Best Online Marketing Blogs To Consider For Your Next Guest Article

When it comes to doing a guest post, you need to focus on the blogs that are relevant to what you’re developing content for and then approach the site owner about your ideas.

The blogs listed high up on the list tend to be valued more for a guest posting venue than the websites listed on the bottom. Don’t let the numbers high up keep you from checking out the lower websites. You need to choose blogs that are relevant to you.

1. Copyblogger


Listing this site as number one is a no-brainer – it’s the best online marketing site available. In the beginning, copywriting was what it focused on. Today, it’s offering an array of content marketing ideas. However, it’s difficult to get guests post published on here. In fact, it’s usually by invitation only or by knowing someone who’s been given a chance to guest post and asking them for a leg up.

In order to get your foot in the door, consider reviewing the author list.

2. MarketingProfs

One of the biggest marketing websites is MarketingProfs, which offers how-to lessons and marketing know-how. In order to have a post featured here, you need to give them an article that has clear relevance to its readers and fits in with the website’s style. Be sure to review the guidelines so that your post is even considered. Email your post to its senior editor for review.

3. Content Marketing Institute

This is an extremely popular content marketing blog with posts that are often commented on and shared. Many of the posts here talk about content marketing careers, how-to and thought leadership, etc. Site administrators are looking for new ideas that relate to content marketing for their guest posts. No rehashed material is accepted here. Learn more about what they’re looking for at their guidelines page.

4. Ege Marketing

The administrators of Ege Marketing runs an SEO Blog, which puts attention on topics that relate to online marketing tips and SEO strategies. In order to get a guest post here, you need to follow the steps.

5. Monitor Backlinks


If you want to be a guest blogger here, you should be an SEO expert. Readers tend to look for step-by-step tutorials and articles. You can learn more about the site by reading its “Write For Us” page. Fill out its form with your ideas and information.

6. Matthew Woodward

In order to get a guest post on here, you must provide superior-quality, in-depth case studies, and tutorials that match its writing format and style. Make sure you go through its writing guidelines before you submit something to them.

7. Raven Tools

For a post to be submitted to Raven Tools, you want to review what kinds of posts it’s looking for. They tend to go with expert tips, best practices and case study articles. If you think your idea is something they would consider, email them the ideas for consideration.

9. Convince & Convert


In order for a guest post to be submitted here, it’s important to watch the short Jay Baer video talking about the kinds of posts they’re looking for. However, some of the articles they’re looking for cater to marketing professionals, content managers, and social media practitioners understanding of digital marketing.

10. AgencyAnalytics

When submitting a guest post here, consider the blog’s audience is marketing consultants and agency workers. Once you’ve got that covered, be sure to pitch your ideas, ensuring their value to readers and offers something to them.

11. Linkody

For a guest post here, you need to know what kinds of posts they look for. They generally want articles for SEO experts and digital agencies that come in the form of tutorials, how-to guides, take action content and case studies. Read their guidelines, and submit an email about your three topic ideas.