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Rent A Car In Dubai: How Much Does It Cost?

Dubai is one of the world’s most famous and modern travel and business destinations. The city has a well-developed transport infrastructure. Guests of the emirate can easily find suitable transport for themselves, which includes car rental. You can rent an auto of any class, depending on your wishes and budget.

The advantages of renting a car have long been proven, but in the case of car rental in Dubai, and in general in the UAE, these advantages become even more evident. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, the roads are perfect. Every year in various ratings the quality of the road surface, infrastructure, readability of signs and so on – if not in the first place, then at the top of the list. Secondly, inexpensive petrol, especially compared to European countries. Thirdly, adequate driving due to total sobriety of drivers – the country is still sober.

Well, the other pluses of rent-a-car one way or another are common for any country. This is an opportunity not to depend on the rhythm of the tour and its shopping additions, it is a pleasure to enjoy the favorite place as long as you need, it is an opportunity to see the places where it is difficult to get by transport, the economy in the case of the travel company and many other advantages united by one word – freedom.

However, the UAE is a rather peculiar country, and in terms of renting a car in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other city in the state there are some nuances, which I would like to talk about below.

Car rental terms

The UAE is a leader in the development of road infrastructure. As a result, the popularity of car rental has increased. But before looking for a car rental company, you should be aware of the basic rental terms.

When deciding to rent a car, be sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • Availability of documents
  • the driver’s age must be over 21
  • driving experience – at least 1 year.

The car can be booked online or at company offices. The first rental option implies that the renter has a printed voucher upon picking up the car. The voucher will be sent to you after confirming the order through the website.

The deposit is blocked exactly from the bank card. And it does not fit non-personalized cards and some debit cards – only an embossed card, with the name and surname of the one who will lie the car for rent. Check if you have a credit card, you can use a special service, there are many of them on the Internet. All you have to do is enter the first six digits of your card into the box. And yes, the amount of money on the card must exceed the amount of the deposit.

Required documents

In the Emirates, for car rental, in addition to a passport, you also need a national driver’s license and an international driver’s license.

The second nuance is an international bank card, on which the holder’s initials must be identified. The required amount of money must be on your account as well. In case of a lack of funds on your card, the amount of the rental deposit can be left in cash. Furthermore, only the driver can be the owner of this card, otherwise, you will simply not be given the keys.

Car rental prices in Dubai

The cost of car rental depends on the period, reserving option, rental company and car class. It is better to reserve an auto for the entire duration of your stay in the city. The longer the rental period, the lower the rental price per day.

We also recommend you pay special attention to the clauses of the agreement indicated on the site when renting vehicles online.

The best place to rent a car in Dubai

Renting online saves money, time and eliminates possible difficulties with the return of the deposit. If you are not satisfied with cashless payments, that’s okay. You can easily find another car rental company in the city. A great number of them have appeared in the UAE over the past few years.

Offline car rental has its advantages as well. The selected vehicle can be personally inspected and tested. In addition, you will have the opportunity to rent without a plastic card and an international driver’s license.

Additional expenses

You need to prepare for the additional costs in advance. Three main points can be distinguished among them:

Insurance. Sometimes the rental price includes insurance. This should be clarified in advance. If desired, there is the possibility of additional insurance services. All this is discussed before signing the lease.

Toll road. The toll road sections are named “Salik”. Sensors automatically register your passing car. The price is 4 dirhams. The fee is charged from your deposit.

Parking. The UAE is full of all kinds of paid and free parking lots. Free ones can be found in almost all shopping centres. And it is quite simple to recognize a paid parking lot, there is always a corresponding sign on it.

Lux and sports car rental

According to The glory of luxury cars country is firmly entrenched in the United Arab Emirates. Certainly, such cars are not a phenomenon on the city streets. Therefore, if you decide to rent a Porsche, many local companies will provide you with such an opportunity. Just pay attention to the quality of the resource through which the car is rented.

In the end

Before you rent a car and go on a trip, there are a few things to be aware of.

The United Arab Emirates is a country that does not welcome alcohol. Getting drunk behind the wheel is unacceptable. Also, there is almost no crime here, and an unlocked car can be left unattended absolutely fearlessly.

It is impossible to violate the traffic rules, especially since all road signs and markings are intuitively understandable even for those who do not know Arabian. Many of the signs are duplicated in English as well.

Choose your car, read the contract carefully and drive safely. And we wish you all the best!

The Right Car Service: Tips and Tricks for Finding One

There are many factors that go into choosing the right car service. You want to trust your driver and feel safe in their hands as they take you places. There is also a lot of research needed when it comes to determining which company will give you the best deal, provide quality customer service, and get you where you need to go on time. This article offers the reader ten tips for finding a reputable, reliable car service company.

  • Ask your hotel concierge what companies are recommended in the area: If you are out of town and eagerly looking for a car service, then consider asking your hotel concierge what they recommend. You can usually trust their opinion because they’ve probably worked with many car service companies in the area and know which ones are reputable, reliable, and offer good customer service.
  • Do your research online:

If you’re not one to ask for help from a hotel concierge, then use Google or Yelp to find recommendations online! These sites have reviews left by past customers of various car services that will give you an idea of what kind of experience people have had when using these services. Remember, it’s always better to be more informed than less informed about any company before hiring them!

  • Verify if your office deals with any company: Check with management at your office building or local business district to see if there might be an agreement with a car service provider that could serve you better than another one would. For instance, many corporate offices in Boston choose the Boston executive limo services. You can learn more here about their services. Similarly, your office might have a deal with such a reputed car service provider.
  • You can also verify if the company is licensed:

If you’re looking for a car service in your area, it’s always best to look them up on Google and see what comes up. Oftentimes there will be blogs about their work experience with that particular company or even an official website where they list all of their services!

  • Find out what type of coverage the company offers: It’s also important to find out if there is any type of coverage you can get with the company. If your job takes you all over or even near many different areas, it would be wise to invest in something like this! Besides, it will help you feel safer and worry less if you know that your car service has coverage in the area where you’re going.
  • Know how much time they will give: If it’s an airport pick-up, there are certain international airports like JFK Airport, which have strict rules about how long a driver can wait for their passenger before charging them. To avoid this situation, make sure to find out beforehand! You also want to be aware of what company is considered best at meeting flight arrivals on time or even early to not miss any important flights.
  • Check if they have a clear-cut cancellation policy:

Cancellation policies can be tough and vary depending on their perspective. Some companies are more flexible than others, especially when you’re locked into contracts with them in regards to how often they pick up your parents or children from school, for example.

  • It is important to make sure that there is someone who has good customer service skills at the other end of the line: This person should help you find out what type of coverage an insurance plan might offer, answer any questions while booking it (like gas mileage), get information about their drivers like whether they smoke cigarettes or not – things which could affect your decision! It will also determine how well you enjoy your ride because the driver’s professionalism plays a key role in their services.
  • Ask friends for their recommendations:


A big part of finding the right car service provider comes from word-of-mouth. Ask friends and family who they use as well as where they’ve gone before that worked well for them! If you are going to corporate events, then ask your senior teammates about what they have used and what the company pays for.

  • Get recommendations through social media: Social media has become instrumental when it comes to finding good advice on how people feel about certain products and providers. Ask around online at places where others might post their personal experiences (like Twitter!) and see if you get any helpful advice.
  • Never get afraid to ask questions: If you feel something off or unclear before the driver arrives at your location, then call and speak with someone on their customer care line about what happened. Do not worry about being rude because, many times, this will help resolve any potential issues that could arise while the driver is still on route.
  • Look at online reviews:

Another way to find what services are best is by reading through some reviews online. These might not always be unbiased, but often there will be one good review among many bad ones because people don’t want others to know how terrible their experience was! However, it is always worth reading through to see what others have said about a company.

  • Look for coupons online: If you’re budget conscious like me, then this is always helpful when it comes to saving money. You can also get complimentary discounts on office id cards or monthly payments by signing up for a service’s newsletter.
  • Check the company’s credentials: Before hiring any car service, take some time to check it out and see if they have appropriate certifications listed on their website or in reviews. You’ll want to know that you’re dealing with an insured, licensed business.
  • Research how long they’ve been around: This is one of those tips we didn’t think about until now, but it seems like this would be important as well! Who better knows what kind of services are needed than someone who has been providing them for decades? Think about how much experience your future driver will be bringing to the table when deciding which company to use.
  • Confirm that they will pick you up from where you need them to be picked up at (airport, hotel): You may need to call and confirm this with your chosen service, so make sure you do it before arriving. You never want to be left stranded in an airport or on a curb!


Hopefully, you found these tips and tricks helpful in choosing the right car service. Remember, just because there are a lot of choices available doesn’t mean they’re all good! Use your best judgment (and our tips!) to get what’s best for you and have an enjoyable stay or trip!

8 Most Dangerous Biker Trails in the World

If you are going to go motorbike riding, you should know that not all trails are created equal. Some trails are safe and easy, while some are notoriously dangerous. So if you are a serious motorcycle rider, you should be aware of all the most dangerous biker trails in the world. This will ensure that if you do go through these trails, you will know exactly what to expect. .Here are 8 of the most dangerous biker trails in the world.

1.  California State Route 138

California is a state known for long and wide highways, and thousands of accidents occur there every year. However,when it comes to motorcycle routes, the most dangerous and infamous is route 138.

It goes by the nicknames “Blood Alley” or “The Highway of Death.” The route has earned the name well, because hundreds of people have lost their lives to the route through the decades.

2.  South Carolina I-26

South Carolina is well known for its motorcycle culture, however, it is also known for its dangerous motorcycle routes.  The most famous being route I-26.

The route has claimed many lives through the years. Aside from the heavy traffic, the key contributor to the accidents is the absence of quad rails, which leads many an unfortunate driver to slam into trees.

3.  Colorado Highway 550

Colorado is known as one of the coldest states in the US. The roads are particularly dangerous during wintertime because the roads usually freeze over.  Add to this a very high altitude and you have Colorado’s highway 550.

The highway stretches over 25 miles that connects Ouray to Silverton, Colorado. The highway is 11,000 miles above sea level, so any vehicle that goes over the ledges has very little chance of survival. Add to that the very real chance of an avalanche happening, and you have yourself a death trap.

If you are planning on riding through this highway, you should make sure that you have a pair of motorcycle goggles at the ready. Remember that during a snowstorm, your eyes could get blinded by the snow, and could really get you into trouble.

If you want the best kind of motorcycle goggles, you should purchase your goggles from Fetop. It is a company that specializes in goggles for various purposes. By buying Fetop motorcycle goggles, you’ll be assured the best eye- protection possible, click here for more info.

4.  Pakistan Fairy Meadows

When it comes to dangerous roads,Pakistan’s Fairy Meadow is by far one of the most dangerous. The World Health Organization has even named it as the second most dangerous road in the world.

The main factors that make Fairy Meadows so dangerous are the high altitude,gravelly roadwork, and the lack of handrails at the highway’s edges.

5.  Alaskan Dalton Highway

The Alaskan highways are considered some of the most dangerous roads in the world. The Alaskan Dalton Highway is particularly risky because it is used by transportation and oil businesses, so huge trucks pass by there on a daily basis.

If you are not careful, you might collide with these large vehicles. Aside from the presence of trucks passing by, there are also a lot of twists and turns that could prove fatal for a motorcycle driver.

The road runs from Fairbanks to the North Slopes of Alaska, and a majority of the roads are extremely cold. The temperature could even go as low as a negative 80 degrees. Make it a priority to check your wheels in case they get damaged from the cold. It is also important that you check your engine and your handles for cases of freezing.

Remember that immense cold could cause your motorcycle to malfunction, so if the blizzards are overly intense don’t try to force it. Take the time to look for shelter and let the storm pass through. When it comes to being a good motorcycle rider, it pays to respect the power of nature.

6.  Beartown Highway, Montana

The Beartown Highway located in Montana is a very picturesque view, and is a great road for motorcycle drivers to pass through. The only catch is that the roads are extra steep, and they go as high as 11,000 feet.

If this is not scary enough, the road itself is full of zig zags, curves, and switchbacks. If you are planning on riding through this road, you will need to be as careful as possible. Be especially careful of the turns, and slow down as you descend from the elevated areas of the road.

7.  Twisted Sisters, Texas


If you want to take a very scenic route for your motorcycle rides, you should go through the Twisted Sisters road. The Sisters are a combination of three Texas country hills.  All combined, the roads measure around 220 miles. The road is particularly treacherous because it has around 60 curves to keep an eye on.

8.  Tail of the Dragon, North Carolina Tennessee

If you are looking for some of the most dangerous roads in the United States, you will have a hard time looking for one as dangerous as The Tail of the Dragon. The road, like its namesake, is extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Many motorcycle riders consider this road as the ultimate challenge. Lengthwise, the road is somewhat short with over only 11 miles. Despite its short length, it has around 318 curves of varying difficulties.


If you are going to be a serious motorbike rider, you should be prepared to try out some dangerous trails. Before you do though, it is important that you know the most dangerous trails in the world. With this list of the most dangerous roads in the world,you will be aware of their dangers and be ready to tackle them.

What to Do After a Tractor Trailer Accident

Even though there have been many advancements in automobile safety in recent years, as well as the introduction of new rules and regulations designed to keep people safe, the roads of the United States are still relatively dangerous, with millions of accidents happening every single year.

These accidents can occur for a wide variety of reasons. Some of them are due to reckless drivers or drivers operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Others are caused by something as simple as a driver getting distracted by their phone or a pedestrian stepping into the road at the wrong time.

Regardless of the reasons, accidents can be devastating for those involved, often leading to life-changing injuries, long-lasting physical and mental health effects, and even fatalities in the worst cases. Some of the most dangerous accidents of all involve large vehicles like tractor-trailers.

These huge and heavy vehicles can leave a lot of destruction in their wake, pushing smaller vehicles aside with immense force and doing a lot of damage when they crash or collide with others. This is why tractor-trailer drivers have to undergo rigorous training and be highly cautious on the roads.

However, it’s not only the trailer drivers who need to be careful. Other road users also need to behave cautiously when passing or encountering these kinds of vehicles. Otherwise, accidents are much more likely to occur. This guide will go over the steps to follow if you end up in such an accident.

Get Medical Attention

Before you start thinking about calling a lawyer and working out insurance claims and liability for your tractor-trailer accident, it’s important to think about your health and safety, as well as the health of anyone else who may have been involved in the incident, indicates The first priority, therefore, is to get to a doctor or hospital as soon as possible for medical attention.

In many accidents involving trucks and trailers, injuries can be quite serious, including broken bones, lacerations, whiplash, and concussions. You may therefore have to wait for emergency services to arrive on the scene. If your injuries are less serious or even if you feel relatively fine, it’s still important to get an official medical diagnosis, as sometimes it takes a couple of days for the real symptoms of your injuries to appear.

Call the Police

No matter what sort of auto accident you’re involved in should be reported to the police, including any kind of crash or collision with a tractor-trailer. So as well as contacting people like your insurance company and a legal firm that specializes in auto accidents, you should also make sure to call the police and report the incident.

Having an official police report of the incident can be highly beneficial to you later on when it comes to any legal cases that may ensue, as well as when dealing with your insurance company. Plus, reporting the matter to the police can also help to provide you with some much-needed peace of mind at a stressful and panic-inducing moment.

Documenting the Accident

A lot of people forget about this particular part of the process after auto accidents happen, but it’s one of the most important steps of all to keep in mind and follow. In fact, this step can really be the difference-maker when it comes to winning the legal case that may follow your accident and getting the best and biggest amount of compensation too.

So make sure to document the site of your accident, as long as it is safe to do so, as well as documenting any injuries you may have suffered. Photos, statements, videos, and notes can all be useful as evidence, and evidence tends to disappear quite quickly after accidents, so the sooner you act and the more data you gather, the better equipped you’ll be to win your case.

Get in Touch with a Lawyer

Next, you’ll want to contact a lawyer to handle the legal side of your auto accident case. Often, auto accidents aren’t resolved in a neat and tidy fashion, as drivers can disagree about who caused the accident and insurance adjusters will work to try and reduce the amount that the company has to pay out.

A lawyer can help you avoid these obstacles and navigate the challenges that will inevitably come after an auto accident. They’ll be able to guide you on the right steps to take, explaining what you should and should not do in order to get the best results. They can be your guide through the entire process, using their experience and expertise to help your case end in the best possible way.

Follow All Official Advice

Finally, it’s really important to make sure that you listen to your lawyer and follow their advice while the case continues. It’s really common for people to make mistakes in the days and weeks after an auto accident, such as saying too much to the insurance company or posting about the issue on social media, and these mistakes could come back to bite you later on.

Your lawyer should be your primary contact through the process, and you should always talk to them first before doing or saying anything else related to the case. In general, you shouldn’t talk about it with other people, including friends and family, as things you say could be used against you later on. Heed your lawyer’s warnings and guidance to get the best results.

Final Word

It can be very stressful and scary to be involved in an auto accident involving such a huge and heavy vehicle as a tractor-trailer, and the best course of action is to try and avoid these accidents altogether by driving as safely as possible. However, if you do end up in such an accident, be sure to keep these tips in mind and take the correct actions in order to get through this difficult situation in the best possible way.

Fat bikes: What are they and why are they suitable for summer riding?

A few years ago, fat bike bicycles went from being complete strangers to one of the strongest fashions in the world of mountain biking. Do you know what they are and their advantages?

At the moment this trend has lost steam but it has not stopped having followers, since these bikes seem to have found their place among different types of buyers. Since I have never prepared a specific post for fat bikes before, today I would like to explain what they are, what characteristics they have and what advantages or disadvantages they present compared to other types of bikes.

What are fat bikes and what are they for?

In essence, fat bikes are bicycles specifically designed to circulate on terrain that requires special traction, as happens in desert and snow conditions (due to sand and snow). For this they use particularly wide tires: between 3.8 and 5 inches approximately (for this reason they should not be confused with “plus” bikes whose width does not usually exceed 3 inches) that can have particularly low pressures.

Particularly with its eruption in the market, there were many brands including the electric ones like Himiway fat tire electric bike that tried to give a much more general use to these bikes than the one mentioned by me in the previous paragraph, which led to a polarization in the opinions of different users (since the opinion The public was divided between staunch followers and detractors of this trend), since there were already several types of bicycles that, except for aesthetics, would fulfill the same task as these fat bikes.

Advantages of the fat bike

They have the ability to roll on terrain much more easily such as sandy areas, snow or ice. In this way they present an extreme grip for areas in which, as a general rule, one could not stay on the bike.

They are one of the most stable bikes on the market. Their wheel width allows them to pass obstacles and descend with great ease, making inexperienced runners able to run more safely.

Precisely this stability, together with the ball of the tire (which in circumference resembles the size of 29 ″, despite the fact that the wheels of fat bikes are usually 26 ″) and their weight, make them a great droppers on the market. (In addition to being very fun to wear).

By being able to carry the tires with very low pressures, a lot of comfort is gained, making the bicycle not always have to carry a suspension fork.

Points against fat bikes

They are especially heavy bicycles. This, coupled with the fact that they have so much traction, means that in asphalt, flat and uphill areas, a lot of ballast is carried and it is difficult to move the bike.

Related to the previous point, it should be noted that they are not agile and especially manageable bikes (especially compared to other alternatives on the market).

Due to the two previous points, in the face of conventional use (trail, somewhat XC rides) they are very physically demanding.

The price of their covers and cameras can exceed double compared to traditional ones. This factor must be valued daily in a purchase on a whim.

Fat bikes opinions

As you may have seen, versatility is not something that has stood out at any point, because depending on how you see it, it can be a point for or against. Everything will depend on the cyclist’s fitness, the use he wants to give it and the circuits he wants to run on.

Really for trails and roads, a trail or XC bike will do better than a fat bike and on very steep descents, there are models such as enduro or DH that are better designed for it. For this reason, for my taste, these bicycles continue to fulfill a more specific function, such as allowing the cyclist to circulate on snow and sand, more difficult and inhospitable terrain for other models.

Aesthetics, I would have included it as a plus point but that is very subjective, despite the fact that it has been one of the great keys to its success in recent years.

Types of fat bikes

We could divide fat bikes into three different main categories, based on the number of suspensions they incorporate:

Completely rigid. They are those in which the front fork does not have any special damping system. They are really the ones that are best prepared for snow or sand, since in neither of these situations a suspension fork is required, at the same time they present fewer mechanical problems.

With front suspension. They are those bikes that have a front fork with suspension. They are more designed for trail and XC use, although they are still very versatile.

Double suspension. They are those that have front fork with suspension and rear shock absorber. They are the most focused on a use of all kinds (XC, trail, descent, etc.), although it moves away from the original sense of the design of fatbikes.

Apart from this we can see fat bikes that may vary depending on:

Your material. Like most models today, you can see that the frames can be made of carbon, aluminum, steel, or titanium. Basically, a fat bike has relatively the same material as an electric moped bike, for example.

The number of dishes in your transmission. They currently work with the three main types: single, biplate and triplate.

The breaks. In the vast majority of cases they are hydraulic, although there are also mechanical ones.

These last three points only make the range and price range in which the fat bike moves vary.

This summer, with all its advantages, riding a fat bike can be an option. You can explore difficult tracks without having to worry about slipping. Fat tires ensure that your bike keeps tread stably even though you are working on rocky tracks.

Common car leasing mistakes that you should never make

Leasing a car might sound less of a commitment than buying a car, except it is not. Leasing a car requires no less amount of preparation and strategic planning, and just like buying a car plenty can go wrong if not done correctly. Leasing has become a very popular option nowadays. CarIndigo helps the people in selecting the car for leasing pupose. People are choosing to do that not only for cars like the Chevy Tahoe, and the Chevy Trailblazer but even you luxury sedans like the Audis and the M cars by BMWs by the middle class and upper-middle-class alike.

Some of these tips may not be very known ones, but there are some key points before you even go through these tips. If you are not leasing the newest and greatest, make sure that you are at least never more than a few model years away from there. This way you will also be under full warranty, which is exponentially essential as you will not have to worry about big repairs; not to mention the maintenance cars will also be low.

After you have these covered, you are set up for more real savings which comprise lower upfront costs and similarly lower monthly costs over time. As mentioned before, these rules are the same for cars, trucks, and SUVs like the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe, and the 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer. Let’s get to the rest of these tips.

Negotiate the price

This is a mistake which unfortunately is far too common; people forget to negotiate the price of the vehicle when they are leasing. Instead of focusing on the capitalized costs, they focus on reducing monthly payments or lease terms, and unfortunately, they miss out on thousands of dollars of savings. Sure, there are some leases that are subsidized by the manufacturers so they have specific terms. But other than these, most leases you come across are fairly negotiable.

You should do your research to determine a fair price for the car so that you can use that as a platform for negotiating. At the end of a lease term, research the predetermined value of your leased vehicle. This is known as residual value and it will go a long way in protecting you at the end of the lease apart from lowering your monthly costs.

Understand the number of miles driven

Different leases have a different mileage cap, most of them have a cap at 12,000 miles yearly, which to be honest can be ticked off pretty quickly. Some leases have a higher cap, at 15,000 miles, and that also means they will have higher monthly costs. If you are not so much of a numbers guy and these calculations are puzzling you, for clarity’s sake you should just keep in mind that paying for the miles upfront will be comparatively cheaper than what you pay when you turn the car in.

It can be hard to believe but most dealers will actually pay you back for the unused miles when you pay for them upfront. Considering that you cannot buy extra miles after your lease begins so it is time to be realistic before you sign them, not after.

Gap insurance is important

It is an open secret among the minds that the minute you are driving the car off the lot, it has already depreciated, does not matter if you are buying or leasing it. As a matter of fact, most of the car’s depreciation happens within the first two months of the car ownership period. And then there are factors which can screw up your car, for e.g. if a tree falls on it, and it is time for some expenses.

In that situation, the insurance company might have a different worth for your car and you have to pay the remaining amount out of your pocket. This is where gap insurance comes to the rescue, it can pay for that difference in case you have to replace your car.

Maintain your leased car

It might be very tempting to not look after your leased car as you plan to walk away from it after a few years so you neglect minor bumps, dents, scratches, and overall maintenance. That actually can be a bigger mistake than you might think. At the end of your lease period, these negligences will be picked up in the post-lease inspection which happens quite usually and lessors may count that under excessive wear and tear to extract more money at the lease-end.

It is therefore strongly advised to take care of even the littlest of scratches in order to save yourself from the excess of charges when you turn your car in.

Longer car leases

The reason why people opt for leasing a car is that they have the option of turning the car in before they run into problems which can be faced due to normal usage like wear and tear with age, balding tires, failing brakes, and various other issues. This is why you will see most leases are in the two-to-three-year range since most of these cars have a bumper-to-bumper warranty for 3 years.

If you opt for leasing a car more than that period, however, like a 4-5 year period, you might have to solve those car problems without actually owning the car, which is an unnecessary headache. You can get an extended warranty but it does not make sense to pay extra for that. Keep your leases short and if you want to lease it for around 5 years then you might as well buy the car.

Bargain for your trade-in

Finally, if you’re moving from a car you own to a lease, you can trade-in your previous car. Just like when you buy a new car, it is important to bargain hard for your trade-in so that you can maximize your savings. Research well about the value of your so that you save some significant amount of money for your trade-in. As a pro tip, it is always better to negotiate a deal first and then bring in the offer of a trade-in and see the terms change immensely.

5 Car Tuning Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Many people are drivers but not all are well versed in car anatomy. When your friend advises you to do something new on your vehicle, knowing the interior features and performance is essential to know if your friend’s suggestion is good for your car or not. Unfortunately, most owners of these four-wheelers don’t have the necessary knowledge, which helps them believe in various myths. Believing in myths can lead you in the wrong direction and make you make a big mistake or stop you from doing the right thing. This often happens when it comes to car tuning. Tuning mainly involves improving engine performance. And while some save money and sometimes overdo it with such interventions believing various myths, others give them up for the same reason. How to recognize what is right?

With this article, we will try to help you assess what is true and what is not. We have prepared for you the most common myths you can hear these days regarding car tuning. And before we start, we note that the technical achievements in this area have gone a step further too, about which you can find out more if you click here. And no, this is not a myth. But these are …

1. Tuning should be as common as car service

You should first separate the notion of regular servicing from tuning. If you have decided to invest a certain amount of money in improving engine power, reducing fuel consumption, and the like, that is fine, but you should not do it often. First of all, because there is a risk that you will jeopardize some factory performance. For example, brakes. They are designed to stop the operation of a motor of a certain power, but if this power exceeds a certain limit, the work of the brakes will be disturbed.

Tuning is not the same as service inspection. There is no need to apply it often because it is not a prerequisite for the good condition of your four-wheeler.

2. If this step is avoided in the production process, then I probably shouldn’t do it either

The production process of the car is long and complicated and takes place intending to launch the most modern and better model that will leave the competition behind. It is clear that this will make us wonder why no more effort and resources were invested in the improvement of engine characteristics during production.

However, you forget that one of the basic goals of the factory is a good ratio of investment, quality, and final price. To achieve that, they strive to minimize costs and make as much profit as possible, and that means a lot of compromises during production.

So don’t think that the idea of ​​tuning is bad just because the factory didn’t implement it. Cost-effectiveness is what is the focus of all car companies. If you think that such changes pay off for you and you have a clear goal why you want it and you are ready for such an investment, there is no reason not to do it.

3. Tuning will compromise some engine functions and increase fuel consumption

In both cases, the answer is NO! The goal is the opposite and such interventions will not adversely affect engine functions in the future, nor fuel consumption. The increase in horsepower will indeed mean synchronization with other mechanical performances. This will require greater endurance of some other units but does not mean rapid engine wear.

On the other hand, many drivers will associate tuning with higher fuel consumption, taking into account the introduction of drastic changes compared to the original factory settings. In this case, too, the goal of the intervention is to achieve the opposite effect and influence the regulation of fuel consumption in a positive sense.

The best recipe is a reliable car mechanic with experience who will not allow any of the previously mentioned consequences to occur. Quality tools, high experience in such interventions, and properly done work will give exactly the results you want.

4. By no means you should miss the special tuning promotions and discounts of your car service

Given the great popularity of tuning among passionate drivers who want a beast instead of an engine, car repair shops are increasingly offering these services. Promotions and discounts are also common, which many believe should not be missed because they can be a great opportunity to significantly improve the performance of four-wheelers for little money.

With this, we can build on the previous story about the reliability of the company that provides car service. Just because someone will offer you these services at a much lower price, does not mean that it is a good choice. This can lead to the consequences we mentioned in the previous paragraph-various mechanical failures that will make you hate yourself for entering this investment.

If you think that you can afford a little more waiting, even at the cost of a larger investment, but to get the desired quality, we advise you to do so. Inform yourself well in time, before you give someone your money and trust.

5. You waive the warranty if you opt for tuning

The warranty is very important to all car owners and any potential possibility of losing the warranty will not be accepted by anyone. For this reason, many give up the idea of ​​improving engine functions, because they believe in the myth that such adjustments can lead to a loss of warranty. Driving enthusiasts, you can relax.

However, if you want to avoid that scenario, it would be good to resort to factory tuning, instead of that in a private company. You can also avoid this scenario by contacting an authorized service center, which is approved by the manufacturer. This attitude of the producers is understandable because they cannot be responsible for something that is not their work.

We hope that we have resolved your doubts and that you can now clearly distinguish myth from truth. If you have the opportunities and resources to enter this investment and improve the performance of your favorite four-wheeler and take your driving experience to a whole new level, now is the right time to do so.

5 Things To Look For When Buying Used Volkswagen Parts

Car ownership is amazing but at the same time, car maintenance is an expensive affair. It is one of the major reasons why people nowadays are using the same car for a longer period. If you are also looking to extend your car’s lifespan, a few tips and tricks will be of great help.

There’s no doubt that you will need to change some parts of your vehicle after driving for thousands of miles. Here, you are faced with the dilemma of whether to buy used or new parts. For instance, if you have a Volkswagen, buying used Volkswagen parts is a cost-effective solution. Getting everything new is quite very expensive, and not every person can afford it. If you want to keep your vehicle running, knowing a few crucial things will help you shop for the best one. Moreover, it will not dig a hole in your pocket.

Replacing parts is an equally great idea to get the extra mileage from your vehicle. However, the place from where you order these parts and the process of buying them makes a great difference. Without further ado, let us know a few tips that will help you make a worthwhile purchase.

Things to Remember Before Buying Used Volkswagen Auto Parts

Verify The Id Of The Components That You Want To Purchase

No matter what kind of a part you are looking for, and irrespective of how small that particular part is, ensure to verify the authenticity of the component you are buying. Moreover, it should also be compatible with your vehicle. You can also choose to check the authenticity of the required part online using the identification number.

Places to Purchase Volkswagen Used components

If you are looking to buy high-quality used components for your Volkswagen vehicle, ensure that you trade only with a trusted supplier. You can buy components either from a vehicle wrecker, an offline store of spare parts, or any online portal.  If you want to buy Volkswagen used parts from a high-quality online store, click here.

If you cannot decide on a place to buy used spare parts, consider comparing the different price ranges. Also, you need to have all the required car-related information before visiting an online website. However, make sure to check the reviews before finalizing any deal with the company.

Check Their Replacement Policy

You should not buy any used component from a store that doesn’t allow replacing used components that they sell. If the used components get stuck, you will not be able to profit from it. Rather you will end up losing your money. Before buying, understand your seller’s return policy thoroughly and consider if they have any limitations or suspensions.

A few components of the vehicles are completely surfaced only for a shorter period. Also, ensure the seller doesn’t charge you wrongly and also clear all your doubts. Do not end up making a wrong purchase because of some confusion.


This tip is usually a nit-picky stipulation when Volkswagen vehicle owners have to buy used spare parts. However, style-clashing doesn’t matter to several car owners. Think of it in such a way that if you buy a door handle, headlight, or a bumper that doesn’t match the style of your vehicle, then it will be an eyesore when you drive your vehicle on the road.

Hence, when you need to buy such components, always ensure that it matches your vehicle’s style. At times, the difference in style of your vehicle and the components can hinder your vehicle’s functionality. Watch out for such things when you are buying used spare components

Do Not Choose Dealerships

People often have this misconception that they will save money if they go to reputed dealers. They may sell you some questionable used spare components of the vehicle. Moreover, they may provide bad customer service and change you way more than the local dealers.

If this is your first time looking for used parts, you may face some difficulties in locating genuine wrecking companies. Often, the cost of these parts at the dealerships is too high. Any first-time buyer might easily spend more money at the dealership to buy the spare parts. To save your money, you can choose to buy the parts outside of the dealership.

Several websites offer these parts at much cheaper rates. The authorized car dealership makes huge profits selling the spare parts because they know that customers will tend to choose the dealership and not the ordinary mechanic shop for spare parts.

The doubt that most people have in their minds is whether buying vehicle parts outside the dealership is safe or not. The answer is yes, it is completely safe. However, you have to be a little active and verify that the parts which are to be replaced in your vehicle should have the same model number. The use of different parts may damage your vehicle or, in extreme conditions, can cause accidents also.

Also, make sure to bargain. Always try to bargain with the seller and get the best deal. The margin of profit in selling automobile spare components is very large and thus make sure that the company is not looting your hard-earned money. You can always try to bring the prices down at affordable rates by clever bargaining. But you also need to be polite! And if even after a lot of searching for the components in the local mechanic shops you don’t find the spare parts, do not hesitate to go to your vehicle’s authorized dealership.


Car repairs become very expensive as time passes by and as the car ages. A few vehicle owners may not afford to take their vehicle to the garage every time it breaks and order new parts. In such a scenario, buying used spare components comes to the rescue. However, you should be prepared before buying them.

If you are looking for advice, the tips as mentioned above will help. Make sure to buy the used components only from a reputed company that has a genuine replacement policy.