8 Biggest Female Crypto Influencers In The World In 2023

The 21st century has been a rollercoaster ride for technology and its applications in all industries worldwide. It has provided people with numerous unimaginable & unbelievable inventions. From online food delivery apps to Artificial Intelligence geniuses, technology has come a long way in the past decade.

One of the most appealing inventions in the technology and trading world has been cryptocurrency. Today, people have their mobile phones switched on to get the best insights on crypto trading. The success and awareness of these digital currencies are attributed to various factors like the need for easy money, increasing financial literacy, etc.

But the most crucial factor which has given rise to the trend of cryptocurrencies is the impact of crypto influencers on people and their mindset. To get the best influencer and affiliate marketing solutions, click here. Famous influencers share valuable insights on crypto trading, potential benefits, updates on upcoming currencies, etc.

People get connected with these celebrities to be more confident about investing in digital currencies. Traders and investors get influenced more by female influencers than male influencers. Therefore, the following section will give a detailed account of the top female crypto influencers.

8 Most Impactful Female Crypto Influencers

There are thousands of trustworthy and reliable crypto influencers on social media. The following account provides the best women influencers.

Altcoin Sara


Altcoin Sara is one of the most prominent lady crypto influencers with an amazing follower base. She shares candid videos of crypto trading and recent news about the same. She also runs a program known as Altcoin Buzz Ladies, which has gained immense praise.

Apart from giving exposure to the crypto world, she is also a fitness enthusiast. She shares essential tips related to fitness. The most enthralling thing about Altcoin Sara is that her predictions and market analysis are accurate most of the time.

Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark is an experienced crypto trader who shares her analysis and interpretation of current market trends and other inter-related things. She has mastered the art of blockchain systems.

Apart from being an avid investor, she is the CEO of the reputed company Lightning Labs. The company is set to fasten the network of different cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. She also works as an advisor to many companies regarding blockchains.

Meltem Demiros

She is one of the most popular crypto influencers on Twitter. Meltem shares her point of view and market fall & sell situations through her Twitter handle. She is also involved in conducting various events like podcasts, conferences, etc.

Demiros is also the Chief Strategy Officer in a well-known company called CoinShares. She also encourages people to buy cryptocurrencies for future stability and financial strength. She comes with short videos aimed directly at investors who are confused or have believed in myths related to the currency.

Kathy Wood

Kathy Wood is an excellent and knowledgeable trade enthusiast who has a number of accolades against her name. She is currently serving as the CEO of ARK Invest. The company is an investment solutions provider with significant innovations.

Famous for her video series called ‘In The Know’, Wood has a decent knowledge base about the current trends in cryptocurrencies. She is an active influencer who regularly updates on any news or market rise through a series of tweets or videos according to the necessity.

Lyn Alden

With over 15 years of experience in cryptocurrencies, Lyn is a determined crypto influencer and CEO of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy. She covers a lot of information regarding the trading mechanisms on her Twitter handle,

Alden usually compares ratios, volatility factors, etc., of different cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. She considers several stock prices and economic periods to give the best inputs to the people. For her accurate & quality pieces of advice, she functions as an advisor for many public and private corporations. Her articles and videos are circulated in various magazines, newspapers, and social media apps.

Caitlin Long


Caitlin Long has been advising and sharing her views on bitcoin and several other currencies for 9 to 10 years. She has excellent clarity of the factors leading to the fall and rise of a particular cryptocurrency.

She is the current chairman of a renowned event named WyoHackathon. She advocates various ways to launch into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. She influences people through her Twitter handle.

Blythe Masters

Masters is a moderately active influencer but holds a strong influence on people. She has splendid experience in the field of blockchain. Blythe is regarded as the first woman from the Wall Street area of the US to enter into the world of blockchain.

Master was also the Chief Executive Officer of the famous financial services company Digital Asset Holding. She has been an active participant and leader in various projects like the Linux Foundation project.

Joyce Kim


Currently serving as the managing partner at SparkChain Capital, Kim is completely dedicated to the finance industry. She has set up various startups & businesses like Freestyle Capital, Soompi, and simplehoney.

Joyce is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top crypto influencers. She also gives guidance on career selection and prospects in the cryptocurrency & blockchain sector. She has influenced a lot of women to take cryptocurrency. Joyce lays emphasis on women’s empowerment. Her initiative ‘Hey Joyce’ is a perfect example of her attachment towards women’s upliftment.


Both male and female crypto influencers have done an incredible job in persuading people to enter into the blockchain and crypto sector. Women influencers mentioned above have created an extensive network of crypto awareness to reach out to people who do not have internet access.

These influencers help the existing traders by updating on less popular or hidden yet effective market news. Due to more shifts towards the online world, millennials and Gen Z have started following these influencers to kickstart crypto trading.

Moreover, with increasing frauds and thefts, storage and privacy of data have become vital factors in daily lives. Clubbed with influencer marketing in the crypto world, the future of such digital currencies is seemingly bright and optimistic.