Key Recommendations on How to Choose Baby Clothes


Nowadays, you can find many beautiful models in the stores that will make any child feel like a little prince or princess. However, buying toddler clothing often hits the family budget. The issue of saving on children’s clothes is very important since kids grow up very quickly, and their outfits have to be changed quite often. Today, we will talk about the main approaches parents use to buy clothes for their kids and discuss the rules they have to follow when doing it.

Four Approaches to Buying Baby Clothes

There are four main approaches to buying baby clothes, and each of them has its own pros and cons:

1. Fashionistas


These people buy things without looking at the price tags. Most often these are expensive designer models. Parents can buy baby girl clothes here and be sure of the highest quality. Also, a nice bonus is that the child looks like a little model in every photo. The main disadvantage of this approach is that buying top-brands is available to very few.

2. Prudent savers


Such parents are looking for cheaper clothes. Thus, they most often buy things in markets, second-hand shops, and stocks. However, such things do not look attractive. In the case of a small budget, such an approach may simply be necessary. But there are also many parents, who are guided by thoughts that the child will grow up in a month and there is no reason to buy something expensive. The advantage of this approach is that you really save your family budget. The main cons are the low quality of clothes, and this factor will definitely affect the development of the child.

3. Middle class


This is a category of people who don’t want to spend a lot of time on a wardrobe that needs to be regularly updated. The “middle class” buys high-quality and quite expensive items at sales and in online stores. This approach is very reasonable because it saves money and allows you to acquire high-quality beautiful things. It would seem that both the parents and the child benefit, but there are also several disadvantages to this type of shopping.

The main one is that the range of such things is extremely limited, which means that very often you can find a child dressed exactly like yours.

4. Practical shoppers


This is an approach that allows you to combine both expensive and cheap clothing, depending on the purpose. This is the best option, as it allows parents to save not only money but also their own nerve cells when they see that the child has made another stain while playing. At the same time, they can be sure that the winter jacket and boots will reliably protect the baby from any bad weather.

As you can see, each shopping-style has its own reasoning, but there are always several principles that parents should follow to achieve the best results whatever approach they use. Let’s focus on them.

Basic Principles of Buying Baby Clothes

Due to a wide variety of brands, materials, and designs, it’s hard not to get lost when buying clothes for your kid. For the purchase to be successful, you should be guided by several selection rules:

1. Comfortable Cut


Any baby’s item must be comfortable. Consider how active the children are. If there are elastic bands on the clothes, make sure they are not tight. Undershirts and shirts should be worn in the way that they do not affect the freedom of movement. Choose clothes with a minimum of buttons, locks, straps, and other accessories. Of course, if you are not looking at elegant children’s dresses for girls, then you can hardly do without beautiful accessories, but it should be well sewn and made of safe materials.

2. Materials


Naturalness is one of the main criteria that should be taken into account when buying baby clothing. You should be very careful about the choice of things for newborns, as their skin is the most sensitive. Synthetics will not fully provide the ability to ventilate and absorb moisture so that the skin can breathe.  The list of “safe” materials is quite big. It is better to buy lingerie, undershirts, and pajamas from 100% cotton.

3. Size


If you decide to immediately buy a large set of wardrobe for a newborn, then you should take items of 1-2 sizes larger. A child can grow by 4-6 centimeters in a month, so it is better to purchase things that are suitable for a height of 56-60 cm. As for the choice of individual things, it is important not to be mistaken with the size of the pants and take into account the place for diapers. But you should not take too large things for your baby, since it is not always comfortable for a child — especially for a newborn.

4. Compatibility


When you see a beautiful T-shirt, blouse or pants in the store, think about what the child will wear with it. Most of the children’s brands produce things, united by a certain style, color scheme, and patterns. In order not to get a lot of clothes in the child’s wardrobe that cannot be combined with each other, it is better to limit yourself to the purchase of several matching items from one collection, rather than to buy several items from different collections.

5. Functionality


Give your preference for functional and comfortable clothing. A young princess in a fluffy skirt and a little boy in ripped jeans and a shirt with a bow tie is very cute. But these outfits, more than anything else, will prevent kids from carefree playing. You should not buy ten super-stylish sets to finally make sure: there is nothing more comfortable for everyday life than ordinary leggings or knitted pants with a T-shirt.

In Conclusion

The modern assortment of things for kids saves parents from the dilemma of “beauty or quality.” Today, buying children’s clothing is no longer a problem, but a pleasant experience, both during pregnancy and after birth. Now you know what should be taken into account when doing shopping. Good luck!

Why Would a Baby Be Born With Bruising on Its Face?

Although seeing bruises on your brand new baby can be distressing, it is not always cause for alarm. In some cases the bruising is mild, but in other cases it is much more serious. One young mother in Essex, England was so distraught by the severity of her newborn’s bruises that she has vowed to never have another child because of the trauma.

In the United States, approximately six to eight out of every 1,000 live births will result in some kind of injury to the newborn. These injuries can be caused by the normal process of passing through the birth canal or by issues with the mother. Other birth injuries are caused by medical mistakes.

When birth goes seriously wrong due to a doctor or nurse’s mistake, it can cause suffering and anguish for the baby and the parents. In these cases, parents often end up needing to contact a personal injury lawyer. (Visit to learn more about the process of filing a lawsuit.) However, in many cases, the bruising will go away on its own.

This guide to facial bruising in newborns caused during the birth process will explain the different types of bruises, their causes, and what you can expect if your infant is affected.

Types of Bruises

Bruises (also called contusions) typically happen when the blood vessels under your skin bleed. Because the skin isn’t broken, the blood pools under the skin, changing its color. The colors of a bruise and its size will vary depending on the type of injury.

The three types of bruises include:

  • Subcutaneous bruises that happen under the skin
  • Intramuscular bruises that happen in the muscles
  • Periosteal bruises that happen on the bones

Not all bruises are painful, and seeing bruising on your baby is not necessarily a cause for alarm.

There are many reasons your baby may have experienced an injury like bruising during birth. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the experienced birth injury attorneys at Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard to help ensure you receive the support and compensation you deserve.

Birth Injuries and Bruising

In any birth, the fetus goes through a certain amount of trauma due to being squeezed through the mother’s pelvis. Most will not end up with any physical damage. Some circumstances that make bruising or other injuries more likely include:

  • Premature birth
  • A large newborn
  • The size of the mother’s pelvis
  • Breech birth
  • Prolonged labor
  • Medical mistakes

When a birth is difficult, it is up to trained medical professionals to make sure the newborn is delivered safely. Sometimes doctors and nurses must intervene quickly if the mother or baby are in distress.

While some injuries to a newborn are unavoidable, others are caused by negligence on the part of the medical practitioner. The following are some of the most common causes of bruises on a newborn at birth.

Forceps Delivery

The use of forceps during labor is often a last resort before a c-section. If labor isn’t progressing as it should, the physician may use forceps to extract the newborn. During a forceps delivery, a healthcare provider uses this instrument, which resembles salad tongs, to grab the baby’s head and help guide it out of the birth canal.

Forceps can save a newborn’s life, but they can also cause bruising and other injuries. This bruising typically appears on the baby’s face or head, and they usually go away on their own without any treatment.

Vacuum Extraction

When labor has failed to progress during the second stage, some doctors use vacuum extraction (also known as ventouse) to deliver the infant. This involves the use of a suction cup device on the fetus’s head, which then allows medical personnel to pull the newborn out.

Vacuum extraction can cause bruising to a baby’s scalp. It has also been known to cause lacerations. The bruising will go away on its own, but any lacerations may require medical treatment.

When a newborn is bruised by the use of forceps or vacuum extraction, the following conditions can be the result.


Cephalohematomas can happen when a birth injury causes blood to accumulate beneath the baby’s skull. You will most likely notice a cephalohematoma hours after birth if a lump has appeared on your newborn’s head.

A cephalohematoma may be small, in which case it will most likely disappear quickly. In cases where cephalohematomas are large, it can take as many as three months to heal. In some cases, it will lead to newborn jaundice.

Caput Succedaneum

If you notice the part of your newborn’s scalp that emerged first is swollen, you may be looking at caput succedaneum. It is caused by pressure on the baby’s head, and it can take place during a difficult labor. Vacuum extraction can cause caput succedaneum.

This condition is more likely to happen after your water has broken. Once this happens, the infant’s skull will no longer be cushioned by the fluid, leaving their scalp vulnerable. This type of injury will typically go away on its own after a few days, but it can also lead to jaundice.

What to Do if Your Newborn Has Bruising

It is common for newborns to have a variety of conditions that may result in them temporarily not looking the way you may have expected. This can include small blood spots on their eyes, oddly shaped heads, and swelling. This is perfectly normal, and after a few days you can expect most of these to disappear.

This is also the case for most newborns who experience bruising. Most bruising is the result of the stresses put on the infant during birth. However, medical errors may also be behind the bruising. Sometimes healthcare professionals can make mistakes or use poor judgement that causes the bruising.

If your newborn’s bruising is not serious, there is nothing you need to do except wait for the situation to resolve on its own. If the doctor has suggested your baby receive follow-up treatment to keep an eye on the bruising, be sure to show up to all appointments. Keep records of everything that happens, from test results to any prescriptions.

If you believe your baby’s bruising was the result of a medical mistake, you may also want to contact an attorney. A lawyer can review your case and tell you more about your options. A settlement with the at-fault provider or facility can help you pay for the care your baby needs.

Hоw Tо Make A Bаbу Gift Bаѕkеt


The arrival of a new bаbу is a wonderful event. It changes the life of the parents and the family- for the better of course!

Dis your friend or a close family member had this addition recently and you were unable to go because of work commitments?

Well, instead of congratulating the couple over the phone or a video call you can congratulate them in a more personal way by sending them a customized. Bаbу bаѕkеtѕ, аrе a thoughtful gift to show the new parents that you care and it will be a memorable gift. It just might increase your chances of being a godparent

So here is how you can make the perfect baby basket for the new parents you intend to surprise.

1. You can give either a customized or a pre-set basket?

Source: Pinterest

There аrе ѕеvеrаl options you can сhооѕе from when ѕеlесtіng a new bаbу basket. Yоu саn сhооѕе a bаѕkеt tаіlоrеd to the nееdѕ of the nеw раrеntѕ, or a basket mar ѕuіtаblе fоr the new bundlе of jоу.

Either one you choose is ѕurе tо bе аррrесіаtеd – the сhоісе іѕ еntіrеlу up to уоu. The best part is that the gift basket can be delivered to their door and they will be able to receive your best wishes for them without any hassle.  Online ordering frоm Nutсrасkеr Swееt mаkеѕ gift-giving a сіnсh – ѕіmрlу рісk оut a themed basket, роіnt, аnd click! Within minutes, a сuѕtоm made, beautifully arranged nеw bаbу basket is оn іtѕ way tо уоur lоvеd оnеѕ, showing just how muсh уоu саrе.

2. What to get in the basket for the mom?


Well, the basket is just not meant to be for the baby. It can have gifts for the new mom as well. She had quite a life-changing moment and went through the pain. She deserves the best appreciation.

However, choosing that is quite the task as you want to give them gifts they would be able to practically use and it would provide some ease to the new mom in her new role. Here are a few things to consider when you choose her gifts

  • A sleep-mask – after the baby is born it becomes quite the task for new parents, especially for the mum to sleep. Sometimes they have to sleep in the day time and in those times a sleep mask is a blessing. It will help her catch some sleep and she will be thankful every time she uses it.
  • Face mask– well after becoming a mom life becomes hard and it certainly means a cut back on all luxuries, especially the SPA days. So a few face mask that she can apply at home would help her keep her face fresh and radiating despite the no sleep routine.
  • Diaper bag– in mommy life diaper bag is needed whether you are working or stay at home. The new mom will need this whenever they step out
  • Baby monitor– now that is an invention every mommy loves, it is a great help with which new moms can get their chores done without checking up on baby continuously because the baby monitor would inform them as soon as it happens.

3. What to get for the new dad?

Source: Freshomedaily

Well, we all seem to think of mommy and the child but we often forget the third person – the dad! He deserves appreciation too. This is why you should not miss the dad’s gift in the basket. Here are a few things you can include in your basket for the father

  • A carrier– you can get a baby carrier for the new dad. He will love it and dads enjoy baby walk on carriers rather than on strollers. This seems to be the new cool as the celebrity dads have joined in carrying babies in baby carriers when they are out and about.
  • Baby diaper bag – now that the men’s room finally has a changing people. Dads of this century also have diaper bags specially designed in a manly way to accommodate them. So get the dad of the year the diaper bad he will need and appreciate.
  • Foot massager– after being in the office all day and helping the mom with the new baby. The new dad might be having some serious pain in his foot. A foot massager will help him get his relaxation without having to worry about disturbing anyone.
  • A phone case– once you become a dad your phone is not the parents anymore. It is in the hand of the kid who may drop it anger. To save the new father the expenditure of a whole new iPhone or galaxy you can get them a protective case which will ensure the phone is safe at all times

4. What to get for the new baby in the basket?

Source: Baby Moi

The baby things are mostly the easiest to choose and you’ll have fun as well. The cute baby things will melt your heart

  • Clothes: Now the mistake people make here is choosing the same size clothes. So chose once for each stage of child growth.
  • Toys: Now it is the job of the aunty and uncle to spoil the kid. So spoil them by giving them adorable toys they will enjoy.
  • Matching shirts: This is technically a gift the whole family will enjoy. Matching shirts with mommy and daddy for the baby. Trust me – the pictures the new parents send with them wearing the shirts will melt your heart.

Hence, once you have put one thing for each new member you can send the gift basket, which you can order online, from sites such as Nutcracker Sweet. Now, this is not only that you can send the basket once the baby is born. You can send the baby basket to your friend on her baby shower day and keep all the clothes gender neutral so that they can be used by them regardless of their gender.

So what are you waiting for get choosing the new parents and baby basket!

Benefits of a baby jumper


A baby jumper is something that’s designed to strengthen the physical and psychological development of your baby. A lot of parents are using this product to make their baby feel a bit busy for a while, while also encouraging it to overcome some of the first fears. Many people are questioning the reliability of using a baby jumper, but we’re here to clear some of the misconceptions and misunderstandings of it. Feel free to read until the end if you are eager to learn more.

What is a baby jumper?

So a baby jumper is something that helps your baby with some of the following things:

  • Developing leg muscle strength

There are many benefits to the baby jumper, but one of the most important ones is the development of leg muscle strength. This is crucial if you want your baby to be physically healthy and capable of walking properly, so definitely do not overlook this benefit.

  • Pre-walking practice

As suggested by BabiesWiki, a baby jumper can serve as a “tutorial” for walking for your child. During jumping and bouncing your baby will use the lower body to keep up with the motion. By doing this, they will learn how to balance and stand on their feet, which is one of the key things to learn to walk properly. We all know that every baby starts walking a bit sloppy at the beginning, but this is pretty dangerous as they can fall and hurt their head or arm. This can be avoided by learning how to walk with maximum efficiency and balance, and the baby jumper helps a lot in this case.

Practice makes perfect, so if your baby is constantly on its feet and bouncing around, the functionality of their limbs will be greatly increased. But for this to be safe and as effective as possible, it is important to find a baby jumper that suits your baby and we suggest you to read this Cutelittledarling’s article and learn more about the options that are available.
  • It allows the parents to do some chores

Constantly watching over your baby is pretty time-consuming, and if you are a mom that needs to do some things around the house during the day, you need to find an efficient way to keep your little star busy. A baby jumper is something exceptional at this, and it can keep your baby in a comfortable position for a longer period while you’re doing some things around your house. Isn’t that great?

  • It makes your baby go to sleep much faster

Are you tired of being interrupted in the middle of the night by the crying of your baby? Well, make sure to get a baby jumper and enjoy the quiet sleep. How does this work? Well, a baby jumper is something that your baby will use for about 20-30 minutes per day, and if you allow them to do this before their bedtime, the baby will get tired and sleep much tighter than usual. This means that they probably won’t wake up during the night and will be much healthier due to the physical activity.