General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.

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Keep Your Friends Alive: Driving Rules To Enforce

Who hasn’t changed lanes without looking over their shoulder to check their blind spot? It seems like an innocent mistake, but it’s one of many driving mistakes that can cost someone their life. Other risky mistakes are made out of convenience, like riding in the back of a van with no seats because you got… Keep Reading


Things you need to know when exporting your vehicle

There are some situations in which a person requires to ship their car somewhere outside of the country in which they live. In order to do this safely, there are some things that you need to know. Although the process itself is not really complicated, there are a couple of things that could go wrong… Keep Reading


What Is A VIN Number And Why It Is Important

Every car ever manufactured has a VIN number that is unique on its own. A VIN number is a Vehicle Identification Number and it must be unique. It is a 17 digit number that is stamped into the chassis of a car that serves the purpose of an identification code. A VIN number, unlike a… Keep Reading


The Advantages of Car Hire During your Holidays

When the holiday season arrives, the question of whether to hire or not to hire a car arises in more minds than one. Should we use public transport in the area when traveling or do it is better to rent? Will it be cheaper for me? Will I have problems collecting the car or delivering… Keep Reading


What To Do When The Bank Repossesses Your Car?

Here’s a brain buster: Just because you bought something, doesn’t necessarily mean you own it. A common example is when you buy something on a secured loan. As long as the loan remains unpaid, you never truly “own” the item. It might be a house, a boat, or in our case — a car. Make… Keep Reading


How to pick right repairer for your car

Everyone with a car must have gone through the difficult experience of sourcing for a good mechanic. When your car runs in trouble – which happens a lot, you need a good person experienced enough to handle it for you. But how do you find a good mechanic? This is one of the questions that… Keep Reading


Things To Consider When Selling Your Car

There are many reasons as to why you would sell your car. The most exciting of them all is the fact that you’re probably planning on buying a new one, so you’re trying to recoup a few hundred bucks by selling old Sheila here. A lot of people think that selling your old car is… Keep Reading


Electric Future – Quad Bikes

Since they were introduced to the market, Quad bikes were considered to be a great vehicle. Now, we can say that the fossil fuel revolution is right before us and that we must adjust to it. So, Quads are the first vehicles that are going to leads us into the future. Quads are going to… Keep Reading


Yamaha OX99-11 – The design that makes you wonder

Believe it or not, Yamaha was among the first companies that worked on a supercar and that actually built it at the beginning of the 1990s. The car’s name is OX99-11, and it is a V12 unit. It was made by a company called Ypsilon Technology, which is actually a subsidiary company to Yamaha. The… Keep Reading


The arrival of Ford Mach E Concept is approaching

It seems that Ford has been working on and testing on their crossover that is inspired by Mustang for ages, however, we have might approach the moment when the arrival of this unit is more realistic and evident than ever. Official debut If we are to believe Autocar, the official debut of this concept would… Keep Reading

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