CarFax Not Working

CarFax Not Working | What To Do? Explore Superior Alternatives

CarFax is a major provider of vehicle history reports to customers in the automotive industry. Vehicle history reports are essential documents for the proper identification of vehicle specifications, history, and records. This information, when provided to car buyers, empowers them to make informed decisions and purchase reliable cars.

At times, the issue of “CarFax not working” can escalate into a major problem. When the CarFax platform encounters periods of downtime, what recourse is available to its users? In this blog post, we will examine the predicament of “CarFax not working,” and explore superior alternatives to the service.

Is CarFax not working?

vehicle history report provider, CarFax

The vehicle history report provider, CarFax, has provided vehicle information to car buyers since 1984, but the online company can face downtime too. Just like every other website, CarFax can sometimes experience technical issues that may make its services inaccessible to customers. When this happens, car buyers may become frustrated and need to identify an alternative to CarFax reports.

What are the common reasons for website downtime?

Website downtime can be caused by a number of factors. Some of these factors are:

  • Server issues
  • Security issues
  • Software updates
  • Traffic spikes
  • Scheduled maintenance

Server Issues

If you are experiencing service downtime at CarFax, there is a big chance that they are having server issues. They may be having some hardware problems, software glitches, or even power outages. These issues can cause the CarFax website to experience downtime and become inaccessible to customers.

Security Issues

Another reason why customers may decide to find an alternative to CarFax reports is downtime due to security issues. Security breaches, hacking attempts, DDoS attacks, malware infections, and others are some of the reasons why a website may experience downtime.

Other reasons such as software updates, traffic spikes, and website maintenance can also make the CarFax website stop working.

Whenever CarFax is down, the next step is to identify the best and cheapest alternative to CarFax to meet their needs. In the next section, we will be looking at cheaper alternatives to CarFax where customers can get more value for their money.

5 Cheap Alternatives to CarFax


There are a number of vehicle history report providers that are doing well in the automotive industry and provide detailed reports at affordable prices. The best alternatives to CarFax are:

  • PremiumVIN
  • Detailed Vehicle History
  • Vehicles Report
  • AutoCheck
  • info


PremiumVIN is another alternative company to CarFax that provides concise and detailed vehicle history reports to car buyers in need of accurate vehicle information. PremiumVIN effectively decodes regular and classic VINs, leaving customers with accurate vehicle history and information. PremiumVIN offers several tools to the general public, some of which are:

  • Window sticker lookup
  • VIN check
  • VIN lookup
  • VIN decoder
  • License plate lookup
  • Title checks
  • Recalls check

With PremiumVIN, consumers are offered unlimited access to generate reports that can be received via mail or downloaded as a pdf file. Compared to CarFax, PremiumVIN offers high-quality reports with more details at a cheaper price. Some of the benefits of PremiumVIN include:

  • Instant access to vehicle history and specifications
  • Confirm the ownership history of your vehicle
  • View accurate title, service, and maintenance records
  • Verify odometer readings, directly access mileage information, and more.

Detailed Vehicle History

Detailed Vehicle History

Detailed Vehicle History is one of the leading providers of vehicle history reports in the automotive industry today. As an alternative company to CarFax, Detailed Vehicle History specializes in the provision of accurate vehicle information to car buyers, sellers, and owners in need of vehicle specifications, histories, and records.

With the VIN decoder provided by Detailed Vehicle History, car buyers can gain access to their vehicle’s year, make, model, trims, engine specifications, and other vehicle specifications. They can also access their vehicle history with the VIN check tool provided by Detailed Vehicle History. Some of the records you may access with this tool include:

  • Auction history with more than 10 photos
  • Accident history
  • Damage history
  • Sales history
  • Theft records
  • Lien and loan records
  • Service history
  • Maintenance history
  • Ownership history
  • Open recalls
  • Title history, and more.

Detailed Vehicle History offers several products to their customers at affordable prices that are 33% cheaper than CarFax, making it a cheaper alternative to CarFax reports compared to others. The vehicle history report provider offers the following services to car buyers and sellers:

  • VIN check
  • VIN decoding
  • Window sticker lookup
  • Vehicle recall lookup
  • License plate lookup
  • Parts and accessories
  • Classic VIN decoding
  • Classic window sticker lookup

They make these services available to car buyers and sellers through their website and application, which has Android and iOS versions.

Vehicles Report

Vehicles Report is another cheap alternative to CarFax, which offers detailed reports to customers. With Vehicles Report, a car buyer, seller, or owner can instantly gain access to their vehicle’s information whenever CarFax is experiencing downtime. Vehicles Report offers:

  • Window sticker lookup
  • VIN check
  • VIN decoding
  • License plate lookup
  • Classic window sticker generation

A vehicle history report from Vehicles Report provides accurate and detailed information to car buyers, sellers, and even dealers. With the concise reports gotten with the VIN check tool provided by Vehicles Report, the following records can be accessed:

  • Claim alerts
  • True mileage
  • Lien and loan records
  • Auction reports with photos
  • Sales history
  • Title salvage or rebuild, and a lemon title check
  • Vehicle recall history
  • Accident records
  • Damage records, and more.

Auto Check


AutoCheck is a vehicle history provider that allows car buyers to easily compare vehicles and choose the ones that best suit their needs. With Autocheck, buyers are offered a service called “Score,” which rates automobiles on a scale of 1 to 100 based on their past and present accidents, damages, and overall condition. This makes it simpler for customers to immediately analyze an automobile’s dependability, performance, and reliability in general.

One of the most important differences between AutoCheck and CarFax is that AutoCheck allows customers to view their vehicle’s auction history and information, whereas CarFax does not. Some of the services provided by AutoCheck to their customers include:

  • The patented autocheck score
  • Vehicle buyback protection
  • VIN checks for subscribers
  • Free flood risk check, and more

If you are in search of the cheapest alternative to CarFax, is the website for you. The company offers free vehicle history reports and VIN decoding to customers. Although reports generated with this tool may not be as concise as the others on this list, they still provide important information to car buyers, sellers, and owners. Some of their services include:

  • Free access to vehicle history and records
  • Free access to vehicle specifications
  • Free impound and towing events check
  • Free access to a vehicle’s sales history
  • Free access to theft records, and more

This way, customers in the automotive industry can get vehicle information for free and make the best choices.

A vehicle history report is important when it comes to the automotive industry during car purchases. Whenever CarFax experiences downtime, it is advisable to switch to a cheaper alternative to CarFax. One of the best alternatives to CarFax is Detailed Vehicle History, which offers concise and detailed vehicle history and specifications to customers upon request at a cheaper price than CarFax. Other alternatives include PremiumVIN, Vehicles Report, AutoCheck, and With these alternatives to CarFax, you can expect detailed reports at affordable prices, giving you access to vehicle information and providing more value for your money.