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Car Concept for Citroen’s 100th Anniversary Can Make You Feel Like an Aircraft Pilot

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Considering its 100th birthday, Citroën had to come up with something extraordinary to mark it properly. Long and impressive history that the company has been creating since March 1919 resulted in the gorgeous 19_19 concept. The car is electric, it possesses indoor comfort, ‘looks up’ to aviation design and it’s self-driving, so it certainly sheds some light on what the future of traveling has in store for us.

Exterior Design

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It’s a combination of a round helicopter cockpit and an aircraft fuselage, with the car’s surface decorated with distinct sensors that contribute to the car’s self-driving mechanism, while the edge-lit headlights and taillights have the honor of bearing the Citroën logo. With Citroën’s Progressive Hydraulic Cushion Suspension system and with the help of 30-inch tires, no matter how rough the terrain is, you will still feel as if you are flying. The spongy tires absorb both sound and impact and it really highlights this flying illusion.

Interior Design

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When I said ‘indoor comfort’ it wasn’t an exaggeration. Citroën took an audacious step with the interior design of the 19_19 mimicking a living room. In other words, the car has different seats – a chaise-longue clearly served as a model for the front seat beside the driver, which naturally provides extra comfort, while the seats at the back resemble a hammock, considering the design of the headrests.

The Car’s Specifications

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There’s no doubt Citroën sends a clear message about the image of future traveling with the 19_19. It’s fully electric and self-driven, with an option of human taking the control if necessary and that’s the purpose of the cockpit part. The car can reach 100mph in just five seconds and its top speed is a modest 200mph. A range of 800 miles is provided by the fully electric power train, which is really quiet at the same time and thus the whole living room atmosphere can be conjured up.

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