Can Your Pet Get Coronavirus?


Coronavirus has become a global problem, and there is almost no country where there are no confirmed cases. Given that in most countries, coming weeks present the culmination of the epidemic, there is no doubt that there is certain panic among people. Everybody has a lot of questions about the new virus, and as it

How to Entertain Your Dog During Quarantine

Lockdowns are currently in power in most countries, and because of that going out for walks or runs with dogs is limited. And a lot of dog owners are facing problems because their dogs are way too energetic and nervous. Dogs are used to a specific schedule; they’ve used to going out, and they need

A Tiger Tests Positive for Coronavirus: The First Case of the Infected Animal in the US


A tiger, whose name is Nadia, from the Bronx Zoo appears to be positive for the novel Covid-19 virus.   This is the first case of an infected animal in the US. Nadia’s symptoms included dry cough and she was tested. After the results came it was determined that she is positive for the Coronavirus. It

How to Litter Train a Stray Kitten

If you do not know how to do it, spend a little time reading our article to find out the answers. We will show you how to teach your stray cat to use a litter box in a particular way. But first, you need to be patient as the training process will probably take you

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