Why Should I Book a Sprinter Van Shuttle Service?

Are you thinking of a day away with a group of friends? Perhaps you are hosting a small group traveling somewhere memorable, such as a wedding, a winery, or a day trip to a nearby attraction or city? Gathering loved ones for an adventure or friends with a shared interest or hobby can become a highlight of your year. No matter where you end up going, traveling with friends or family is an exciting way to create new memories and experiences together.

Although traveling in a group can be wonderful, it can also prove to be quite the challenge! One of the major headaches is finding the right way to transport your entire group. Carpooling can lead to individual drivers getting lost or delayed and doesn’t give you the feeling of traveling together and that unique sense of camaraderie. Additionally, carpooling doesn’t work when everyone wants to enjoy an alcoholic beverage! Taxis and ride-share apps also separate your group, and the cost can quickly add up. Public transportation is often not an option, and coach services aren’t necessary for small to medium size groups.

Sprinter van shuttle services are a fantastic choice for groups of eight to fifteen people. It allows your group to travel in one vehicle, and having a private chauffeur means the responsibility of driving doesn’t fall on a single individual. Read on for more reasons to book a sprinter van shuttle service for your next group adventure!

Group Transportation


Sprinter vans are ideal for small to mid-sized group transport. One sprinter shuttle can hold up to fifteen passengers depending on the design, which is considered a high capacity limit compared to other SUVs or vans, but it still keeps your group together. This vehicle is roomy even when it is full of travelers and is cost-effective and fuel-efficient! This option is great for groups of 6-14 individuals, as the sprinter vans can be configured in different ways to accommodate your group’s needs. The high roof capacity means passengers can remain standing in the vehicle and move in and out much more effortlessly than other group transportation options. Whether you are transporting an excited party of bachelorettes, an elite business team, or your favorite family members, everyone will comfortably fit.

Safety Ratings and Smooth Driving

The most crucial element of your transportation choice is its ability to safely get your group to the destination. Luckily, sprinter van shuttle services are about as safe as it gets! The safety features and qualities of the van construction make it one of the safest group transportation options on the market. There are many automated safety features that van makers have installed to up their game. For example, blind side assist mode alerts the driver if another vehicle moves into their blind spot. In addition to safety features, sprinter vans are a smooth ride. Their excellent suspension damping leads to a comfortable journey no matter how much weight the van is carrying!

Comfort and Stylish Interiors


Sprinter vans are not only known for their roominess but for their comfort. Sprinter vans have added luxuries compared to other types of transportation – they have many different configuration options. There are sprinter shuttles with built-in worktables, executive-style reclining seats or captains chairs on swivels for discussion groups, accent lighting, televisions, and privacy window shades. Sprinters can also serve as an office on wheels – they come equipped as a mobile business center with USB ports, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth – not to mention the complimentary bottled water, snacks, and drinks! Sprinter vans have many options for your comfort and luxury upon your request!

Timely and Efficient Scheduling

Booking a sprinter van shuttle service means everything is taken care of from pickup to drop off. A reputable, professional company will arrange your departure at a precise location or collect the passengers from various locations along the way. Through streamlined scheduling services, you can book your transportation days, weeks, or even months in advance. This pre-scheduling option allows for efficient event planning no matter the occasion.

Once booked, you can be sure your service will be on time – you won’t have to wait to call different taxicabs or ride-sharing services. The ride items will be streamlined due to the driver’s extensive knowledge of the area and its traffic patterns; you never have to worry about arriving late to an event or getting lost along the way.

Professional Service by Highly Trained Drivers

Source: fcmtravel.com

Your driver is a trained, experienced private chauffeur, not just a bus driver. They are respectful, discreet, and courteous; they always perform at top-quality, and you can rest assured that they will impress even the most notorious guests. Need to be met inside the terminal? They will come to find you. Need them to wait due to an unexpected delay? They’ve got time for you.

The sprinter van shuttle service is supported by a specialized team that can accommodate the changing needs of your group if they arise throughout your trip. If things go sideways, there are 24/7 ride specialists on standby to aid you in finding an alternative option that most benefits your group and its transportation needs.

Weight and Height Capacity for Baggage

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One of the benefits of hiring a sprinter van shuttle service is that you never need to worry about how much luggage or cargo you want to bring along with you. In sprinter vans, roof spans are considerably higher than cargo vans, meaning you can stack your items almost as tall as you’d like! Additionally, sprinter vans have a higher weight capacity than most other vans, meaning you can hold more baggage than other types of transport. This is ideal for groups booking a service to and from the airport, cruises, or retreats – all your luggage will be able to fit in the vehicle.

No matter where you end up going on your group adventure, you and yours will benefit greatly through booking a sprinter van shuttle service to act as your guide!