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How Long Does Jeep Wranglers Last

Having a vehicle is a great thing as it makes mobility easier. There are different types of cars and each has its fair share of advantages. If you are planning to buy a Jeep Wrangler, there are some things that you need to put into consideration, and the lifespan is one critical issue. So how… Keep Reading


Top 10 essential accessories for motorcycle riders

Whether using your motorcycle for short expeditions or long trips, one should always have a number of accessories with them. From making your ride smooth to ensure you stay safe while riding, these accessories should be on top of every rider’s list and can be found in online motorcycle gear shops such as Gearbest, American… Keep Reading


2019 Suzuki Jimny Incredible Roller Skates Commercial

A charming little off-roader, Suzuki Jimny is both capable and cute, which made it an instant hit among the urban youth. Once you see this commercial, it will be even cuter. All-new Suzuki Jimny is coming in 2019 and the ad is showing two of them tackling a demanding terrain until the camera zooms out… Keep Reading


Leaks of BMW M8 Competition

It’s been around 5 months since the last leak but the BMW M8 has shown its face on the internet again. Pictures have shown up on some forums and on Instagram which shows the M8 Competition in what looks like the Motegi Red color. Now that we see the BMW M8 without a disguise gives… Keep Reading


10 Reasons Why Driving a Tesla is Like Playing a VR Game

Tesla has changed the way we think about cars forever. Not only they are environment-friendly, but they are also packed with amenities and features not found in any other model on the market today. Apparently, that is what you get when you have a huge nerd who grew up on sci-fi in charge of the… Keep Reading


2021 Toyota 86: The New Generation

When released back in 2012, Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ (the same cars except for the badge) immediately draw attention from sports car lovers. The naturally-aspirated boxer engine placed in front of the car and transferring power to the rear wheels was somewhat an unexpected combination, but it ensured the ideal 50/50 weight distribution between… Keep Reading


Microcars Through History

Small cars always had a certain appeal, mostly thanks to its simplicity and price, which was considerably lower compared to their larger brethren. Most of these models are barely a step up from a motorcycle with an enclosed cabin, but they did the job they were meant to do, getting people from point A to… Keep Reading


Carmen model by Hispano Suiza, a Retro Take on the Futuristic EV Supercar

The Spanish car manufacturer Hispano Suiza released several photos recently of their new futuristic electric supercar, which is inspired by the 1930’s model called Dubonnet Xenia. This new beauty is both a retro looking car, as well as an electric future car, capable of a staggering 1,019 horsepower. The automaker officially debuted the car at… Keep Reading

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