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Making your mark on the business world through personal branding

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their face.

Eyes might well be a window to the soul, but a face can give you even greater insights to a person – a sense of their character, their trustworthiness, their personality, and their energy.

This insight is what people in the business call a ‘personal brand,’ and its impact cannot be underestimated.

You might have heard a lot of chatter about personal branding in recent years. It is definitely a business marketing technique that is effective and impactful, but many people have been a bit slow to jump on board with the concept.

Perhaps they don’t fully understand what it is and how it works. Or maybe they just don’t like having their photos taken – and photos are a very important part (I would suggest THE most important part) of personal branding.

Personal branding, in its very simplest terms, is a message and an image that really encapsulate who you are and show why you stand out from the rest. It is kind of like “here I am, in a nutshell – see why I’m unique” – and it makes people want to connect and engage with you.

As a personal branding photographer, I work with many small business owners and entrepreneurs in Cairns, north Queensland. These are people who know just how important the concept of “selling” themselves and what they represent is to business success What I enjoy most about doing these types of shoots is the opportunity to learn about who a person is – their passion, their business, their challenges, their goals – and to reflect the very nucleus of the person back through the lens. I want their story to be captured on film, and evident to others who look at it.

Let’s face it – there’s nothing more boring than a photo that is staged and rigid and one-dimensional. Too often, this is the sort of image that businesses choose to use on their social media and marketing collateral, and honestly, it does nothing to draw people in.

A photograph that is focused on personal branding, however, will have vibrancy and life and context. It will immediately start to build a relationship with anyone who looks at it and make them want to know more about you. The most important thing, however, is that this sort of photo will increase the chances of people wanting to do business with you because they feel as if they already know a bit about who you are and the type of business you run.

A great personal branding photo can be directly linked to improved business success, just as any marketing tool can improve outcomes. It’s just important that you make sure the photos are high quality and done by an expert who understands what personal branding is all about – and that they are used optimally in your business. Personal branding images should be used on all professional and personal social media platforms where you have a presence – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – as well as on your website and on all your marketing collateral.

This is “you” that is being put out there – so make sure it is the best “you” possible.

Workers Compensation Insurance – How does it work?

As a result of activism on the part of labor unions back in the 1900’s we have what we today call Workers Compensation Insurance. What this basically means is that employers compensate for whatever accident happens to their workers during work.

The specific details of how the compensation actually works can be confusing, so we are going to try to explain what it is, what it means and why it is something you need.

According to, workers compensation insurance is important for any employee working any job, but it is of the highest importance for people who work high-risk jobs that can make it more likely for workers to get sick, or worse if they were sick to begin with, like electricians, excavators, contracting and construction jobs.


Workers compensation covers 6 things:

1. Compensation for lost wages. What this is means is that if you get injured at work and are not able to work, you will get covered for the wages that you missed out on.

2. Disability Benefits. This means if you are not able to physically do your job for a long period of time, and this was caused by your workplace, you are coverd for that.

3. Liablity insurance for legal defence. Let’s say you are suing your company, your Worker’s compensation Insurance will cover the cost of the defense.

4. Medical Benefits. Medical expenses are covered for injuries that happened at the workplace.

5. Rehabilitation Benefits. In case of a crippling injury at the workplace, rehabilitation to recovery is covered.

6. Death. If a death while at work happens, Worker’s compensation will cover the funeral expenses.

All 50 states have worker’s compensation but not all of them require that your employer provide it. You should contact your insurance agent in order to find about your specific situation.

While this is a complicated concept, there are general exclusions that will make it a bit easier for workers to understand it.

1. If a company has less than 3 workers, compensation usually won’t be required.

2. Particular states will let you to insure your self without dealing with a insurance agency.

3. Particular states won’t include subcontractors on their list.

The cost of Worker’s compensation insurance will depend onmany different things. Your company’s age, reputation, track record and location.


When employees are loking for jobs, many of them will look for worker’s compensation. This is especially the case with jobs that include risk, like construction and contracting. So having worker’s compensation insurance can spare you from losing a lot of money on lawsuits and medical bills even if your state doesn’t require it.

Considering everything said, it is not always easy to understand how it works. Policies differ from state to state, depending on the type of business that your company deals with. Therefore that can make getting the right worker’s compensation harder than it might seem. So a good choice for anyone who need worker’s compensation is to contact professionals that can help them get what they need.

How Can You Become an SEO Expert

In Facebook SEO groups, one of the major questions is, “What is the best way to learn SEO?” The confusion is easy to understand since many promise quality courses. There is good news however, as anyone can learn SEO through free online courses. This could be challenging, but surely not impossible. Better start today, as SEO changes daily. Read on to learn how to become an SEO Expert!

On-Site Optimization

Google is the best place for this, as they made a 32-page guide for best SEO practices. After studying this, any site becomes easy to understand, index, crawl by a search engine. If 32 pages are too long for you, there is also a two-page version by HubSpot.

Website Design & Development

You need at least a basic understanding of HTML web page components to become an expert in SEO. However, if you aim for forensic or technical SEO, you need much deeper knowledge. Classes at Alison are great. They are free to examine, but there is a fee for the certificate. Other good classes are the following:

Web Page Development offers systematic classes in basic languages for making and styling web pages like HTML, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Cascading Style Sheets. With Web Page Design using HTML5 and CSS3 elements, you will learn these style sheets for responsive web design. jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript implementation and design tools you can find today, which introduces you to basics of the cross-browser library.

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Local SEO & Google My Business Optimization

When developing a great local SEO, your first step should be to get, verify, and then optimize a Google My Business listing. This increases the chances of popping up on Local Finder, Google Maps, Google’s Local Pack and regular SERPs. Learning about this is free with Udemy, which teaches about getting reviews and benefits of a good profile. When your GMB is optimized, the next step is to learn Beginner Local SEO, which you can also do at Udemy.


The total amount of organic real estate available at SERPs is only a small fraction of its former self thanks to smartphones. A lot of business, therefore, introduced PPC as a part of their online marketing plan. You will need to start doing PPC if you are not, as there are many great options.

For example, Google AdWords, Google’s profit center. They make the best tutorials, and they wish for as many people as possible to know about a product. The AdWords Fundamentals Study Guide is perfect for those looking to get a certified AdWords and the basics.

Bing Ads is another alternative, often said to be better than Google AdWords. They also have a well-made training program, which can make you a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

Content Creation & Optimization

One of confirmed Google ranking factors is content. It is not a luxury to have a great marketing program content, but it is necessary. In Strategy of Content Marketing course, you learn how to develop, organize and implement content marketing strategies, as well as how to analyze and measure effectiveness. In addition, HubSpot offers Content Marketing Certification, designed to teach implementing scalable processes and promoting content, which will help build traffic and convert leads.

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Local SEO: Citation Building & Clean-up

At the moment, 50 percent of mobile searches are local. A local SEO is unique, and you need good citations, consistent NAP to appear in Google’s local pack. If you need help with these, try the following offers:

The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO Ranking takes you through all the needed steps to accomplish being visible and easily found.

Where to get Citations is a guide for those in need of knowledge on how to both build and earn citations, the essence of a local search.

Last but not least, How to Do a Local SEO Audit will help you to analyze the situation, and best determine the next steps in only 30 minutes.

Link Building

Our guess is that thematically related and editorially given links will become much more valuable soon. These meet Google webmaster guidelines and do not have anything in common with links made by using link schemes. An eBook called Illustrated Guide to Link Building is a complete guide by Search Engine Journal that illustrates when, why and how to use each technique and gain results. An Udemy course called SEO Link Building Basics serves an introductory tool for link building and focuses on fundamentals. In addition, the curiously named Noob Friendly Guide to Link Building discuses theory and teaches the necessary skills.

Social Media (Organic)

The best approach we recommend here is to stop any and all social media activity at once. A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Strategy is filled with the best practices and recommendations, while What is Social is an online course that teaches structure, goals, and the deliverables of social marketing. Also, do check out The Power of Social Media.

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Reputation Management

Reputation is the ultimate currency in the age of the web, as a couple of bad reviews can ruin everything you built. It is crucial to know how to manage the online image, and it should be done before potential problems. Me: Managing your Digital Self is a course on leveraging digital tech to your benefits, while Introduction to Personal Branding course teaches how to create personal brands and discover how to maintain and inhabit it. Finally, Reputation Management in a Digital World offers knowledge on how to develop, manage and protect online reputation through social media like Facebook or Twitter.

Social Media (Paid)

Unless you are one of the famous globally celebrities, you will have to pay for a good reach on social media. That is fine however, but should be done right. Check out the following for more advice on this:

Facebook ads are great, and Facebook offers courses and certifications. Follow the Facebook Blueprint for more info. When it comes to ads on Instagram, it has its own tutorials to start you off, different from their parent company, Facebook. Also, check their help center and business blog. Thanks to the USA president, Twitter is bigger than ever and mentioned daily. You should use this in your favor, so check out the Field Guide to Twitter Advertising: How to Create & Launch Campaigns to help you start a promising campaign.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound or permission marketing means blogging, social media and paid ads, and presents a better-targeted type of advertising that pops for the right people. To help you, try Inbound Marketing Course & Certification from HubSpot, a course that is free of charge and even gives you a free certificate. You will cover the fundamentals of SEO, landing pages, inbound marketing, conversions, blogging, email marketing and lead nurturing. That is a lot of things to know for free. Diploma in E-Business teaches about what online marketing involves and how to implement a successful strategy.

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Video Marketing

Video materials are hugely popular. More than 1 billion hours of YouTube are watched daily. Look at the following to expand your platform to a new medium. Video Marketing Primer teaches what video marketing actually means, and it will teach you basic strategies for developing a video campaign online. Also, YouTube Marketing is a detailed guide on steps for promoting, creating and optimizing great video content.

Google Penalty Recovery

Search Engine Journal has the best advice on this topic. The Complete List of Google Penalties & How to Recover post provides clear advice and recommendations for recovery from a potential Google penalty. There is a lot of misinformation present on this, so you do need a reliable guide to help you here.

The Takeaway

To conclude, digital marketing is more complex today than it has ever been. To stay on top of the fast-changing landscape, you have to make constant additional learning your number one tactic. Taking time to study and apply the knowledge will set you up for success, and make you a true SEO expert!

Make sure to check out SEO Services in Delhi for even more on everything covered in the article!

Working Online From Home

Whether you are a student looking for extra cash, a stay-at-home parent, or currently out of work, there are a lot of different online jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. These jobs are pretty easy and do not require almost any particular skills, other than being comfortable around a computer.

They offer an extra income which can be enough to pay the bills or serve as extra pocket money to get you by. The pay is different depending on what you do, but if you manage to find something fun and devote time and passion into it, you can earn as much as you with a full-time job.

Here are some of the options for you to check on how to make money online that we found the most interesting and time worthy. We are sure you will find at least one of these interesting enough to try!

image source:
  1. Micro tasks / Micro jobs

These are very easy and fast tasks, which cannot really be automated, so they need a human being to do them. They range from add clicking and viewing, app testing, completing quick surveys, finding information, tagging elements in photos, etc. They offer small amounts of money, but they are very quick and easy to do. So just do enough of them, and you are good! Great for when you are bored, on public transport or when waiting for something in a line.

  1. Data Entry

If you do not mind writing random data and are able to follow the rules and instructions, this part-time job is the one for you. Data entry is one of the most famous jobs of this kind. It is worth mentioning that it could get boring, as it is quite repetitive. Again, you need to continue doing it for a bit to make some good money. Nevertheless, it is fast and easy to do, as long as you do not mind writing random data into tables. The only things you need for this job are a computer and a program for writing.

  1. Online Tutoring

There is a number of companies who offer this service, and some are immensely famous around the world. People from all walks of life offer their expertise in a particular skill to others, most often through Skype. English teaching is the most common form of online tutoring. Interestingly, a lot of companies and students are from Asia, but the tutors can be from anywhere. These companies tend to have their own programs that are used during lessons, which last around 30 minutes on average. Native speakers are paid more for languages, while having a degree in a field will get you more money. You, of course, need to pass an interview, have a strong internet connection, a web camera, and a headset.

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  1. Content Writing / Blogging

If you love to write and have many interests related to different aspects of life, look no further. Tons of pages, sites, and blogs look for talented and artistic writers to create content for their readers. Literally, everything is an option, sports, fashion, cars, makeup, entertainment, cooking, gardening… Whatever your passion is, you can easily find a page looking for writers. The pay is often better than micro jobs and data entry, and it is not repetitive at all. You will probably get specific instructions depending on where you end up working on how they expect you to write. You will receive topics, and your writing can begin!

  1. Transcription

If you are a great listener and like video and audio material, this job is a perfect way to earn a little extra. Here, you need to write what you hear. Think of it as making subtitles for movies, as it is quite similar. You need to be good behind a keyboard and type fast and accurate. Most of the companies have their own software, and after passing the interview and tests, you are golden! Only a computer with a fast internet connection is needed. The pay varies from place to place, but is higher than numbers 1 and 2 on our list.

6 Stock Purchasing Tips for Beginners

Are you considering purchasing stocks? If so, here are six great tips to do so to ensure you get it right.

Tip 1: Make An Assessment Of Your Financial Situation

Before investing any money, be sure to have the funds available for making the commitment. One good rule of thumb to follow is to have no or little debt (especially any credit card debt) in addition to six months of living expenses placed in an emergency savings account (if you happen to have a family then it should be more).  If you have this kind of solid financial foundation, then you can be in the position to start investing in stocks.

Tip 2: Think about it in terms of return vs. risk

It is simple.  If you would like higher returns, then you need to purchase stocks carrying more risk. If you aren’t interested in taking on risky stocks, you’ll need to settle for ones that offer lower returns. A majority of investments fall somewhere in the middle range of being risk-ready and very risk-averse. That is why it is very important to…

image source:

Tip 3: Diversify

Companies vary in terms of kinds of growth patterns (ex. value and growth), volatility, sector, and size. The smartest investors do not purchase all of one kind of stock – instead, they make sure to have diversified portfolios by placing money in various mutual funds and stocks, along with various kinds of funds that have different volatility.  If all of your money was put into technology stocks during the 1990s, you would have lost everything in 2000 when the dot-com bubble burst. However, after a dip you could have got some great bargains after – these were the best cheap stocks to buy.

Tip 4: Do not get too emotional

Remember that investing is a type of long-term commitment, and it is usually intended to boost your retirement funds – and not to buy big ticket items. Investors who trade frequently based on fluctuations in the market make it more difficult on themselves. Market behavior in the short term, is frequently based on alternating emotions of enthusiasm (everybody loves the new product) and fear (the scandal that is looming is going to be really bad for business). Over the long run, the company’s bottom line earnings is what will determine the value of a stock, and companies that have a solid foundation are able to withstand lots of flack.

image source:

Tip 5: Assess the volatility of a stock

In order to anticipate the volatility of a company (and avoid having emotional reactions if the stock value suddenly drops), check its 12-month rolling standard deviation for the last 10 years.  Simply put, check the average performance of the stock of that time frame.  A normal standard deviation is around 17%, and that means it is normally for stocks to decrease or increase in value by around 17%.

Tip 6: Buy low and sell high

This might seem like obvious advice – purchase stocks when they have a lower price, and sell them when they have a higher price – but it can be hard to walk away from the blackjack table in Vegas when you are in the middle of a winning streak.  In order to protect your overall stock portfolio against above-average risk, sell the stocks that have performed well and place the gains into underperforming stocks. It appears counterintuitive maybe, but that is the essence of getting a portfolio rebalanced.  So if the standard deviation of a stock is 15%, and in a short period of time it drops by more than 15%, then it might be a good time to purchase more of this stock and rebalance – since you know it is likely that it will increase in price again.

SEO firm Brisbane

How many times have you heard of SEO? Everyone who has attempted to market something online must have heard of content marketing and the optimisation that goes with it. In case your texts aren’t SEO friendly, it will be hard for you to place your product or services online and deliver them for your audience to see. This is definitely the segment that should not be disregarded and the SEO firm Brisbane, Australia will make sure this doesn’t happen.

SEO Box is a company located in Brisbane, and we provide high-quality SEO Services? What do those services include?

We are going to provide the whole SEO solution, and as an experienced agency, we will execute your online marketing campaigns systematically. Keyword analysis, link building, website traffic report and page optimization are essential factors which improve your SEO score, and we will do anything in our power to increase the visibility and the credibility of your brand.

image source:

Our way is the right way

What you need to differentiate before you start using the SEO services is that our team from Brisbane is that there are white hat and black hat solutions.

The black hat SEO means that the techniques which are used to improve the search rankings are unethical and they are disapproved by the search engines. Furthermore, by using such techniques, you are putting your site at risk – it can be banned, penalized and de-indexed, which can all leave terrible consequences on your business and the marketing campaign. This includes link farming, hidden texts and links, blog comment spam and some other things which should not be used.

However, there is none of that with SEO Box. We will do everything in accordance with the rules and regulations. That is why the results will last longer and not only short-term goals will be achieved, but the long-term ones as well. Our team will meticulously analyze and research any topic you have provided and we will re-write meta tags to be more relevant, upgrade the content and the web design as well. All of that is essential for improving your ranking.

Who can use our services?

Even though we are an SEO company from Brisbane, anyone who wants to promote their brand and become visible online can contact us. And the great news is that it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you reside. We are welcoming everyone who needs help with SEO, and we will be glad to assist you.

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What can we do for you?

In case you are just starting out, or you want to scale your business, and you don’t have a website, you have nothing to worry about. Our experts will design a customized website according to your business model pattern. Furthermore, the website will be created in such a way that will be suitable for those who want to access it through their mobile devices.

For those who already have a website, we can provide Google ranking service. After we have assessed your business situation at the given moment and analyzed your competition and where they stand, our professionals will outline the detailed SEO strategy both for content creation and marketing outreach.

But that’s not all – detailed traffic analysis reports will be provided to you. With it, doing business online will become easier than ever before. This is excellent for those who are just making their presence on the World Wide Web!

What are you thinking about? With the SEO experts from SEO Box, you will raise your business to the new heights. There is no need for you to be worried about it because we will handle everything instead. Just give us a call!

Linking News – Why You Should Use a White Label (Private Label) Press Release Distribution Service

What do you feel about getting your press releases getting featured in the top media outlets that are available in the market? What do you feel about a press release distribution service that guarantees that your press releases will get published in these sites and many more? What do you feel about a press release distribution service provider, which further promises to increase the traffic generated by your website and optimize the SEO quality of the same? Obviously, you would feel elated, since such services can only be provided by the best press release distribution service provider in the market. Linking News is exactly that company, which guarantees distribution and placement of your press release on the top news and media sites, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Reuters, MSNBC, and more with their White Label Press Release Distribution Solutions.

Linking News, the best press release distribution services provider, has the strongest network in the entire industry, including more than 10000 news outlets and over 1000 social media networks around the globe.This huge list of contacts makes the company a formidable one, and best suited to tackle your press release distribution needs with finesse and expertise. Apart from their huge list of contacts, Linking News has been in the business of press release distribution for a considerable amount of time, which means considerable experience and exposure in the field to grant them the credibility and reliability that the best press release distribution service provider needs to possess.

image source:

White Label Press Release Distribution Service Offered by Linking News

The White Label Press Release Distribution Service that Linking News provides is the example of another brilliant service that makes the company the best in the business. White Label Press Release Distribution means when you use a third-party press release distribution service, your press release will not be published on its official website, and the brand of the third-party press release distribution service will not be mentioned in your press release and report. Your clients or competitors will never know that you use a paid press release distribution service to help you get your business featured on the major news and media sites.

There are a lot of press release distribution services in the industry but they DON’T offer the “White Label Press Release Distribution Service”. Not having white label press release distribution means that whenever you are using a third-party press release distribution service, your press release will first be published on their official website before being distributed to other news outlets, and the name of the third-party press release distribution service will appear on your press release, such as “distributed by XXX”, as a source.

image source:

But Linking News is not like that. One of the reasons why they are considered the best press release distribution service is because Linking News offers a 100% white label press release distribution service as their clients’ press releases are never published on Linking News’s official website and neither is their name mentioned in the press release and report. Linking News also offers the unbranded or private label press release services.

Unbranded Press Release Distribution Report
Linking News’s brand will not be mentioned on the client’s report.

Private Label Press Release Distribution Report
An ideal and professional solution for marketing, SEO, or PR agencies; they can offer press release distribution services to their own clients with their own private brand.

Real Estate Trends and Practices Around the World

Over a decade on, the global real estate market is still feeling the scars of the so called “Great Recession”. And that’s no surprise, considering the effects of the 2008 crisis on significant markets:

In this bird’s-eye view report, we’re going to provide a quick-fire summary of recent real estate trends (focusing primarily on the residential market), what you can expect from different markets, and some of our own projections for the future. The global real estate industry is still dominated by a select few countries, with the top 20 markets representing over 80% of the total investable real estate. With this in mind, we’re going to stick to some of the aforementioned top players in the global market.

The state of the market(s)

Australia: Australian homes have been a ‘sure thing’ in investment since the turn of the century, with sharp yearly price increases as the norm. We’re only now seeing a slowdown, with Sydney’s market down 4.5% compared to last year.

United Kingdom: Prices in the UK are stagnating following several years of growth, with reports showing a fall of £26.9bn since the turn of the year. Analysts blame Brexit for the recent decline in Britain’s property market. With negotiations with the EU still in the balance, speculators are sitting tight until the situation calms. Theresa May is currently claiming that 95% of the deal is done, but uncertainty remains.

United States: The US is still in recovery mode, with a huge shift from homeowners to renters between 2006-2014. House prices are seeing an upward trend and mortgages are stable, however homeownership is still down over 6% compared to pre-recession levels.

image source:

Who’s investing (and borrowing)?

Australia: Chinese investors continue to have an important presence in Australia, with some reports suggesting foreign investment represents over 10% of trade for newly built homes and 5% of resale. The Australian government has also been keen on encouraging local investment, offering strong incentives to first-time buyers. Banks also don’t seem to be worried about an upcoming downturn, with interest-only loans still very common; Lendi’s FAQ guide to Australian home loans highlights the availability of FHOG (First Home Owners Grant) and other loan options you won’t currently find in the United States.

United Kingdom: Young people and low-paid workers are suffering, with renting becoming the norm for millenials. And while London continues to be a popular draw for businesses as the focal point of the European financial scene, things may change following Brexit. Nevertheless, Britain is still popular with foreign investors, with Middle and Far Eastern buyers continuing to pump money into the UK economy.

United States: Young people are struggling to find a presence in the real estate market, with a third still living with their parents in 2105 (up 10% compared to 2005). Difficulty in obtaining credit, growing student loan debts, and unaffordable housing in the cities that have jobs (e.g. San Francisco) all form part of the complex picture. While home prices are finally clawing their way back up, the market is now largely limited to the wealthy and property investors.

image source:

What’s in store for 2019 and beyond?

Australia: The boom times may be over for now, with properties not “flying off the shelves” as in previous years. This is partly due to design, however, with Australian authorities curbing lending and increasing taxes for foreign investors to protect local buyers. While we expect that prices will not increase in the double digits we’ve been used to, Australia still offers investors a solid long-term investment opportunity.

United Kingdom: While the base interest rate is expected to rise, mortgage rates should remain low in 2019. The UK economy is still on shaky ground and with inflation creeping upwards faster than income (not to mention the coming Brexit), we don’t expect the situation to change in the coming years. We should also see landlords losing out to first-time buyers, with buy-to-let mortgages dwindling and tax breaks coming to a close. Speculators beware.

United States: We have already seen evidence of a slowdown in prices and we think this trend will continue. The shortage of homes in the lower end of the market will remain a problem, with construction unable to keep up with demand. The thought here is that real estate will continue to be a seller’s market in the United States in 2019.