Basic Things You Should Know Before You Start Using a Weight Vest for Workout

If you have noticed that it is easy for you to cope with your current athletic load, it means that the moment has come when you need to launch the development of your sports potential at full capacity. One way to do this is to add an adjustable weighted vest to the workout program. Let’s find out the basic things about this device before you start.

What Is a Weighted Vest?

A weighted vest is a simple vest made of either heavy material or equipped with special pockets in which sandbags, small steel bars or other heavy objects can be placed. The main function of the vest is to increase the load when performing exercises that use the weight of one’s own body as a load, during long-distance races, during sprinting, as well as exercises to improve mobility.


As for efficiency, research shows that using this type of load during a sprint or speed races causes the muscles of the lower body to generate more energy, which in turn leads to the development of strength skills, speed and power during running and also increases muscle efficiency during vigorous activity.

How to Use It

The weighted vest can be used for:

  • running;
  • pull-ups;
  • push up on the uneven bars and from the floor;
  • to complicate exercises with a gymnastic wheel.

Main Pros And Cons of a Weighted Vest


  • It is possible to use both when practicing on the open-air sports ground and at home, as well when running or warming up.
  • The weight is evenly distributed throughout the body.
  •  You can add load gradually, depending on the level of training.
  • The vest is adjustable according to the figure of the athlete, it is possible to adjust the fixation.
  •  Using a vest promotes muscle growth.


  • It limits the amplitude and ease of movement in some exercises.
  • It is not recommended to use in the presence of injuries, problems with joints, spine
  • The weight of the vest can sometimes be insufficient
  • It’s hard enough to exercise during the hot season.

How to Use Your Vest as Efficiently as Possible

Ideally, the weight of the weighting should be constantly changed, at the same time, both upwards and downwards. Getting used to a certain weight dramatically reduces the effectiveness of the loads. A gradual increase in weight can give a good effect – today, let’s say, you are doing exercises with a weight of 1 kg and after a month 2 with kg.

If you, adding weight, show the same result as before, with less weight, then you have definitely become stronger. However, another method works well – a periodic change in weight at each workout.


A Little Reminder for Beginners

  • In the cold season, all weighting should be stored in a warm dry room.
  • You need to wear a vest well-dried from sweat.
  • In winter, vests and belts are best to wear on a warm jacket.
  • It is not recommended to run with a vest with a large weight, sit for a long time without fixing your back or bending your back. These recommendations will allow you to preserve the health of the lower back and get even more pleasure from training!