What Type of Bike should You Buy for Commuting

In this busy environment, we are trying to combine everything together to save time. One of these combinations is cycling. You get to have some physical activity while working or going to your job. The bike can be ridden by anyone without the importance of age since both kids and elders can use it. As a way of transportation, it is a good way to stop the pollution using it, and you will also save money on gas. Not only that you are saving there, but also owning one is pretty affordable since there are a lot of options of used ones that can be sold pretty cheap.

There are many different types of bikes that you can buy for your commuting and that can be confusing. To make the process of choosing one faster and easier we made this article showing what certain models are good for and also, we are going to see the benefits of driving a bicycle.

Benefits of driving a bicycle

There are many benefits that cycling offers. First thing, as we all know, it offers a great cardio exercise and with that, it promotes losing weight and will help you be in shape. Just like any other cardio exercise, it makes your metabolism faster so when you combine that with lower calorie intake, it wouldn’t be a problem to be in shape. Other than cardio, it helps your muscles grow, especially the legs and the core, so if you were inactive for a long time, you can expect muscle inflammation in those regions.

Other than the physical benefits, there are mental benefits as well. Like any other type of workout, it boosts your mood and makes you feel better about yourself relieving depression and anxiety feelings. If you are driving in the morning, you can expect more productiveness and to feel like you have more energy. If you are driving in the evenings, it will improve your sleeping and that is really important both for your health and your next day’s responsibilities.

When it comes to environmentsal protection, using a bicycle can be a really good way. Instead of driving a car and polluting, especially when you are alone, you can go to work on your bike. Keep in mind that you can’t use your bicycle every season since it can be too cold, too hot or it can be raining. But when you can, it is preferable to use it both for yours and for the good of the environment.

We have seen the benefits, now it is time to choose a bicycle for commuting. You should know that there is not a single perfect bike for this, everything depends on the situation and the places that you will need to drive on.

Road bikes

Road bikes are usually used for longer rides and if you need to pass a lot of miles to get to your job. If the roads that you will need to drive on are bad, with a lot of holes the road bike might suffer from that. Also having to go up and down on sidewalks and bicycle lanes might damage your bike. There are fast and great for well made, smooth roads so, if you are in a situation like this one, the road bike might be for you.

Fixie bikes

These bicycles are one of the best for commuting since you don’t need to care about them as much as the other bikes. They are single-speed, and they do not require servicing that often. You should keep in mind that you have to pedal all the time to drive. If you are just starting to use a bicycle, this might be a little confusing to you so you might want to stay away from these at first. When you get comfortable around bikes, then this option can fill your needs.

Mountain bikes

These bikes are really durable and can be driven anywhere especially if you need to drive on uneven terrains with a lot of holes and bumps. You should keep in mind that these bikes are not fast, and you might lose power when driving because of the fork but there is an option to block the fork and drive it as a regular bicycle. The tires on these are also different from the others, so traction might be a problem in the city but not a major one. You will need to work a little bit more to keep the same pace as a road or a fixie for example.

Electric bikes

These bicycles are getting more and more popular because they are powered and you can just sit on them and drive them without pedaling. This alternative is great if you have a lot of hills in your city that you have to climb because the powered bike will assist you and you won’t be as exhausting as you would with any other type of bicycle as suggested by bikevscycle.

You should keep in mind that these bicycles are a little bit pricier than the others, but it is how it is, if you need it, you will buy them.

Folding bikes

If you plan on using your bicycle solely as a type of transportation and you don’t want to park it outside to prevent your bicycle from getting stolen, this alternative is for you. You can fold them and bring them inside your office since they don’t occupy too much space and will not be an obstacle for anyone. Also, if you plan on traveling you can bring this bike with you because it can be folded and you can bring it inside the transportation vehicle. If you plan on driving and at some point using the bus, this is a great option for you.


With many different types of bicycles, it can be hard to choose, especially if you live in a city with different types of roads described under every type of bike. In the end, every bicycle will get the job done so you don’t need to overspend for a commuting bike. You should choose whatever makes you happy and whatever you think looks good, but you should follow this list to maximize the usage of the performances that these bikes offer. Keep in mind to use good locks in order to prevent your bicycle from getting stolen so you can enjoy your bike for a longer period of time.

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