5 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners 2021

For swimming in the pool to be pleasant as well as impeccably clean, you need to constantly take care of the cleaning. That is why it would be worthwhile to procure specialized equipment and start cleaning the pool in the spring. Thus, the pool will be ready for the summer season and will be ideal for unforgettable experiences in the summer months. What is very important is the fact that you have to keep the pool clean regularly – to prevent bacteria from finding their new home in it. Then your best ally is an automatic pool cleaner. But which one to choose when it comes to shopping? Introducing the 5 best automatic pool cleaners for 2021.

Pool Cleaning

Anyone who owns even a smaller yard within a family house is considering implementing a swimming pool. It is a perfect place to enjoy the summer months with the family – and with all the privacy that a pool allows its users. However, people have great doubts about swimming pools, their construction, maintaining the water temperature and, of course, cleaning – which, quite unfairly, they consider a complication that they could not cope with. Today, all these problems can be solved by some of the automatic pool cleaners. These mini water robots are considered to be one of the most successful devices in this field.

What Does Maintaining Pool Hygiene Mean?

The hygiene of your pool and its cleanliness are of primary importance – above all for the health of you and your family. Have you heard of electrolysis? And do you know what that procedure entails when it comes to cleaning the pool? Electrolysis is something that is still not used in all markets – so the use of salt water in the pool is unknown in this type of business. In the following text, we will briefly describe what it is about and what are the advantages of this water maintenance technique.

Use Of Chlorine: Yes Or No? And In What Way?

Chlorine as the best water disinfectant has long been used in the pool industry. However, a problem arises when there is a high concentration of chlorine – which can lead to health hazards. Thus, automatic chlorine dosing is created to cancel the harmful effects of chlorine, more precisely, the required doses have been reduced to a minimum – which is very important for the health and safety of users. Namely, it is about the extraction of chlorine from the pool salt – after which the produced chlorine is automatically added to the pool in an ideal proportion so that the water has the highest possible quality in the lowest presence of chemicals. This way of water treatment achieves a high degree of safety and health of users because the percentage of chemistry is automatically controlled and kept to the necessary and safe minimum.

How Can You Check And Maintain The pH Value Of Pool Water?

Besides electrolysis, there are also devices for automatic control of the pH value of water and pH dosing. For water to always be of good quality and safe for bathing – it must have a certain pH value. The desired value should be about 7 –  which can often be difficult to achieve with manual dosing. Therefore, today we have special devices for it – and their implementation achieves an easy minimum dosage of chemistry to achieve a perfect pH value of water.

Automatic Pool Cleaners – Robots

In addition to these automated solutions for control and dosing of chemicals, there are also automatic water purifiers, the so-called robots. The formation of such devices is caused by the formation of physical impurities on the walls of the pool – which occur depending on the environment of the pool itself. However, do not forget that sometimes it is necessary to call in professionals for the proper maintenance of the pool. All of you who want to find out about proper pool maintenance – visit here and try to find out everything from professionals. This often includes proper cleaning and control of pool cleaning robots. Namely, some models are older, but these newer generations, which have more features, are increasingly in use.

Newer generation robots contain options for self-cleaning of floors and walls of the pool –  which allows the user to save a lot of time and manual work. Automatic pool cleaners are only used with high flow pumps. They usually need to be attached to the edge of the pool – where the water from the pump goes back into the pool. The vacuum cleaner moves around the pool and cleans it, and we have to stop (turn it off) ourselves – when the pool is cleaned. After each cleaning, the vacuum cleaner must be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Disassembly is very simple. We just turn it to the back and open the zippers. Now, we are going to present you with some of the best automatic pool cleaners in different categories.

5 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners

1. iRobot Mirra 530


With this pool cleaning robot, you can let yourself enjoy more and use less time for cleaning your swimming pool. And do you know what is the best thing about it? It can be used without installation, hoses, and pumps. Simply lower the robot into your swimming pool, press the button for cleaning – and the device will start its most optimal cleaning program. This model is special for utilizing the iAdapt Nautiq system. That will guarantee a truly intelligent cleaning with a high level of quality. This technology has a new improved robotic navigation that allows the pool cleaning robot to scan the size of your pool, and therefore, choose the most optimal cleaning program.

2. RV 5600 Vortex PRO 4WD

This pool cleaner RV 5600 Vortex PRO 4WD is intended for cleaning buried or above-ground pools of all shapes – with maximum dimensions of 20 x 10 meters. This cleaner perfectly cleans all types of pool linings: tiles, glass mosaic, foil, polyester, reinforced PVC, and painted concrete. On the control part, besides switching the robot on and off – you can also select the cleaning programs:

  • just the bottom of the pool
  • bottom, side and water lines of the pool
  • water lines only

With the help of a standard built-in timer, it is possible to program the use of the robot within 7 days. Also, due to the increase in cleaning efficiency – it is possible to choose the shape of the pool, as well as the duration of the cleaning cycle (weaker or stronger intensity).

3. TornaX RT 3200 PRO

The automatic pool cleaner TornaX RT 3200 PRO is intended for cleaning buried or above-ground pools with rigid sides, and of all shapes with maximum dimensions of 10 x 5 meters. This cleaner can clean all types of pool linings: Tiles, glass mosaic, foil, reinforced PVC, polyester, and painted concrete. The robot has one program that cleans the bottom and sides of the pool. The duration of the cleaning program is 2.5 hours. However, even though its performance may not seem strong enough to you – this automatic cleaner is characterized by high-quality, extreme durability, and low weight of only 5.5 kg.

4. ULTRA 250 Robotic Cleaner

This robot is made for large (public) swimming pools up to 25m. It cleans the floor and walls all the way to the top of the waterline. With the built-in gyroscope, complete coverage of the pool surface is ensured. It has two different cleaning programs – 3H (for the floor), 4H 5H (considers floors and walls). It has an LED indicator that shows the time you should clean the filter, a remote control, 30 meters of cable, and you will also get a stroller.

5. 5. CYCLONX RC4401 Automatic Pool Cleaner

This is a  cleaner with revolutionary technological solutions for pool cleaning. A completely new way of vacuuming the pool on the principle of a cyclone. It has a 30% higher suction power. It is very easy to handle the cleaner, and the suction bag is removed from the top. The robot is intended for polyester pools and pools with foil. For pools with ceramics, it is necessary to buy special brushes. This automatic pool cleaner is suitable for pools measuring up to 12 x 6m.

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