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5 Reasons Why Your Credit Card Was Declined & Their Solutions

So, your card was declined. That’s humiliating. And also confusing. It’s not always obvious why it got declined. If you want answers, check out this list below. Here are five common reasons why a credit card company may have locked down your account. 1. You’ve Hit Your Max A lot of people equate declined cards… Keep Reading


Parameters for Haggling the Interest Rate on Personal Loans

Collateral-free finances and instant approvals are the key benefits of a personal loan making it stand out from other finances. With easy eligibility requirements determined by most providers, you can easily qualify for personal finance. The minimum salary for a personal loan in UAE is also very low. Although you might be spoil for choice… Keep Reading


Questions to ask MSP (managed service provider)

Managed Services can be an asset to any business whether it is big or small. They are a cost-effective solution to IT and add an extra layer of security for your company’s data. A Managed Services Provider can offer your company many digital ranging from server security to communication solutions and so on. Before finally… Keep Reading


History of Custom Packaging in the USA

Nowadays everyone is talking about custom packaging boxes. Whether it’s USA, UK or Canada custom printed boxes are in great demand. Before starting our main topic let’s discuss blank or pre-made packaging items. About 30 to 40 years ago people were using pre-made packaging for their product. Still, many people use blank boxes but intelligent… Keep Reading


Oleg Vasilyev – the 20 Year Journey of a Data Scientist

Oleg Vasilyev, a Russian Data Scientist who lives in San Francisco, founded Vasilyev Algorithms, where he provided advice, developed and provided solutions for a number of clients, before moving on to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Educated in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at Lomonosov Moscow State University (established in 1755) and in Mathematical… Keep Reading


5 Elements of a Business Plan to Secure Bank Loan

According to Mark Abell, the Senior Vice President and SBA Division director at the NBH Bank, “About 75% of the business plans that come with application-based projections lack at least one or more key areas. Most of the plans that I come across consist of very few pages of half-written points. And those points lack the most important… Keep Reading


You have a great idea – What now?

What makes the world go forward constantly are ground-breaking inventions that people keep coming up with. We wouldn’t be where we are right now if it wasn’t for them, and some of these inventions were made thousands of years ago, yet we still use them today. The perfect example of this is the wheel. What… Keep Reading


Trending career opportunities in online packaging printing business

Each year new industries are emerging with thousands of career opportunities. Now career is not just fixed to some specific profession people are thinking out of the box. There are multiple opportunities for them to pursue their career. Amongst other emerging career opportunity, the packaging industry also offers opportunities in online custom cardboard boxes business.… Keep Reading


Why You Should Always Check Your Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is very important information that your customers leave after they’ve sampled your product or service. It is something that every business can use to a great extent to improve their current products and services. Depending on how satisfied or dissatisfied customers are with your product or service, customer feedback can be positive or… Keep Reading

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