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Best Instagram Growth Hacking Tricks

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Instagram is one of the best social media platforms that allows its users to share images, videos, and other forms of media efficiently. Also known as IG or simply Insta, this platform was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger as check-in the platform. But, as it began to increase, they pivoted it to an image sharing platform.

The current owner of Instagram is Facebook LLC. There is no friends concept on Instagram. Instead, they use the traditional Follow/unfollow concept as Twitter. Users can follow each other to see the posts, stories and comments the other guy made. But, if you are a potential influencer in your niche, gaining followers is a hard milestone to achieve.

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There are many auto-follower tools mentioned by To obtain natural followers and increase your engagements with them, we have brought the Five best Instagram Growth Hacking Tricks and Tips that almost anyone with an Instagram account can implement to increase their follower count.

Best Instagram Growth Hacking Tricks

Here is the list of the best Instagram Growth hacking tricks that are implemented by significant influencers on Instagram. These tricks are legit and will help you in gaining all the followers naturally.

Use Hashtags

The number one trick that you can implement right now in your Instagram account is using hashtags and mixing them all over in your post. Hashtags will help you in reaching maximum eyes that have similar interest as yours. If they like your content, then, voila, you have gained some followers. Adding hashtags takes just one minute extra while uploading a post, but, its benefits are uncountable. If you are unable to generate followers then you can buy them from

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Tag and Keep tagging

Everyone knows how to tag a person, an object in an Instagram post. So, why not use it to gain some followers. Instagram allows an individual to tag a maximum of 20 people in a post. It is crucial to keep in mind that you are not spamming the post. Just keep it natural and tag relevant people or brands.

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Check For Your Comments

You implemented that hashtags and tagging method, what to do now? Check for your new audience’s comment on your posts. There is a chance that they have followed you already. But, if it is the other way round, then, all you have to do is reply to them and ask them for a follow. They are likely to accept the request as they have like your content much to comment on it.

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Engage With Your Followers

What to do with the followers you have got already? Engage them in your content and build a strong relationship with them. If you are an individual, you can go live and talk to your followers. If you are an artist, then you can ask someone from your follower list to collaborate with you. And, if you are a brand, then you can host any competition or a challenge that can get your followers to engage in your posts.

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Cross Promotion

Promoting others is an excellent way to gain some friends as well as followers. If you know some influencer in your niche, you can ask them for a collab and promote each other in your posts. This is known as cross-promotion.

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