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The Most Creative Sculptures of All Time Inspired by Cars

Ever since cars first appeared, they have been changing our world. Not only they completely transformed the way we think about transport, but they have also influenced other fields of human productivity as well. Today, the car exterior design is an art form in itself and there are many designers who worked for major car… Keep Reading


6 pickup concepts that Jeep will introduce

It is expected that Jeep would introduce brand new and ultra-modern pickup concepts during the event that would take place in Moab, Utah, from 13th to 21st April this year. Jeep has been organizing this event for the last 53 years and this was the opportunity for all to see and try out new models… Keep Reading


Some things you need to consider before you buy an electric car

In the world, there are currently the most vehicles powered by a petrol or diesel engine. However, in recent years, vehicles powered by batteries have become popular. Indeed, such vehicles require fewer maintenance costs. There are some other advantages of electric vehicles, and perhaps the biggest advantage is that this type of vehicle does not… Keep Reading


Volante Vision – a futuristic flying taxi

Aston Martin is a huge brand and name in the automotive industry and it always strives to make something new and luxurious. This time, this company has revealed its ideas and plans to make a luxurious taxi, but the one that could fly. They have made it into a concept and called it the Volante… Keep Reading


Dubai Devel Sixteen-New Street Legal Beast

When Bugatti Veyron appeared more than 10 years ago, the world was astonished by the fact that this supercar has an incredible 1000 horsepower. After it, some supercars appeared, and they undoubtedly marked the last decade if we talk about the world of car racing. First of all, we mean incredible machines such as Ferrari… Keep Reading


Colorado: Interesting Places to Go on Rental Car

If you want to see interesting natural objects, as well as historical monuments, the American state of Colorado is waiting for you. What is the attractiveness of a holiday in Colorado, what to do and where to go – we will tell about everything in this article. Rent a car to move comfortably The car… Keep Reading


2020 Toyota Lineup – What’s Hot?

Toyota is the world’s largest car maker, selling more than 10 million cars each year, including its subsidiaries Daihatsu and Hino. If you take a look at just Toyota and Lexus, it’s luxury division, the number stands at 9,542,000 sold cars in 2018, which is still impressive. Here is what Toyota has prepared for the… Keep Reading


The incredible design of Lego Hoonicorn Mustang

When Ken Block, a guy who is Head Hoonigan In Charge, posted a photo on Facebook depicting a car, i.e. Hoonicorn Mustang, people were amazed. The thing for admiration is the fact that this car has been completely made of Lego parts. The ultimate good thing about this one particular is the fact that people… Keep Reading


Redesigned Panther ProgettoUno by Ares comes soon

Recently, information has emerged that the delivery of new models, a tribute to De Tomaso Panther will begin this year in May. We need to say that this news is great as well as the car itself that kept the retro style. Let’s remember the earlier camouflage which was not exactly the best fitted. In… Keep Reading


2020 Triumph Rocket TFC – First Look

A lot of people have been speculating that the iconic Triumph Rocket III line of motorcycles will be discontinued but it’s coming back for 2019 as the Rocket III Roadster, although Triumph has something even bigger planned for this amazing bike. The 2020 Triumph Rocket TFC, which means Triumph Factory Custom, even though it’s still… Keep Reading


Tesla Model Y – Which Celebrities Could Buy One

Tesla cars have been extremely popular ever since the first one was revealed to the public and Hollywood celebrities haven’t been immune to their charm. Now they finally have a chance to see and buy a new model, called Model Y. Built on the same platform as Model S, the new Tesla is marketed as… Keep Reading

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