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Brief Study about Water Sports, Kitesurfing and Windsurfing

What are water sports?

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Literally speaking, the sports which are played in the water are called water sports. Activities like swimming, fishing, scuba diving, surfing on water, skiing, boating are all included in the water sports category. 

Swimming and fishing are the most common and old water sport. Fishers use to catch fish that weigh heavier so that they can fight while bringing them to the surface. Some species of fish are so big that they tend to pull back when you reel the fishing rod. There are tournaments based on the fight between a fish and a man. Almost everyone knows swimming, and there are many competitions all-round the globe. Swimming is also listed on a big tournament like the Olympics. It is strange to know that such competitions do take place in Antarctica to see who can stay a longer time in the freezing cold water.

Apart from these two sports, water skiing has now become the most desirable water sport. There are many contests where the participants display various tricks to stay on the water for an extended period of time without falling down. Skiing is considered as a fun-filled water sport. 

Although there are many water sports available at your accord, this article will focus on only two of them briefly. One is Kitesurfing and the other one Windsurfing.

Kitesurfing: All you need to know

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Kitesurfing can be called as an amalgamation of flying a kite and water surfing. This sport is immensely popular among the group of sports enthusiasts. It is a sport that involves your feet getting attached to the surfboard and a big kite that will work like a parachute and will be connected by a harness to your body. The force of air will pull the kite across the water, and you will be surfing on the kiteboard. The wind is capable of lifting you several feet higher in the air, and so it is considered as an extreme sport.

Anyone can go into kitesurfing without any past experience. You may never fly a kite in your life, but that will not create a barrier. Just put on your wetsuit and have the life experience. 

If you are, newbie, consider hiring an instructor. You will get all the training regarding this sport and will get detailed information on different types of boards, safety equipment, and other essential things. You will learn to fly a kite on land and water, controlling it, and riding the board. It is most apparent that a beginner will have no confidence in trusting the equipment and strapping your body to a flying kite in the scariest thing. But with an excellent trainer, all your fears will wash away. 

What is Windsurfing?

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Windsurfing is that type of sailing where a surfing board is pushed across the water by the power of the wind. A typical windsurfing board is five meters long and has a single sail. The surfer uses the force of the wind to glide across the water by adjusting the sail in that way. 

Windsurfing is much easy to learn and takes a few instructions to make your final maneuver. About 4 to 5 hours’ time is required to learn the basics, and then you can have the waves. Windsurfing is an adventurous water sport, and it requires a high level of body fitness. It is also better than sailing because you can sail fast by tackling the wind speeds and perform aerobics like jumping. Whereas on a sailboat, you will be deprived of these things.


Both Kitesurfing and Windsurfing are exciting extreme sports and has their own unique style. No one can differentiate them. Enjoy both these sports, but make sure to have adequate training, proper equipment manufactured by the trusted brand such as Crazy Fly, and delve into it under the special guidance of a professional expert. If you are an adventure freak and seeking to have some fun moments around water sports, you have found the right spot.