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7 Ways to Succeed at Sweepstakes, Guaranteed

What’s most important, when dealing with sweepstakes, is keeping up with the system. These types of events are all about being one of the last ones in, in order to have that extra winning chance. But, you may ask, how and where do you find out about all these potential ways to earn bigger and better, without wasting time or doing manual, boorish work?

You have to have a system in place, that’s what this is all about! The best, proven method is to have news of different sweepstakes sent straight to you, freeing up your time to think about and sign up on many different ones, all the while! Here are several exciting and varied ways, in which you can quickly and easily become a sweepstakes champion!

1. Sign Yourself Up for Newsletters

A variety of different websites offer sweepstake newsletters that deliver the latest and most lucrative news to your e-mail, as quickly as they are published. These subscriptions offer all the important events, tips for better performance and alerts for staying out of currently running scams in the industry.

If you’re looking to dip your toes in slowly, sites like TheBalance’s free newsletter on sweepstakes is a great place to start without paying anything, but if you’re willing to chip in to gain great insight the Sweepsheet or Sweeping America services are your greatest asset.

Overall, the best way of approaching newsletters is to try out a few different ones and compare them to your liking, see how you feel them personally. Maybe you’re just a fast reader and can’t get enough of their information, then you’d try adding a few more subscriptions to quench your thirst for the info, or perhaps this method just isn’t working out for you, then you can just unsubscribe and look for alternatives, such as:

2. Sweepstakes Blog Updates

Maybe you’ve already got a favorite website or blog on the topic of sweepstakes? In that case, you could get notified by e-mail every single time it updates, keeping you up-to-date and full of knowledge as efficiently as possible. Simply search for an RSS feed on your website of choice, and follow this tutorial or Google the instructions if you’d prefer help from the trusty search engine. Now, you’re fully set to receive a notification to your e-mail, every time your favorite sweepstakes website gets new news!

3. Use an RSS Reader

Since we’re talking about RSS feeds, here’s another useful way in which they’re helpful! The RSS reader, which you can usually download for free, is an excellent tool that helps you get all your hot, fresh sweepstakes news in one place, compiled for your leisure. The tool itself is easy and fun to use, with many different RSS readers to choose from, so you can always pick what’s right, just for you.

4. Firefox’s Live Bookmarks

If you are equipped with a Firefox browser, you can make use of a unique, neat little feature, the Live Bookmarks. These bookmarks can be accessed with the single click of a button and once opened up display all the latest sweepstakes information and news in one, compact little space.

A quick tutorial on how to make use of the feature is available here:

5. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media on the internet. Obviously, it too is a great place to find out info concerning sweepstakes. The short-form nature of the messages there is excellent for quick data dumps, and plus, companies often post about their own giveaways.

By simply following all your favorite sweepstakes sites and sponsors on your account, Twitter will neatly arrange a stream of useful information straight to your homepage. Consider even starting a new account just for receiving sweepstakes tweets and making use of the Twitter parties that give away daily prizes.

Furthermore, Twitter’s strongest tool is the hashtag. With it, you can browse the specific information you want by simply searching by hashtag. TweetDeck is a very good program to organize these hundreds of useful tweets even further, for a truly customizable experience.

6. Facebook

Now comes the big one. Facebook is the social media to be on. Not only are there a plethora of very skilled and savvy writers on the topic of sweepstakes there, but companies often post exclusive giveaways there, including ones with the chance to win cars, vacations, coupons and much more!

So, as many people already have Facebook accounts, it’s elementary to simply follow companies and sweepstakes bloggers for an incredible payoff! You can start maximizing your chances by following the About Sweepstakes Fan Page for further useful tips.

7. Google Alerts

The free and easy service Google Alerts provides is unmatched. By selecting keywords that are related to sweepstakes, you can pick up any information on the web in regards to sweepstakes and have it sent straight to your e-mail inbox, allowing you to complete your toolbox of sweepstake advantages and be ready to play and win.

Top 10 Highest Paid Youtubers in 2018


If someone told you a few years ago that YouTube would be the place where you can earn a lot of money, you wouldn’t believe them. But today that’s the story. There are many YouTube stars, that are earning millions. And many of them are so young, even teens. We made a list of the most famous and highest paid YouTubers in 2018.

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10. Logan Paul – $14.5 million

Logan Paul is the older brother of Jake Paul, and he is also a former Vine star. He makes vlogs and funny videos. He had some trouble after he posted a video where he filmed a man who committed a suicide hanging from a tree, in Japan. But besides this failure, his fans are still buying his merchandise.

Img source:

9. PewDiePie – $15.5 million

Everybody knows about PewDiePie. But for those who don’t know about his, he is a Swedish video game commentator. He has more than 72.5 million subscribers. Everyone thought that PewDiePie is extremely funny until he placed anti-Semitic messages in his videos. He posted a video where two men were laughing holding a sign “Death to All Jews”. Because of this, and another 10 videos with Nazi imagery and anti-Semitic comments, he lost a multimillion-dollar deal with Disney, where he was supposed to launch his own network. But advertisers still pay PewDiePie $450,000 for a sponsored video.

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8. Jacksepticeye – $16 million

Sean McLoughlin is the most famous Youtuber from Ireland. He plays games and makes funny comments in his videos. He also did a series for Disney and he is making exclusive content for Twitch.


Img source:

7. Vanoss Gaming – $17 million

The man behind Vanoss Gaming channel is a Canadian Evan Fong. He mostly plays games from the Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty franchise. His videos are very funny, and that’s what helped him gain so many subscribers. But besides YouTube career, he is trying to make a hip-hop one too.

Img source:

6. Markiplier – $17.5 million

Behind Markiplier YouTube channel is Mark Fischbach, a gamer. His channel is focused on gaming, but Mark is trying to use his fame to start a music and acting career. For now, Mark has many brand deals that are making his net worth grow.

Img source:

5. Jeffree Star – $18 million

Every makeup fan knows about Jeffree. He became famous on My Space, but quickly he became a YouTube star as well. Jeffree now has a makeup company Jeffree Star Cosmetics and is earning $100 million in revenue annually.

Img source:

4. DanTDM – $18.5 million

This channel is about the popular video game Minecraft and is run by Daniel Middleton, also known as TheDiamondMinecart. This channel has 20.7 million subscribers and is full of reviews and game-play videos. Daniel earned a lot of money through his merchandise business and world tours.

Img source:

3. Dude Perfect – $20 million

This YouTube channel is full of funny, comedy videos and videos with sports tricks. Their video where they throw ping pong balls that cause a domino fall of Oreos has around 175 million views. The masterminds behind this channel are five high school friends.

Img source:

2. Jake Paul – $21.5 million

Jake managed to earn a lot of money with selling his merchandise. But to accomplish this he first became famous on Vine, and after that, he started to make YouTube videos, rap songs, and prank videos.


Img source:

1. Ryan Toys Review – $22 million

The highest paid Youtuber is a kid, a seven-year-old kid. Ryan is making millions just by unboxing and reviewing new toys. His YouTube channel has over 17 million subscribers, and he even has his own line of collectibles, that you can buy at Walmart. He is so young, but he is supporting his own family.




What are the benefits of spy software for iPhone?


In this era of technological advancement, when everything is so handy, quick and on your fingertips, technology is emerging in different forms. It is inventive and creative in several ways. With smartphones in the hands of people to get access to anything, you also have the means to keep things in your control too. You have so many sites and apps to make people smart, and a number of them are designed for the ordinary masses to keep themselves protected. Yes, right from the safety of your child to tracking your employees and keeping an eye on your spouse or following someone whom you suspect, the spy software for iPhone helps you do everything.

Spy apps are designed differently for different purpose. You should download the right app as per your need and preference and serve your purpose. The apps are much in use by the detectives and investigators to sort out criminal cases. These apps also help you track the criminals and find out their exact location. You can even trace the victim. Technology has been a boon to mankind, and it is not just limited to tracking, but it also allows you to know all the messages as well as call records too.

Right from tracing the location of the person to knowing what they are up to, you can find out everything. And, this is not it. If you are a parent who is worried about what your kid is accessing online and he is not facing any cyberbullying, then spy software for iPhone will help you in sorting this out. It will give you a list of their Google history and accessed websites. You will have all the details of their instant messaging and social media activities. You will be well aware of their whereabouts.

For those spouses who have a doubt on the loyalty of their partners, they can also know the truth by getting a detailed report of their partner activities by spying their phone. The best thing is that your partner will not even know about it. You can easily get rid of all your doubts and make a fresh start or find out the cheating of your partner and end your relationship.

If you are a boss who wants to know what his employees are up to when you are not around, then the spy apps will also favor you. You will know their browsing history, their GPS location, and key logs and know when your employees were working and when not.

What more could you ask for? The spy apps are an amazing option for everyone who is looking forward to keeping an eye on someone. Don’t worry! It is very much legal and has been made to help people. Just download the one you need. It helps you to make quick and correct decisions for someone. Control the irrelevant activity of any person close to you and bring them to the right path. Use the spy apps now and get instant results.

Armand Peri – Most Influential Nightclub Entrepreneur


Entrepreneur and American business executive Armand Peri was born in Vila do Conde, (Porto District) Portugal. At 12 years old, Peri’s family relocated to the United States and where he became an American Citizen. Peri’s disposition for creativity began at an early age. He was encouraged to explore his passion and became an avid artist and painter; winning several state and national level art competitions. At just 17, Peri began to gain recognition for his work. He went on to win a National Art Competition for the Endowment of the Arts, which flew him to personally meet the President and the first Lady in Washington DC.

Armand always had big dreams and prestigious goals. However, the road to his success was not easy. Throughout his early 20’s, he struggled financially as he strived to accomplish his goals and make a name for himself as an multi faceted persona and entrepreneur.

Peri’s motivation and diligence led him to developing his first business idea Hunk-O-Mania Entertainment, in 1998. This male dance revue show became highly successful and now operates in one of the largest nightclubs in New York City.


He received a great deal of publicity following the success of his “Hunk-O-Mania” show, which is considered to be one of the largest and most successful male revue’s for women in the world. This business venture was just the beginning for Armand as an entrepreneur.

As CEO and executive producer of the thriving powerhouse global brand, Hunk-O-Mania, Armand began a business empire.

Since, he has developed and launched multiple successful shows. One being Diva Royale, which opened in more than 10 cities across the U.S. along with becoming an accomplished investor for high end and commercial real estate.


Armand continues to advise, invest in and grow companies outside of his personal realm. A strong leader, advisor and motivational speaker, Armand is considered to be a true business mogul.

Follow Armand Peri and his journey on on Instagram @lifeperiway, Twitter: @armandperi Facebook:

Moisture Balances and Microwave Moisture Analyzers

Virtually all of the materials that surround us, including everything inside our bodies and even the food we eat, all contain moisture. Moisture is essential to everything, but only in the right circumstances and quantities. Every substance needs to have the right amount of moisture in order to keep its quality under control. Moisture is crucial to every substance because too much or too little moisture can drastically impact the properties of the material.

Moisture is so important that having slightly more or less will cause the substance to change weight, change the rate of thermal expansion, amalgamation, different range of microbial activity, and even conductivity to electrical energy.

For those reasons, we need to accurately measure the levels of moisture in a substance in order to ensure quality. This is where moisture balances and microwave moisture analyzers come in to play.

Moisture Balances (Analyzers)

Moisture balances, or analyzers, are devices that measure the moisture in materials and substances. These devices all come with their own set of strengths and weaknesses, depending on the specific characteristics of the substance you’re measuring. Substance samples can vaporize or decompose during heating, and this is one of the problem moisture balances are facing.  Because of this, some substances that are extremely temperamental are better for measuring using a Karl Fischer analyze, or moisture balancers with some extremely specific capacities.

This is not the problem for most ordinary materials, and they can be perfectly measured and analyzed with a moisture balances analyzer. Using a moisture balances analyzer offers you easier, controllable, and repeatable heating, measurement and analyzing or certain materials. Compared to Karl Fisher, using a simple moisture balances analyzer cost nothing and required far less equipment. This makes moisture balance analyzers the preferred analyzers that are more optimal and pragmatic, as well as suitable for most types of tests.

Apart from ordinary moisture analyzers, there are microwave moisture analyzers that are far better than their ancestors, and we are going to tell you about the best microwave moisture analyzers in the world.

Smart 6

The Smart 6 from CEM is the gold standard in moisture and solids analysis. The Smart 6 is the best technologically advanced moisture and solids analyzer in the world that uses a system that utilizes a combination of both microwave and infrared to analyze the moisture in virtually any material or substance. The Smart 6 uses this patented dual-frequency energy drying that provides the best and most rapid moisture and solids analysis available.

It is almost 40% faster, than compared to its previous unit the Smart 5 Turbo, and can analyze both dry and wet products in one system. It utilized AOAC approved methodology, and it is compact and lightweight, best for easy at line placements. This makes the Smart 6 one of the best Microwave Moisture Analyzers.

The Patented dual frequency drying will analyzer wet and dry samples with speeds never matched before in microwave moisture analyzers. It is a top of the line technology that uses a combination of infrared and microwave energy as a source and is controlled by an intelligent processing system. The dual frequency technology prevents burning and incomplete drying, which is very common in single frequency moisture analyzers. It is accurate, fast, repeatable and it offers the best results for virtually any sample type and any test.

Tech & Podcast With Rueben Wood


Rueben Wood is a Brand Ambassador for one of the fastest growing social media apps of 2018, known as The VoizApp. The VoizApp allows users to record messages longer than typical voice notes, post pictures, videos, and more. Currently, the app boasts almost 100,000 downloads. Wood is also the host of popular entertainment podcast SOM Talk Live, curating interviews with some of today’s top celebs, influencers, models, entrepreneurs, and more!

We recently got to sit down with Wood and interview him about his involvement with The VoizApp and exactly what SOM Talk Live is about.


How did you become a brand ambassador for The VoizApp?

It came about from a meeting I had with one of the founders. We had a couple of meetings actually before that happen.

What does being a brand ambassador entail? Since it’s tagged in your IG profile, does it have benefits?

Me being a brand ambassador means I promote the app, I bring people to it, and I build awareness around it in different areas and industries. The most exciting part is being apart of the process as it develops. Yes, it has many benefits, including being in the forefront of the app’s marketing efforts.

How is The VoizApp different from other social media platforms?

It’s focus on audio, and the use of voice recording make it different. Each social platform is different in its own way, but The VoizApp is the most close-knit community-based app where people can interact with a more personal touch.

Being the Host Of SOM Talk Live and brand ambassador must be hard, so how do you find balance?

I personally create it, nothing comes easy. I have so much going on, and so much I had to do to be able to focus on my brand it was almost to the where if I don’t have the balance I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. I mostly plan out everything before I do it, so there is less setbacks and more success.


So what type of guest do you find have the best conversations?

I would have to say the ladies I’m interviewing since it’s the most entertaining to listeners. Not knocking none of the guys in any industry I’ve had on the show but, listeners cater to the women more and they seem to be the most lax.

Where did SOM Talk Live come from?

Me just doing consistent audio interviews for SOM Magazine. Just figured I needed to create a platform for the audio interviews alone separate from the magazine. It actually worked, I’m just thankful for the people that support it, and listen to it.


Where can people find out more about you?, the app, the show

Why GymShark Considers Shopify Plus The Best Ecommerce Platform In The Market

Shopify Plus has been a knight in shining armor for many online stores and has helped them scale on their superb features. Shopify Plus can easily be considered the best e-commerce platform in the market today, click here for more details. This fitness brand, in particular, went through an eye-opening experience that led them to approach Shopify Plus. In the event of the Black Friday flash sale, the brand ended up undergoing a site crash due to massive traffic, which led them to incur major losses.

Shopify Plus came to the rescue of the famous fitness brand and helped them follow a strategy that allowed them to gain more than 9 times the return on investment on their Black Friday social media campaign among other positive changes.


A Brief History Of GymShark

GymShark uses Shopify Plus to increase scalability and a customized shopping experience

The brainchild of Ben Francis, who founded it in 2012 in the UK, GymShark was initially run from his mother’s garage. Though GymShark first used the platform of Shopify to run its store online, they ended up going for Magento since Shopify Plus had not yet been invented. Through Magento, they were able to set up their website in about 6 to 8 months. The process for launching their brand online was very lengthy, and the cost for maintaining and building it ran in hundreds of thousands of dollars.  After putting in so much effort, time and resources, they were hit by a major event that led them to lose almost a hundred and forty thousand dollars in terms of lost sales. This was at the time of Black Friday flash sales. Apart from the loss in terms of sales, the Black Friday website crash cost them the loss of many loyal customers.


Shifting To Shopify Plus

Women’s gym wear by GymShark

Following the Black Friday debacle under the platform of Magento, GymShark made the decision to replatform to Shopify. The only difference being that this time GymShark was using Shopify Plus as an e-commerce platform to be prepared for the highly scalable demand for its products. Shopify Plus offered some of the best features for not only managing and handling high volumes of traffic and subscriptions but also for creating a next level customer experience. With Shopify Plus tools of automation and customization of campaigns, GymShark ensures that the customers enjoy the whole shopping experience. Shopify Plus has allowed GymShark to run promotions through their site, reward with complimentary gifts, and even customize the visibility of certain shipping options for some locations. The platform has also allowed GymShark to enhance the user experience for mobile e-commerce, a feature that would take a long time to be set up on Magento. GymShark has often revealed that Shopify Plus was indeed the best e-commerce platform for their business.

Img source:


Next Level Customer Experience

GymShark also offers a great experience to customers through the Shopify POS system for organizing world tours for fan meetings and exhibitions and in-person sales for customers. Their tool has also allowed GymShark to merge online and offline customer experiences. In the age of micro-influencers reigning on different social media and digital platforms, Shopify Plus has made it possible for GymShark to leverage the tools on offer to create memorable experiences for customers.

Img source:

Multi Channel Presence

Shopify Plus has allowed GymShark to share their content across different digital platforms. Instead of testing their content across digital platforms, they followed a backward approach where they first decided the platforms as well as the sizes and formats that would suit different content types. Their Facebook campaign actually gained appreciation from the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg herself.

Shopify Plus comes with great aesthetics that has allowed GymShark to share some of the brightest and aesthetically appealing content. This has been an important factor in itself, in drawing customers to the products.

Img source:

Shopify Plus Overall Experience

The Black Friday debacle led GymShark to replatform to Shopify Plus. This led them to gain as much as a 197 percent increase in their holiday revenue, apart from a $ 128 million of revenue in the 2018 Financial Year. Allowing ample leverage to GymShark, Shopify Plus has let the popular gym brand to increase scalability through its different features. The Black Friday crash was an eye-opener, and instead of the website breaking down, with Shopify Plus, GymShark can use the traffic to generate more and more leads. Lead generation means increased sales and profits. So, with Shopify Plus, the problem of handling massive amounts of traffic is also dealt with. The automation tool, Scripted, has allowed GymShark to provide a very different checkout experience to all its customers.

Everything About Presale Passwords

So you want to get the ticket for that big upcoming event, but you are not sure if there will be any available by the time you come to buy it. And that is where presale can come as a savior. Presale is a process when something is sold or made available to the customer before it is on the public on-sale.

And with the internet being a huge thing for the past few decades, presale passwords have become pretty popular. Now, there is a chance that you didn’t hear for presale passwords or the so-called codes, so that is why we are there to make the whole term easier. Throughout the article, we will take a look at how it works and what are the benefits. Let’s begin!


Img source:

How Does It Work

Now, the way presale passwords work is through websites like Ticketmaster or Live Nation. What happens is that if you have an account on one of these you are likely to be emailed a presale password for a certain event. Now, don’t count on this as a 100% option as sometimes these websites fail to update you on time. And of course, for some events, Live Nation, for example, can’t get the codes as these are meant for members of a certain club (whether it is a fan club, credit card club, etc.). That is why joining these can help as well, as you will be receiving monthly offers that way. And don’t forget that regular venues and even radio stations can have their own form of presale handout as well, so be sure to follow those if you want to get the most out of it. Don’t forget the social media as well, as a lot of the times these codes can be acquired via certain links.

Once you have your code for an event you put it in the specialized box on one of the previously mentioned websites Ticketmaster or Live Nation, redirect yourself to the event’s page, and it’s done, you have bought a ticket at a discount price just on time! Just be sure to be ready at any moment, as presale passwords are handed out pretty fast!


The Credit Cards Question

Chances are if you have the right credit card you will able to get much better presale options (as certain venues and stadiums have promotional offers with the same). Your best bet is either an American Express card or a regular Mastercard.


Img source:

The Benefits Of Presale Tickets

A thing you have to know is that when the on-public sale time comes, a lot of the tickets will already be gone. In some cases even 90% of the tickets are sold during the presale – whether its Amex package, fan club presale, or another type of social media promotions. Chances are if you wait for the public sale you will not have enough luck to get the ticket – the thing is most of the tickets left are VIP packages, and those cost quite a bit more.

So other than the benefit of acquiring your ticket on time, you will be paying somewhat less as well. And one of the major benefits for the concert managers is the fact that the event is promoted even more. Especially if radio stations are handing out presale passwords, it will be heard about the certain event, shared on the social media and probably it will be part of the daily talk for a lot of people out there!


Img source>

SuperBowl Tickets

Taking into consideration that already 75% of the SuperBowl tickets are divided between the 32 teams and representatives your best chance of getting one is playing the SuperBowl lottery. If you win, you get two tickets and the chance to enjoy a world-renowned event!


GlobalGathering 2009


As you can see the benefits of presale passwords are numerous, and there is no reason why you would try it out yourself. Chances are if you stay updated and ready on time you will get to enjoy the wanted event from some of the front rows!

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