Best Donald Trump Joke: He Died and…

We all deserve some laugh in these boring quarantine days, so we chose one interesting joke for you to brighten up your day.


Donald Trump died.

After ten years, he asked God to let him come back to Earth to see how America looks now.

God let him. He arrived in New York, came into a bar, ordered himself a beer, and asked the waiter what he thinks about the situation in the country, and the problems it has.

-What problems?

-Well, you know, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine…

-That’s all solved. It is in peace, and it is all ours.

-What about Europe and Africa?

-Sir, the whole world is ours.

Trump became incredibly happy and pleased. He drank his beer and told the waiter:

-Thank you, my friend. How much do I owe you?

-One ruble and twenty kopeks.