Perfect Buying Guide For Wireless Routers

A wireless router is a device found in most homes today. Buying a wireless router can be challenging if we do not know the tech language’s intricate terms. Imagine your parents or grandparents browsing through e-commerce links to get a wireless router for their homes. They are bombarded with technical names and features that might leave them perplexed! The look on their faces reveals that a guide with things to consider before buying was the need of the hour! Let’s get going in that direction to layout all features to consider while getting a techy wi-fi to reach all corners of a home for seamless connectivity.

The points to consider while purchasing:

  • Area of coverage: While getting wi-fi, it is best to choose a router that will serve all needs of the family. The connectivity should reach most rooms of a house. There might be issues as to few rooms not receiving strong signals even for one gadget. The best wi-fi router in the market should contain at least three antennas to cover from front to the backyard. Few routers might work efficiently even outside the home up to a distance of 300 feet outdoors. Use devices with range-boosting antennas to get reliable wi-fi. Physical obstructions may be a cause for concern; thus, for home usage, we have to focus on placing the router in a location from where its signal will reach all corners and rooms. If for a house purpose, routers can be placed at the first floor’s ceiling to get signal between both floors equally. Thus, the ability to position routers should be considered while purchasing.
  • Number of devices that can connect: Though the range of coverage is of utmost importance, next comes the number of devices. We have members of the family at all nooks and corners of our house using different gadgets simultaneously. Every household is facing problems with enough devices not being supported. Few routers may be bought for the specific purposes of gaming, FTP, etc. In this case, the connectivity of the number of devices may reduce. It is best to understand our needs before looking at the specs of a router. Most routers, when for commercial use showcase, support at least 250 devices. This might be tall talk and mostly not feasible. Let’s focus on getting a router that can support at least 25 devices at home.
  • Dual-band or more: Single-band routers can be kept in exhibits in a museum since they are a thing of the past. These days all routers come with at least dual-band or more. To explain in layman’s terms, if it is dual-band, the router gives away the signal using two frequencies. Thus, we can use it between two modes like fast and faster. There are routers with tri-band even for the fastest signal transmission. The primary frequency in old types is 2.4 GHz. This is particularly difficult for homes or apartments where everybody is on the same bandwidth. The dual-band or tri-band uses 5GHz that gives faster internet while compared to old ones. While watching high-quality video content or playing heavy games, it is best to use dual or tri bands for a seamless experience. Otherwise, glitches will irritate users to an extent where they stop using your selected Wi-fi.
  • Stay updated, get apps enabled router: We used routers in the olden days (though not very long ago!) by connecting to a web browser. These days smartphones rule our entire house. So, why not get a router that is compatible with apps and has the comfort of fiddling with routers from your location? Alexa and Google assistants have become our friends rather than real friends! How about routers that can be controlled with them too? Charming, right?! There are certain options when you shop online, which give the smart option too. For this, there are customized apps from manufacturers that must be downloaded from app stores. Being an avid app user need not be the criteria, if you have a smartphone and have used basic apps like Uber, Garage control, etc. will suffice. Do not hesitate to shell out extra dollars for this feature, as this gives comfort in controlling your location seamlessly.
  • Home or commercial use: The basic factor while looking to buy a wireless router online is the place of use. Are you buying for your business or household purpose? After you have answered this question, things do not change much, yet we have to look at features from different perspectives. For commercial use, the budget will widen. For use in offices or restaurants, daily traffic might increase, so should security. The business routers are on the upper hand with specifications as they have higher RAMs, faster GPUs, and a better operating system compared to routers for home use. Thus, commercial routers are designed to cater to provide internet traffic all day long. If at all you have decided to buy a business class router to support your home’s needs only, it might be worth the money invested. The chances of discarding the routers will diminish, and it will stay for long with a stronger internal design. Use best security settings while using routers like WPA2-AES and refrain from using WEP, WPA, TKIP. Connectivity with both home and commercial routers have increased multifold in these modern times to prevent intrusive connections.

Many more features are to be looked at while getting the best one. However, it is sufficient to look at the options mentioned above as a benchmark to purchase the best wireless router online. Do not forget to look at all specs on their websites before purchasing. Though returns may be available, it might delay your lovely experience from enjoying excellent internet connectivity, be it in your home or business places. Also, make sure to pay attention to price while purchasing since different brands with the same features may have varying costs. Why give more for the same set of components and design? Last but never least, act smart and get a wireless one that everyone will follow suit!

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