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Fenty Beauty Products Rihanna Uses And So Should You


In 2017, Rihanna’s signature beauty brand, under a name of Fenty Beauty, was launched, and made everyone wonder how it was possible to do your makeup before it existed, and without its certain products. Among them is the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation which originally came in 40 shades, and now has more added.

Rihanna’s beauty journey came as an inspiration for the brand. The whole industry was not well equipped to work universally for all skin types and tones. This doesn’t go just for the foundation, but also for other beauty products including lip glosses, highlighters, blushes, and other. Rihanna decided to change all that, but also to create playful makeup.

The Barbados born singer said: „Makeup is there for you to have fun with. It should never feel like pressure. It should never feel like a uniform. Feel free to take chances, and take risks, and dare to do something new or different.“

Products from her beauty line are being purchased around the globe, and its consumers are very pleased with them. In case you haven’t tried any of Fenty Beauty items, we made a list of the ones you should own. Take a look.

  1. Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

As it was mentioned before, this amazing foundation originally started in 40 shades, and now is available in 50. This gives you an opportunity to find the right shade for your skin tone, and apart from that, the foundation offers medium to full coverage which is buildable. The Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is pore-diffusing and shine free.

  1. Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Not only this lip gloss will flatter your skin tone, but it will also nourish your lips because of the ingredients it has, including shea butter. It comes in a range of colors and because of that, you won’t have a problem finding the right one for your skin tone. Rihanna hand picked this lip gloss with an intense shine as the ultimate finish for any look.

  1. Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

This super-pow highlighter originally came in shade named Trophy Wife, but now comes in a range shades and duos. It is buildable for maximum attention, and you can use it on your face, collarbone, or any other part of your body. Thanks to its cream/powder hybrid formula, it is weightless.

  1. Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush 120

The shape of this brush was inspired by a shark tooth, and it will help you with applying your highlighter. With its curve-hugging bristles, you will surely make your face or body glow.

  1. Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color

Thanks to its weightless and long-wearing texture, this liquid lipstick might become one of your favourites. Like previously mentioned products on our list, it also comes in a range of colors which are universally flattering. High-impact color and a soft matte finish will leave you breathless.

  1. Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick


This long-wearing matte lipstick comes in 24 different shades. Its slim design is both pretty and practical, because you will be able to put it on your lips with precision.

  1. Body Lava Body Luminizer

The Body Lava Body Luminizer will make your skin look sun-kissed and super glowy, thanks to its combination of light-diffusing micropearls and sheer color.

  1. Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation

If you liked the original Pro Filt’r foundation, you will enjoy this one too. Apart from having everything like the original, it has added hydration and leaves a natural finish on your skin. Its ingredients, which include Grape Seed Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate, will make sure your skin is nourished. Like the original, this one also comes in 50 shades.

  1. Pro Filt’r Hydrating Primer

Primer comes before the foundation, so we had to include one in our list. Primer nourishes your skin and improves the wear of your foundation. Apart from that, it can soften and smooth your skin, creating a blurring effect which will help your makeup to make it through the day.

  1. Match Stix Matte Skinsticks

This stix comes in 22 different colors. Its design is absolutely beautiful, and it is for sure that your ultimate touch-up for your base never looked so mesmerizing. Rihanna uses this stix herself, and apparently Honey for concealer and Caramel as contour.

  1. What It Dew Makeup Refreshing Spray


This fine mist can be used for different things, including for makeup prep, to set your look when you are done, or to refresh your face throughout the day. Because of its complex of herbal extracts like borage or cornflower, the lightweight spray will hydrate your skin. Another good thing about it is that it is not sticky.

  1. Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara

The Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara is relatively new addition to the brand, and thanks to its flat-to-fat brush, you will love it. Depending on which side you use it, the lightweight mascara can volumize, lift, lengthens and curl your lashes. It is long-wearing and waterproof.

  1. Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner

Last but not least on our list is this creamy, long-wearing pencil eyeliner. It comes in 20 shades and is water-resistant. You can choose from matte to shimmer, and glitter to metallic. You won’t have to sharpen it because it is a twist-up.

Top Ten Breathtaking Photos of Anveshi Jain


Anveshi Jain is an Indian model and actress. On her Instagram account, she calls herself the most googled actress, singer, engineer, and a dating coach. These are her top ten jaw-dropping pictures:

1. Amazing Curves

Anveshi is well-known for her hourglass shaped figure. This nude dress lays perfectly on her stunning body.

Image source: Instagram

2. A Slightly See-Through Top

Tied up shirt and well-fitting jeans. You could just imagine what she would look like in the rain with this outfit.

Image source: Instagram

3. Red for Love

Jain sure looks stunning in all red. Showing a little, but not too much.

Image source: Instagram

4. Casual Summer Dress

Anveshi seems like she is enjoying every part of her life. Her smile proves that.

Image source: Instagram

5. Bedroom Fantasy

Her exotic appearance and seductive look cannot leave you feeling neutral.

Image source: Instagram

6. Ready to Go Out

Anveshi poses after getting ready to go out. Her gold jewelry looks amazingly combined with a baby blue dress.

Image source: Instagram

7. Black and White

The colorless photo takes us back in time, wondering would she become a beauty icon back in the ’50s?

Image source: Instagram

8. Flawless Hair

Her hair looks remarkably healthy and beautiful.

Image source: Instagram

9. Blue Dream

Anveshi posted her outstanding looks, captioning: “You are my favorite distraction.”

Image source: Instagram

10. Legs Out

Adventurous outfit fits perfectly on Anveshi, especially because she adores traveling.

Image source: Instagram

New “Mrs. West Collection” by Kim Kardashian West


World famous American fashion model, businesswoman and actress known for her beauty, contour technique, and lavish curves- Kim Kardashian West age 39, launches a new clothing collection cutely named “Mrs. West Collection”. Kardashian has developed an online and social media presence, including hundreds of millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram, which allowed her to create numerous products, games and a clothing line in her name.

source: Instagram

In 2019 she launched “Skims”, which was previously called “Kimono” but the name was changed due to immediate backlash for cultural appropriation, where you can buy her products as well. The collection “Mrs. West Collection” features enhancing undergarments for every body type, as well as in every skin shade.
Carefully thought through it features sizes from XXS to 5X, catering for a wide range of body types, while not excluding anyone. By celebrating all body types she gained a surge of following on her social media. The reminder for purchasing both the West Collection and the Cotton collection are accompanied by beautiful pictures on her Instagram page, which compliment the theme of the apparel quite beautifully. The collection is available for purchase at and on where you can enjoy free domestic shipping on purchases over 75$ and 50$ respectively.

Match Makeup To Clothes – 7 Beauty Tips

Every experienced makeup artist knows best which makeup suits which outfit. From color combinations to contours, you cannot afford to make one mistake because it can destroy the look of your client, and most importantly, waste a lot of time. Many makeup enthusiasts often ask about how to match their makeup with a specific outfit. Sadaf Torabi, one of the most experienced and sought-after makeup artists and trainers, suggests the following tips:

1. White and silver

Metallic lip glosses have become the hottest trend after Rihanna paired it with her white, metallic makeup. People always thought that metallic powder looked clubby and bold. In reality, it looks delicate and romantic. Moreover, with a white outfit, metallic silver will look gorgeous. It is suitable for every type of skin tone.

But make sure you use ultra-fine shimmer or no shimmer at all. Metallic silver looks best when you have a matte finish. Using shimmer can disturb that combination. If you can’t live without shimmer, try to use it lightly on your cheeks and your eye shadow. Please don’t overdo it.

2. Yellow and maroon

Many call this combination the hot-dog style. Hot-dog or not, you will look the hottest in your group if you ace this blend. Yellow outfits accentuate your skin tone. Therefore, try wearing a bright yellow dress so that your makeup doesn’t let you down. As for the composition, go for a maroon lipstick and eye shadow. Quite recently, Jenifer Lopez sported this look and became the glam girl all over again.

You can choose between a glossy or matte lipstick. Remember, the type of lipstick you want should also match your eye shadow. Therefore, if you select a maroon matte lipstick, you should also get a matte finish eye shadow. On the other hand, you can go for a glittery eye shadow if you choose a glossy lipstick.

3. Nautical stripes and fuchsia

Many people believe that pink makes them look less sophisticated and less serious. But this expert looks at it differently. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the makeup industry have helped her test various makeup ideas on her clients. She believes that fuchsia is ideal for daytime events. Over the years, she has endorsed a variety of beauty products, in which she found that fuchsia was widely popular among people.

She is also of the opinion that fuchsia looks incredibly sweet on women with darker skin tones. Also, it would help if you paired it with a suitable outfit. Nautical stripes look best if you want to wear fuchsia lipstick and eye shadow. Try wearing a dress with navy-blue and white stripes. It will highlight your fuchsia makeup correctly.

4. White and brown

The advantage of wearing a white outfit is you can try a variety of makeup with it. You can go for light powder or even try slightly darker shades. Of course, don’t go for black lipstick and eye shadow. It’s not a coloring game that you can try whatever comes to mind. This expert thinks that you should always try earthy colors with white outfits to stand out from everyone. Please don’t make it too bold.

For example, brown is the new black these days. It fits that earthy color description perfectly. Brown stands out spectacularly, especially if you pair it with a white outfit. You may want to choose marine colors like aqua-blue or coral green. That is usually a tricky decision because you need to consider your skin tone also. Brown looks gorgeous on almost everyone, irrespective of their skin tone.

5. Black and burgundy

The expert shares tons of makeup tutorials on her Instagram page. In one of her videos, she explained the importance of matching dark outfits with dark-colored makeup. She feels that you shouldn’t always contrast light with dark all the time. For example, black and burgundy look stunning if you pair them correctly.

Make sure you wear a jet-black dress. It’s helpful if it has a touch of burgundy on it. Never mind if there isn’t. You need to focus on the type of black finish while selecting burgundy makeup. For example, a glossy black dress will pair best with bright burgundy lipstick.

Similarly, if you go for a matte black dress, select a matte burgundy lipstick. Ideally, it would be best if you didn’t go for an eye shadow with this combination. However, you can wear false eyelashes and put on some mascara to highlight your eyes, making them look awake.

6. Navy and bronze

Julianne Moore stunned everyone at the Golden Globes recently with her sparkling navy-blue gown and smoky brown makeup. Since then, the combination is doing the rounds in the entire fashion industry. Bronze allows you to maintain that boldness yet creates a smoky appearance, thus making you distinctly different from everyone.

In one of her Instagram videos, the expert talked about the importance of nude makeup. She suggests that you can go for a navy outfit with bronze makeup, but make sure you also use nude shades. For example, you can use bronze eyeliner to do the eyes and a light bronze shade as an eye shadow. But make sure you use nude lipstick instead of bronze. You need to know where to put what color to look different.

7. Red and red

Red has something magical in it. That’s why it never goes out of style. Like white, you can pair it with almost any color. But going all red can make you look that much hotter than others. People usually experiment with different shades of red. Although it is not something you shouldn’t do, it is better to stick to a single shade. Therefore, try to match your lipstick color with the color of your outfit. Women with dark skin tone can go for a lighter shade while those with a fair skin tone can select a comparatively darker shade. Also, pair this combination with nude eye shadow.

With so many options, you shouldn’t have to think about combining your outfit with your makeup. Follow these ideas, and you’ll soon find yourself making a lot of heads turn.

7 Best Men Skincare Tips and Routines

You’re a man.

As for you, when someone says “facial skin care”, think that this is certainly not a topic that might interest you. It’s enough to wash your face and apply a lotion after shaving or regularly trimming your beard, right?

You are not interested in moisturizers, peels, different creams and the like. Who else has the time and the nerve to take the steps women to incorporate into their daily beauty routine?

We understand your position.

But at the same time, we want to draw your attention to the fact that taking care of the appearance of your facial skin does not have to be complicated at all. On the contrary. Plus, small changes will bring you a healthy one that looks good in no time.

We promise you that this text will not take up too much time, and we will give you simple and applicable tips.

Here we go now.

Clean it carefully

Don’t just grab the first soap and rub off your face with intense movement. This will dry out the skin, cause redness, and badly affect its structure.

Find a face cleanser that suits your type. A good product will help you thoroughly cleanse your face and remove any impurities from the pores that can lead to irregularities (pimples, blackheads, etc.).
Find an agent with the most natural ingredients and, if possible, tailored to your needs. There are numerous products available on the market for dry, oily, normal or combination skin.

You can even use natural cleansing oils as they will gently cleanse, without irritation. Of course, choose the oils according to your skin type:
-olive, coconut or almond oil for dry

-sage oil for a delicate type

-rosemary, jojoba or sesame oil for oily and combination skin

And if you still prefer industrial cosmetics then choose:
-Milk or face cleanser if you have dry
-Facial cleansing gel is a good choice for normal and combination types
-Oily acne prone skin can be helpful for an agent that is exactly the type that contains ingredients like salicylic acid, whose antibacterial action can have a positive effect

Whatever you choose, be gentle. Always apply the appropriate product to the type with light, massaging movements, without intensive rubbing.

Wash moderately

Washing too often can dry your face. Deep clean once or twice a day. If you decide to do it once a day, let it be in the evening. This will wash away any impurities and prepare you for regeneration.

While we sleep, the skin is resting from the many stressful situations we go through during the day. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to recover from the effects of the sun, wind, cold, air pollution and other external factors that cannot be protected during the day. In addition, during the night the cells undergo mitosis – a division with the help of which it is restored. Because of all this, it is important to clean your face before bed.
If you want to freshen up, especially during the summer months, wash with cold or lukewarm water without using cleansers. This will add a dose of hydration, without the negative consequences.

After washing, remove any excess water by gently tapping with a towel. Rough rubbing will lead to premature wrinkles.

Remove traces of sunscreen products

As much as they are allied during the day, creams with SPF factor can be an enemy of our skin at night. As some of the ingredients in these products cause damage to cells if they are also active at night, be sure to remove them before going to bed.

Use exfoliants

Exfoliation is not reserved for ladies only. It is indispensable in you because it removes impurities, loosens pores, and helps with regeneration. The natural process of cell regeneration leads to the buildup of dead cells, which if not removed regularly, can make it look rough and dry, with clogged pores. In addition, deep peeling paves the way for moisturizing products that penetrate deeper, making them more effective.

Also, peeling products are applied by massaging, helping to keep the skin soft and smooth. This will also make shaving easier and more detailed and will prevent the dull ingrown hairs.

Don’t neglect hydration

Regardless of whether you choose a moisturizer, light oil, or other product, regular hydration in your daily routine must be labeled “mandatory”.

Hydrate twice a day to maintain its elasticity. Hydration products are rich in vitamins and nutrients. In addition to nurturing, they also create a barrier that protects against external influences. Garnier is known for its great men’s care products.

Also choose this type of product relative to your type and apply it on a clean and dry face. For dry, choose products that have ingredients like olive and argan oil, shea butter and lanolin. Oily type also needs hydration, but choose moisturizers with lightweight structure and ingredients tailored to this skin type.

When hydrating, do not forget the eye area. This part of the face is prone to premature aging, so it is essential that you help it maintain its freshness and elasticity. This is especially important for men in their mature years, but it is never too early for adequate care. Use it daily, as irregular use will not produce results.

Apply with gentle movements as it is thinner in this area than in other parts of the face. And always choose moisturizing products intended for the area around the eyes, as inadequate creams and oils can clog pores and cause irritation.

And of course – pay attention to your lips. The skin on the lips does not have as much sebaceous glaze as the rest of the face has, so it tends to dry and crack easily. Use balm or coconut oil to keep your lips hydrated, gentle and nourishing. During the winter, be sure to intensify care.

Take care while shaving

For starters, always use a good razor. Choose sharp and quality instead of cheap. If using disposables, give preference to those with a double blade.

Wash with warm water before shaving. The heat of the water will soften your skin and hair follicles, making it easier to shave. This step is also important, of course, to remove traces of impurities and bacteria from the surface.

Apply shaving cream or gel to moist skin and leave for a few minutes to further soften the beard and facilitate shaving. Make sure you find a good shaving gel that will not irritate you.

Sun protection

The sun’s rays are among the 6 causes of premature aging.

Specifically, the skin aging process is about 80% related to the amount of sunlight we have been exposed to throughout our lives. Sun rays cause the appearance of wrinkles, aging spots, reduce elasticity and increase the risk of cancer. The one that has been exposed to the sun longer becomes dry, rough, full of wrinkles.

That is why it is important that you use sun protection products. Use moisturizing creams with SPF factor 15 in winter and 30 in summer.


With this recommendation, we have reached the end of the text, and we hope that during the reading, you have decided to devote more time and attention to your face. You will admit that the tips are not complicated to implement and will not take you too long, and the results will certainly be great.

What is the Most Expensive Perfume in the World Today

The fragrance you wear can say a lot about you. Pricey scents are renown because their value goes beyond their style and smell to include the power they bring to the wearer. Those who are determined to be on top are quick to ask, “what is the most expensive perfume in the world today?”.

Make the best possible impression when you enter a room. Yes, it’s in the firmness of your handshake, your smile and what you wear. It’s also in how you smell. Here’s your brand new secret weapon: Groomingwise.

The popularity of this amazing fragrance has done nothing but increase since it first hit the market. It smells amazing and it’s long-lasting quality proves it’s worth every penny you pay for it. This is a men’s cologne unlike any other available on the market right now.

And what’s really interesting about the price of Creed Aventus is that it’s surprisingly not overwhelming. Though it’s easy to guess that the priciest perfume you could pay for today would cost you several thousands, this one can be found for under $500.

The Creed Aventus Experience

What makes this perfume so expensive? No doubt you could pay a lot less for a quality fragrance and get something that’s quite impressive. But Creed Aventus is different and well worth the buy.

The kind of men who would wear this scent recognize the importance of high quality cologne. They know and often own an array of the top brands. Still, it’s not rare for Creed Aventus wearers to report that this fragrance gets them the most compliments.

A lot of care goes into the making of delightful mix of fruits, woods, and musk. The manufacturer describes it as a fruity chypre scent. Some of the notes that’ll hit your senses include birch, pineapple, black currant and amber along with the musk.

But what makes this men’s fragrance truly special is the inspiration behind it. Oliver Creed, a master perfumer, and his son Erwin made Aventus as a tribute to the remarkable life of a historic emperor.

This scent is made specifically to bestow feelings of success, strength, and power on the wearer. In fact, the translation for the name Aventus is “from the wind”. It’s a fragrance for those who live life driven.

Though Creed Aventus is the current answer to, “what is the most expensive perfume in the world today?”, it’s hardly the priciest there ever was. There are a number of noteworthy scents in history whose price tag was bigger than the savings of most.

The Most Expensive Perfumes Ever Sold

Guinness World Records names Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Majesty as the most expensive fragrance that’s available commercially. The scent comes in a bottle made of real crystal and 18 karat gold topped with a 5 carat white diamond. It gets delivered in a Bentley.

Yes, you can get your very own bottle of Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Majesty for the simple investment of $215,000. The only issue is that only ten bottles of it were ever made. The perfumer who made it, Clive Christian himself calls this fragrance the perfume “after his own heart”.

In the elaborate bottle is 500ml of Clive’s Absolute perfume oil. The alluring signature smell of this full-bodied, famously long-lasting perfume features notes of jasmine, sandalwood, and rose.

For those asking “what is the most expensive perfume in the world” with a thought to buy, the six-figure price of No. 1 Imperial Majesty might be a bit too rich for their pockets. Still, this is far from the costliest cologne of all time.

How much would you be willing to spend for a luxury fragrance that won you all the right attention? For true enthusiasts, owning the fragrance isn’t all about wearing it.

Take Shumukh for example. It comes at a cool cost of $1.295 million and was put on display at the Dubai Mall. For that price, you do get a three-liter bottle.

And what a bottle it is! Made of Italian Murano crystal, the bottle features a total of 38.55 carats of diamonds and several 18 karat gold ornaments, including roses, Arabian horses, a falcon, and a globe.

Shumukh’s bottle is also adorned with huge pearls and 5.9 kilos of pure silver. It even comes on a large, cushioned leather stand. But the name of this perfume pretty much says it all. The word Shumukh in Arabic means “deserving the highest”.

And Shumuhk is just one of quite a few of the world’s ultra-opulent fragrances. Each one is known for their enticing, rich signature aromas and ornate bottles made of fine materials like jewels, silver, gold, crystal, and pearls.

What Makes Perfume So Expensive?

Indulgent, fancy bottles are one thing. It’s easy to understand that precious metals are costly. But what is it about a fine fragrance that allows some to cost more than most people’s houses? It’s far more than just about the brand or being posh.

Luxury perfumes, much like their bottles, are made of rare and fine ingredients that require great resources to acquire. It takes about 240,000 jasmine flowers, for example, just to get an ounce of oil for perfume making.

Indeed, jasmine is a delicate flower that can only be picked at night. And it has to be handpicked. One expert jasmine flower picker can collect about 10,000 flowers in a single night. It takes 24 experts working all night to get enough flowers for a single ounce of oil.

The Finest Fragrances for the Fattest Pockets

Of course, not everyone who buys a luxury fragrance lives the life of leisure. These perfumes have benefits that make them a worthwhile investment for the ambitious. It allows their very presence to be a unique, memorable experience for the senses.

That Creed Aventus is the current winner on the market today doesn’t mean it’ll hold its title long. The next time you ask, “what is the most expensive perfume in the world today” it just might be a fragrance that costs a lot more.

Secure Cosmetic With Attractive Packaging

The cosmetic market is one of the best running ones. It is used to attract customers, but before enhancing someone’s look, the manufacturers need to attract customers to sell makeup goods. Cosmetic wrapping boxes are customized according to the different makeup articles. Cosmetic products come in various sizes, shapes, and styles of wrapping, and the custom cosmetic boxes are designed according to the requirements.

Different uses for wrapping boxes:

There are many different packages, designs, and materials that are used for wrapping goods. The primary purpose of the box is the protection from various external effects like dust, moisture, and many others. But there are many other purposes which make the wrapping an essential part.

The packet behaves like a salesperson in a store. There are many similar commodities on display either in the store or in a cosmetic shop. The wrapping is a low-cost marketing tactic from the brand, which helps in introducing the article in the market. This marketing tactic helps in many ways to promote merchandise.

Brand printing on the packages helps the customer to remember the product and company details and market in terms of word of mouth (WOM). The wrapper also helps in maintaining the communication medium between the customers and brands. The material information can be written on the box or in the form of text or pictures. The communication medium details are also mentioned on the retail boxes in the way of websites and contact details.

How to choose the best packaging:

cosmetic box

Before making any order of custom cosmetic boxes wholesale, there are some descriptions needed for the best custom packaging. As mentioned above, cosmetic has a variety of items, including powders, liquids, tubes, and so on. The packing needs to be chosen accordingly. Some steps can help you find the best packaging, such as:

Details of the product:

Size, form, and packing, there are so many details needed for making the wrapping of the merchandise. Cosmetic tubes contain BB cream, cosmetic glue, lip balms, and many other items, blush-on and face powder cakes are available in small containers, and there are many other patterns and styles. Cosmetic packaging boxes are designed according to the model and design of the goods. You can find different sizes of the packet in different paperboard material. Ivory paperboard material is typically used for perfumes. Flat cardboard is used for making flap boxes in various formats is the most commonly used style of box for cosmetic items.

Define demographically:

Cosmetics are used by all ages and genders. The packaging depends on who it was made for. Some items are designed for teens, while some are created for adult women. Teen merchandise is packed in vibrant colors, while for adults, companies mostly choose light colors. The customization of texture and surface is also used for making the packaging attractive. Glossy surface is used for teen’s articles mostly, while matt is used for adults, specifically in the herbal products. Colors, texture, designs, graphics, and other customizations are based on the age and gender of the target customers.

Availability of options:

The cosmetic is changing day by day, and the packing is also modified. The packages are customized through designing and models of the boxes. Window cut out boxes, sleeve boxes. Lid boxes are some of the styles used for cosmetic wrapping. Other customizations include labeling the package with brand and product names. Labeling is possible in different forms like metallic, non-metallic, embossed, or debossing.


There are many options for customization available. There are many materials like art paper, Ivory cards, cardboard, ply papers, and so many others. The labeling, logo, and brand name prints, text images, and graphics are used for making the box attractive. The models of the boxes are diverse in quality and depend on the product. The packages surface, textures, styles can also be customized in various ways. Creative shapes and designs of the boxes are also created for different products. The rigid boxes, kraft boxes, paper bags are recyclable materials for the packs. Lid boxes, pillow, and sleeve boxes are styles available and offered for the wrap of cosmetic products. Cosmetic boxes have extensive designing availability. From basic to advance, the customization is done to attract customers, protect the product, and increase brand name and product sales.

Who can provide

There are many online options for wrapper providers. The online stores and websites which offer different options for the customized boxes. Cosmetic boxes can be ordered online. You can compare the designs, styling, customization offered by the store, and also check the compatibility with your chosen style and budget for the box customization. The wrapping providers offer different return policies, shipment benefits, and other things along with the demanded designs. You can check reviews of the previous customers and portfolio to know the designing capability.


There are many options on different stores to select the designs for the customized boxes. You can define your design to the manufacturer or choose from their catalog with the permit of some necessary changes like brand name, logo and, etc. The stores also offer wrapping services to designers who can help you select the best suitable wrap for your product.


A little research can help you find the design you need. It protects the product and increases sales with attractive designs. Target customers, market, competitors, and trends are some essential factors in selecting a perfect style. You can find the best suitable wrapping provider in your region with a reasonable budget plan and some time investment. You can use these boxes for your product marketing by using ts looks and designing. Read more about custom Boxes you can visit The Cosmetic Boxes.




Diamonds vs. Pearls – What Is the Better Choice for Women?

Although comparing diamonds and pearls is like comparing apples and oranges, we find ourselves asking, what do women prefer? They feel so different, and it is hard to pit them against each other— but we will try. First, let’s dive into what sets the two classic stones apart, the pros and cons, and ultimately what is the better choice for women.

The History

img source:

Both pearls and diamonds have long enriched histories and have been coveted as valuable stones for hundreds of years. Jewels date back 7,500 years, and while now they can be easily purchased through retailers such as The Pearl Source, they once were so rare they were reserved only for the royals. On the other hand, diamonds don’t have quite as long of a history. One of the oldest diamonds known, the Beau Sancy Diamond, is only about 500 years old. Pearls were also harder to come by, making them incredibly rare and valuable. Mining efforts were increased to grow the number of diamonds available, whereas pearl diving was incredibly dangerous.

One of the most expensive pearl legend stories is about the great Cleopatra. Desperate to impress Rome with Egypt’s wealth, Cleopatra bet Marc Antony that she could host the most elaborate banquet in history. She took a pearl from one of her large earrings and crushed it, dissolving it into a goblet of wine and drank it. It is estimated the pearl would be worth 28.5 million dollars today.

The Beauty

Pearls and diamonds may be the hardest to compare in the beauty category as they are both well-loved for different attributes. People are drawn to diamonds for their ability to sparkle and catch the light. The rock is cut to enhance the diamond’s brilliance so that it refracts and reflects light to appear sparkly.

In contrast, pearls are loved for their luster and pearlescent qualities. That comes from light interacting with crystals in the pearl’s nacre and reflecting it to the eye. They are opaque in comparison to the diamond’s transparency. Both gems are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, although they naturally come in a broader range of colors.

They are unique in the fact that no two beads are exactly alike, which makes them extremely special. Both gems are natural, but they are sourced a little more naturally than diamonds, which are mined from rocks. They come out of oysters, ready to be polished and can be immediately used in jewelry, whereas diamonds must be cut, cleaned, and polished before becoming jewelry available.

The Fashion

There is a reason why pearl jewelry has always been prevalent in fashion and on-screen— because it conveys a classic, elegant look. Pearls have fluctuated in the fashion world over the last 100 years, as most trends do. They first rose to popularity in the 20th century after they started to become more accessible. Coco Chanel was a prominent designer that started incorporating pearls into her styles and brand and often promoted them as a must-have accessory. In addition to iconic designers, actors like Audrey Hepburn were often seen rocking the classic accessory both onscreen and off. The popularity of the pearl did drop for a while in the late 20th century.

However, in the past year, pearls have been a breakout trend. Designers are once again turning towards the classic gem to incorporate into jewelry. A strand of pearls is still seen as one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry.

Diamonds have not seen the same rise and fall of popularity and have been in constant favor of the public. De Beers began a marketing campaign in the 1930s; however, that propelled diamonds into the stone to turn to for engagement rings. To this day, diamonds are the classic gemstone people turn toward to complete their engagement ring. A pair of diamond studs are also seen as a staple piece of jewelry.

The Value

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In general, a high-quality pearl will be cheaper to purchase than a high-quality diamond of the same shape and size. Before, when pearl diving was dangerous and rare, its value was extremely high. Scientists have figured out how to grow pearls in oysters, and their value has gone down on the market. There are still a few variations of beads that carry high demand and cost like the South Sea pearls, which are still incredibly expensive.

Diamonds are rare because of the supply in the diamond industry. The stone themselves are not limited to mine, but the industry creates a scarcity of them to maintain the higher value and price tag. Colored diamonds, however, are much rarer, with red, blue, and pink diamonds being the most unique in the world. The most expensive pearl necklace ever auctioned was designed for Elizabeth Taylor, and it was named La Peregrina. In 2011, it was sold for 11.8 million dollars. The Pink Star is the most expensive diamond auctioned off at 71 million in 2017.

The Final Outcome:

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From a fashion standpoint, there are more creative advantages in styling pearl jewelry. It was one of the standout jewelry trends in the past year, and I appreciate the accessibility of the gem. Designers and brands have utilized the pearl and incorporated it into modern styles and in different accessories. I consistently turn to a pair of pearl hoops or a pearl embellished headband to amp up my look. Although diamonds are considered more valuable, I am going to go out on a limb here and argue that Marilyn Monroe should have turned to the gem of the sea instead of her iconic musings.