Finding a Branding Agency that Understands your Business — And Why It’s So Vital

The world of business is competitive. That’s just a general, unrefuted fact; it is the way the world works. When one wishes to start a business, one of the first factors they take into account is how they would have to tackle their competition.

And to stand out, one would have to build themselves a good name. Branding is everything.

That’s why advertisement companies and agencies have grown in popularity in recent years. Branding agencies essentially play a supporting role in promoting businesses. They actively create and grow one’s brands via brand strategies.

What each branding company does isn’t set. Every agency applies a different approach when building a business. But what these agencies usually offer are services like designing a company’s identity, activating a company in the market, and researching how a company is and will be perceived by stakeholders. What typically differs between these agencies is the list of services they offer. Some might focus their services on research and strategy. Some others might specialize in advertising.

This variety of branding agencies’ services is good news for every company seeking to put itself out in the world. But an agency must understand who you are and what you do.

Why Choosing a Branding Agency Isn’t As Easy As It Seems

Despite the myriad of services agencies offer, picking the best fit for your business isn’t so simple. Picking an agency that doesn’t quite align with a business’ vision and goals is essential.

Branding builds a bridge between a business and its target audience. When you get people to care about what you do and the products or services you’re selling, that’s when customer loyalty is generated. Authentic, engaging marketing can determine where a business goes in the future.

It’s not just about consumers. Good marketing increases a company’s value. It also acts as a compass towards which employees strive. This is especially true when a company’s branding strategy determines the direction in which a company must grow.

And while it may not always prove fatal for a brand, attempting to rebrand one’s company is enough to burn a hole in anyone’s pocket.

The Unstoppable Branding Agency is an example of an agency that operates online. Being a family-based business, UBA takes on more personal values and seeks out clients whose businesses promote similar principles.

“[We have a] long-term vision for creating a safe space for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and also mainly women to be able to trust and share their message and get it out in a place that’s credible and positions their brands as experts,” said Rhonda Swan, the CEO of the Unstoppable Branding Agency.

Likewise, companies should also place sufficient importance on picking ‘the shoe that fits’, so to speak.

Aligning Values and Understanding the Direction You Want to Take

First of all, it’s important to look up branding agencies who genuinely care about what you do. As an entrepreneur, using your company’s message to connect your services or products to your target audience is key. How will this be possible with a branding agency that doesn’t understand the importance of what you do?

In order for an agency that genuinely understands what their business is all about, it’s important to first note what values a particular branding agency holds.

For Brian Swan, co-founder and Business Development Manager of UBA, creating and maintaining a branding strategy isn’t robotic. It’s alive, genuine, and deeply rooted in empowerment.

“UBA is near and dear to my heart as it was created out of the blood, sweat, and tears of my wife, Rhonda Swan, and me after losing everything financially back in 2008.”

Brian Swan once had a set future as a robotics engineer. However, the quest to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams led him down a different, albeit unconventional path. The Swans and their young daughter, Hanalei Swan were once in a precarious position in terms of their financial status. However, despite having everything to lose, they decided to sell whatever they had left and travelled the world with their year-old daughter.

85% of UBA is owned by women. The company prioritizes protecting the “true, honest message” of their clients’ brands, as the Swans call it. In Brian Swan’s case, his job revolves around cultivating high-end, long-term business clients and creating joint venture partnerships. Therefore, he understands the need for a branding agency to truly connect with its clients and partners.

Branding agency’s values and its reputation is something companies should take note of. If an entrepreneur’s values and those of a chosen branding agency align, then it becomes marginally easier to convey a clear marketing message and brand to one’s consumers.

This builds loyalty. And loyalty breeds long-term profit.

Branding Agencies Are the Future. It’s Time to Find the Right One

All in all, the type of services and values a branding agency offers makes a huge difference for every company. According to brand identity companies, businesses these days really need to distinguish themselves from the rest.

Hence, unique needs are presented in every business venture. These unique needs can only be met by specific agencies. And, much like dating, chemistry and mutual respect and understanding can make or break the relationship between a business and its branding agency.

It’s time for entrepreneurs to keep their eyes wide open. Ask the right questions, make a good list of branding agencies that promote similar values. And soon enough, your business will reap the long-term benefits.