5 Things to Look for When Buying Aluminium Ute Canopies

An aluminium Ute Canopy is a structure mounted on a chassis intended for storing and transporting tools, various types of equipment as well as camping gear.

What could be more useful than a Ute that comes with a good setup on the rear side? In case you are looking to buy a Ute Canopy, this article will cover the important things you should consider, also some advantages and disadvantages, plus it will provide you with a comprehensive explanation.

However, if you are in the phase of choosing Ute Canopies you should carefully consider several important things such as their price, weight, and quality. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives that are available to you, but all of these are always susceptible to damage, resulting in expensive repairs.

Which custom Canopy will best suit your vehicle?

A Ute gives you a great deal of flexibility, which means there are a variety of ways you can use the space. The number one thing you should consider is how to set it up properly so that it suits your vehicle. Many people fail to understand this correctly the first time and eventually end up changing it. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is undoubtedly time-consuming, costly as well as frustrating.

In the process of purchasing a Ute canopy, you will notice that the options often offered are whether you need to buy a stock standard plan or you need to adjust a Ute Canopy for your vehicle. It is important to be aware of your wallet and the purpose of the Canopy when you are making a decision. Standard arrangements may have limitations particularly that their space is too large or too small for equipment that is meant to be carried. With your equipment put in a place where it would not be safe, you do not need expensive instruments to bump around in the background during the trip. A customized Canopy can be constructed to accommodate your instruments safely. This plan is also undoubtedly more space saving, which means you can easily adjust future additional accessories.

What do you need to consider when buying an aluminum Ute Canopy?


If you carry excess weight or you are improperly balanced, you may have your insurance reduced or voided, and overall your chances of getting into an accident increase. Utes tend to be poorly balanced, as there is a lot of storage space behind the rear axles, meaning you add additional leverage. Many double cab Utes have bent the chassis due to this. Before going ahead and buying a Canopy, ensure that you receive the weight put in writing, because it is actually the weight you are paying for!


There are many criminals out there, and the safety of the equipment in your Canopy is of utmost importance. Camping and four-wheel-drive equipment do not come inexpensive and they are an attractive goal for those seeking a quick gain. Some Canopies may take seconds to be broke open, and others require a lot of effort, to the point that people do not even bother to try breaking in.

Having a good quality Canopy will be discouraging enough for criminals, as they will not even think about doing it. Placing a quality lock on a Canopy, which is designed to fasten onto the lock before opening the door when forced to do so, is a perfect example of the advanced engineering involved in a well-constructed canopy. In fact, these days, people have the option of getting Canopies that do not even let you pull the lug out without unblocking the Canopy. Therefore, the only way to enter is to use a grinder to cut a hole.


A Canopy would be the easiest option to convert a Ute into a practical touring vehicle. The price can range from 2500 to 4000 US dollars. Accessories and options include air vents to put pressure on the canopy and keep dust out, window screens, roof rack systems, sliding windows, and much more. Therefore, in case you have a limited budget, you may need to be a little pickier.

While there are many options available on the market, from air lockers to electronic lockers, you can assume you will spend up to $1500 per locker after installation. With everything locked down, your four-wheel drive can handle tough terrain. Therefore, you should save some money for the protection under the vehicle.

It is important to have a dual battery system to power the refrigerator, some other accessories, as well as the basic set-ups, which includes the wiring loom, isolator, deep cycle battery, and battery tray. It may cost a minimum of $1000, but it will provide your starting battery with sufficient starting power.

Choose the professional fabricators with a good reputation

While there are some highly skilled fabricators in Australia and overseas, there are also some whose qualifications should be taken away or those who have no official qualifications. If you are searching for Canopies, you will find out that there are professional companies like that are dedicated to creating Canopies of high quality.

In the end, even the most talented fabricators do not always manage to get the best experience of their product usage. This means some things are not considered during the design and construction phase, making it frustrating when it comes time to use them. However, businesses that have been working on this for a long time have a good understanding of what will break, where the vulnerable spots are, as well as they find the best way to make the Canopies more functional.

The advantages of an aluminium Ute Canopy compared to fiberglass or steel Ute Canopy are some features such as the lightweight of the material aluminium, also the fuel usage and carrying capacity are less affected than with a heavier Canopy, as well as the fact that it is very stable with high wear resistance.

Remember that adding a Canopy to your Ute will affect the GVM (net vehicle mass) maintenance, steering, and towing capacity. Regardless of the fact that an aluminum Ute Canopy is very lightweight, there is still an additional load on your vehicle. In other words, think about how this will have an impact along with the things you are able to place in your Ute, including people, animals, accessories, equipment, as well as the weight you can tow. If you are going to put something on your Canopy, make sure it has an assessed and recommended roof rack.

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