The Biggest Wins in the History of Sports Betting – You Could be Next!

Few things can ever possibly hope to match the rush of betting in sports. No other activity gets the blood rushing quicker as you place your bet, wait with bated breath, and hope the dominoes fall your way. This age-old entertaining activity has morphed beyond a beloved hobby to a profession.

Sports betting will actively help you if you can put in the time and dedication it requires. If you read online betting site reviews, you will see multiple sports and events available for placing bets. You can place bets of varying amounts. You would be incorrect if you think you are unlikely to receive much in terms of returns.

You see, sports betting can be the biggest boon of your life. You can win big if you play your figurative cards right and follow a strategy. Do you need some motivation? Then read our blog on the biggest wins in the history of sports betting now!

Biggest Betting Wins of All Time

Some of the biggest sports betting accumulator wins occur to a person at the right place, right time, with the right bet. Despite strategizing till the end of time, Lady Luck also favors the underdogs. Wait till you hear about a septuagenarian fertilizer farmer who became a millionaire overnight! While that may sound easy enough on paper, sometimes the truth is as simple as that.

How to Win in Sports Betting?

When it comes to sports betting, the activity requires more thinking and planning than gambling. Therefore, you should acquire a working betting model before you start wagering. Study your metrics, analyze and formulate a plan accordingly, and put the model into practice. You can use various methods to see which works out for you.

List of the Most Incredible Sports Betting Wins

Take a look at the top 10 biggest sports betting wins to take place in the betting industry –

1. Anonymous – $14 million

In 2017, one bettor had their dreams come true at the World Series when they scored $14 million richer after placing a successful bet between the LA Dodgers and the Houston Astros. The punter surfed up on six games in a sequence of bets. Wagering across multiple bookies in Las Vegas, the lad hit the jackpot on the sixth game on November 1, 2017.

2. Billy Walters – unknown on a $3.5 million bet

Billy Walters was known for his lucky hand at poker before dipping into sports betting. His single bet made him an astounding $3.5 million during the Super Bowl XLIV. The New Orleans underdogs blessed Walters with their first-ever Super Bowl win with a 31-17 score against the Colts.

3. Vegas Dave – $2.5 million

Las Vegas’ famous gambler Dave Oancea found himself with a grand $2.5 million prize from a $140,000 bet on the Kansas City Royals for the World Series. In 2015, this was only Oancea’s second successive victory during the first week of the baseball season. Since he could not place his bet on a single casino without it coming off as a liability for the establishments, the punter spread his wagers across 15 sports bookies. Dave had already tasted victory worth a whopping $200,000 win from a $20,000 bet on Holly Holm’s predicted victory against Ronda Rousey.

4. Steve Whiteley – £1.45 million (approx. $1 825 274 million)

Age is no barrier when the gods of betting come to bless punters. A 61-year-old heating engineer won £1.45 million ($1 825 274 million) in what can only be described as a fairytale. With a bet worth £2 ($2) from a free horse racing ticket,  Steve Whiteley matched six horses on the Exeter Tote Jackpot. One of his selections had even faced losses in its last 28 races.

5. James Adducci – $1.2 million

James Adducci chose to bet on Tiger Woods in the 2019 golf championship victory. His bet was risky as Woods had been underperforming for successive sets previously. An unbelievable $85,000 bet on Woods blessed the athlete with his first key championship in over a decade and the punter with a cool $1.2 million.

6. Fred Craggs – £1 million (approx. $1 258 288 million)

60-year-old fertilizer salesman Fred Craggs met lady luck when he took home £1 million on a 50p ($62) bet. Wagering on an eight-fold accumulator for horse race meets internationally, Craggs could hardly believe his luck. This Yorkshire native realized he had won the seven-figure amount when he went to place another bet with the same local bookie.

7. Anonymous – £823,000 (approx. $1 035 585 million)

Leicestershire, UK, rose to the excitement one fine April 2017 when a native punter won £823k ($1 035 585 million) from a £19 ($23) horse racing accumulator gamble. He wagered on a 5-fold accumulator at a horse racing meet. His slightly high wager, mixed with the high odds, led to his big win.

8. Mike Futter – £800,000 (approx. $1 006 008 million)

One of the most exciting things to happen on a racetrack was when racehorse owner Mike Futter was confident enough on his horse. His trust paved his road to a superb £800,000 ($1 006 008 million) win. He received £348,000 (approx. $438,492) for being the winner’s owner and £400,000 (approx. $504,014) for his bet.

9. Charles Barkley – $800,000

Sometimes, betting on the underdog makes you the winner. Basketball champion Charles Barkley had a strategy when choosing the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl in 2002. Despite all predictions that the team would lose to the much superior St. Louis Rams, Barkley’s $500,000 bet yielded a massive $800,000.

10. Anonymous – £585,000 (approx. $735,783)

Last but certainly not least, the fantastic win comes from a bet worth a dollar. Yes, you read that right! A bettor from the Island of Malta found himself flush with $735,783 on a 19-fold accumulator with odds of +68373800. How did he win? The punter secured his payout on all his predictions coming true.

Which Are the Bookies with the Biggest Betting Wins?

If you are looking for the bookie with the most wins, check out online sports betting site reviews. You will see that the larger amount of money you bet, the more bookies will see it as a liability. You can either choose one bookie to spend your money on or go for several bookies.

Therefore, placing bets with other casinos is advisable if you are betting a large amount of money. Keep an eye on online betting site reviews to know more about reliable bookies who present fantastic odds. You will get to bet on the outcome of the sport, team, or player with a fresher perspective.

Aiming for the Biggest Sports Betting Wins

As you can see, most of the biggest sports betting wins didn’t go to the punters with the most money to splurge on a bet. Instead, ordinary, everyday people, who bet mainly for the fun of betting, came away as the winners.

Sports betting is an activity that provides excellent entertainment and creates special bonds. Remember to set a limit for yourself, so you don’t oversleep trying to chase a golden dream. Take your time and place bets for the fun of it. After all, the most prominent sports betting accumulator wins came to the people who chose to go with the flow. Go on, bet now!

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