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Best Roman Emperors – Top 10

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Roman history is full of emperors that have left some kind of mark in its history. From the ones who ate their children to the ones who burnt Rome and made grandiose buildings. This article will try to list ten Roman emperors that have left a significant mark on Rome’s history and development.

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Septimus Severus

This Roman emperor ruled from 145 to 211 AD and he was the first Roman emperor that came from Africa (it was not a continent then, but a province of Libya). There are two things this emperor is known for. The first one is the construction of a magnificent Triumphal arch that stands even today. The arch was constructed due to the second thing, and that is the conquest of Parthia and thus establishing Rome as the greatest power in the region.

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It is now known a lot about this emperor, who ruled 214-275AD), but he has made one of the things that Rome is famous for even today – Aurelian Wall. This wall goes around Rome even today.

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Rome was in chaos during the first half of the 1st century AD. And, then, this emperor came to power (9-79AD). The main task for him was to restore order and power of Rome, which he did. He did this by making numerous taxes that people had to pay, and he used this money to rebuilt and empower Rome. However, this emperor is most famous for the construction of The Colosseum – the biggest tourist attraction in Rome even today.

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Constantine, ruled 280-337AD, is one of the most important person not only in Roman but in Christian history. Why? Well, he is the man who made Christianity a state religion and it became the predominant creed in Europe since then. He also strengthened the Empire and made administrative correction due to which the East Roman Empire will remain to exist until 1500s.

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Ruled 52-117Ad, and born in present day Spain, Trajan is one of the most famous and honored emperors since he kept people, military and the state satisfied and safe. He is the one who obtained Dacia (present-day Romania), Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) and Parthia (present-day Iran) for the Empire. Today, there is Trajan’s Column in Rome and it contains the urn with remains of this emperor.

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The most famous thing that this emperor (ruled 76-138AD) did was the construction of the wall between present-day England and Scotland known as Hadrian’s Wall. However, he built a lot of buildings and temples all over the Roman Empire.

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Along with Constantine and Trajan, he is one of the best known Roman emperors. He ruled 63BC to 14AD. He is actually the one who ended republican days of Rome and transformed it into the Empire. He is the founder of the longest dynasty in Roman empire and he can be thanked for PAX ROMANA.

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This emperor was not so widely known in history, but it left his mark for sure. He reigned 30-98AD and he ascended the throne when the Empire was in lot of problems. He was the one who brought order and peace. He was well-respected among lower layers because he lowered taxes. He is also to be thanked for the adoption of Emperor Trajan who was one of the greatest emperors in Rome of all times.

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Antonino Pio

Ruling 86-161AD, he is one of the oldest people to be pointed as an emperor at his 51. He deserves the place in this list because his reign was one of the peaceful and war-free in the entire Roman history.

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Marcus Aurelius

In the Roman history, there are 5 Good Emperors, and he is one of them. It needs to be pointed out that this emperor fought Germanic tribes almost all of his life and he spent almost all of his life at the north border of the Empire.



Best Roman emperors have actually made Roman history because they were great builders, reformatory rulers and conquerors. However, it needs to be pointed out that these ten gave Rome something unique either in terms of reforms or conquests.

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