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Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming

Some of the most refined examples of headphone craftsmanship have an open back design. The open back headphones are not for everyone as they serve a very particular niche. The open-back headphones almost entirely remove the sound isolation between the environment and your ears. The best ones create an ‘all around’ sound experience which mimics open spaces such as concert halls and stadiums.

If you want to get the best open back headphones for gaming we have prepared some reviews for you. It will help you to find what you are looking for and it will help you to make a better product decision.

In the meantime, while you are checking the models below, you can find more about headphones here. The site has a bunch of useful information about different headphone models that should further help you in your search!

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The Sennheiser HD 800 S is one of the best pieces of engineering. They are hand assembled in Germany, and they are the evolution of the original Sennheiser HD 800 model, which was released almost 10 years ago. This model is company’s most expensive headset available to the public.

The design is definitely ‘open’ because you can see the driver and almost touch it. Everything is well protected, the frame is made from a high-grade, lightweight but very durable polymer. They are pretty big in size, but also very light. The earpads are very comfortable, and they manage to distribute the pressure around the ears quite evenly. The sound quality is something that will blow you away. The headphones play clear, balanced and detailed sound. They are really the best open-back headphones for gaming out there. The sound remains distortion or resonance-free at all time.


These headphones feature soft padding for improved comfort, and the earpads are now more breathable, but you can’t replace them. They are all black, and they look classy and sleek, and the headband has real leather giving it a slightly premium feel. The materials used are great, and the build quality is solid. The earpads are made of memory foam wrapped in soft velour. They are great at creating a spacious and open soundstage. You have an authentic feel of standing in front of the speakers rather than wearing headphones. The sound is very clear, and it carries a true sense of realism. These are one of the most comfortable headphones and they are perfect for general use and definitely one of the best open-back headphones for gaming.

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These headphones share a similar design, build quality and looks like the X2HR. They are the budget alternative for gamers and audiophiles. The price is below $100, so we think that they are a pretty good choice. The build quality is solid, except the earpad padding that feels and looks a bit out of place. They are sturdy and lightweight, and the headband is made of steel. The 50-millimeter high-precision neodymium speaker driver is designed to deliver a balanced, hi-fi sound across the frequency range.

The headband is extremely comfortable for budget headphones, thanks to the double layered soft padding. The cushions are breathable and very soft. The sound is decent for the budget range headphones. It is very clean, effective and has accurate musical instrument separation. The slight downside is the bass reproduction, which is not very consistent. But overall theis gadget is amazing. They are one of the most versatile open back headphones. And for the gamers, the X2HRs are still the best, but this cheaper alternative is the best budget open back headphones for gaming you will find.

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