How to choose the best Cymbal Pack for your Budget

If you are passionate about music, especially drums, it is imperative to use the best equipment for making the most of your musical journey and not losing out on anything just because of low-quality equipment.

For a drummer, a decent drum set along with the best, on-budget cymbals makes the perfect combination that drops honey into the ears of the audience and works great for replenishing the passion in the drummer.

We know how important good-quality cymbals are for you if you are a drummer and have brought you an entire guide on what you need to look for while buying cymbal packs for your budget!

For a drummer, there is nothing more pleasing than the crashing sound of cymbals when he releases his passionate energy into them, which lends music to the ears of the audience. While there is such a huge range of cymbals available for you, it is naturally understood that one could be confused owing to the difference in their sizes, brilliance, and many other factors.

Every Cymbal Has A Role To Play

Each cymbal is fabricated in a way that fulfills a particular role. You can go with conventions or come up with your own combination of cymbals that produce music going parallel to your taste. We have been evolving.

Our history remains the same. We are all different. We all have a likeliness for something that is unique and different from others. You are different, and so is your musical taste. Do not let conventions be a hurdle in the path that fulfils your dreams. Create your own combination, make some good music, and remember, it is all worth it if it makes you happy.

Ride Cymbals: This pack of cymbals is known for delivering a unique, ping-like sound. There is a difference between what a large cymbal can deliver and what a small one can. A large cymbal can be more easily struck and delivers more overtones to the sound. This type of cymbal is available in a range of sizes from 18cm to 26 cm.

Crash Cymbals: Crash cymbals upon applying force against them with a really sturdy stick, produce a really good and loud sound that lasts for a small period. These come in sizes 14cm-18cm. If you are a beginner, you should definitely go along with these sizes. If you want to produce a sound that is highly itchy, go for a thicker pack of cymbals. Thicker crash cymbals are certainly a good option for drummers who are into rock music.

Hi-hats: This pack of cymbals does not arrive individually. But with a set of cymbals arranged in a manner that the cymbal at the bottom is thicker and the cymbals at the top are thinner. Produce. a high pitched sound with the thicker ones and a low pitched sound using the thinner ones. These arrive in sizes 12cm-14cm.

Effects cymbals: Although these cymbals are a must-have pack for any drummer, they are costly. These are a great match to pair up with musical instruments that have low volume and are soft.

Once you have specified the best cymbal types and volumes for your drums, you can continue to purchase for the categories that line up with your budget. As with most things, the case is the same here as well. You get what you pay for, no matter if they are cymbals, guitars, food, or whatever.

Premium quality cymbals are made with extra expensive substances and involve further handwork. On the other hand, surprisingly, cheaper cymbals can still deliver surprisingly satisfying sounds.

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Look For Quality

While going for cymbal-hunting, make sure you do not compromise on their quality and dig a little deeper into your pockets. Generally, the best cymbals are made of bronze and are costlier than brass cymbals, which are made for beginners.

Cymbals of brass are made using eighty percent copper, and twenty percent tin and this combination delivers the best-pitched sound when a passionate drummer hits it against it with a sturdy stick. Using cymbals made of bronze can render your passion with a great amount of satisfaction and you will be able to do what you love with the quality.

Good quality cymbals often cost you a good amount, but they last long too and are very much efficient in quenching your thirst for music. Before spending a lot of money, it is always sensible to visit a music or drum store, grab those sticks and thump your passion out on those cymbals and drums.

Try each one of them, analyse them, then choose what you think fits you the best, what lights up your taste in music. Go for it! Since cymbals are heavy, make sure you grab a case with wheels to support them and your strength. Always work towards making the job easier for you.

The right pack of cymbals depends entirely upon who you are, what your musical taste is, what your budget is, and most importantly, what your ears want to hear.


While stepping out of your house next time, to look up for the best cymbals that produce music complementary to your taste and personality, remember the options we’ve brought to you. Always focus on the cymbal’s quality. Buy cymbals that withstand hard-hitting, are strong enough, and produce the perfect pitched sound as per your needs.

Go for a pack that is cost-effective and is great for beginners if you are one. Always be cautious while purchasing a musical instrument. Read and relate first, test out instruments first, make yourself sure of what you need, and only then spend this much amount. Once you are done buying them, it’s time for you to rock the world with your great taste, passion, and music.

Remember, do not compromise with what you are passionate about, just go for it. A happy present is as necessary as a prosperous future. Do not neglect either of these. Make sure you follow your passion because that’s the way you can brighten up your future as well as your present.

Happy drumming!