Knowledge is power when you are looking for a car shipping company to handle the transport of your vehicle. Having a basic understanding of the industry before you begin making phone calls can help you weed out the companies that will be of no use to you.

To get the full potential out of this question, you shouldn’t begin your conversation with the company by telling them what you need. Instead, start by asking them what they offer. If you need additional services like moving household belongings, you might want to make sure they are a full-service company. Any company can tell you that they provide the service you need, even if they don’t. Some shipping companies will tell you whatever you want to hear so that they can get their hands on your money. That is the purpose of these four questions, to save you from those companies that are not legitimate.

Within the vague service area question, you will have the chance to counter-question their answers. Here are some of the additional questions that you might want to ask that tie into the original question about their services.

What cities do your services ship to?

You don’t want the company to tell you they service your point of origin or destination for your car if they don’t handle those areas. Besides the outrageous pricing you might be looking at, the potential for an accident increases because they are not familiar with the area. If you require international shipping, this question will answer if they provide international shipping or not.

What methods are available for shipping my car?

Many different methods are available when shipping a car. A lot will depend on the destination of the vehicle on how the proposed company plans to get it there. For domestic shipments within the United States, using an open-air trailer or enclosed trailer is the most popular method of shipment. Internationally roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) and container shipping are the most common methods. If you have your heart set on enclosed transport for a classic car and the company doesn’t offer that type of transport, you may need to keep looking.

What types of licensing and insurance do you have for your transport fleet?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has requirements for commercial carriers who transport items on the roadways. Among these requirements is the minimum insurance coverage that the company can carry. These carriers are also required to register with the FMCSA and the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). Once they register and are compliant, they will receive a DOT number and a Motor Carrier number.

You will want to ask about the following insurance coverages:

Auto Liability

o   Bodily Injury Liability

o   Property Damage Liability

Physical Damage Insurance

o   Collision

o   Comprehensive

Cargo Insurance

Most companies that transport vehicles are required to carry a policy with a minimum of $1 million coverage.

Make sure you have written down the DOT number and the MC number. You can use these to research the compliance of the car shipping company and learn more about them, including their safety records and inspections.

How do you provide quotes to your potential customers?

If a company makes it to the quoting part of the questions, the chances are high that you believe they are a potential candidate to ship your car. At this point in the interrogation, you will want to find out as much as you can about how they price their shipments. Most professional car transport companies offer free quotes, and you should be wary of the ones who do not.

The company should ask you questions to help determine the approximate price of the shipping for your car. These questions will include:

– the make, model, and year of your car
– if the vehicle runs
– point of origin and the destination for the vehicle
– the method in which you prefer to have it transported
– when you need it to be transported

All of these questions help determine the weight and mileage, as well as any special circumstances regarding the transport. The weight and mileage play a significant role in the pricing for your vehicle’s shipment.

Once you are quoted a price, ask that it be sent to you in writing. Most are being done via email, so you should have the quote in your inbox relatively quickly. Opt for the company that provides you with transparent pricing. This company will be the one who breaks down the specialized fees right on the quote, think of it as full disclosure. Take notice if they require a deposit. Some shipping companies do but watch out for the extremely high deposit requests.

Are there any special requirements involved in shipping my vehicle?

Here is the million-dollar question, because the answer should be “yes” when you are talking to a car shipping company. There are special requirements to take into consideration regarding domestic and international shipping.

You have to be able to prove that you are the legal owner of the car, and you can ship it. Domestically you simply need to prove that you are the sole owner. However, Internationally, you would have to have any co-owner or lien holder’s permission to take the vehicle out of the country. You must be able to present documentation to the car shipping company because they will need to be able to provide this information should authorities request it.

You will have to prepare your car for shipment. For both types of shipment, it is similar, with the exception of some countries requiring steam cleaning before entry through their borders. Your car shipping company should provide you with the list of items you need to accomplish before the reserved pickup date.

Use Questions To Get The Best Shipping Rates

It was said before, but why not repeat it, knowledge is power when you are working with a car shipping company. For those companies that are not big-franchise-owned, you can usually talk down the pricing, if you are feeling confident. Regardless, you will have an easier time handling the situation if you have a general understanding of what you need to accomplish. You can also rest assured that if you come across knowledgeable, the person on the phone probably won’t try to upsell you for something you don’t need. Whatever you decide, know that with these tools, you can navigate the car shipping industry and team up with the perfect company for you.

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