Best Men’s Grooming Tools of all Time

Manscaping, clearing the brush, mowing the lawn – call it what you will, the grooming and removal of hair from the male body has over the years gained in popularity, and acceptance.

And with that, has come the availability of a huge range of unique grooming tools designed to make the task as quick and comfortable as possible.

Gone are the days when taking a razor to your chest hair, or even worse, your netherregions, was the only available option.

There are a great many shavers, groomers, clippers and trimmers to choose from. If you’re new to this, the choices can be overwhelming.

Don’t sweat it – we’ve compiled a list of the best men’s grooming tools of all time, to keep your hair in check, from head-to-toe.

1. The Best Electric Shaver: Braun Series 9 9290cc

If you were stranded on a desert island with only one grooming tool, it would have to be an electric shaver.

Of course, you’d have bigger things to worry about – but what I’m trying to say is that an electric shaver makes shaving fast and enjoyable – and a better option to the drudgery of wet shaving with a disposable razor.

Now, there are hundreds of electric shavers out there, from single foil machines, to multi headed rotary shaves, with all kinds of fancy features.

I’ve been in the field of men’s electric shaving for many years, and I can say with confidence, that the Braun Series 9 foil shaver comes out on top.

Braun is a leading manufacturer of men’s and women’s grooming and personal care tools, and products in their Series 9 lineup represent the company’s highest standard of quality and innovation.

Look at the Braun Series 9 as the Rolls Royce in men’s electric shaving, and here’s why…

The Series 9 9290cc features five shaving elements – four for cutting, and one SkinGuard, which protects sensitive skin. Integrated trimmers – coated in titanium for extra durability – help capture even challenging, flat-lying hairs, while longer hairs are pulled through the smooth, micro-perforated foils.

You’d expect impressive specs on a top rated electric shaver like the 9290cc, and Braun doesn’t fail to deliver. (See for more insight) 10,000 sonic micro-vibrations per minute help the razor-sharp cutting elements power through facial hair, while the adaptive motor automatically adjusts output to capture the most hair possible with each stroke.

Though tough on hair, the Braun 9290cc electric shaver is easy on skin, thanks to a 10 – yes, 10 – directional flexible head and floating elements that follow your facial contours and minimize pressure.

Topping it all off, the 9290cc is waterproof, charges in only 50 minutes, and includes Braun’s patented, 5-action Clean & Charge Station, which cleans, sterilizes, lubricates, dries and charges the shaver at the touch of a button.

Are there other, less costly electric shavers that perform well? Certainly. But its outstanding performance and quality put Braun’s Series 9 best electric shaver at the top of our list.

2. The Best Body Groomer: Philips Series 7000 BG7025/13 Showerproof Body Groomer and Trimmer

So, you’ve decided to trim the hair on your body.

Great – now put down the disposable razor and step away from the sink, because you need a body groomer to properly tackle hair from the neck down.

Specifically designed to trim male body hair, the Philips Series 7000 body groomer is a versatile grooming tool that keeps you looking your neat-and-tidiest anywhere from the neck down.

Sporting a unique, double-ended appearance, the Series 7000 includes an integrated trimmer on one end of the handle, and on the other, a foil shaver with 4D contour-following system.

The trimmer is great for taking longer, thicker hairs down to size, while the shaver cuts close to the skin. Four-direction flexion allows the shaver head to adapt to your body’s contours, minimizing pressure and the risk of irritation.

Despite its small size, the shaver is well-designed. Rounded tips and a hypoallergenic, stainless steel foil glide over skin, while bi-directional trimmers cut both long and short hairs.

Trimming and grooming in the shower is comfortable and convenient—steam opens pores and softens hair, while running water rinses stubble away. The Philips Series 7000 body groomer is showerproof, and can be used wet or dry.

An ergonomically designed handle with rubberized sections provides good grip and control. Note that especially long hair is easier to trim when dry.

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3. The Best Hair Clipper: Wahl ChromePro Mains Hair Clipper Set


We’ve discussed the best grooming tools for the hair on your face and body.

What about your head?

For super-close cuts, a razor or electric shaver is ideal – but for hair more than a millimetre or two in length, a dedicated hair clipper is the right tool for the job.

Enter the Wahl ChromePro mains hair clipper set. Its good looks are easy on the eyes, and the price is equally attractive. You might notice that this is a mains-powered hair clipper.

We frequently extol the virtues of cordless grooming tools, but for something as affordable as the Wahl ChromePro clipper set, we can overlook the lack of a battery.

Additionally, the mains-powered motor is quiet—something always appreciated when clipping hair around the ears—and packed with Wahl’s Powerdrive technology that mows even through thick hair. Mains-based operation also provides full power at all times, without any drop in performance during extended use.

A conveniently positioned, thumb-operated taper lever controls the high-carbon stainless steel blades, which, thanks to their carbon content and bevel angle, cut admirably, and offer enhanced edge retention. These blades require regular oiling, which is a small tradeoff for their great performance.

Among the included 26 pieces, you’ll find 10 attachment combs that provide cutting lengths from 0.8 to 25 mm—suitable for most short hairstyles, as well as tidying and defining your neckline and along the sides of the head.

4. The Best Beard Trimmer: Philips Series 7000 12-in-1 Ultimate Multi Grooming Kit

Perhaps being clean-shaven isn’t for you. Maybe you’ve tried designer stubble, and however good it might look, you’d still prefer a full beard. That’s where the Philips Series 7000 12-in-1 Ultimate Multi Grooming Kit comes in. It’s a versatile beard trimmer that Philips touts as the “ultimate styling tool”.

It’s certainly capable – 11 attachments, including combs and a full metal trimmer, give you a wide range of trimming lengths (up to 16 mm), precise shaving (for defining your moustache, sideburns and neckline), and easy nose and ear hair removal—the need for which unfairly increases with age!

Though moderately priced, the Philips 12-in-1 beard trimmer features accurately ground, low-friction, self-sharpening DualCut blades, which cut quickly and precisely. Because the blades brush lightly against each other during operation, manual sharpening is not required. A comfortable, handle, with knurling and a rubberized section, provides good grip and additional control.

The eight included combs are lightweight, and like most combs, made from durable, impact-resistant plastic, whose toughness minimizes the chance of breakage. The trimmer body is waterproof for wet or dry operation, and safe to use in the shower.

Much like the aforementioned Wahl clipper set, the Philips Multi Grooming Kit is straightforward—it cuts, and it cuts well. Pop on the detail trimmer or precision shaver attachment to define and shave; remove those pesky nose and ear hairs; or use the included combs to maintain your beard at a desired length.
There you have it – a roundup of the best grooming tools. Whether it’s head, face, body, or back hair – or all three, you now know the perfect tools to fit the job.

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