Ariana Grande’s Crazy Dating History

Ariana Grande keeps her love life pretty public. She famously named her exes in “ thank u, next.” But who exactly are her exes?

1. Graham Phillips

They met when they were just 15. They even shared their first kiss together. They also released the song” Stick Around. “

Graham even defended Ariana after the donut incident. “She such a sweet girl. It’s tough. We all say things that we regret. I don’t think it speaks to her character at all.”

2. Jai Brooks

Jai is an Australian musician. They actually met through social media. Jai and his brother were competing for Ari’s attention. The hashtag #JaiVsLukeForAriana started trending. Jai and Ariana finally met in January 2013. Unfortunately, the relationship ended poorly. Jai broke up with her over text. He accused Ariana of cheating with Nathan Sykes. They eventually got back together, but they broke up again six months later.

3. Nathan Sykes

They first met on a red carpet. “We locked eyes with each other all night. I thought he was cute as hell. Nothing happened obviously, and then, the duet came about.“

The two only dated for five months. It was between Ari’s breakup and reunion with Jai. However, they ended on good terms.

4. Big Sean

They met after collaborating on “ Right There.” It was under wraps until the 2015 Grammys. The relationship certainly wasn’t drama-free. Big Sean was previously engaged to Naya Rivera. They broke up around April 2014. Naya alluded to Ariana in her memoir. ”I walk in, go downstairs, and guess what little girl is sitting cross-legged on the couch listening to music? It rhymes with “Smariana Schmande.”

Though they didn’t last, Ari and Sean are friendly.

5. Ricky Alvarez

Ricky was one of Ari’s backup dancers. He was there for the infamous donut scandal. Ricky arguably got the worst line in “ thank u, next.” But it doesn’t seem like Ricky was offended. The two have been seen together recently. However, they claim to be just friends.

6. Mac Miller

Ari’s longest relationship was with rapper Mac Miller. They started dating after working on “The Way.” Mac was there for Ari after the Manchester shooting. The two split in May 2018. Fans assumed Mac’s substance abuse was the problem. Since his passing, Ariana has paid tribute to him.

7. Pete Davidson

Pete may be Ari’s most public romance. They announced their engagement in June 2018. This was just weeks after dating. They were both coming off long term relationships. They eventually split up in October 2018. Many think Mac Miller’s death was a big factor. Shortly after, Ari released “ thank u, next.” She revealed she recorded two versions. “In my relationship by the time things were, like, up and down and on and off and so I didn’t know what was gonna happen. And then we got back together, and so I had to make a different version of it. And then we broke up again, and so we ended up going with that version “.

Relationships aren’t easy. At least” thank u , next” is here to help.