Best foot massage

It is said that the massage is as old as the world. It was used as a method of relaxation and healing for 5000 years and among the civilizations who practiced it were Egyptians, Greeks, Japanese and Chinese.

We all know that the best pampering after a tiring day in which you sat in front of your computer or one that you had a lot of walking on is the foot massage. This is considered the best relaxation solution after such a day, but not before soaking for 10-15 minutes feet in warm water.

Nothing prevents us from having a massage every night at home after a wearying day. Specialists have come to the conclusion that besides normal foot relaxation, this foot massage also has other health benefits. It gives us a sense of well-being, helps us to get rid of stress accumulated on a day’s work, including helping to get rid of toxins in the body. It is said to be a very good method of detoxification.

Before making the massage of the feet, we have to keep them in a pot of warm water, in which I put some ginger salt for 10-15 minutes to soften them. Take our feet out of the water and wipe them with a towel, then apply a special foot massage cream or mint oil. After applying the cream or oil, the massage starts from the thighs and goes down to the toes. This maneuver should be done 2, 3 times each leg.

Afterward, we focus our attention on the toes, which we take in turn, and we massage them very well. After that, we pay attention to the heels and the soles that we care about with the same care.

Making this massage 3-4 times a week can help improve our immune system and why not, it can help us to a diet for weight loss. After the massage is completed, the leg moisturization process is stronger if we stretch our feet with plastic film, the method through which the oil gets better into the skin.

With this foot massage, we also can see the skin of the foot, and we can see in advance whether we are prone to the appearance of the calluses. In situations where these calluses appear, we can start using a manual or electric callus remover.

What does the massage help us with?

As I said, besides the relaxation of the legs, the massage can help us improve circulation and strengthen the leg joints. Once stimulated blood flow to prevent diseases such as sciatica, sprains, and injuries, it can also help us insight, keeping our eyes healthier. Blood circulation is important for each organ because it carries hormones, nutrients, antibodies, and oxygen.

Although we can not imagine, the foot massage helps us to fight insomnia and numbness. It is so relaxing for our body that often induces sleep, thus getting rid of insomnia.

Thru the foot massage, we benefit from a treatment for frequent numbness of hands and feet. It also helps remove all dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

Massage is also very good against back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder tension, and muscle cramps.

There is a multitude of maps that indicate the nerve centers at the feet. It would be advisable to know these areas, and if we feel some pain during the massage, the area where we feel these pains can indicate a health problem we have by associating the belt nerves on the sole with the organ represented in that area.