Are Syn-Ake Facial Products the New Botox?

The skin care industry is constantly evolving to the needs of the public. A new trend has emerged in the form of syn-ake facial products that are taking the industry by storm. If you are tired of constantly having to use Botox to clear out the wrinkles and fine lines on your face, then maybe stick around to learn about the new revolutionary snake venom extract that will replace the use of Botox.

What is Syn-Ake?

Syn-ake is synthetically made tripeptide that acts as a tool for fighting wrinkles and fine lines. It is found in the venom of the temple viper snake, and while you might think that snake venom is dangerous to humans, which it is, Syn-ake is absolutely fine for you. Recent studies have found that the venom from the temple viper snake has anti-aging benefits, and it is the reason why it has gotten a rise in popularity recently. After years of research, it was found that the venom from the temple viper snake can temporary paralyze the muscles, resulting in reduction and overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. It is even said that syn-ake can completely replace the use of botox.

Is it Really Better Than Botox?

The only effective way to use botox is to use frequent injections. On the other hand, syn-ake can be made into various facial creams and serums that require no injection. It is painless and easy to put on, subsequently making it more convenient for use. Both Botox and syn-ake do the same thing, they paralyze your muscles to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, but syn-ake shows that it can be applied easier than botox. Various facial creams like Lampro Snake Venom Peptide Firming Cream, are made with Syn-ake, and it should not take you more than 15 minutes to use the product. With syn-ake products, results can be seen after a few days to even sometimes a week at most. More so, syn-ake has reached the doors of Hollywood, with celebrities such as India Arie and Fergie being the first ones to use syn-ake to reduce wrinkles.

Syn-ake products are proven to help your face get the desired freshness, and snake venom extracts are the perfect solution for the removal of your wrinkles and fine lines.

Is Syn-Ake Safe to use?

Normally when you hear that something is made out of snake venom, you would ask yourself whether or not it’s safe for use, especially if you are going to be applying it to your face.

After years of research, Sonya Dakar Skincare produced the first synthetic version named syn-ake, that mimics the effects of snake venom on our skin.

Syn-ake paralyzes the muscles on your face, but the general concern is that if it can penetrate our skin to affect our muscles, does that mean it can also travel through our body and cause greater muscle weakness? The answer is no because syn-ake is used in small doses, enough to cause no side effects to you or your muscles. While Botox can limit your ability to form facial expressions, due to overdose, syn-ake can also have the same negative effect. The effect, however, is not the same as Botox, because syn-ake has much milder effects than botox. Because of these reasons, it is revealed than syn-ake will completely replace botox.