Buying Guide for Men’s Underwear – Comfort or Looks?

At a first glance, buying lingerie seems like a very simple job, but with the abundance of models that can be found on the market today made of different materials and designs, the choice is huge, which makes it more likely to make a mistake. These are some things you need to know when it comes to choosing perfect men’s underwear briefs.

Decide about the type of underwear you want and need

Slip briefs

A classic that every man should have in his drawer and the brief for whole life, someone would say – the one that you certainly used when you were little. They’re somewhat tight and leaving the entire leg exposed, providing you with decent freedom of movement. Wearing the correct size makes them almost invisible under any trousers. They are the most suitable if you want to look more stylish and they are also comfortable to sit, visually lengthen the legs and accentuate your thighs. However, if you have wide hips or you are a bit overweight, the slip cut is not really your friend.

Boxer briefs

The long and loose brief is the most appropriate if you are overweight. It’s best to choose monochrome ones or a small and discreet print. In addition, they are very comfy to wear at home, as you can always combine them with a dressing gown to be in a man’s house. Great to go loose and fresh, they are usually made of absorbent cotton but offer zero genital support and bulge under the pants.

Boxer slip briefs

It’s a mix between the boxer and the slip brief – t’s tight as slip but long as boxer briefs and it’s ideal for slender bodies. What color to choose? White denotes neatness, black is se*y without stridency and the bright colors are perfect for metrose*uals. A simply perfect option for the most daring. For many men a slipper boxer is the perfect hybrid: with the long leg of the boxer and the support offered by the slip, this style comes in a lot of formats and fits perfectly thighs and back. They provide good coverage for those with a wider body, but they are uncomfortable for those who spend a lot of time sitting.

Sports briefs

When you go to the gym you need maximum support regarding genitals since many sports to include sudden movements and kicks, but also some moisture-wicking briefs as well, since sweating is a well-known part of every physical activity. That’s why you need a specific type of underwear, specially designed for sportsmen. The classic slip isn’t a bad option for this, but there are seamless sports models that minimize friction and are made of super-absorbent fabrics. Freedom of movement is the strong point for this style, just like good testicular support.

Take care of your health

Underwear is a matter of aesthetics, comfort and, what you should especially keep in mind, health. Science has shown that the type of underpants you wear has an influence on reproductive performance or, in other words, on seminal quality, so it’s quite essential to know how to choose the perfect underpants for men.

The type of men’s underwear you choose is your reflection and your choice, in a broad sense. But doctors are now warning that even a banal decision like “which pants should I wear this morning?” has a health impact. From allergies and pain to more serious things like fertility, men should carefully consider their choice of underwear. Men who wear more comfortable clothes have fewer problems with fertility than those who prefer tight boxers or pants.

You should also pay attention to the underwear rubber band – the skin shouldn’t be in direct contact with it since it can be pretty painful and uncomfortable sometimes. In addition, allergies can also be caused by poor quality paint, so try to stick with reputable manufacturers and materials.

Materials are important

Whoever says that men don’t care about the material of their underwear, is definitely not aware of today’s modern demands and the need to feel comfortable throughout the day. The difference between the materials allows you to choose the right men’s underwear briefs to adapt your lifestyle.

Silk underwear, although it sounds like a great option for some men, is not a smart choice. Poor absorption caused by wearing silk underwear, synthetics, or high-lycra materials can cause irritation and allergies, especially when it comes to tight men’s underwear briefs, slips, or those tight boxer shorts. You’ll avoid this easily if you wear cotton underwear. It’s a sublime and soft material for the skin due to its absorbent qualities and benefits and briefs should always be of cotton or a very high% of cotton because it’s a natural fiber, except when you’re in a gym. If this is the case, cotton is not the best option but brands like Adidas and Nike have technical fabrics, which offer support to your private area without rubbing or friction.

However, if you decide to take heavyweights, exercise routines or practice your favorite sport, we recommend that you use microfibers since cotton can feel somewhat uncomfortable during sweating. It is polyester and elastane compound is versatility converted into fabrics. In other words, the characteristics of this material will increase the performance of your activities with maximum fit and breathability. A great option for this would definitely be ThePack Underwear, since they produce rather quality moisture-wicking underwear.

Be careful with color and prints. Funny underpants are not really funny. If you wear Superman briefs, you better have a huge package to make up for it. If you choose patterned briefs let them be simple, please.

Now that you know about all the different options that are offered to you, make no mistake when choosing the most appropriate men’s underwear. Take a look at all the options available because today you need to consider all the details that we all thought were small when choosing the most comfortable men’s underwear briefs for you.

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