Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood floors

In this modern life, the vacuum cleaner is an indispensable household appliance in all families. Many people no longer use just a broom to sweep up floors and have changed to this helpful electric device. Of course, there are still troubles with using a vacuum cleaner, such as electricity consumption, cord disturbance, heavyweight, noise pollution, etc. With non-stop advanced technologies applied, those problems have been gradually solved or improved and bring users the best comfort.

When you turn on the TV, you will easily see many attractive commercial advertisements saying their products can adapt to every requirement of users, but how many of these claims are true? With the hope that we could help you in some ways, based on our experiments and reviews from our clients, we would like to give you an overview of the top four vacuum cleaners on the market where the quality and the consumption amount have been proven to be of the highest ratings.

1) Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and carpet

If you are trying to find the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and carpet, then the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E is the model that you will never be disappointed with. This model is specifically designed for cleaning carpets which are perfect hiding places for dirt and debris. That is why the suction power of this model is around 1200 watts, around 1.5 times higher than other standard models. If you want to read more about this vacuum cleaner and find some other models, click here.

With this outstanding suction capacity, this powered vacuum can help you handle all the dirt, pet hair, and grime that is hidden away in deep corners, small catches in the furniture, under your bed, etc. Some people have done some experiments with low-power vacuum cleaners and showed that even with low-power models you can handle most of the dirt, but one harmful factor they don’t consider is the invisible grime. These are much more dangerous to your respiration system rather than normal dust you can see. This factor should be carefully considered.

In the latest survey opened by a big electric store in the US, this model was voted as the best upright vacuum cleaner. Everyone can see that the most visible benefit of an upright vacuum is the size. It is very compact, easier to carry around with a smaller motor and smaller dust bag. Another plus point for this model is its price which is less expensive than canister models with the same technical specifications.

2) Best canister vacuum cleaner

A canister vacuum cleaner is maybe the most popular type of vacuum, primarily because it obtains better sales in Europe than in the US. As everyone knows, canisters contain higher suction power than upright models due to a larger motor inside which makes your cleaning easier in a shorter time.

One more advantage of a canister vacuum is that you don’t have to carry along the whole machine like the upright models, and your wrist will be less tired. It also creates fewer burdens on the back than an upright model. In fact, this matter is very worth consideration for housewives who have to do cleaning every day. Over time, you will recognize more how this affects your body.

Among all canister models, we suggest the Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert, which has had very impressive sales figures over the last two years. The wheel is made from non-marking rubber with felt treads that leave no marks on your wooden floors or carpets. You don’t have to worry that your machine could scratch, scuff, or mark the hardwood floors. Also, the fingertip control allows you to easily power the unit on and off, and easily reduce the suction level, for delicate area rugs for example.

3) Best cordless vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors

Many people find it troublesome when they have to bring along a vacuum cleaner with a sinuous power cord. Not only that, but it can also be very complicated when you want to clean up one place but you can hardly find a socket to plug it in. What do you do in that circumstance? You will have to find a connecting mobile socket, which might really be inconvenient. That is why many customers look for a cordless model. For this category, we recommend the Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum because it is the best cordless vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. This model is cord-free and hassle-free, and the suction power can be up to 100 AW. This power allows it to run continuously for 20 minutes. The hard nylon bristles remove ground-in dirt from carpets, and carpet fiber filaments remove fine specks of dust from hard floors. Also, the bristles are thickly spread for the full round of the brush roll, helping it get a thorough edge cleaning.

This model is quite light compared to a normal vacuum – only 4.5 pounds, no restriction in cord length or proximity to sockets. For more convenience, you can use it as a handle vacuum to clean up your car or stairs. Also, it is very small and easy to store neatly inside your cabinet or closet. All of these points help this Dyson always appear among the best lightweight vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors.

In conclusion, we also have to admit that it is very difficult to choose a 100-point vacuum cleaner that could satisfy 100% of your demands. So, to save your time before getting lost in the store as well as getting the best model suitable for your family, you should identify your more preferential needs, such as weight, suction capacity, maneuverability, or tidy storage. Basically, if you want maneuverability, you should choose an upright model. If you need a compact and light model, you should choose the cordless upright style. Canister vacuums are for people who want high suction power.

Maybe in the future, when they successfully create a robotic vacuum cleaner that could have all of the best functions, we will no longer have to waste our brain neurons on all these kinds of things.

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