California Fire – State Of Emergency


A massive fire in Cranston, California forced Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency in Riverside County. Thousands of acres were destroyed as the fire near Idllywild is not slowing down due to hot weather wave that hit the entire state.

Idyllwild area has been hit the most and thousands of people fleed their homes. Five homes were burned down, and other fires in the county require additional personnel to be deployed and spread over multiple locations.

This is not the only fire in the area as Ferguson is hit by another blaze. Riverside County is about 300 miles away from this one, and as a result, some parts of Yosemite National Park needed to be closed, and according to county officials, they might open during the next week.

What do we know about Cranston Fire?

It has been reported that Brandon N. McGlower, a 32-year-old man from Temecula, has been arrested as the authorities suspect him of starting the fire. He is also responsible for several other blazes in southwest Riverside County, as it has been stated by the officials.

Desert Sun article suggests that he is set to remain in Jail and that his bail has been set at $1 million. McGlower is scheduled to appear in court on Friday morning.

Location struck by Cranston fire

Everything started in the San Jacinto Mountains on July 25, and the blaze soon devastated about 4,700 acres. Few communities that are in that region have been ordered to evacuate, and those include the Apple Canyon Area, Idyllwild, the Lake Helmet, Mountain Center Community and the Hurkey Creek area. It has been reported that a few campgrounds and picnic areas in San Bernardino Nation Forest will be closed.


According to Risk Free Serv  about 700 firefighters and other personnel are struggling to contain the fire, but it seems that it is spreading. On Thursday evening it has been said that it now has grown to 7,500 acres with 5% containment. Additionally, information suggests that approximately 3,200 people were evacuated and that 2,200 homes are potentially jeopardized.

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