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Ideal Chameleon Cage Size For Your Pet

If you are new to the world of chameleons, you will have to know that a proper sized cage is mandatory. These animals must be kept in enclosures at all times and each one must have a separate cage. They are far from social, so if you put them in the same cage fight is probable. Below, we will guide you through the different cage sizes and which one you actually need.

For baby chameleons


For baby chameleons, you need a smaller cage, obviously. An ideal size is 16x16x30 inches and you can place him in this cage until he reaches 10 months of age. Some species will get bigger in less time, so you will have to move them to a bigger cage after 8 months.

A cage of a proper size will make sure your pet has all the space he needs and he will stay safe at all times. Screen-sided enclosures are the best option here and all chameleons love them. Until they reach se*ual maternity, which occurs at 9-10 months of age, there can be two chameleons in the same cage.

For adult males

Adult males are bigger than females so they need a bigger cage. Once again, screen-sided enclosures are the best and they provide fresh air, plenty of it. Glass cages don’t, which may cause issues with the respiratory system. The best chameleon cage will have 2x2x4 feet dimensions. It can be used for a long period of time and it will make sure your pet gets a sufficient amount of space.

These cages are also very affordable so you won’t have any issues finding the most suitable one. Make sure you customize the cage precisely as you want and you provide essentials inside. Don’t forget that a chameleon will spend 24/7 inside, so you definitely want to make him as comfortable as possible.

For adult females

Adult female chameleons are much smaller and as such, they require a smaller cage. An ideal size is 18×18 inches and 3 feet tall. A cage of these dimensions is commonly recommended by all experts and it is ideal for several different species.

A mandatory fact to remember is that male and female chameleons can’t be held in the same cage. Obviously, a male chameleon will require a bigger cage and he is much bigger, so placing him in a small cage is a massive mistake.

Vine and foliage are essential as well

Regardless of which chameleon you have at the moment, he will require vines and foliage. Vines are used for activities which will make you a happy chameleon owner every single time you see him using the vines. Foliage is mandatory to provide a place where a chameleon can hide. Don’t use cages without these two essentials.


Chameleons are some of the most impressive animals on the planet Earth and they can be raised in captivity without any issue. Of course, the main factor to consider is the size of the cage.


Can You Use A Human Brush On A Dog?

Grooming is an essential part of pet care. It keeps their fur silky and smooth, allows pets and pet parents to bond, and ensures the fur doesn’t get matted. There are several ways to groom and a wide range of grooming tools available in the market. Many pet owners want to know if they can use human brushes or combs on their pets instead of regular dog combs. This article seeks to answer that question.

You Can Use Human Combs in a Pinch

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If you have no supplies and need to groom a dog, you can use combs that are designed for humans on the dog. However, it is important to make sure the comb doesn’t have sharp teeth and is gentle on the skin because a dog’s skin can easily become scratched and irritated. You should also make sure the comb is wide toothed enough for all the fur to pass through without much resistance.

Always be gentle during combing, especially if you’re using regular combs instead of pet supplies. Many pet parents recommend using the slicker brush to remove tangles. You can also use regular combination combs to make sure the hair looks neat.

And the experts at point out that don’t use the brushes you have used on dogs on your hair after grooming. It is better to discard them. It is also a good idea to avoid grooming dogs with brushes you have already used.

Dog Combs are the Best

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While regular human combs can work in a pinch, you need to use dog combs for regular grooming. These are specially designed to grow through the thickest patches of fur without causing any pain or scratches to your pet. Dog combs also come in different varieties for different species so you can find something that is perfectly suited for your particular pet breed.

You can just mention the dog breed to a pet store attendant and they’ll direct you to the best brushes. Dog grooming sets are quite affordable and you can get great quality brushes that will last for a long time. You will need bristle brushes, wire pin brush, or a slicker brush to groom your pets.

It is important to keep the pet’s coat in mind while choosing brushes. Smooth and soft coats will need medium bristle brushes, short and wiry coats need firm bristle brushes, etc. An experienced pet groomer or a veterinarian will offer recommendations.

Dog Bites: Why You Should Get an Attorney for Your Injured Child


A dog bite is a traumatic ordeal for any adult, and even more so for children. Unfortunately, dog bite claims are one of the most common claims made for children under 12 in the US. The injuries caused by a dog attack can be long-lasting and may even require surgery. If your child has been the victim of a dog bite, then there are many reasons why you should consider an attorney.

Your Child Deserves Fair Compensation

Many insurance companies will offer you only a fraction of what you are entitled to if you claim without representation. Since the physical and emotional effects can stay with your child for a lifetime, you want to make sure that they get everything they are entitled to. There are many costs to take into account. These include that of medical care, potential surgery, emotional trauma, and therapy among others.


Insurance Companies Can Be Intimidating

When it comes to children and dogs, some insurance companies will try to place a portion of the blame on the child. They may suggest that the child provoked the dog or that they should not have been able to get near the dog in the first place. There should be no circumstances where a child is to blame for an attack, a well-trained dog should not bite.

A Lawyer Can Make the Process Much Easier on Your Child

Using an attorney to work on your family’s behalf can make the process much less stressful for your child. Not only are they going to provide the best chance at fair compensation, but the case will be handled in a sensitive manner throughout. The best Boston dog bite law firm will be discreet and skillful in their negotiations.


Dog Bite Cases Can Be Complicated

Not only could you be entitled to compensation for loss of earnings while you were caring for your injured child, but the claim itself could be more complicated than you think.

Using an attorney for your claim means that special circumstances are accounted for. Claims can be different depending on whether the dog owner lives in a rented property, if they have the correct signage outside their property, or if the dog is on a banned list. Maybe the owner was not acting responsibly which resulted in the attack. All these factors make it imperative that you seek the advice of an expert attorney to handle child’s claim.

You Can Focus on What Is Important –Your Child

If you choose not to hire a law firm to represent your child, you may end up spending hours researching how best to take your claim forward. This is time intensive, not to mention stressful if you don’t know the law. Using a dog bite law firm can alleviate the stress of this process and give you the chance to care for your child.

The trauma your child endures should mean that they are represented in a way that is going to get them the maximum level of compensation. Using a dog bite attorney gives them the best chance of this happening.


The 15 Deadliest Animals That Can Kill Any Man Very Easily

There are a lot of animals in the world that are very dangerous and can kill you very easily. But sometimes it’s hard to recognize them, because they do not always have to be big and terrible. In the next list we have prepared for you, you can find the 15 most dangerous animals in the world that you should avoid. It is a shocking fact that every year animals like this can kill even a million people. You will discover that a hunter can easily become a prey. So let’s start.

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15. Deathstalker Scorpion

This kind of scorpion is the most toxic in the world. It has a very strong poison that can block your breathing and can kill you quickly.

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14. Cone Snail

These snails are very small, but that does not mean they are harmless. reports they have small teeth that can bite you, and if that’s the case, you will not have much time before you die. That’s why many call them “Cigarette Snails”.

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13. Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish has an extremely strong and painful poison. A meeting with one like this can be the most unpleasant experience in life, primarily because the pain that causes the poison does not disappear for weeks.

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12. Pufferfish

Pufferfish is a type of fish that is edible, but only if it is prepared properly. Otherwise, you can poison yourself and die, and you certainly do not want that. We must mention that this fish annually murder between 20 and 44 people.

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11. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros are large land animals that can easily attack you if they think their cubs are in danger. That’s why it’s best to look at them from a distance, because if you disturb them, they can run at a speed of 35 miles per hour, and there is no doubt that they will catch you.

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10. Elephants

Similar to Rhinoceros, elephants are giant animals with very strong trunks. That’s why they can with one move kill a man without any effort.

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9. Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo is another land animal that will easily attack you if it think it is endangered or that the young are endangered. It may happen that you are attacked in the drove, so we do not advise you to approach close to these animals.

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8. Deer

Deer looks like a completely harmless animal, and in fact it is very dangerous and deadly. Not because he can attacks, but because he can get in front of your car and, in some way commit suicide. In this way, deer causes car accidents and according to statistics, usually at least one passenger in the vehicle is killed.

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7. Great White Shark

Sharks are known as one of the most dangerous sea beasts, but the Great White Shark is the most dangerous of all. He can easily eat the whole man with his huge jaws.

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6. Champawat Tiger

Champawat Tiger is actually a Bengal tiger who ate an incredible 436 people in the 19th century. His massacre was ended by Jim Corbett who killed him.

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5. Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus until recently was the leaders on the list of the deadliest animals. They are otherwise herbivores, but they often happened to kill a man, as well. They have really big and dangerous teeth that can be up to 20 inches long. On average, about 500 people are killed annually.

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4. Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater crocodiles belong to the largest land reptiles in the world. Unfortunately, they are also leaders in the number of killed persons during the year. Their main feature is their very strong jaws which can be compared to those of the Great White Shark.

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3. Dogs

Although a dog may be your pet, it is on the third place of the deadliest beast. This primarily refers to infected dogs who, if they bite you, can infect you with a number of diseases, including rabies. It is because of these bites of infected dogs, annually, a huge number of 25,000 people die.

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2. Tsetse Fly

Tsetse Fly is an insect inhabiting Africa and transmitting sleep disease. Person that was bitten by this fly, will have severe pain, fever and a sudden changes in mood. After that, the infected person falls into a dream after whom, unfortunately, death follows. Over the year, due to the consequences caused by this fly, dies between 250,000 and 300,000 people.

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1. Mosquitoes

There are many different types of mosquitoes, but they are all very dangerous because they transmit numerous deadly diseases. Only one of them is malaria, and every year around 725, 000 people die in the world because of the diseases that these insects transmit.

The Best Cone Of Shame Alternatives

You love your dog, and he loves you, even more, enjoying every minute of the day he gets to spend with you. Whether he’s cuddling, playing and throwing sticks and balls, or simply hanging out in the same room the experiences with a dog is beautiful and healing. Unfortunately, most of the dog suffer an accident or need certain interventions during their life, and there comes the notorious Elizabethan collar, or the so-called cone of shame. No one likes it: not the injured dog, not passing dogs or the owner; it seems like the vets are the only ones that recommend it and think of it as obligatory. And it is true after some type of surgical intervention has been done, and the dog has a spot that needs to heal, it somehow has to be protected from your dogs urge to lick or bite it thus slowing down the recovering process.

The problem with the E-collar is that it is big, plastic, and covers the peripheral vision which then leaves the dog with a big risk of an injury. You have surely seen dogs having trouble eating with the collar on, running into the walls and doing everything they can to remove the plastic collar. Having this in mind, one might ask is there a dog cone alternative and does it really work? Let’s take a look at some of the best offered on the market today.

Best Dog Cone Alternatives


The fact that there are dog cone alternatives comes as no surprise with the pet market offering almost everything that your furry friend might need. But the quality of the products is not the same, so let’s see what are the cone of shame alternatives that do the best job:

  1. The BiteNot Collar. With the name of this device already addressing the goal, it is at the top of our dog cone alternative list for a few reasons. First, it is not shaped like a cone, but rather as a neck brace which leaves your dog with much more room to look around. Along with that, it provides much better strap fitting options so you can easily fix if it is too tight or loose on your dog’s Made from plastic that is flexible and foam, it is more comfortable than the regular one, and the chances of your dog hating it are much less. The only con might be the fact that because of the shape it is not that effective for dogs with lower extremity injuries. Still, it is a very good pick according to your needs and can save you sums of money that you would usually spend on replacing the E-collar.
  1. Kong EZ Soft Collar. Probably the most popular on the market today, this one is much more comfortable and flexible than the regular dog/cat cone collar. It is easily put on and adjusted using the drawstring. You will have no problems washing it, and it comes in various sizes so finding the right fit for your pet should not be a problem. In the end, unlike the previous one, it is a good choice for the dogs with lower extremity injuries as well, and though a bit pricier, absolutely worth it!
  1. Comfy Collar. This one, made out of nylon and foam has everything a collar needs to give your pet a good protection. The so-called collar strays are easily removable, so your dog can be free whenever he should eat or drink. It comes in different sizes and even provides a reflective fabric so you can see your pet more easily when it is nighttime. A con is the fact that the flexibility increases the chance of dog reaching the injured spot, but it is still a good enough cone alternative for the money you give.
  1. The Boobooloon. This medical device solves the problems of the previous one as being inflatable it gives your dog enough sight and comfortability, almost not affecting its day activities at all. It is lightweight and flexible, and you only have to take care that your dog doesn’t pop it up intentionally with shaking motion or sharp nails. Remember to only inflate it up to halfway to avoid possible suffocating.
  1. The ProCollar Premium Protective Care. Last, but certainly, the list is an excellent inflatable pillow that is really comfortable, and allows your dog to play, eat and drink without any discomfort. It doesn’t cause rashes or the intent for scratching, with the only con being the fact that it might not provide that much of protection for paws or tail as the regular one would. Still, this one is among the best choices, especially for somewhat less active pets!


Though vets would always recommend the regular Elizabeth collar, expressing the fact that the benefits of one outweigh the temporary discomfort, it is nice to see that there are good dog cone alternative products out there on the market, leaving you the decision to pick the one that suits your dog needs the most!

Top 5 Angora Rabbit Breeds – English, Giant, French

Whether you’re interested in raising Angora rabbits as pets or for wool production, you should do some research first to find out which breed suits you best. To help you do so, we’ve made a list of five Angora breeds that are recognized by either the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) or the International Association of German Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB), so read on to learn more.

5. English Angora

Thanks to its unique face and ear ‘furnishings,’ English angora, which is the smallest of the angora breeds, is quite popular for the show table. It usually weighs around 5 to 7 ½ lbs at maturity. They can produce 10 ounces to 1 lb of fiber per year. This angora has more wool percentage than guard hair.

4. French Angora

When it comes to wool/guard hair ratio, French angora rabbits are quite the opposite compared to the previous – the guard hairs make up more of the coat instead of the undercoat. For that reason, this breed is more suitable for novice Angora owners. These rabbits weigh from 7 ½ to 10 ½ lbs and they can produce up to 1 lb of wool per year.

3. Satin Angora

This breed, which is said to have been created through a cross between Satin and French angora, has a unique quality of fiber scales, which allows for an incredible coat shine. The rabbits usually weigh 6 ½ to 10 lbs. They can produce about 1/2 lb of wool per year, which is not that much, but the wool is dense and easy to spin.

2. Giant Angora

Giant Angora weighs at least 9 1/2 to 10 lbs and is of German decent. More precisely, it was created by breeding German Angoras with Flemish Giant or some other breeds. Being the largest of the angora breeds, it can from produce 1-2 lbs of wool per year, which has to be harvested by hand shearing as these rabbits don’t shed naturally.

1. German Angora

Even though they are not accepted by the ARBA, these rabbits do have their own association and shows through the IAGARB. They weigh around 7 lbs to 11 1/2 lbs and are among the highest wool producers as they can produce to 4 1/2 lbs of wool per year.

If you need more information on any of the five breeds, check the ARBA or the IAGARB website.