Best Roomba for Dog Hair 2020 – How to Choose?

Today, the life of pet owners is much simpler than some ten years ago. Thanks to a large number of special smart cleaning devices, we no longer need to spend hours cleaning the house from the ubiquitous hair and dirt. One such useful device is a robot vacuum cleaner. Specialized models are best suited for hair vacuuming as they collect it better, clean the entire floor, and prevent hair from flying around the room.

Here we’re going to have a look at several best robot vacuum cleaners for dog hair made by the reputable iRobot Roomba company. We will also find out the key characteristics of a good Roomba vacuum designed for cleaning dog hair, read more in this review.


By and large, you can use any vacuum cleaner to remove hair from the floor, but models that are not suitable for such a complicated type of pollution will cause you many problems. First of all, with conventional equipment, the hair quickly clogs filters and brushes, and therefore you have to clean the unit itself regularly, which is not very convenient during operation.

A special turbo brush or roller-extractors can solve the problem of clogged and tangled hair. They consist of two rubber or silicone counter-rotating rollers, which are deprived of the usual bristles. Instead, they have special blades that gently wind the collected hair, not entangling them and preventing them from clogging other essential elements of the device. This approach contributes to much better and faster cleaning.

Dust Bin Capacity

It’s worth remembering that, unlike ordinary dust and small debris, hair is much more voluminous and takes up more space. Therefore, robots for dog and cat hair cleaning should have an enlarged dust bin. If you buy an insufficiently capacious model, you can forget about peace and idleness – you will have to empty the dust container several times within one cleaning turn. Thus, a 400 ml container is too small, while a 600-700 ml bin can already be considered suitable in volume.

Suction Power and Carpet Boost

Here is a self-evident truth that needs no explanation – the higher the suction power of the robot, the more garbage it will collect. However, this factor is especially important if the robot should vacuum hair. 900-1000 Pa is enough for cleaning hair on hard floors while for carpet vacuuming, we need at least 1500 Pa. Power shouldn’t drop during long-term operation of the device, and it should be enough to lift tenacious hair even from a deep pile.

Therefore, in addition to high suction, the best Roomba robots for cleaning dog hair use the Carpet Boost technology. It allows the device to distinguish hard floors from carpets and significantly increase suction when working on pile.

Dirt Detection

The Dirt Detection function will be no less useful than the previous function of the Carpet Boost. It allows the robot to identify the most polluted places and concentrate all its attention and efforts on their cleaning. The device not only enhances the suction but also passes this section over and over until it reaches the ideal result.

Virtual Limiters

The use of virtual limiters helps both to protect areas where cleaning is not needed or not desirable and to concentrate the robot’s attention on a specific place. For example, you can prevent the robot from cleaning near your pet’s bowls so that it doesn’t accidentally spill water or sprinkle food, making an even bigger mess. Or you can surround the device with limiting barriers from all sides, making it vacuum one piece of the floor over and over again. Nowadays, there are two types of virtual limiters: those that come in the robot kit, and those that are drawn by the user in a mobile application on the room map.


Unfortunately, the constant presence of a molting animal in a house can eventually lead to allergies to hair in your family. This is especially dangerous for children. To avoid such a sad development of events, we must carry out regular house and air cleaning. Robot vacuums for hair can significantly help you with it, as they run all the collected air through HEPA filters. Their special structure captures the smallest harmful particles up to 0.3 microns in size.

Run Time

Finally, before buying, you should find information about the run time of the robot. Since hair cleaning requires a lot of effort and power, the device’s battery must provide enough energy for work. It’s worth choosing models with lithium-ion batteries, as they are better and more reliable and will be equally durable both during the first and the thousandth cleaning. It’s also great if the bot has the Recharge and Resume function, i.e., it can interrupt cleaning, charge at the station, and resume the process from the place where it was finished the last time. We believe that a robot vacuum for hair should run for at least 90 minutes.

Based on all of the characteristics mentioned above, we have chosen some of the best Roomba models for dog hair. All of them are equipped with the necessary functions and have established themselves among users around the world.

iRobot Roomba s9+. To date, this model is the iRobot top in every sense – both in technology and price. The robot has an improved D-shaped case, builds maps up to several floors, uses turbo brushes, Automatic Dirt Disposal system, determines the floor type with PerfectEdge technology, and synchronizes with Braava jet m6 robot mop.

iRobot Roomba i7+. This is another flagship of iRobot. The model automatically empties its dust collector through Automatic Dirt Disposal, has particularly powerful suction, Carpet Boost, Dirt Detection, and a patented navigation method.

iRobot Roomba 980. iRobot Roomba 980 is another top model with two thoughtful silicone extractors and powerful 1700 Pa suction. It forms cleaning plans, adapts to the type of flooring, uses HEPA filter of fine cleaning, supports Wi-Fi, vacuums up to 185 sq.m. on a single charge, and operates really quietly.

iRobot Roomba E5. Roomba E5 is recommended as a mid-range model. It’s cheaper and simpler than previous robots, but also offers an excellent set of functions for dealing with hair. It features 1700 Pa suction, two special silicone rollers, an efficient filter, smartphone app control, and a cleaning schedule. The model also supports virtual walls.

You can find more detailed information about the presented models in our other reviews and comparisons. We hope our tips will help you choose the best Roomba robot vacuum for dog hair cleaning so that you can spend more time on your pet.