What To Think About When Buying A Toy For Your Dog

Our pets mean the world to us. They rightfully are a genuine embodiment of affection and loyalty and represent everything good in our world. Most dog lovers treat their dogs not like pets, but like other members of their family. Most of them go the extra mile and treat them as their own child, giving them everything that they love all while holding a little bit of discipline.

Dogs can be extremely energetic and hyperactive especially during the growing years.  It is important to give them an adequate amount of exercise and keep them preoccupied by not letting them take their attention out in another way.  Dogs keep themselves preoccupied by chewing and biting on things that are usually used in households.

These items could be of high importance to you that should not be tampered with. But dogs do not know that. For them, it is another easily accessible piece of fun for them . Dogs just find it as a means to channel their need for attention and get fun out of.

Going with what we just said, you can buy your dogs toys that will have them preoccupied for a long period of time. But unlike a normal human being, dogs of all ages need to be properly monitored and taken care of which makes it all the more important to understand that not all toys can be safe and healthy for your dog. Visit to learn more about the various toys in store for your dog.

Pre-Requisites Of Picking The Right Play Tool

All of us can agree on the fact that our pet means the world to us. Hence, it is vital to ensure that the play tools that they mess around with are safe and can also help them another way apart from just having fun. With that being said, here are the few things that you need to keep in mind when you choose a toy for your dog.

  • Hazards

Even though we treat our pet just like another family member, we need to understand that the anatomy of an animal varies from that of a human. It is crucial to understand that all toys meant for humans cannot be the same for dogs as well. Body parts such as fingers, help humans treat smaller parts with more care and concern.

The same cannot be said for dogs as they do not have fingers and it is a lot harder for them to get a hold of the toy that they are playing with. That being said, you need to purchase toys that are specially designed for your dog and do not have small parts which can be choking hazards for your dog.

  • Material

The composition of the play tool is also of importance that you should keep in mind. This is because dogs while playing always tend to use their mouths and come in oral contact with the toy. Buying your dog cheap plastic toys can result in long-term health problems, as they continuously come in contact with the plastic with their mouths.

  • Sounds

It is a known fact that dogs have 3 times more hearing sensations than that of an average human being. that they are a lot more sensitive to sound than we humans are. With that being said it is important to buy them toys without creating a sound that goes above their recommended level.

Our List Of The Best Toys For Your Pet

There’s no better time to spoil the best boy or girl of the house. These toys are aimed at not only providing fun, but also with the increase of brain activity and concentration. Starting off with –

  • Kong Wobbler

Dogs will absolutely enjoy this toy as this brand has developed to become one of the most sought out toy brands for dogs for close to half a century. The Kong Wobbler is an excellent tool that not only keeps dogs preoccupied and channels their energy, but is also an effective tool to relieve dogs of boredom and anxiety.

The toy is known to show better results for pets suffering from behavioral problems to start off with. Dogs love the unpredictability of toys and this is precisely what the play tool in consideration offers. The primary feature of this toy is the fact that it jumps and wobbles in varied directions, keeping your dog busy and in awe.

It also has a cavity in the middle of the toy that people can fill up with the snacks loved by your dogs.  The cost of this play tool usually can vary from fifteen dollars to twenty dollars or so.

  • BenBone Wishbones

The agony over tarnished and ripped shoes, furnishings and missing in action objects is long gone. BenBone play tool is a highly helpful toy that will keep your dog occupied for a long period of time thereby making them irresistible to pets. On top of this, its curves on the tool really let the pets taste the flavours of the organic materials inside which are obviously edible. It comes around twelve dollars or so and is available in different shapes and sizes as well. One word to describe it, it is amazing.

  • The Muttini Bar Collection

Most people think that they are the only ones who can have a collection of the best beverages in their mini-fridge and for their information they can be mistaken. Their pets now can be just as cool as them by owning their very own bar collection.

Don’t worry, they aren’t actual drinks. They are just cushiony toys that are shaped in the form of canisters from popular drinks throughout the world. It has a small voice box inside the toy, making a bunch of noises that are very likely to pique the interest of your dog. These toys come in various famous beverage shapes such as beer and vodka, gin and tonic. The tiniest version you can buy of this toy costs you a little over 12 dollars or so. Not a bad investment to make your pet happy.

  • Power Chew Dental Dinosaur

Say goodbye to the days you can give excuses about your dog eating your homework. We really mean it. The days of torn shoes are long gone with the emergence of the mighty dental dinosaurs.

These are toys that are very useful for your dog if they love to nibble and chew on your property. A huge upside to this toy is that they can go on chewing it and nibbling it without having to damage their mouths. It has raised abrasions on it which promote indirect cleaning of their mouths.

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