Tips for Buying Cryptocurrency Mining Equipment – 2021 Guide

The first question that comes to your mind when you think of mining bitcoins is, what is mining? Mining is the process through which bitcoins are generated with the help of computing power. As far as mining of bitcoins is considered, it refers to several different combinations of mining strategies and they have an aim of maximising the benefits obtained.

You must have mostly heard your friends telling you that they had bought bitcoin from crypto exchanges, however, that is not the only way in which a person can own bitcoins. That said, besides buying them through exchanges, you can also choose to mine them for yourself. Yes, that’s true you can mine your own bitcoins. Don’t be afraid that you will have to mine bitcoins just as gold is mined. You will not have to visit the river beds to mine bitcoins. Instead, to mine bitcoins, you will have to visit blockchain.

So, if you are thinking, how can you mine bitcoin yourself, just know that you will need a computer that is not more than five years old. However, just by owning a modern computer, we cannot guarantee that you will achieve success in the process. The process of mining bitcoin is just the same as playing the fastest finger first game. It means, to hit the bitcoins, you will have to provide considerable computing power. The more the power, the better the chances of hitting. Read more to know about one of the best bitcoin mining software.

Bitcoin Mining Explained!

Simply put, the process of bitcoin mining is nothing more than just solving mathematical equations as fast as a person can. Hence, to solve the equations, an individual requires computational powers, so that they can solve the equations faster than anyone else can so as to reap the maximum rewards.

Bitcoin mining needs to ensure that the transactions that take place on the network, all abide by the rules. For this phase, complex computers are employed so that the transactions carried out are checked, and then they are broadcasted on other systems available.

Bitcoin mining is usually done by the central processing units of the CPUs that are found in the general computer systems used in the household. With the increase in units that tried to mine the network, the difficulty level of the hashes rose considerably, which people were rigorously trying to guess.

When they were no longer able to solve the hashes using CPUs, they turned to GPUs. GPU is the graphical processing unit, that are some high-powered processors and can solve difficult hashes with greater ease. You will mostly find GPUs in all high-end gaming PCs. The hashes have grown in difficulty further, and they are so hard nowadays, that people who try to solve them using specialist computer systems are only capable of solving them. The units are known as ASICs or application-specific integrated circuit chips.

Which Hardware to Use?

There is no denying the fact that the process of mining bitcoins is limited to the range of ASICs available, though there are numerous options for people to choose from. However, the choice of hardware is done by the miner itself, based on the circumstances they are going through. Some may look only for a single unit that they can put in their spare space, whereas others may choose to install some affordable options to get started with the mining process.

When you have to choose the best mining hardware, there are several things to consider. Some of the factors include, the amount of electricity they consume, hashing power, temperature of the ambience, and the initial investment you need to make to buy.

When it comes to choosing a manufacturer over several available, there are some ideological reasons behind the decision.

Hardware Available to Mine Bitcoins

  • Budget-Friendly – Antminer T9+

If you are on a tight budget, the mining rig that would prove best for you is T9+. The cost of this hardware is very cheap as compared to most of the other available options. However, don’t think that since it is available at a comparatively lower rate, the hardware is not competent enough. Besides the price, this hardware takes less space as well. Available in a compact design it is a great option to cram in several units.

Moreover, with this choice, you will save a considerable amount of money on extraction equipment as well.

  • Ideal for Beginners – Avalon 6

This piece is the best for beginners who want to mine bitcoins. This mining rig was created keeping simplicity of the rig in mind. When it comes to setting the ASIC up, it is one of the easiest. It supports advances and simple processes, and is hence an ideal choice for beginners. However, if you are a serious miner with experience in the industry, this is not a great option. Additionally, it doesn’t have its own power supply, and you will have to buy it separately.

  • When you Don’t Have a Constraint Budget – DragonMint T1

No doubt, it is one of the best mining hardware available on the market today. It was established by a new company that entered into the market of companies that specialise in mining ASIC. A huge investment was made at the time of the development of this unit.

This hardware is capable of achieving a highly incredible hash rate, and at the same time it consumes energy at an efficient rate. The ambient temperature of the hardware is maintained at a level of 25 degrees with the help of two variable fans with nine-blades each.


With overwhelming choices available when it comes to choosing bitcoin mining equipment, good hardware is something that you should primarily look for. We have tried to compile a list of hardware available for you to choose from. Even if you decide that you cannot mine Bitcoins on your own, you should always choose to invest in bitcoins that are easy to use, and secure. After determining a few critical things, pick a highly relevant hardware to get started with mining bitcoins.