Fashion Trends That Will be BIG in 2021

The 2021 Spring/Summer shows will be marked by one thing – women empowerment. It would seem that fashion designers have ditched the old “you do you” meme instead for something that will unite the entire industry and that is the search for female expression.


It would seem that the most famous fashion designers will focus on creating collections that will “empower women” and while some disagree that the main focus should be placed on one gender, many will stick to the original idea.

So what fashion trends will be BIG in 2021?


1.Hippy Modernism

The look for 2021 will be one that revolves around long, languid, and sensual, clothing pieces. It would seem that designers will be focusing on warm desert and sunset pieces that will give our summer vibes. Beach walks with friends will be the focal point of this summer and clothing pieces that complement the sandy beaches will be hot for this year.

2.Marigold Yellow

Last year’s September Fashion Week in New York showed us that a lot of designers forecast marigold yellow pieces for 2019. It would seem that marigold yellow has been on the minds of designers at the New York Fashion Week for quite some time now and the new color, described as Gen-Z yellow, will take center stage for 2021. This color will brighten your wardrobe as well as empower you as soon as the sun comes out of hiding. IFCHIC has some of the best summer marigold yellow pieces on display for you to buy and prepare in a few months time.



Animal prints have always been IN, all throughout history. We were a bit surprised as last year’s leopard prints and zebra skins were replaced by a new contender – snakeskin. Snakeskin, like its sister Alligator skin, has gained steam over these past few months. Slowly but surely, snakeskin will become a much-followed trend for 2021. And while we do understand your concern for the treatment of animals in making animal prints, you can always buy faux snakeskin and other animal-like print options and still rock the trends. With jackets, boots, designer bags, miniskirts, and other clothing pieces, snakeskin will be a trend all throughout 2021.

4.Tie – Dye


Another trend that showed its face at the New York Fashion Week was tie-dye.  The retro classic print was given a breath of fresh air after a few designers decided to bring it back from the dead. And as we all know, everything can come back into fashion. The undeniably and edgy tie-dye is predicted to be HUGE for 2021, with pictures and forecasts being plastered across every fashion website. What’s so great about tie–dye is that it can be used for your spring, summer, autumn, and winter wardrobe collection. With some stunning sweaters on display at the New York Fashion Week in September last year, tie-dye will be used by every fashion designer in their collections for 2021.

5. Statement Sleeves


Popular since early 2018, statement sleeves are predicted to last long after 2021.  With bigger and bolder predictions for 2021, statement sleeves will be the cocktail party go-to dress. And as seen at the New York Fashion Week, statement sleeves are here to make a big statement!

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