Can I Buy BTC in Person?

Buying bitcoin is done chiefly online without meeting with the seller because of the top-notch technologies that facilitate the transactions. However, purchasing Bitcoin and or cryptos is almost akin to buying contraceptives in that it is a primary human entitlement, and you have the right to buy privately. You shouldn’t have to let anyone know about your purchase or why you’re buying it. No matter the reasons for your purchase, be it for speculation, to save for a rainy day, or just for the fun of it — you do not have to tell the world about your intentions.

So, if you have been asking yourself, “Can I buy BTC in person?” Yes, you can. This article looks into how you can buy your bitcoin in person and even anonymously.

Reasons to buy BTC in person

Before we delve into how you can obtain BTC in person, we will look into the reasons for buying BTC in person anonymously, which include the following:

  • Security: due to the increase in online scams, some people choose to buy BTC in-person to avoid being defrauded.
  • To prevent authorities from getting to know: some people do not want the government to learn about their investment in cryptos to avoid taxation and for other reasons.
  • To prevent other people from getting to know: some individuals do not want their spouses, business partners, and other people to find out about their investments for several reasons, so buying in person and holding their digital wealth anonymously is the best option.

How can I buy BTC in person?

If you want to purchase Bitcoin in person, meaning you leave your house and meet with the seller, you can use three methods. Also, if you are wondering, “Can I buy Bitcoin online privately?” The truth is that you can do so. However, most of the platforms that allow such transactions have low limits.

If you have been searching: “Can I buy BTC in person,” we want to answer you by sharing the options you can use to buy and store bitcoin privately. The two main methods to purchase and transfer bitcoin in person are by using Bitcoin ATMs (BATM) and finding a seller willing to have a physical meeting for the transactions, primarily by cash. Additionally, you can buy bitcoins in person in physical exchange offices that deal with crypto.

Buying bitcoins using a bitcoin ATM

If you seek answers to: can I buy BTC in person, you have found a solution now because you can use BATM to do so. It is one of the most convenient ways to buy BTC in person. The good thing is that you can learn how to purchase BTC using a BATM quickly and use it without much hassle.

The first thing to do as you buy and transfer bitcoin using a BATM is to find your nearest automated machine. Fortunately, finding the nearest BATM is not hard because you can use online tools such as Coin ATM Radar. This has all the relevant BATM information, for example, the location, the transaction costs, verification process, online status, and many more. You enter your location and find the nearest bitcoin ATM; click “Get direction” to get the exact location on a Google map and the address.

The buying process is fast, 3 to 5 mins, and you get the bitcoins into your bitcoin wallet, or if you do not have one, you can print a paper wallet. Also, note that you purchase using cash which you insert into the machine. Some things to know as you buy Bitcoin for blockchain using an ATM is that you cannot get a refund due to its nature, and you only buy for yourself. The main downside of the ATMs is the high transaction fees.

Buy from a physical office

“Can I buy BTC in person from an exchange?” you may be asking yourself. Yes, you can because some exchanges operate physical offices where buyers can walk in and buy BTC and other coins in person. One such exchange is Nakitcoins that runs a physical office in Turkey. It is the first physical crypto exchanger in Turkey that enables people to buy and sell digital coins in cash, with no limits, securely, and with all the privacy they need.

Buy from a seller willing to have a physical meeting

Another option to buy bitcoin for blockchain is to look for a seller who wants to sell to you by meeting in person and close a cash deal. Fortunately, you do not have to struggle a lot because you can use some platforms like Localbitcoins, Localcryptos, or and filter by your area to find sellers near you. After that, contact them to see if they can meet you so you can buy and transfer Bitcoin into your wallet in exchange for cash. Irrespective of the terms of service for those platforms, for example, not allowing physical meetings, most sellers are happy and willing to arrange cash transactions.

However, you naturally have to establish trust between you and the seller and it would be best to start with relatively lower amounts and then build up to larger amounts as trust gets stronger. Moreover, you can use social platforms and other sites to reach sellers; for instance, you can use LinkedIn to find BTC sellers within your area. Finally, although there are time-wasters to filter through, you can buy your bitcoins in person once you get a reputable and reliable seller.

Now, you have the answer, if you have been asking yourself, “Can I buy BTC in person?” You can buy your bitcoins in person using bitcoin ATMs, from physical offices of some of the exchanges, or by finding sellers willing to meet in person.