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5 Facts to Know About the 2021 Tesla Model Y Crossover

The Tesla Model Y Crossover will be built on the same platform as the Model 3. This crossover, which will be smaller in size than the Model X, is expected to enter production in 2020. Several days ago, at an event at the Tesla Design Studio in Los Angeles, Musk revealed the Tesla Model Y. This crossover marks Tesla’s newest production vehicle. So, here are five facts to know about the 2021 Tesla Model Y crossover.

5. Where Does The 2021 Tesla Model Y Fit?

As we already know that the Model Y will be built on the same platform as the Model 3, the things we know about this model come from this car. If Tesla doesn’t stretch the Model 3’s 113.2-inch wheelbase, the Model Y will fit among smaller crossovers like the BMW X3 and Acura MDX. The Model Y will be a car-based SUV, which features spacious rear cargo area of a trucker SUV and tall seating position. So, it will be quite similar to the smaller crossovers. Likewise, the Model Y won’t cost much more than the base Model 3.

Why you should consider buying used auto parts?

Ah, cars. Those expensive toys for grownups. You’re not satisfied with them, you can’t go without them. Jokes aside, in these modern days, having a car is pretty much mandatory. We sometimes live a few miles from our workplaces, have kids that need to be taken to school, and a supermarket that’s on the other side of town as well.

Buying a car is not a small investment. Especially if you’re looking for something of a higher quality. We all want a fast, powerful car, but after seeing the price tag and the money that is needed for maintaining it, we get a reality check and start looking at something reasonable instead.

In this article, we’re covering used automobile parts and why you should consider buying them if you’re on a budget. Let’s take a look.

Used auto parts

Buying automobile parts can get pretty expensive. There are times when you can find an already used auto part that can be in the same condition as a new one, except it’s about half the price. It might be an amazing feeling to go in the car shop and buy a shiny, brand new part for your beloved car, but is it always the smartest decision money-wise? I don’t think so. Not to mention that nine times out of ten you will visit a car shop so that they let you know that the part you are currently looking for is out of stock and will arrive in about two weeks. This is where used auto parts can save your day, and your car.

Other scenarios in which buying used auto parts make a lot of sense is if you’re fixing an older car that no longer has the needed parts manufactured. In this scenario you’re pretty much “forced” to buy used parts, it’s the only way.

Okay, besides these two scenarios, we need to take a look at some good options for buying used auto parts. In most cities, some communities are either running online groups for buying or selling, or they run local meetups which sometimes even include the swapping of auto parts. This will come really handy if you already have some old parts stored in your garage and you’re looking to potentially swap them for something that you need for your current ride.

Besides these amazing options, there are some things that you need to take note of before deciding to go with used automobile parts. Although they can be a lifesaver, they’re still used parts. You need to be careful. Here’s why.

Buying an old part from a person will have no warranty or any guarantee that the component is working or performing as it should. If you’re someone that understands car components and can determine quality just by a quick glimpse, then you should be okay most of the times. However, if you’re a complete beginner and new to this, we advise you always bring a person that’s more skilled and savvy with you when buying used auto parts. You don’t want to get tricked into potentially wasting some money for a part that will stop working before you even get back home in your car. This is probably the only “risk,” and if you take care of it, you can enjoy the beauty of buying cheap used auto parts for your ride.

Do Low Temperatures Have Impact on Electric Vehicles?

Do you have experience of your car’s electric freezing during the winter? It is a common thing in parts of the world that have heavy and long winters. It is a common sense that low temperature can have an impact on your machine, but do you know what happens to electric cars? According to the Cara Clairman, the CEO and president of Plug’n Drive, electric cars don`t have that kind of issues.

Also, she says that her organization doesn`t have any information about drivers of electric vehicle that have a problem with their machines during the winter. The reason is that electric vehicles are using their electricity to keep the battery warm while the machine is not working. The driver can select an option of warming the interior of the car, and by doing that making more power for moving the car later.

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Keeping the Car Warm

Clairman is a resident of Toronto, Canada. In the interview we are talking about, she used her hometown as an example. She said that most of the residents that are driving electric vehicles are plugging their cars at night, so they can keep an optimal temperature in them. However, extreme temperatures still have an impact on EV`s.

We are talking about the dropping of range by 40%. That means that batteries are less effective in lower temperatures. Because of that, the car must draw the power to keep the battery and the cabin. That will make the distance you can drive lower than usual.

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Keeping It Running

She is saying that the residents of Ontario have found the solution to this problem. They are buying a steering wheel and seat heaters, so they can substitute the warming of the whole cabin, and reducing the distance their car can cover. Normally, when we are talking about the whole Ontario traffic, we can say that there is a problem with it during the winter.

Nadia Mato from Canadian Automobile Association says that you can`t boost an electric battery and that EV doesn`t need to be boosted, it needs to be charged. You can do the boosting only if you have an electric hybrid vehicle. In the end, she says that the Canadian Automobile Associations doesn`t have a category for the EVs and electric hybrid vehicles.

Should You Choose Open or Enclosed Auto Transport for Your Luxury Car?

Most Americans will never know the joy of owning a luxury car.

To buy one requires dedication, responsibility, and passion. Not everyone is adequately suited to own a luxury car.

However, for the select few who do, you know that it’s more than just a car. Your luxury car represents your success and determination.

It’s a symbol of what you have built.

As such, much care should go into maintaining your car, including the way you transport it.

Here, we’ll discuss the difference between open-air auto transport and enclosed auto transport.

Pros and Cons of Open Air Auto Transport

Here are the pros and cons of open-air transport. From here, you can decide which one out-weighs the other.


Open air auto transport is responsible for nearly 90% of all auto transports in the U.S.

This type of transport is generally done in bulk, meaning your car is shipped with five to 10 other vehicles. This makes it less expensive.

Studies have shown that open-air transport can be two to three times cheaper.

Because the majority of auto shipping is done with open-air transport, it’s much more accessible. You will not have trouble finding and hiring transport.


Similar to every other aspect of life, you get what you pay for. As a luxury car owner, you already know this.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the cheaper option also offers less security for your car.

Because your car is shipped with no side or top coverage, it is completely susceptible to weather. In the case of snow and rain, it’s not a huge deal, but hail could be catastrophic.

High winds and dust can also cause damage to the paint job, as can rocks kicked up from other vehicles.

Finally, though it’s rare, your exposed car could be open to vandalization.

Even with all the possibilities of damage to your car, open air transports boast high success rates, with notable damage rarely reported.

Pros and Cons of Enclosed Auto Transport

Here are the pros and cons of enclosed transport. Use these lists to decide whether the extra expense is worth it or not.


Enclosed auto transport offers a much greater amount of protection for your car. This is a must if you have more than just the average luxury car.

It will be 100% sheltered from any weather, as well as vulnerability to other drivers or possible vandals.

Additionally, most enclosed truck drivers are more qualified and experienced. This means they will offer more reliable auto transport and pay extra attention to the well-being of your car.


As mentioned above, enclosed auto transport will be more expensive than open-air transport.

Additionally, because your car will be enclosed, it will be difficult for the driver to check on it as frequently.

Finally, because they make up a small percent of all auto transport, enclosed auto transport can be more of a hassle to contract, especially when trying to fit a specific time frame.

Comfort or Affordability?

At the end of the day, you have to choose the auto transport that best suits your situation.

Having a luxury car is a privilege. Perhaps it’s necessary to pay a little more for the extra assurance an enclosed auto transport offers.

Perhaps it’s more important for you to save money right now, and open-air transport is your best bet.

It’s your choice!

Speaking of luxury, check out the Lux Life section of our blog!

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