Buy The Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Game

In some time, Destiny 2: Bungie is a game that will get launched. They are coming with many loot, activities, and balance changes. It is an Anniversary Pack full of different features, making the title more interesting. It includes a new treasure-themed Dungeon, many cosmetic items, and the Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher. This game will be introduced on the 7th of December, and Destiny 2 will put the full party mode of the 30th Anniversary of the event. It introduces a new six-player match made offensive activity that can earn classic loot. With the celebration, the massive balance update will be live. This game is available on their website. You can click here to order today.

When Can You Start Playing The Game?

You can start playing the game after it gets launched on the 7th of December to mark the 30th Anniversary of Bungie. It will take place at 5 pm UTC, after which you can start playing. If required, you can pre book the game and read through the article to find out all details. Once you have enough information about this game, playing this game will be easy.

No Updates About The Anniversary Event

No updates are available regarding how long the anniversary event will go on. It could last for a few weeks till the start of The Dawning winter holiday or till February 2024, the launch of The Witch Queen. But this Bungie pack is a permanent collection that you purchase separately. It indicates that you do not have to worry about the end date.

About The Destiny 2 Bungie Game

The Destiny franchise was created by the development studio Bungie to celebrate their 30th birthday. It includes a big throwing party, references and crossovers to several previous franchises. It is available in “the premium Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack” and “free Bungie 30th Anniversary celebration event.” One more thing about these two separate things is that they are two different things and are available simultaneously.

Quick Snippets

As the title has not yet been released, not much information is available. But the details that you know so far are enclosed here. The event is free for all players, and it seems like another in-game event. It includes a match-made offensive activity, a new six-player, Dares of Eternity, etc. It will help players gain classic Destiny gear, and it seems like Xur will appear. There is a Dares Of Eternity feature through which you can collect rewards, and many new secrets are there to unravel.

About A Premium Downloadable Content Pack

The game also has a premium downloadable content pack to buy and play. Before buying, you have to check all features like the platform it works on, where you can play, and other technical aspects. With that, you can decide whether to buy the pack or not.

Things You Will Get In The Destiny 2 Pack

The game contains a lot of things that you can unlock after it gets launched. The main feature of Destiny 2 is the new treasure-themed Dungeon. It is set on the backdrop of an original loot cave located in the Cosmodrome. From here, you can gain an armor set for every class themed. It is around the “Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon” and a “Destiny 1 Legendary weapon.” Other things like “the 1000-Yard Stare Sniper Rifle” and “the Eyasluna Hand Cannon.” It has also thrown some new weapons inspired by other games. It includes a Shotgun from Marathon and the Claymore Sword inspired by Myth.

Expected Fans’ Reactions

Destiny fans are expected to be overjoyed by looking at the anniversary pack. Even though the specifications are not released, players are expected to enjoy it. Goers can proceed to the top gaming store and prebook the game. When the title gets launched, they can start playing without waiting. The ultimate creators’ goal was to create a game to impress the players, which they must have done. Hopefully, gamers will like every bit of it while playing.

Destiny 2 – Remote Access: A Next Level Gaming Experience

Destiny fans can now take a deep breath as their favorite game allows remote access for the ultimate level gaming experience. Gamers can now use the Destiny Companion App while being in orbit and end up having bounties from almost any vendor. Great news indeed!  Players can now bid goodbyes to their extended loading time as it saves time visiting vendors and loading into the Tower one by one. The players can use the same app to transfer armor, weapons, and other special items between characters. This will save a lot from traveling back and forth to the vault, which every player’s character shares between them. In addition, the app can be utilized to check which quests or bounties have been completed by the player’s character that week. Lastly, players can check the timer on limited-time quests while relaxing about logging into the game.

Destiny 2-New Rule: Campaign Not Necessary!

Destiny has removed the conventional way of leveling. It has stopped the gateway for players to run away from their pursuits. Now, gamers won’t have to use the campaign mode to level up for becoming eligible to various quests or the endgame. Moreover, campaigns are now unnecessary for the players, and they won’t have to finish the last year’s visual story content to get entitled to start the new one. It’s all season-based now! However, the campaigns still retain the benefits of opening up various pursuits like new subclass trees or exquisite quests, but that’s all up to the player’s choice.

Now, Destiny fans won’t be requiring multiple characters to stay competitive in the game. Every character has been updated with the ability to complete all pursuits efficiently. Also, the alts enable the gamers with more options or chances to get hold of certain loot pieces.

Destiny 2 – Seasonal Content Is More Like Yearly Content

With the latest update of Destiny 2, Bungie has updated a significant amount of its seasonal content to be more likely yearly content. This is because the seasonal contents stick around an entire year. This relieves the players from the feel of the rush to achieve the core pursuits for any given season. Although things may change in an update, a few things won’t – like the exotic quests and the Wrathbron Hunts. If players log in now, they will be able to kill two birds with a single stone at the same time, which is progress indeed.

Where Is The Game Available?

The top online store has this game which you can pre book today at a competitive price. But remember that the game will activate only on the 7th of December after 5 pm.