Arielle Charnas Became the Face of “Privilege In The Age Of The Coronavirus”

Arielle Charnas is an influencer and fashion designer from New York who was involved in drama and scandal for the past couple of weeks. Her fans, as well as the haters, started analyzing every move she makes.

Why? Like pretty much everything these days, it is connected with the coronavirus pandemic.


During this time, Arielle became the poster child for what one critic said: “privilege looks like in the age of the coronavirus.”

If you’re confused about what actually happened, we are here to help.

It began when she announced to her 1.3 million followers that she is feeling sick. First, she said she didn’t meet the criteria for testing in New York state,  but later announced she would be tested.

Her friend, Dr. Jake Deutsch, said his urgent care facility would swab her from her car for the flu and the coronavirus. Then, she showed the process of being tested and swabbed for the virus.

Later, she went live with Deutsch and explained more about her symptoms. Even though many followers praised her openness, the others were questioning how she was able to get a test when just a few were available.

The critic Diet Prada called her out for “flaunting her privilege.”

“The issue is still about the flaunting of privilege on social media during a time when so many people who are more at risk are being denied treatment,” Diet Prada said, and added “What’s the point of showing/normalizing the testing process if it’s not available or affordable for so many people?”

Later, Arielle announced that she has COVID-19, a disease caused by the coronavirus.

The influencer also addressed the criticism about being able to be tested, saying she wanted more testing in the US. “It is the responsibility of our government officials to ensure all Americans can access necessary tests,” the influencer wrote.