How to Boost Your Advertising Profits by Commercial LED Screen?

In today’s field of outdoor digital advertising, commercial LED displays are favored for their good visual effects, high brightness, and high definition.

In the core business districts of major cities and traffic arteries with a large traffic flow, outdoor large screens can be seen everywhere. These screens provide advertisers with rich and precise delivery options. In addition, the empowerment of creativity and technology has further enhanced the attractiveness and influence of outdoor displays.

Why do digital billboards have such a large advertising influence? How to get more advertising revenue through outdoor large screens? What is the value of outdoor large screen advertising? Let’s find out together!

1. Is a Commercial LED Screen Worth the Investment?

When you are planning to buy an item on Amazon, you will consider what benefits it can bring you. Then when investing in a LED video wall, you will think about whether it is worth investing in.

1. Is it cost-effective in the long run?

When the advertisers purchase the billboard, they can have permanent ownership of the screen. They install the screens where the displays are installed in high-traffic locations. The exposure rate of these areas is high, and the advertising effect is good.
As the use time gets longer and longer, the accumulated profits can offset the input costs and even create more profits. In the long run, the digital advertising billboard will bring huge income far exceeding the cost.
In addition, companies can earn rent from advertisers by renting out these screens.

2. What is the input-output ratio?

ROI refers to the return on investment, that is, how much profit you can get. So, how to maximize the POI of commercial led screen projects?

It is due to the multiple uses of display boards. In addition to playing advertisements, it can also carry out various publicity, public announcements, press releases, live entertainment performances, etc.

The advertising display screen has rich functions and a good communication effect, so it can attract more traffic.

For example, naked-eye 3D billboard in major cities have become landmarks for tourists to check-in. On the one hand, it increases the popularity of the city. On the other hand, a better advertising effect can be obtained.
It is cost-effective to invest in fixed assets in exchange for considerable returns.

2. How LED Billboards can Boost Digital Advertising?

Commercial display screens have incomparable advantages over other advertising media. There is no doubt about it. Just look at the advertising billboards in Times Square. Digital signage and billboards have the power to bring people together.
Whether indoors or outdoors, large digital screens can effectively promote brands or products. Good ideas and high-definition screens are social media favorites. People are more willing to share such ads on social networks.

For example, the 3D contents specially launched by Nike and Pepsi have received more than one million reposts and comments on social media.

Both of these create a unique brand experience. It’s easier to sell products and services to your target audience in a way that feels like entertainment.

The reason for the success of naked-eye 3D billboard is nothing more than that it caters to people’s visual experience. Virtual and reality are integrated, and both advertising and visual experience are emphasized. The sense of reality brought by the three-dimensional picture effect enriches the audience’s sensory experience.

Curiosity is what drives people to take the next step. So people are more likely to be moved by 3D videos. The value of the brand promotion is generated in this process.

3. How to Make a Profit From LED Screen?

Firstly, choose the right installation location. It is recommended to install display screens on busy streets or other places with high traffic. Make sure more people see it and interact with it.
Secondly, research and develop creative advertising content. Creative content is the secret to people staying in their tracks. Glasses-free 3D advertisements have emerged since 2020, attracting the attention of many companies and consumers. In the past two years, the contents of 3D ads have covered mobile phones, cars, beverages, watches, clothing, and so on. Realistic 3D stereoscopic images bring a immersive visual experience.

Thirdly, online and offline linkage. Guide traffic to offline physical stores through online advertising to complete conversion. Only by online and offline brand promotion and offline actual transformation can we obtain the greatest benefits.
Fourthly, rent the screen. Many companies are looking for suitable advertising screens to display their advertisements or promotional messages. Renting out ad space can bring in additional benefits.
LED display wall has become one of the most popular media forms for companies. Investing in large outdoor advertising billboards may be a profitable business in the long run.

4. Where Are LED Displays Used for Advertising?

1. Exterior Walls of Shopping Malls

Outdoor LED display shows advertisements in various forms such as text, pictures, and videos to attract people to the shopping mall. Many brands are willing to invest in creative video on large screens to promote products or services.

Combining various high-tech and large screens, with the support of glasses-free 3D technology, VR, human-computer interaction, and other technologies, the giant screen enhances the sense of participation of customers.

Glasses-free 3D billboards, for example, can increase impulse sales by creating a visual experience for customers.

This powerful medium helps increase awareness of your brand, app, or product. The wide spread of digital advertising allows customers to take action subtly, and finally achieve the purpose of conversion.

2. Central Shopping Mall Lobby

The lobby is one of the best places to advertise. Every shopper can see the vivid content on the screen. They learn about merchant promotions, merchant locations, and other information from the led screen.
In addition, the digital signage can update actual data at any time through networking, such as security, guidance, advertisements, etc.

3. Shop Windows

The store chose to install a transparent display screen on the glass curtain wall of the window. This kind of screen will not block the sight of customers while playing advertisements. Match the storefront style and product layout to make people interested in entering the store for consumption.

Customers have the most intuitive and quickest way to understand store promotions and new product display information.

4. Retail Stores

LED poster displays in retail stores are generally placed in prominent positions. Customers can learn about promotional activities, product advertisements, and more. Good marketing effects can be achieved by playing with different dynamic content.

In addition to the function of advertising, using the LED wall as the display terminal to present creative content will help to enhance the retail store in the minds of customers. Isn’t unique retail design more attractive than ordinary furnishings?
Thin and high visual impact shelf LED display refreshes the shelves of retail stores. They can display product prices and product videos for promotional purposes.

5. sky screen

Just imagine that the LED display can be installed on the ceiling of the building. How to create the effect of the sky in a large building? The sky screen is installed on the dome above the relatively sealed space to play the role of rendering, decoration, and lighting.

It is generally suitable for large buildings such as large shopping centers, high-end hotel lobbies, and commercial pedestrian streets. It has the characteristics of a large area, light weight, and various shapes. It deserves to be an eye-catching weapon for the audience.

6. Stadium

In the 2024 World Cup that ended not long ago, the outdoor perimeter LED display on the pitch played an important role. It is a product designed for stadiums.

It is mainly used to display sponsored ads, wonderful pictures, slow-motion playback, etc. The high-definition picture brings a perfect visual feast to the audience, which allows the audience to immerse themselves in the exciting game.
Imagine, when you are watching a basketball game or a football match in a large stadium, how can you still see the wonderful goals of the players in an instant from a long distance? At this time, you will have to sign the rendering ability of a large LED video wall.

The Bottom Line

With the popularity of digital media, more and more companies see the application potential of digital advertising and video or music on commercial LED screens. Looking at the present, advertising with the help of large LED screens has become the mainstream of media releases. If you want to get more useful information about commercial LED display including price, products and solutions, here is a useful article for you to expand on:!