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Importance of Assortment Planning for Every Business

Before there was even the slightest knowledge of assortment planning in retail, people tend to stick to “their gut” or the feeling based on previous experience in their decision-making process. Maybe assortment planning didn’t get the recognizable respect and influence then as it has now, but it has been present in businesses all over the

Portfolio Theory and Investment Management

Portfolio Theory and Investment Management are interrelated and have a deep connection when it comes to marketing and financing. Portfolio Theory is related to risk and return. The stockholder is anxious only with the estimated values of safeties and involved in the predictable worth of the portfolio. To get the best out of the expected

AirBNB vs Marriott International, Hotel Giant’s Got An App For Home Rentals


It’s a battle to be the supreme online retailer on all playing fields today. Old conglomerates who thought their billions could survive the internet have become fallen soldier of lost time. The web has changed everything. Now it’s Airbnb vs Marriott International, as the hotel giant’s got a new app for home rentals. The battle

Benefits of Using Paraphrasing Tool


When thinking of just how much work writing online one has when maintaining at least one web page you automatically want to have options which can speed up the process. Using paraphrasing services can save you a lot of time, but it is something that still needs to spread out among people. With the high

The importance of organic traffic


The difference of organic traffic, which are displayed on the home page in their order of publication, the position on search engines is one of the main sources of traffic creation on a website today (so-called organic traffic) whether it is always easily accessible, such as your presentation or contact information. organic traffic clicks on

3 ways to switch careers and claim your slice of job satisfaction

Whether you’re a couple of years out of college or at the midway stage of a lifelong role, changing a career path you’ve committed to and invested in can cause trepidation. Migrating to an entirely new sector isn’t without risks and these are magnified when you’ve got a family to support — failure might not

What Can You Expect from Your Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Did your business go awry? Did something huge happen that led you to debt? Bankruptcy is a term for when a debtor cannot repay their outstanding debts. It’s difficult for you to get out of these debts without any assistance. During bankruptcy, your non-essential properties, like your properties and possessions are used to clear your

What you need to do in order to cover your business communication needs

When thinking about communication skills, you know that they are the most important thing when it comes to having a business conversation. However, according to the professionals at Grandstream, in order to successfully have a business conversation, the second thing that you can do to increase the whole productivity of your business is to improve

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