3 Best Bitcoin Strategies

Bitcoin has never achieved popularity than it is right now, and there are Zero chances of slowing down the market. So, this is the exact time for you to get in yourself within Bitcoin trading.

However, there are many bitcoin trading instruments available in the market; you still require an idea of the necessary skills and strategies to succeed.

We have explained this guide to introduce a few very general Bitcoin trading strategies. These strategies will guide newcomers and experienced ones to refresh their memories and get new techniques for 2020.

The following are the points which we will cover in this trading strategy guide:

  • HODling
  • Hedging
  • Trend trading

These are strategies which are more familiar with bitcoin traders:



Hodling is one of the most popular Bitcoin strategies, which is usually known as ‘holding on for dear life.’ HODling was first introduced in 2013 when the value of bitcoin was falling. A user mistakenly typed ‘hodling’ instead of ‘holding’ to identify that he would not be maintaining his position.

Since that time, it becomes a strategy that resolves around holding a long position on bitcoin trading platforms like BitcoinEra. It was in the hope that it increases its value over a long time and returns to the peaks of 2018.

Moreover, bitcoin is volatile, which stands for this technique could cause losses. It is the reason that this strategy is uniquely recommended without a robust risk management plan in place.

Hedging Bitcoin


Those people who already possess BTC might recognize hedging their bitcoin danger if they feel that there was going to be a very short-term decline in the market. Hedging means, the practice of exploring strategic business to reduce or eradicate the risk to existing positions.

So, you would hedge an existing holding by opening status to short Bitcoin, which includes purchasing the asset for the present market value in the expectation it will decline. If the market place value did fall, you would repurchase it for the minimum amount and profit from the difference. This will means that any loss to your essential bitcoin holding would offset by the benefit to your minimum bitcoin trade.

Furthermore, some economic instruments traders can utilize to hedge with contracts for difference (CFDs). Being a derivative product, there is no way to possess the underlying asset to trade. So you will not have to purchase your bitcoin to place a little trade, unlike with general short-selling, which might include borrowing bitcoin to sell.

There might be significant risks in case you look to hedge. So, It is crucial to remember that you can decide to hedge your bitcoin by using a short-selling strategy. When you sell a Bitcoin, that is because there is an unlimited downside risk; there is no hurdle on the market that can increase opposite you and how much loss you might incur as an input. So, it is very crucial to have risk management steps in place already.

Trend Trading Bitcoin


This is the third crucial strategy in bitcoin trading to keep in mind. A trending market trading bitcoin is one that attains more significant highs or lower lows consistently. The technique is appropriate for various timeframes; as importantly, you maintain your position open for as long as you believe the trending market will work-that might be minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months.

This force implies the estimation of the security is going up or down. So a pattern merchant can purchase a security when it’s upward inclining in the wake of noticing that development. Then again, they might need to sell when they watch a descending pattern.

You can also get different methods of deciding when is the correct chance to purchase and sell with this kind of system. Above all, note that there’s another viewpoint to incline to exchange, outside of reacting to graphs. What’s more, it’s particularly pertinent to crypto exchanges.

For so many bitcoin, trading itself is a trend. To entertained a massive surge infamous in 2017, in which it attained its highest value of $19,763.50 in December. The primary diver or slogan was that everyone did not wish to miss out on the latest big thing, experiencing what is called FOMO, or danger of missing out. It is unique that trend traders keep abreast of any information or news and events that might affect its value as such a famous marketplace. At present, what cryptocurrency trend trading is and how it functions?

Strategies about trend following use analysis to foresee the direction of market place momentum. At the time, when you believe that the digital currency’s price will continue to move in its present direction or is almost to construct the latest trend, then trend trading includes opening a position. There are numerous impacts that decide the estimation of a crypto resource.

There are many tricks and strategies that traders can point out the direction of a market place trend and its momentum performance, which generally includes utilizing technical analysis indicators.

It’s no big surprise that numerous crypto dealers are continually staying up to date with the market news. Later in the article, we’ll see what is behind a portion of the patterns that dealers are proceeding onward.

Furthermore, you can adopt the Breakout trading strategy as well, as it includes entering the market place as quickly as possible in a trend, prepare for bitcoin value to ‘breakout’ from the new range. The technique focuses on the idea that massive volatility will begin when the market breaks through a critical support or hurdle level. Then, bitcoin traders would, therefore, think to enter the market at these main terms to drive the trend from start to finish.

Final Words


So there you have it, Bitcoin trading strategies can be beneficial I letting you produce a profit from your investment. So, all you need to do is to read these strategies carefully and act upon them. We assure you that you will get massive profits by following these tricks.